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Join us every Wednesday as we take on every single Apocalypse scenario we (and YOU) can think of! We have no idea what we're talking about, so it'll probably get pretty weird. So, hunker in our bunker and let's survive this thing together!

Join us every Wednesday as we take on every single Apocalypse scenario we (and YOU) can think of! We have no idea what we're talking about, so it'll probably get pretty weird. So, hunker in our bunker and let's survive this thing together!
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Join us every Wednesday as we take on every single Apocalypse scenario we (and YOU) can think of! We have no idea what we're talking about, so it'll probably get pretty weird. So, hunker in our bunker and let's survive this thing together!




Bunker Buddies 2.0

Hey Buddies! We're back! We've been trapped in the Bunker since we're LIVING IN A REAL APOCALYPSE! Since life is dark enough we're putting a new positive spin on the show. Tackling subjects that are all about how you're going to survive in the Bunker! Same show! New filter! This Week! Andie recommends Dr. Daniel Siegel's Book AWARE, "The guide to the groundbreaking meditation practice ", that has some helpful online tools if you wanna try out the meditation...


Call the Buddies while we call out to Dispatch!

Hey y'all! We're back and we've got tons of fun stuff. We talk about the latest in nanoleaf. We get a call in from Rich (@rich133). Then we call out to Dispatch out in the NE Wilderness (@n_e_wilderness). We wanna hear from y'all! Call us with your name, favorite gear, and a question for the buddies. (701) 335-6056 Website https://bunkerbuddies.org Email hello@bunkerbuddies.org Instagram https://www.instagram.com/bunkerbuddiespodcast/


Umbrellas up! We're talking about The Rain on NETFLIX

Y'all we told you this was coming last episode and it happened. We're deep diving into the world of The Rain on NETFLIX. This is a spoiler heavy convo, so put on you galoshes and let's wade out into this apocalypse together. We also just finished our website! GO NOW https://bunkerbuddies.org Sign up for the newsletter. Then check on back for more! Website https://bunkerbuddies.org Email hello@bunkerbuddies.org Instagram https://www.instagram.com/bunkerbuddiespodcast/


Ben's Buddy Nick is in the Bunker!

Y’all we got so many updates! Andie got a new gig. Ben made friends in the dirt. We watched Cargo on NETFLIX. We’ve been busy… This week’s Buddy in the Bunker is Nick McCay (https://twitter.com/@nmccay) . He’s one of Ben’s childhood friends and he comes on board to talk Nuclear Apocalypse, LA survival plans, and general shenanigans. To keep up with everything this dude is keeping up with in the world check out his personal blog! https://medium.com/@NicholasRMcCay If y'all want a...


Mini survival kits w/ Dawn Armstrong

Hey y'all! This week we've got a short update brought to you on the field in the back corners of the Virgin Hyperloop One office with Dawn Armstrong. Ben and Dawn often chat about the apocalypse over lunch so this week we're talking about her Altoids survival tins. Check out the pics on our Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/bunkerbuddiespodcast/ This week's episode is short while Andie & Ben are continuing to work on some podcast updates. For a sneak peak of what's to come, look...


Surviving Last of Us with Lead Game Designer Richard!

Hey buddies! This week we’re getting an inside look at the world of Last of Us with Lead Game Designer from Naughty Dog, Richard Cambier. There be Last of Us SPOILERS in this episode, but y’all should have already played it already! We talk about what it takes to create these immersive worlds and the stories that drive them. Ever wondered why you HAVE to kill all the doctors in the room to save Ellie at the end?! We get the answers to that question and even find out how clowns go about the...


Can I Pet Your Naughty Dog, Tony Robbins?! W/ Meghan Parks, Renee Colvert & Richard Cambier

It's the MaxFun Drive and we're going big! We open a MAILBAG with guest Meghan Parks, who is struggling to survive a studio apt with her fiance' meanwhile returning to the podcast is the lovely co-host of CAN I PET YOUR DOG? Renee Covert! We talk about how she was raised to survive on the optimism from Tony Robins tapes as a child while Richard Cambier pops in to give us a little tease of our next episode where we take a long walk down the road of creating the apocalyptic world in "LAST OF...


Cults & Tasty Cockroaches Be Trending, Yo! & W/ Lindsay Ames!

Comedian/Chef Lindsay Ames guests as we dive into why a diary is a great tool to maintain sanity in the apocalypse while Lindsay brings the goods with her very thoughtful "End of Days" themed dishes. Spoiler alert: She really puts the MEN in Menu. Ben catches us up on what's going down with the Cult on FarCry5 meanwhile Andie brings the Cult Clues. Clues you should be aware of especially if you think you might be in a cult! (If you think so please email us at BunkerBuddies@610house.com) And...



Hey Buddies! This week we're traveling out to Hope County Montana in the fictional world of Far Cry 5 were a crazy cult leader is up to no good. We're gonna scour this videogame for everything apocalypticism, prepper, fishing and pickles. Shout out to Witt! Check out our instagram www.instagram.com/bunkerbuddiespodcast The Maxfun drive starts April 2nd! This is the best time to support the show! We'll be offering gifts for new and upgrading members! Don't miss it! Follow us!...


Rescuing Raptors In Mammoth!

