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Each week, a guest and I watch JUST THE SETUP of two different porn videos, none of the naked stuff, all while critiquing them as though they were real movies. And in between: who knows what we'll talk about.

Each week, a guest and I watch JUST THE SETUP of two different porn videos, none of the naked stuff, all while critiquing them as though they were real movies. And in between: who knows what we'll talk about.
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Each week, a guest and I watch JUST THE SETUP of two different porn videos, none of the naked stuff, all while critiquing them as though they were real movies. And in between: who knows what we'll talk about.




64: Sex Shops with Sex Shop Manager Jack Qu'emi

Writer, activist, and now sex shop manager Jack Qu'emi is back on the pod to talk all about what managing a sex shop is like. We discuss the weirdest thing their store sells, strange sex toys, and many weird customers including a man's $100,000 Japanese lesbian porn collection. Plus, celebrity customers! Ever wonder what 50 Cent would buy in a sex shop? Listen to find out! Follow me on Twitter: Or on Instagram:...


63: Step-Siblings with Porn Director Andy Zane

The day has finally come. PORN DIRECTOR Andy Zane, who shoots for Pornfidelity, Teenfidelity, and Kelly Madison joins me to watch some good 'ol fashion step-sibling porn. Let me tell you, this episode is everything I could have hoped for. Andy answers all my questions from conception to erection, stories of the gross things he's seen, and so much more! Follow me on Twitter: Or on Instagram: Submit videos,...


62: Quickies with My Girlfriend

This one's short and sweet, just like the name, to make up for the lack of episode yesterday. My girlfriend is back to watch some quickie videos with me. We start off with an exciting announcement and then discuss popular quickie locations. Then we talk about things we don't understand about each other, specifically for me why she watches mukbang videos. What else can I say it's a cute little episode. Follow me on Twitter: Or on Instagram:...


61: Bang Bus with Musician Bronson Young

This week, musician Bronson Young and I are taking a ride on the Bang Bus! Absolutely not literally, but we're watching some Bang Bus videos and analyzing just about everything about them. I read some Bang Bus controversies, then we talk about public sex and all sorts of fun things. Plus we discuss one easy trick that will make your dick bigger! And more! Follow me on Twitter: Or on Instagram: Submit videos,...


60: Cinco de Mother's Day with Chef Stuart, David Garcia, & Franklin Sanchez

It is finally here, the special "Cinco de Mother's Day" episode featuring the Can We Talk First Latino All-Stars: David Garcia, Franklin Sanchez, and the return of Chef Stuart! We watch a Cinco de Mayo porn and then a Latina MILF one to combine both holidays. In between, we talk about how our moms are badasses, including Chef Stuart explaining why his mom is known as the "Tequila King." Then another hot porn lightning round with one of my favorite jokes ever told on the podcast. Follow me...


59: Solo 2 (JOI) with No One

I'm back a week before the much anticipated Cinco de Mother's Day Episode with another Solo Episode! This time I'm watching JOI videos and if you don't know what they are, I explain them on the pod and it's a load of fun. Personal opinion, this one is way better than the first Solo Episode. A lot of funny bits and rants plus I answer more listener questions! Share the pod if you love me. Follow me on Twitter: Or on Instagram:...


58: The 4/20 Episode 2 with Rappers The Buddha Head & Jon Quest

It is the second annual 4/20 episode and this year I'm celebrating with rappers The Buddha Head and podcast regular Jon Quest. After we watch some videos of weed in porn, the three of us all tell stories about our first times getting high. The porn lightning round in this one is great and the Buddha Head has one of the best porn lightning round answers of all time. If you have to take one lesson from this episode, it's to not be the "Can I get a hug" guy. It's an ugly look. Follow me on...


57: Cut For Time Clip Show 2

That's right baybeeee. The Cut For Time Clip Show is back and better than ever! This time with clips from unreleased episodes, more drunken madness from the Four Loko episode, and pod-favorites Holly Anabel Brown, Malik McCrea, Mike Verbaro, Pat Shustack, Sal DiAndrea, David Garcia, Jon Quest, and more! Plus I drop some exciting pod-news. I had a great time making this one, so enjoy! Follow me on Twitter: Or on Instagram:...


56: Sitcom Parodies with Legend David Garcia

Podcast legend David Garcia is back to watch some Sitcom Parody Porn. We see "Big Bang" a Big Bang Theory parody that couldn't be further from the show, then watch a slightly better "That 70's Ho" which should be self-explanatory. In between, we go over our favorite sitcoms and drop some sitcom fun facts. Later we dive into PornHub categories then dissect porn's godawful audio problem. Finally, we are surprised to find where Fez from That 70's Show is really from plus many more laughs....


55: St. Patrick's Day with Writers Pat Shustack & Mike Verbaro

This week two of my good friends, writers Pat Shustack & Mike Verbaro join me to watch some St. Paddy's day porn, wherein we see about as loose of a definition of a leprechaun as it gets. Pat drops the story of the century about a strange occult-like letter that appeared in cars and mailboxes all over South Philly. Then, we have the first ever DOUBLE PORN LIGHTNING ROUND! And let me tell you, it's one of the funniest ones we've had in a while. Hilarious stories, hilarious discussions. Truly...


