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Ep. #128 – Feat. Theydy Bedbug

This week Matt is joined by drag artist, burlesque performer, actor, and nightlife phenom Theydy Bedbug. They chat with Matt about how they got their start, as well as what attracted them to nightlife. They discuss crafting their acts and where they draw inspiration from. The two also speak about the competitive drag scene, winning awards and growing as a performer. Continue reading


Ep. #127 – Feat. Wordburglar

In this episode, Matt is joined by the nerdcore rapper whose name is his job title — the rhyming phenom, Wordburglar. The two chat about Wordburglar’s early days, inspirations, and the rap scene in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where he grew up. They also geek out on his pop culture inspirations from G.I. Joe to Star Wars to Final Fantasy and beyond. Finally, they chat about some of Matt’s favorite tracks and Wordburglar’s new upcoming record “Spaceverse” which comes out on August 27th, 2019. ...


Ep. #126 – Feat. Sage Young

This episode Matt welcomes Bustle's Movies Editor, co-creator of and dear friend, Sage Young! The two chat about a variety of different nerdy things including: Doctor Who, pop music, movies, and TV. The two also chat about what goes into being the Movies Editor at Bustle and what it's like working within the modern interview circuit. They also discuss Sage's website, her co-creator Kim Rogers and the way the site has grown over the years. Continue reading


Ep. #125 – Feat. Heart Crimson

This week Matt welcomes producer, burlesque performer, actor, singer and incredible human, Heart Crimson! Heart joins Matt to chat about their annual burlesque show Burlexes. From production to casting to performing and more, we get a retrospective of the show. They also talk about what the future of the show holds and how Heart plans to continue to grow it. You can see this year’s Burlexes on September 14th at WOW Cafe Theater in NYC. Ticket details coming soon so stay tuned! Continue...


Ep. #124 – Feat. John Lestrange

In this episode Matt welcomes historian, acrobat, gentleman, and big time nerd, John Lestrange. John has released two books on the history of genocide in media: Representations of Genocide in Cartoons, and his most recent release, Representations of Genocide in Video Games. Matt and John discuss John’s inspiration for both books, as well as the media he chose and why. The two also chat about John’s other nerdy passions and what led him to become a historian. Continue reading


Ep. #123 – Feat. Angélique Roché

In this episode Matt chats with the incredible Angélique Roché. Angélique is a host, attorney, content creator, and writer focused on the intersections of activism, policy, politics, current events, and nerd culture. The two chat about Angélique’s podcasts and the creative processes behind them. She also talk about how she got started as a content creator and writer. Finally, Matt and Angélique geek out about a great many things including comics, novels, TV, movies and video games. Continue...


Ep. #122 – Feat. Rex Halligan

In this episode, Matt welcomes stage kitten, burlesque performer and punk rock enthusiast Rex Halligan. Matt and Rex chat about how he got involved in burlesque as well as how he pursues new acts and updates existing ones. The two also talk about the NYC club scene and how performances and venues have changed over the years. Rex shares his love of pets, and opens up about what burlesque truly means to him. Continue reading


Ep. #121 – Feat. Ophidian

OH YEAH! This week Matt welcomes professional wrestler, Ophidian The Cobra, to the podcast! To start, the two reminisce about wrestling days of old and chat about how Ophidian got his start in the ring. They chat about Closet Champion, a wrestling costuming business, run by him and Kate Nyx. They also dive into the similarities between burlesque and wrestling, and why shows like Tasselmania and GLOB (Gorgeous Ladies of Burlesque) are matches made in heaven. Finally, Matt learns about what...


Ep. #120 – Feat. The Return of Viktor Devonne

This week Matt welcomes back burlesque producer, performer, and podcaster, Viktor Devonne. The two catch up on all the new things in Viktor’s life since his last appearance on the show. They talk about “WE Burlesque: The Podcast,” the growth and change of White Elephant Burlesque, getting married, and new acts he’s developed. Viktor also talks about his upcoming new podcast “2 Night Stay: Stories from The Gilman.” Continue reading


Ep. #119 – The Brother of Death: Neil Gaiman’s Sandman and Goth Culture

This episode deviates from the norm a little. Instead of an interview, this is the live recording of a panel that Matt was on about Neil Gaiman’s Sandman and Goth Culture at Dark Side Of The Con 3 presented by VampireFreaks. Matt is joined by Raina Sinclair and Caitlin Strachan. Raina is a writer, burlesque performer and co producer for Magical Girl Burlesque as well as a self proclaimed weeb and huge comic book nerd. Caitlin works as a freelance product manager with a focus on production...


