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A funny look at relationships, marriage, divorce, love, sex, life, dating advice, and the weird thoughts that pop into Dave's head when he is sleep deprived. Guaranteed to make you laugh, cry, think, or groan. Life is too important to be taken seriously

A funny look at relationships, marriage, divorce, love, sex, life, dating advice, and the weird thoughts that pop into Dave's head when he is sleep deprived. Guaranteed to make you laugh, cry, think, or groan. Life is too important to be taken seriously


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A funny look at relationships, marriage, divorce, love, sex, life, dating advice, and the weird thoughts that pop into Dave's head when he is sleep deprived. Guaranteed to make you laugh, cry, think, or groan. Life is too important to be taken seriously








Shout it Out

I had something happen yesterday, and you just kind of think, well, that was weird. And that was a, I think I told you about my neighbor next door who had a really old mom who eventually died. And for some reason, he had a fruit basket, and he gave it to me along with some other things in his freezer that he didn't eat, but his mom would, and he has since moved out. The neighbor immediately to my right has moved out. So I'm hoping a Claudia Schiffer type person will move in and want a...


Another Bikini Story

Why are people in their 50's wearing bikini's news like they've found a long lost animal species? HERE IS ANOTHER ONE! see REAL HEADLINES Elizabeth Hurley Skips the Gym to Relax In Revealing Dress Elizabeth Hurley Gets Cozy In Sexy LBD Elizabeth Hurley Is Sneaky & Sultry In Cleavage-Baring Ninja Suit Elizabeth Hurley Eyes Up Christmas In Open-Chested Jacket, Bikini Bottoms & NO Bra Elizabeth...


What's a Mall Uncle Dave?

A mall that was a part of my childhood is on life support and in April the last store (JC Penny). I'm not sure why this is making me so sad. Sure it's part of my childhood, but I guess in a way the Mall is a mirror of me. It was so big and so strong, and now it's on its last breathe. If something so big and strong can die, then it's just a reminder that we all need to maximize our time on the planet. I'm walking around the mall, taking mental pictures of its 860,000 square feet because...


It's Not Fair

My Dad would always let me know that life is not fair. I have found that weight loss is a lot like walking the wrong way on one of those moving sidewalks at the airport. If you're walking the wrong way you would need to really walk fast and then if you stopped for a second you would be catapulted backwards very very quickly. I had to wear a suit for the first time since 2018 and my "Lucky Green Suit" no longer fits. This brought on a bunch of emotions and I took a second to take a second...


Merry Wednesday

While I plan for it, and know its coming, and still make the day special, not celebrating Christmas on December 25th is still a little weird. Today I talk about how it appears people have given up on going to Christmas on Christmas Eve. I miss soft, warm, candlelight services of my childhood with my whole family. What did I do? I went to the movies....


I'm Happy You're Happy

This weekend I attended the wedding of my ex-wife. Awkward? Maybe a little, but not really. I am getting more comfortable in my role as a "family friend." I got to bust out my prayer licks and freestyle a prayer. I got to meet what would've been my step-grandkids. It's one thing to go to a wedding because you have to, but in looking back it's cool to go because you're invited.


Everything Old is New Again

My brother leaves for Floriday and my family celebrates Christmas before he leaves (in this case almost two weeks early). It was a great time with family, food, and loud squeals of delight over one gift. The gift is highly confusing for me. It's a what? Like, really? Yeah... I don't get it.


If the birth of the messiah happened today

I was singing some Christmas songs in the kitchen when a very strange question popped in my head. What if the birth of Jesus happened today?


Quick Reviews To Chew On

Merry Happy Whatever. It's like fuller house without the boobs. The Irishman - Great cast. Three and a half hours. Surprise (spoiler) a bunch of mom guys whack people. Shocking. The Movies That Made Us - So far this is great. I love all the behind the scenes info. Back in the Game - It's easy to see why these people are broke. Hamilton Beach " Smokeless Indoor Grill"


Homework For Life

WOW 2019 is almost over. Matthew Dicks has an exercise he swears will slow things down. You write a sentence or two about your day. So many people think they don't have stories. They do, but they don't remember them. I'm trying to do this and it's cool but it takes discipline. Here is Mathew Dicks on YouTube


Turkey, Football, and Butterman

Sports are kind of weird as we: Their comments have zero outcome on the game, but it gets us wound up. We all want to be winners and those colors for my team represent ME, and I want to be a winner. If we lose our day is shot. For me, I was happy I started the day with indoor smokeless grillHamilton Beach Mentioned In This Show Al Roker battles butter man E.T. Holiday Reunion Commercial 2019


Its Been a Long Time Since I Pooped My Pants

Today I talk about some steps I took to make riding my new exercise bike a little easier. It brought back some memories. I also apologize to anyone I may have offended by saying this podcast was not great. Set a goal you have to grow into. I like that phrase.


Dolly Parton's Wholesome Cleavage

Dolly Parton Confuses me. She comes across as family-friendly. We all know she has giant boobs, and somewhat defies gravity when she stands up. I thought it was inappropriate when she openly flirts with Jimmy Fallon and seems to be a little weird. She talked about how her husband wants a threesome (jokingly with Jennifer Anniston). The first episode of heartstrings has Julianne Hough playing Jolene who also has her boobs hanging out in every scene. I guess I'm just confused. How can we...


My Reminiscenses

A four-page typed up a letter from what I believe is my Great-great-grandfather as he talks about the days Oklahoma becomes a state. This makes me believe I was born to be a podcaster. I was also glad to hear nobody got molested.


I want to Ride My Bicycle

Today I share some thoughts about a new large purchase for the Nordictrack S22i, and how I made some changes to be able to afford it. I'm also using the Noom App, which has some pretty cool stuff (think weight watchers accountability in an app).


The Spirit of Settling

I can tolerate a sappy romantic Christmas movie, but this one takes the cake. I will give them the credit they through in a ghost story (so kudos for creativity) but the message of this movie was hideous. I love that the ghost is not freaked out by anything when he reappears every year. IMDB Page The Spirit of Christmas Trailer on YouTube


Don't Forget Plan C

I decided to put up my Christmas Tree, and at times when I do this solo, it makes me a little melancholy. So when I did it tonight, I didn't do as good a job of "spinning it" in my head. But I'm not dating anyone. So I guess that means I do it solo. I'm not sure why, but I know someone who loves old traditions and is easy to entertain. I had plan C sitting in front of me the whole time but my tunnel vision left me decorating a tree alone. MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE Harry Belafonte...


Why You Do What You Do?

I was interviewed for a show about not being able to have kids. That's not a door I open often. I was just interviewed to talk about #metoo and how guys can understand how to talk to women without being creepy. I'm not creepy, but I'm worried I might say something that I feel is nice, but it could be taken as harassment. In the end, never comment on someone's appearance. I've always been the night in shining armor. She pointed out that maybe somewhere I learned that "love is when Dave...


The Chicken Shack?

have you ever been so mad you can't fall asleep? I can't believe they are replacing another Akron Ohio landmark Stricklands Ice Cream with the chicken shack. This is insane...


Paybacks a Bitch

While its fun to pick on your little brother, little brothers don't stay little forever. We remember the times when we got hit in the head with your class ring, the swirlies, and more. You know what they say about payback...