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A weekly podcast on comics, film, television and collectibles, all fueled by the magic of frappacinos.

A weekly podcast on comics, film, television and collectibles, all fueled by the magic of frappacinos.


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A weekly podcast on comics, film, television and collectibles, all fueled by the magic of frappacinos.






Caffeinated Comics – MCU ReVU: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

James Gunn returns to the corner of the MCU he created! Elliott, Jon, Dave and Tom welcome writer Saurav Mohapatra to discuss what happens when a groundbreaking director makes a film that doesn't surprise its audience, Gunn's recurring theme of bad fathers and how the MCU is a step towards Peacemaker. Also, Marvel can afford a Beatle, adapting Kirby to real actors and cramming a ton of 80s action heroes into a movie that is not "The Expendables". [EP297]


Caffeinated Comics – D23

Disney focuses most of their announcements on Disney Plus but is the golden age of streaming already over? Jon and Steven discuss how HBO Max is ending the budget arms race for platforms, whether box office sales mean more than subscription numbers, and if one service will end up buying all the others. Plus, why old announcements are new announcements and become teasers for more announcements, and why the new Hasbro packaging for Marvel Legends has created total chaos. [EP296]


Caffeinated Comics – ELVIS

He's the King of Rock n' Roll but where does the movie rank? Jon and Elliott discuss when they got into Elvis Presley, how his persona has lasted and why the biopic put Tom Hanks in a fat suit. Plus, She-Hulk twerks, Moon Knight puzzles and Spider-Man show us ten more minutes. [EP295]


Caffeinated Comics – MCU ReVU: Doctor Strange

Dr. Suzana Flores returns to discuss Benedict Cumberbatch's entry into the MCU! Jon, Elliott, Dave and Dr. Flores discuss whether Strange's character can offset the exit of Robert Downey Jr., the vocabulary of magic in the MCU and how letting go is the most important part of healing. Plus, is Sam Raimi's movie a sequel or a reboot? [EP294]


Caffeinated Comics – MCU ReVU Captain America: Civil War

The MCU reaches new heights by tearing itself apart! Jon, Elliott, Dave and Tom welcome Dr. Suzana Flores to discuss how superheroes process trauma, who the real bad guy is and what the story learned from the comics that inspired it. Plus, the examination of pain through "Untamed: The Psychology of Marvel's Wolverine"! [EP293]


Caffeinated Comics – Sandman

DC did something right! Jon, Elliott and Steven discuss why the Netflix version of Neil Gaiman's groundbreaking comic "Sandman" could never be a movie, the extra helping of British in the casting and how the 30 year wait, "Good Omens" and a COVID lockdown, helped the final product. Plus, lowering the barrier of Vertigo, the four pillars of British comic book writers and why a brooding emo girlfriend is good for your comic book collection. [EP292]


Caffeinated Comics – Batgirl Gone

Why did Warner Brothers mothball a 90 million dollar movie? Jon and Elliott discuss the fallout from the WB Discovery merger, the de-escalation of HBO Max and the perceived quality of the straight-to-streaming DC movie. Plus, Spider-Man Day and remembering Nichelle Nichols, Alan Grant and Jon's Aunt Peggy. [EP291]


Caffeinated Comics – MCU ReVU: Ant-Man

The smallest superhero took the longest time to get a movie! Jon, Elliott and dave welcome Tom the mixologist and Mike Caplan, the owner of Mr. Wayne's Pop Culture Collectibles to discuss Edgar wright's protracted (and failed) attempt to get Scott Lang on the big screen, why Paul Rudd was the right actor at the right time and how Michael Douglas' penchant for playing bastards in the 80's informed his portrayal of Hank Pym, a character with a dark past. [EP290]


Caffeinated Comics – SDCC 2022

Another San Diego Comicon is in the books and Jon and Elliott are here to unpack the announcements. How many Marvel movies are coming? Why is Star Trek having more fun than Star Wars? How good are the parties? Plus, more Slott on Spider-Man and more Hickman on, something. [EP289]


Caffeinated Comics – Comics Are Worth How Much?

