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159 - The Crews Gives Unsolicited Business Advice + Its Always Sunny on Shark Tank

Its late and I don't feel like writing a big description. Long story short, this podcast is put together by three monkeys who each run their own business. Do these dummies have any gems of knowledge to share with the rest of the world?!?!? Probably not, but at least it'll be entertaining. Have fun!


158 - First Man / The Old Man & the Gun - Movie Reviews

The Crew splits up to see two different movies the same night...The Old Man & the Gun and First Man. Find out what everyone thought. If you're clueless as to what these movies are about...Google it people!


157 - 'The Moose': Classic Rock From a Young Perspective

If the Beatles had a psychedelic love child with Pink Floyd that was born around the year'd get "The Moose". The band consists of Tyler Frey (guitar and vocals), Alex Huffman (bass and vocals), Jake Hilger (keyboard, synths, guitar and vocals), and Emma Klein (percussion and vocals). They've won KC's Battle of the Bands and played Middle-of-the-Map fest. In his episode, The Crew digs into their history, appreciation for classic psychedelic rock, and the process of creating their...


156 - Memories of "Late Night": Conan, Vomiting Kermit, FedEx Pope, & so much more!

We asked over Instagram, who was the better host of 'Late Night'...Conan or Jimmy? A little over 70% vote for Conan. So we take a demented trip down memory lane and revisit what made that show so special. Plus, we're confused...are all men supposed to have twisted and heinous impulses during their high school and college years!?!? Because if so, we didn't get the memo. Follow the Can City Crew of Instagram and Twitter - @cancitymedia Email directly -


155 - All Over the Place with Jason Barr from the A.D.D. Podcast

I know we use the phrase "all over the place" quite a bit in these descriptions...but HOLY SCHNIKES does this one go ALL over the place!!! For about 10 years, Jason Barr has been hosting the A.D.D. Podcast from Lawrence, KS. Jason discusses his thoughts on the podcasting scene in KC & Lawrence, life's ups and downs, fights over social media, and much, MUCH more. Have fun (if you can catch up)


154 - From Batman to Baseball Cards: Illustrator & Animator, Todd Aaron Smith

Todd Aaron Smith is a professional animator, illustrator, and storyboard artist. Stories are aplenty in this episode from his work on Batman TAS, Family Guy, Spider-Man and many more! Todd also discusses his recent work on trading card illustrations with Topps, his history with comic book conventions, and his opportunity to meet the man himself...Stan Lee! You can check out more about him and view his portfolio of work at


153 - Coke VS Pepsi, Burn All Nike Gear & Other Marketing Gimmicks People Fell For!

A lot to go over in this episode. The Crew talks initially about their visit to media day at 'Marvel Universe Live'. Here's a breakdown: 2:30 - Coke Vs Pepsi and our Instagram survey results 9:55 - Nike & Kaepernick: A marketing stunt people fell for 19:35 - Starbucks opens it's 1st shop on Italy 21:40 - The "popular film" category at the Oscars 31:10 - Is Henry Cavill in or out as Superman? Follow the Can City Crew on Twitter & Instagram @cancitymedia Email directly -...


152 - North Korean Propaganda is HILARIOUS! (via Mad TV)

After bouncing around some ideas for future YouTube videos, the Crew starts to reminisce about Mad TV and how it compared to SNL (13:10). Plus outdated health & fitness advice (22:55). Yeah, its a shorter episode, but don't worry...its still full of senseless stupidity. Make sure to check out the YouTube channel "Can City Media" Follow on Twitter & Instagram @cancitymedia Email directly -


The FINAL vote (short episode)

If you haven't voted for Can City yet as 'best local podcast' - you can easily do it by clicking here And to see the full YouTube "campaign video" - click here


151 - New York VS Chicago (pizza wars) + Local Music Showcase!

We launched an idiotic "campaign ad" which you can watch by clicking here. And if you want to vote the Can City Podcast for best local podcast, you can click here. After talking a bit about putting that video together, the Crew gets into... 4:55 - New York Pizza VS Chicago Deep Dish (Is deep dish even "pizza"?) 19:15 - Local music showcase: "Of Tree" & "The Moose" 37:45 - People who deny that they **** 39:45 - Matt's phone got stolen 47:05 - Its a bad season for movies right...


150 - Netflix Ruins Your Day + Idealism, Stupidity, & Tribalism of the Human Race...Yay!

Yeah it goes all over place...I mean did you expect anything else? It goes to - ads on Netflix, violent video games, and idealism/stupidity/tribalism of humanity. Make sure to vote for us as 'best local podcast' for Pitch magazine's 'best of 2018' - you can click here.