54: Karate with Director Malik McCrea & Rapper Jon Quest

Wow, what a fun romp we go on this week, as I am joined by former Super Deluxe director and current founder of the People's Collective Malik McCrea and rapper Jon Quest to watch some karate porn! In TWO podcast firsts, we watch our first foot fetish video and first cuck video! We also talk about buying used underwear and Malik tells us about growing up in Germany. Then stick around for one of the best porn lightning rounds in a while, from Martin Luther King watching Malik masturbate to...


53: Valentine's Day with My Girlfriend

Well hello lovebirds, it has been long requested that I have my girlfriend on the pod and what better time than on Valentine's Day to do it? We watch some Valentine's Day theme videos, which gets us discussing the logic behind buying your boyfriend a sex doll. Then we get into the nitty-gritty of our relationship by answering an anniversary questionnaire I found on the internet. Y'all wanted a look behind the curtain at our relationship and you got it! We talk about the highs and lows of our...


52: The One Year Anniversary Episode with Sal DiAndrea

Wow. I have been doing this podcast every week for an entire year. Absolutely insane I haven't given up yet. Anyway, thank you all for sticking with me for an entire year of porn podcasts. To celebrate this momentous occasion, we end the year where we began: with the synth-pop bad boy himself Sal DiAndrea! Except for this time he is HOSTING the episode and I sit in as the guest! We pretty much go through my entire journey to becoming a stand up comic and the ridiculous personal crisis I had...


51: Teachers with Comedian Holly Anabel Brown

This week comedian Holly Anabel Brown makes her return to the podcast, and in honor of learning on our last podcast she once sexed it up with one of her teachers, we watch some teacher porn ourselves! Obviously, we talk about scandalous teacher stories from our high schools, but we also talk about the angriest Holly's ever gotten, how the Sims is just porn for kids, and how in the future the film Dodgeball will be a sci-fi/fantasy film. Holly also opens up about how she handles talking about...


50: The MILFstravaganza with Ariel Pomerantz & David Garcia

Episode 50 baybeeeee! We did it. And to celebrate, we're having what I'm calling the Episode 50 MILFstravaganza! Featuring pod favorites photographer/cinematographer Ariel Pomerantz as well as the bad boy of fatherhood himself, David Garcia! We have a grand ol' time roasting the first video and all things MILFs, which leads into stories about weird mother/son relationships we've heard about. PLUS: As listeners know, it has long been podcast lore that on Episode 50 I would reveal the porn...


49: Wedding Planners with EMT Andrea Perez-Acosta

This one's short, but sweet. Andrea and I watch some porn about wedding planners as a follow up to our first episode together about brides. We talk about the man with the largest penis in the world, then move onto discussing the new R. Kelly docuseries. We probably talk about some other stuff, but I want to sleep now so goodbye. Follow me on Twitter: Or on Instagram: Submit videos, suggestions, feedback, or just...


48: New Years with Dancer Alex CHI Johnson

We're kicking off the first pod of the new year right by watching porn set on New Years! Right off the bat, Alex tells me about a VERY weird sex toy his mom gave him. What a sentence. Alex is the king of Hollywood conspiracy theories, so we get into a bunch of those including a wild one about Jamie Foxx. Then Alex talks about a racist predicament he found himself in while shooting a Truth commercial. Plus a lot of other stuff, but stick around till the end to hear Alex pass along some very...


47: Donald Trump with Comedian Comic Hilton

Yup, you read that right. This week on the pod I'm watching Donald Trump themed porn videos with stand up comic and host of Primetime Comedy: Comic Hilton. Aw man. This is the most I've laughed during an episode in a while. It goes completely off the rails, the videos are ridiculous, and Hilton REALLY tries to convince me to get my ass eaten. Plus so much other nasty shit is discussed, but that's your sneak peek. Does anyone read these things? Let me know on: Twitter:...


46: Christmas with Sal DiAndrea & David Garcia

Merry Podcast! On this special Christmas episode, the boys and I dive headfirst into some spiked eggnog and watch The Grinch XXX Parody and later see how Santa gets down. We talk all things Christmas in this one, plus Sal and I get in a heated argument about Santa where David has to play the mediator. A lot of funny stuff in this one overanalyzing way too much about the holiday. Going to bed now, bye! Enjoy. Follow me on Twitter: Or on Instagram:...


45: The Cut for Time Clip Show!

This is a very special episode of the pod: The Cut For Time Clip Show! Featuring unreleased and unheard conversations from previous guests such as Holly Anabel Brown, Jack Qu'emi, Bronson Young, PLUS classic episodes like Cinco de Mayo and The Four Loko Episode! Honestly, I stayed up all night editing this and I want to go to sleep now, so that's all the description you're getting. I hope you enjoy the episode! Follow me on Twitter: Or on Instagram:...