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Superbowl Chili, The Great Cover Up, Pinball Museum, Farewell Reed Mullin

In this episode Reid forgets to dip his pizza in Superbowl Chili, Jenna drinks all of Ryan's Crown Royal, melting faces at a metal show from the inside, pro tips on producing comedy shows with solutions that involve cats, Reid's stand up show without a microphone, the 20th annual Great Cover Up in Raleigh, secret video of Ryan singing Heart, Reid's visit to the pinball museum in Asheville, Evil Hat’s Fate of Cthulu draws praise and ire, Reid visits three comic book stores on his way home,...


Happy New Year, KIFFMAS, Witcher, Tom King's Batman

Happy new year from Ryan and Reid! This month we discuss cutting down trees, flaming swords and breaking toilet seats for Christmas, plus a look ahead at some of the most anticipated movies and punk festivals for 2020.


Mitch Gerads, Horror Roast, Slayer Farewell, & Dreamblood

Reid gets engaged (finally) and interviews one of his favorite comic artists Mitch Gerard, plus more love for the books of NK Jemisin, plus Reid reports from the Altercation Comedy Festival in Austin, Texas and the Soda City Comedy Festival in Columbia, South Carolina, and what do Slayer and a dead grandmother have in common? The answers to these questions and much more in episode 23 of CPGB.


Best of Greatest Hits Solid Gold Vol 1

A departure from our regularly scheduled show, we offer up an abbreviated podcast that contains a few gems from our earlier episodes. This is volume one of our "Best of Greatest Hits Solid Gold". This month we revisit an interview with the manager of "Goodnights Comedy Club" in Raleigh, NC, Brandy Brown, plus Reid tells us about the time he was mistaken for a prostitute, and relive the excitement of our first ever "Magic: The Gathering Card or Metal Band" quiz game.


Reunions, UFOs & Blink 182, Playstation Woes, Broken Earth

Summer is still hanging around (and so are we!) In this episode of CPGB, we examine one of the most punk things that has happened in a long while, a co-founding member of Blink 182 proves that UFOs are REAL, plus Reid bombs spectacularly in front the High School Reunion of 1979 and it couldn't be funnier. Ryan shares his obsession for N.K. Jemisin's Hugo Award winning trilogy The Broken Earth and we say a fond farewell to Ric Ocasek.


GalaxyCon Raleigh Part 2 & IndyCon

Interviews from GalaxyCon Raleigh with actor Brian O'Halloran, New York Times Best Selling Author Tim Seeley, and the co-creator of Spider-Gwen Robbi Rodriguez. Hear adventures from Reid and his comedy troupe Attention Horse as they travel from North Carolina to Indiana Comic Convention. Plus Reid gets an interview with comic book cover artist Glenn Fabry from the floor of the convention.


Live from GalaxyCon Raleigh

A very special episode recorded LIVE at GalaxyCon Raleigh, July 26, 2019 on the Comedy Stage. In this episode we discuss the intimidation of obscure cosplay, growing up nerdy in small towns, a geriatric royal rumble, and audience members go head-to-head with Reid Pegram in "Magic: The Gathering Card or Metal Band?". Also check out our CPGB Spotify playlist for some of our favorite sounds and songs. THANKS TO GALAXYCON RALEIGH AND EVERYONE WHO CAME OUT TO SEE US!


NC's Funniest, The Blind Tiger, E3 vs Origins, New X-Men

Reid is "one-and-done" with the North Carolina's Funniest Comedian competition (and he's NOT bitter). A Greensboro punk venue comes under fire for booking a controversial music act. The big announcements from E3, the video game conference and the award winners from the Origins Tabletop Game Fair. DC discontinues several of its popular lines and Marvel announces new X-men characters coming to its universe.


Conan Lawsuit, Yob & Garbage, Game Tariffs, Free Comic Book Day

Conan O'brien and his writing team are accused of joke stealing and settle a major lawsuit out-of-court. Reid takes us on a trip to Wilmington, NC where he tells jokes to strangers at the Cape Fear Comedy Festival. A tale of two live shows, Ryan gives us a front row perspective on Yob and Garbage and the guys praise the coming of Mac Sabbath. Plus, tariffs encroach into the tabletop gaming world and the big news in comics: writer Tom King is leaving the Batman series. What else could we...


Part Two of Brooks Wheelan & NCComicon Raleigh (CPGB-016)

Part two of our super special double feature, an exclusive interview with comedian Brooks Wheelan. He tells us why "Powerman 5000" is *his* band and Brooks goes head-to-head with Reid in everybody's favorite quiz show, "Magic: The Gathering Card or Metal Band". We also have exclusive interviews from the floor of NCComicon Raleigh with artists Kyle Baker and Aeron Alfrey.


Robert D. Krzykowski & Sean Bridgers from "The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then The Bigfoot"

Director Robert D. Krzykowski & actor Sean Bridgers join CPGB's Ryan Parker at the Alamo Draft House in Raleigh to discuss their film "The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then The Bigfoot". In this exclusive one-hour interview, Robert Krzykowski discusses how the film is both a character study and a love story, that examines life in a small town and the challenges of growing old. As the producer, director and writer of the movie, Robert provides us with a unique perspective on the challenges of...