Hey Buddies! This week we travel up north to Mammoth Mountain on a quest for off roading adventures. We run into all kinds of fun folks including one stuck in the snow who needs Ben's wench! See pics and videos all about it on our gram! www.instagram.com/bunkerbuddiespodcast The Maxfun drive starts April 2nd! This is the best time to support the show! We'll be offering gifts for new and upgrading members! Don't miss it! Follow us! @AndieBolt @Ezalis Email us!...



Heather Brooker returns from the popular mommy podcast, MOTHERHOOD IN HOLLYWOOD we talk about Bunker cocaine as a bargaining tool, why 50 shades should be in your hide out (spoiler alert, it's masturbation) and MORE! Follow us on FACEBOOK, find us on Instagram @AndieBolt @Ezalis and head over to www.MotherhoodinHolywood.com for more good stuff from Heather! Also go follow HER BROTHERHOOD on facebook and instagram. A new podcast supporting the women who are gonna save our asses when...


Farming the Sun on a Nuclear Winter!

Solar Engineer Lee Barats is BACK in the bunker to talk about the new Trump solar tariffs. We dive into the mailbag and talk surviving EDC. @Ezails brings us up to date on all things Virgin Hyperloop One and we of course Snowpiercer comes up. Not just cause we're obsessed with it and talk about it every episode but it's a TV show now! Go buy this book for your bunker! It's not only dope but they support this show you're in love with! How cool is that? QUESTIONS FOR DEEP THINKERS:...


Her Brotherhood w/ Battalion Chief Abby Bolt

Abby Bolt is back to let us know what's going on with all these wildfires as well as tell us about her new podcast that celebrates the women on the line who are gonna save our asses when the shit hits the fan aka women of Fire, Military and Police will share their stories to inspire all! Check it out! Go follow them NOW! HerBrotherhood.com We're bringin' back the "segmented show" with a lighting wall decoration to cheer up our Bunker https://nanoleaf.me/en/ And we answer a mailbag,...


Rocky Roads & Dirt Shenanigans! Bunker Buddies Go Off Roading!

Pack up your bug out vehicle and load up your dual sport cause these apocalypse aficionados are going OFF ROAD BABY! Andie Bolt and Ben Ellis take his 2004 Land Rover out in the Hungry Valley State Vehicle Recreation park to test out their zombie escape skills. With some other off roading buddies in tow they go over lots of tips and how to's when it comes to taking your vehicle off road! It's very red neck and very fun. Grab your koozie and a cold one. Sit back and enjoy! Well not if you're...


The Jetsons Technology w/ Ashley Esqueda!

The hilarious Ashley Esqueda (Nerdist Alpha, Senior Editor CNET) joins us this week to talk about her passion of future technology and specifically how it pertains to The Jetsons! Ashley met our co-host Ben Ellis at CES so we talk about the disaster that is Foldimate both in The Jestsons and IRL. What's happening down on planet earth while rich white families like the Jetsons eat their fancy pills for dinner and call pushing one button a job? Is it Demolition man down there? Who knows! But...


The Survival Lifestyle Of Liberia’s Oprah W/ Archel Bernard!!

Oprah, Archel Bernard aka @shopbombchel (follow her on insta.) Archel is a smart, powerful, entrepreneur who empowers women with her ethical African fashion company that helps women who are victims of assault, rape, and Ebola by giving them skills, jobs and sometimes even their education. This dope AF queen is living a life off the grid where she has to source her own power and water all while helping to change the world! The girl has Survival stories out the yin yang and shares the tips and...


CES Guide to the Apocalypse w/ Ben Ellis

Hyperloop One's Ben Ellis (@ezailis on insta) is here to give us a rundown of all the useful tech for preppers that were premiered at CES 2018! This is a tight episode since last week was a great long catch up with Travis! Here are the links to all the tech we talk about in this episode! Follow us on Twitter and Facebook and Rate us on iTunes! See You Next...


Travis McElroy Returns! Huzzah! w/ Renee Colvert!

Classic Travis is back! With lots to update us on! We talk surviving the first year of being a father, a first time home owner, then Travis and Andie get real about mental health! TW suicide and depression and the apocalypse. Travis gives some handy daddy and building your own mantel tips. The our BUDDY IN THE BUNKER is special guest RENEE COLVERT from another MaxFun smash hit, CAN I PET YOUR DOG?! She's got Tug updates! This is a special holiday encompassign episode just for you guys! Rate...


MAILBAG! W/ Mamma Bolt

Ben and Andie have Mamma Bolt in town to help answer some of your Mailbags! We answer questions, share some great suggestions like best place to buy zombie tools! Which is ZombieTools.net obviously. An industrial band named The Strand has Apocalypse themed jams, www.strandland.com/wp/ . Another listener recommends a great place to find Bump Keys for all you lock pickers https://www.hunker.com/13419099/how-to-make-a-bump-key . Alan from San Diego's @WittsPickles gets a shout out and suggests...


Surviving Holiday Parties! w/ Jason Rhee!

Jason Rhee is back from Rheefined Company to give us tips to survive the Holiday parties and tips to throw one in the apocalypse! Due to some slight miscommunication this episode goes flying off the rails. Resident bug out vehicle expert Ben Ellis is back to play co-host and the three of us had an absolute blast recording this so I hope you do too! Despite this episode you should use http://www.rheefined.com/ for all your event planning needs! Be sure to rate and subscribe on iTunes!...