Ep. #118 – Q+A with Stabbing Westward

In this episode, Matt had the pleasure of moderating a Q+A with Mark Eliopulos, Christopher Hall, and Walter Flakus of the band Stabbing Westward. The panel took place at Dark Side Of The Con 3, presented by VampireFreaks. This podcast deviates from the usual formula as Matt mostly plays the role of facilitator to the con crowd’s great questions while still asking a few of his own along the way. A huge thank you to the incredible crowd, Jet, Julia O’ Connell and VampireFreaks for making all...


Ep. #117 – Feat. Hazel Tart

On this episode of Autographs, Matt chats with the incomparable drag and burlesque badass, Hazel Tart. Hazel talks with Matt about how she got her start in the drag scene, her discovery of burlesque, her love of a variety of nerdy pursuits, as well as what goes into building a performance. They also discuss the great lengths to which Hazel goes in order to craft unique narratives in those performances. Finally, Matt and Hazel dive into Hazel’s hiatus from performing — and why she felt she...


Ep. #116 – Feat. Miss Frankie Eleanor

This week Matt welcome burlesque performer and producer, Miss Frankie Eleanor, to the podcast. Miss Frankie shares the story of her start in burlesque and tells Matt what lead to her creating her own show, Butter Pecan Burlesque. They talk about Rabbit Hole Production’s upcoming show, Tasselmania 3, and how Miss Frankie got involved. She also talks about her process for creating acts, how she draws inspiration for creating, and how she’s working to constantly evolve her performances....


Ep. #115 – Feat. Julia O’Connell

On this latest episode, Matt welcomes Julia O’Connell — blogger, goth nerd, and panel coordinator for this year’s Dark Side Of The Con III in Parsippany, NJ, presented by The two chat about how Julia got her start writing for Vampire Freak as well as creating her own Gothic literature blog, The Gothic Library. We also discuss how she got involved with Dark Side Of The Con III, what she’s most looking forward to at this year’s event, and what panels Matt will be appearing...


Ep. #114 – Feat. Ben Milton and Addy Thomas

On this week’s episode, Matt chats with the creators of the Certain POV podcast and podcast network, Ben Milton and Addy Thomas. They share stories of their old radio days, the start of the podcast, as well as the creation of the network. The guys nerd out about Star Wars, speak about future projects in the works, and talk next steps for the network. Be sure to check out Matt’s other podcasts on Ben and Addy’s network: Reignite, “Fun” & Games and Screen Snark. Continue reading


Ep. #113 – Feat. Scott Thomas

In his latest chat, Matt sits down with actor, voice actor, improviser and podcaster Scott Thomas. The two chat about the origins of The Infinity Podcast, as well as how Scott met his co-hosts Rachel "Quirky" Schenk and Patrick Willems. Scott also talks about his journey as an actor, from training to doing VO and motion capture for his character in Red Dead Redemption 2. Matt and Scott also chat about, punk music, Marvel movies, and wrestling. Continue reading


Ep. #112 – Feat. Dave, Dan and Mark of the Dinosaur Machines Game Club Podcast

New year, new guests, same show! This week Matt welcomes the hosts of the Dinosaur Machines Game Club Podcast: Dan Colonna, Mark Magro and Dave Grima. Matt chats with them about the origins of their podcast and their respective histories within the world of gaming. They also talk about some of their favorite games of the past few years, and what they are looking forward to in early 2019. You can find the podcast on all major podcasting platforms. Continue reading


Ep. #111 – Stormageddon’s 2018 Year In Review

This week on Autographs, Matt goes in depth on…his own life! This highlights episode kicks off with with a deep dive into Matt’s favorite art, media and performances from 2018. Then Matt shares some landmark moments of the year, from new projects to special events. Finally, he closes out the show with a few very special Thank Yous. We hope you enjoy this new annual tradition, and remember: Music is life, and life is good! Continue reading


Ep. #110 – Feat. Jesse Dangerously

In this episode, Matt interviews Genuine Independent Rap Legend Jesse Dangerously! Jesse chats with Matt about the origins of his latest release, Want For Nothing by Danger Grove, which is a collaboration between him and Lizard Grove. The two also discuss Jesse’s love of magical girl anime, as well how it’s inspired him and his music. Lastly, Jesse shares the impact of rap on his life since childhood, and tells the story of how he found the indie rap scene. Continue reading


Ep. #109 – Feat. Petra Fried

In this episode, Matt chats with singer, performer, burlesquer and kick ass drag queen, Petra Fried. The two chat about how Petra got started in the drag scene and how she came up with her performer name. They talk about her show at Rockbar NYC and how she broke into hosting and performing burlesque. Matt and Petra also discuss their love of WE Burlesque, Viktor Devonne, and the kind and caring spaces he's created in the scene. The two also gush about the creative process and their mutual...