149 - Bird Scooters, Uber, & Public Transportation + Fun With the Illuminati & Freemasons

After a week off, the Can City Crew is back! (crickets) Here's what's going on in this episode... 2:27 - "Paul Flart" gets fired from his security job 5:35 - We got nominated by The Pitch magazine for best KC-based podcast (click here if ya'll wanna vote for us) 17:40 - Time we all almost died (or almost killed other people) as kids 33:40 - Bird Scooters, Uber, the Shared Economy & Public Transportation 52:35 - Chem Trails, the Illuminati, Bigfoot, and Freemasons - all legit and...


148 - Logan Paul vs KSI (for dummies) + Josh Tries Zoomba!

WHAT is going on with this whole Logan Paul / KSI thing? Should you even care? What is the world coming to?!?! Get it all explained to you via the Can City Crew. Here are the timestamps for stuff in this episode... 3:00 - Josh the jetsetter 6:35 - New phase of the podcast 9:50 - Logan Paul vs KSI 29:25 - Josh tries Zoomba 37:35 - Joel Nichols' new podcast is live! 42:15 - Matthew crashes his drone Follow the Can City Crew on Twitter & Instagram @cancitymedia Email directly -...


147 - Chris Garibaldi of Lotuspool Records

If you've ever played an instrument, you've probably thought about what it would take to start a band. Very few, however, would wonder what it would take to start a record label from scratch. Chris Garibaldi is the latter. From a major consumer of music to an actual musician, Chris has an extensive history and knowledge-base of the art from a KC perspective. There's a lot of "tech" talk when it comes to production, how the music/label scene is radically different than what it was a few...


146 - The Meg - Movie Review (Like Jaws but Funnier) + Christopher Robin Review

The Meg movie review starts at 8:35 Is "The Meg" a dumb action/horror film? Or is it the Oscar-caliber cinematic masterpiece everyone expects it to be? Find out what the Can City Crew thought of it in this episode... "A massive creature attacks a deep-sea submersible, leaving it disabled and trapping the crew at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. With time running out, rescue diver Jonas Taylor must save the crew and the ocean itself from an unimaginable threat -- a 75-foot-long prehistoric...


145 - Ashley White Returns (again) Part 2 - Dieting, Best Pizza in KC + The Crew's Most Expensive Meals

Part 2 (as the title implies) is a continuation of our episode with Ashley White. Like previously, this one goes a bit scattered. The Crew goes over... 8:40 - Current dieting adventures 19:20 - 435 Magazine's list of Best Pizza in KC 27:10 - The most $$$ The Crew ever spent on ONE meal! 48:55 - Ashley White and her "bride price" 54:05 - We we healthier in our 20's or now? + Mud Runs Follow the Can City Crew on Twitter & Instagram @cancitymedia Email directly


144 - Ashley White Returns (again) Part 1 - the "Power" of Name Brands, Toys Were Us, + Kyle Doesn't Buy "Stuff"

If chaotic episodes are your comfort zone then come right in. Kansas City fashion blogger Ashley White joins the podcast for a 4th time! They discuss the power (or lack thereof) of name-brand clothing and then, per Kyle, the episode quickly goes off-the-rails. Hard do actually write a description for this one because it goes all over the place. Have Fun!


143 - Mission: Impossible - Fallout - Movie Review + Mama Mia! + Planet Fitness Dress Codes

Skip to 13:40 if you want to dive into the Mission: Impossible review. "Ethan Hunt and the IMF team join forces with CIA assassin August Walker to prevent a disaster of epic proportions. Arms dealer John Lark and a group of terrorists known as the Apostles plan to use three plutonium cores for a simultaneous nuclear attack on the Vatican, Jerusalem and Mecca, Saudi Arabia. When the weapons go missing, Ethan and his crew find themselves in a desperate race against time to prevent them from...


142 - The Hot Dog Diet, "Secret" Podcast Project, + Josh Flies a Plane (or just cleans them)

Kyle tells his story for his horrific attempt at the "hot dog diet". Josh murders some fish. Plus we talk about our "secret" project that is no longer secret. OH and Josh get's another job. Sorry the description is crummy...I writing this way too late in the night. Follow The Crew on Twitter & Instagram @cancitymedia Email directly


141 - Modern Day Fitzgerald + In-Studio Acoustic Set!

If starting your own rock band was easy, everybody would do it. The fellas from 'Modern Day Fitzgerald' join The Crew for an in-studio interview. While still a relatively fresh band, the gentlemen relay some of their struggles and hurdles in getting MDF off the ground. From songwriting to members joining and leaving, to live's definitely a labour of love that's fueled almost entierly from passion for the music. Find their songs on iTunes & Spotify And visit their site...