Comic sales hit 2 billion dollars in 2022. So why aren't we hearing more about comics? Jon, Steven and Elliott discuss where kids are getting their graphic novels, how 1000 less comic books stores impact the reading community, and if rising prices are worth the boost to the bottom line. Plus, why a George Carlin quote perfectly applies to older comic fans. [EP288]


Caffeinated Comics – Thor: Love and Thunder

Taika Waititi returns to the franchise he transformed, but can he pull off the same trick twice? Jon, Steven, and Elliott discuss whether the balance of comedy and tragedy pays off, how much Jason Aaron's comic run factors into the plot and how Taika can be in everything. Plus, Bruce Campbell hosts a Doctor Strange special. [EP287]


Caffeinated Comics – Geek Year Supreme: 1982 vs 1989

It's more than "Tron" vs "Batman". Jon, Elliott, Bill Monroe and Wally Podrazik discuss the two watershed years for geek movies. Do we need Hollywood polish or the grit of guerilla filmmaking? How did the home video market change the landscape in 7 years in between? And are movie theaters that important? [EP286]


Caffeinated Comics – MCU ReVU: Avengers Age of Ultron

The Avengers release their middle child! Jon, Elliot, Dave, Tom and Steven discuss the battle between Joss Whedon and Marvel Studios, whether the casting of James Spader makes or hurts the character of the villainous robot, and why Quicksilver comes and goes so quickly. Plus, a lot of moods about the Supreme Court. [EP285]


Caffeinated Comics – Remembering Tim Sale

The artist behind "Batman;the Long Halloween" has passed away at age 66. Jon and Elliott discuss how Tim Sale brought a sense of indy comics to mainstream comics while never losing the dynamics that makes superhero comics what they are. how his work elevated Jeph Loeb's writing and the Superman and Spider-Man books that live under the shadow of his Batman classics. Plus, comparing Star Trek and Star Wars now that we get new shows from each franchise every week. [EP284]


Caffeinated Comics – MCU ReVU: Guardians of the Galaxy

James Gunn makes the Marvel Universe his own! Jon, Elliott, Dave and Tom Juettner discuss how Marvel brings outer space into the mix, who could have played Star Lord and how "Star Wars" this film really is. Plus, why "A" list actors are lining up for some very small parts. [EP283]


Caffeinated Comics – Streaming Bonanza

Jon and Steven are back for an in-person podcast! With "Obi-Wan Kenobi", "Strange New Worlds", "Stranger Things", "The Boys" and more, how much streaming is too much streaming? Is one episode a week the new normal? How fast do you have to watch a series to avoid spoilers? And why is the new season of "Kids in the Hall" so worthwhile? Plus, Jon has a big birthday in Seattle and is now old. [EP282]


Caffeinated Comics – MCU ReVU: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

This is where it all turns around. Jon, Dave and Elliott welcome Laurence Holmes to discuss how the MCU found its footing by going ground level, whether it was worth bringing Bucky back and how the twists in this film had immediate repercussions in the newborn television series “Agents of Shield”. Plus, Tom the mixologist creates a drink to make us say “Hail Hydra!”


Caffeinated Comics – MCU ReVU: Thor the Dark World

Is it the worst MCU movie ever made? Jon, Elliott, and Dave welcome Tom the mixologist to discuss Chris Hemsworth’s second solo outing. What was Patty Jenkins original vision before she left this movie? Why did Christopher Eccleston skip the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary for this? And why is it more Star Wars than Lord of the Rings? Plus, the perfect Asgardian cocktail. [EP280]


Caffeinated Comics – MCUReVU: Iron Man 3

Shane Black shakes up the Marvel Universe! Jon, Elliott and Dave welcome Neal Fischer to discuss how the first Marvel movie after "Avengers" stands alone, how much the plot owes to "Extremis" and how much is pure Shane Black. Plus, Neal's new book, " Being Patrick Swayze: Essential Teachings from the Master of the Mullet"! [EP279]


Caffeinated Comics – Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Sam Raimi returns to Marvel! Jon, Elliott and Steven discuss SPOILERS on just how Raimi the new Doctor Strange movie is, how multiverse it gets and if it's a complete story or a lot of stuff that happens. Plus, Bruce Campbell sightings abound! [EP278]