Brooks Wheelan & NCComicon Raleigh Part 1 (CPGB-015)

Comedian Brooks Wheelan brings us stories from behind-the-scenes of Saturday Night Live and tells us how he walked away from a biomedical engineering job to pursue a career in comedy. Check out Brooks Wheelan's podcast "Entry Level w/ Brooks Wheelan". We also have exclusive interviews from the floor of NC Comicon Raleigh with Robert Venditti, Rico Renzi and Steve Mannion. This is part one of a two-part episode. Part two will air May 1st and have more interviews from NC Comicon and the...


Ben Roberts from "Punks and Panels" Podcast (CPGB-014)

Ben Roberts of “Punks and Panels” podcast joins us to discuss the DIY aesthetic of comic books and punk music, plus a review of the comic book “Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia”. We delve into the controversy surrounding the repurposing of “The Punisher” logo. Ryan celebrates Kevin Smith’s new venture with “Howard the Duck”. Reid plays his first game of Dungeons and Dragons, tells us why he cried at the Raleigh “Metallica” show, and provides a first-hand review of the “Corrosion of...


Bill Maher is an A**hole, Punk Rock Bowling Preview, Fishing in Red Dead Redemption 2, Forever Nerdy (CPGB-013)

We give a full audio analysis of Bill Maher's rant against comic book culture with our careful analytical dissection of his comedy and opinions (SPOILER: he's an asshole.) A preview of the 21st Annual Punk Rock Bowling festival in Las Vegas Nevada and a look ahead at the Iron Reagan show at the Maywood in Raleigh. Reid details his fishing excursions in the video game Red Dead redemption 2 as he prepares to play Dungeons and Dragons for the first time in front of a live audience. The return...


Holiday Loot, GWAR, Top Tabletop Games & Penny Marshall (CPGB-012)

Ring in the New Year with a fresh episode from CPGB. In Episode 12: a look back at all the cool Christmas loot we managed to scam out of our loved ones, the miracle that is GWAR, why Reid will never go back to Kentucky, the top tabletop games from last year, must-read comedy books from 2018 and a fond farewell to Penny Marshall.


NC Comicon Special & Stan Lee Tribute (CPGB-011)

Interviews from NC Comicon-Bull City in Durham, North Carolina with Tamara Robertson from "Mythbusters" and comic creators Ben Bishop, Becky Cloonan, Jeff Parker and Jeff Lemire. Plus a tearful tribute and farewell to Stan Lee.


Cola Comedy Fest, Dead Boys & Alice Cooper, Rolled & Told, Edinburgh Comic Hunt (CPGB-010)

Unexpected return of Louis CK, roasting the X-Men, reviews of Alice Cooper and Dead Boys, D.O.A. comes to power in Canada, winning the Spiderman PS4 game, a look at Red Dead Redemption 2, Reid hates on mustard-based barbecue, Ryan reviews the "Stranger Things" comic and "Batman & The MAXX", and another installment of everyone's favorite quiz show, "Magic: the Gathering Card or Metal Band?"


Derek Sheen at Soda City Cola Comedy Festival (CPGB-009)

Seattle comedian Derek Sheen joins us in-studio at the Soda City Cola Comedy Festival in Columbia, SC. Derek discusses: the comedy scene in Seattle, the Louis C.K. problem, a hotel located at the mouth of Hell, the bursting of the comedy bubble in the ‘90s, and so much more. Also, Reid finds something special in his hotel pillow and reviews the new PS4 Spiderman game. Plus, Derek and Reid square-off in everybody’s favorite quiz show: “Magic the Gathering Card or Metal Band?” DO NOT MISS...


Reid ♥ Brian Posehn, Hopscotch, The Role Initiative, Comicsgate (CPGB-008)

Reid's adventures with comedian Brian Posehn. Ryan reports on the latest Rifftrax Live: "Krull" and David Cross's comedy tour makes a stop in the Bull City. Also, a preview of Raleigh's premiere music festival "Hopscotch". Ryan joins forces with RPG non-profit organization The Role Initiative . Plus, reviews of the new "DC/Looney Tunes" and the "Rick and Morty/Dungeons & Dragons" crossover comic books. And a look at the biggest little comic show in NC, the "Raleigh Comic Book Show". And...


SUPERCON Raleigh Special: Larry Hama, Tim Seeley, Bob McLeod (CPGB-007)

Exclusive interviews with comic book artists Larry Hama, Tim Seeley and Bob McLeod. Titans of the comics industry chat with Reid and Ryan about their favorite comic book villain, rock & roll, and hot pants for Robin. Also, recaps of SUPERCON panels with Eisner Award winning writer Tom King, "Batman the Animated Series" voice actor Kevin Conroy, and rock mega-star Alice Cooper. Plus, Reid's unhealthy obsession with Tom King EXPOSED! Reid also demonstrates how NOT to talk to Kevin Conroy....