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53. Sounds About White

On this episode, Lydia starts off with Miss Unsinkable, Violet Jessop, and God's inability to kill her. Next, Dominic brings sideshow abductions to the table with the story of George and Willie Muse a.k.a "Eko & Iko". Finally, Zo closes out with a good ol' murder-for-hire plot featuring Greg Mulvihill, Diana Lovejoy, Weldon McDavid, and other foolish names. What's in your spider wallet? Can You Believe This Sh*t?


52. Fire Fighter Fighters

Dominic starts off this episode with Susan Smith and her children..who were.....abducted...its rough. Next!, Zo brings us Cops™ and cops with Dalia Dippolito and her new, and soon-to-be late husband, Mike. Last, but certainly Lydia, Lydia ties us up with the Toronto Circus Riot of 1855. Clowns, riots, fires... the usual. Can You Believe This Sh*t?


51. Deceased Out Of Wedlock

This week, Lydia starts with the story of Phineas Gage, and the hole in his skull. Next, Dominic covers the story of the missing and then "found," Bobby Dunbar. To top it off Zo gives us a wild drunken night which ended in the murder of Mark Waugh. Can You Believe This Sh*t?


50. Cowplow

It's our 50th episode! Dominic brings a heavy hitter, Richard Speck and the murder of 8 Chicago nurses. Next, Lydia explains the what on the why on the Irukandji jellyfish and their gravity warping stingers. Finally, Zo delivers the Tiger Woman, Clara Phillips. Also lets talk about sloths. Can You Believe This Sh*t?


49. Approximately Enough

We're all here! Lydia and Zo had to fist fight for a topic this week and Lydia won! So she brings us Armin(Arwin?) Meiwes, The Master Butcher of Germany. Zo, found a new topic and it is...something... They tell us about The Raelian Movement, started by Claude Vorilhon, better known as Rael. Dominic tries to follow that with the life and death of Nellie Bly, and her work undercover at the Blackwell Insane Asylum. Can You Believe This Sh*t?


48. A Murderous Can Of Ravioli

Ever heard of Prongles? Zo starts off this episode with the unsolved (vintage) murder of Nora Fuller. We're missing a Lydia again, but never fear, we have a Sam! He brings us the Busby Stoop Chair, or the Chair of Death...or the Busby Stoop Chair of Death. Last, it's Dominic, and they tell us about the Charles Starkweather and Caril Ann Fugate killing spree. Can You Believe This Sh*t?


47. Cherholders

We have a short episode this week because Lydia isn't here. Zo starts off with the attempted kidnapping of Johnny Weissmuller, better known as Tarzan of the jungle, and the successful kidnapping of Shergar, the racehorse. Dominic asks the question: Can you consent to homicide? With the story of Sharon Lopatka. Can You Believe This Sh*t?


46. Little Car Feet

Happy Holidays from us at Can You Believe This Sh*t? We bring you a holiday themed episode this week! First, Lydia starts us off with the Icelandic Gryla, and her 13 mischievous sons, the Yule Lads. Next, it gets worse! Zo tells us all about Edward Deli, Von Taylor, and the family they chose to tear apart: the Tiede's. Finally, Dominic keeps it bad with the Covina Massacre, led by a killer Santa, Bruce Jeffrey Pardo. Can You Believe This Sh*t?


45. Son Of Beard Man

This week on Can You Believe This Sh*t?, Dominic starts us off with the unsolved Burger Chef Murders. Next, it's Zo's turn to put a girl in a box (again)! with the kidnapping of Elizabeth Shoaf, by Vinson Filyaw. Lastup, Lydia brings us a 3-pack of mini-stories all surrounding a particular topic. Can You Believe This Sh*t?


44. Freak Hunting

This week, Zo starts us off with the death of Hollywood sweetheart, Rebecca Schaeffer by Robert John Bardo. Next, Dominic covers the deaths of Devonte Hart, and the Hart family. Finally, Lydia wraps up with perhaps the most shocking story of all, the case of Mary Toft. Can You Believe This Sh*t?


43. Mystery Serum

This week we're down a Lydia, but up a Sam! Dominic starts us off with the shocking case of Kalinka Bamberski. Then it's Sam's turn! He covers the crash of the Doña Paz. Finally, Zo tells us about the Blonde Dolly, Sybille Niemans. Can You Believe This Sh*t?


42. The Wendigo Wheelhouse

This week, Zo takes us back in time to The Murphy Family Murders in Gatton, Queensland, Australia. Lydia keeps us back in time with the haunted Greyfriars Cemetery, haunted by the Mackenzie poltergeist. Finally, Dominic takes us to the present with the 2001 Greyhound Bus incident. Can You Believe This Sh*t?


41. Her Father Fran Drescher

We have a bunch of sh*t you won't believe! Lydia's back and she gives us The Amityville Horror. Next, it's Dominic, and they tell us about Terry Jo Duperrault, the girl orphaned at sea. Finally, it's Zo's turn as they take us back in time to the murder of Francesco Cenci. Can You Believe This Sh*t?


Not - So Minisode 4

Hey it's another minisode! Only two not-so short stories for you today. Dominic starts us off with the murder of Alan Bono by Arne Johnson, with cameo appearance by Lorraine Warren. Next Zo, tells us about the murder of Taunja Bennett, and definitely does not cover the Smiley/Happy Face Killer. Can You Believe This Sh*t?


40. The Kennedy Adjacent

Happy Halloween! Enjoy this special spoopy episode where everything is Halloween turned themed! Zo starts us off with child murder! They tell us about the Man Who Ruined Halloween, Ronald O'Bryan. Sam tells a story! ( Lydia is out today :( ) He covers the Trick or Treat murders, and the Lesbians of Sun Valley, California. Then it's Dominic's turn and they have the murder of Martha Moxley for you all. Can You Believe This Sh*t?


39. The Alligator Police

It's a laugh riot. This week, Dominic starts out horribly with the death of Jun Lin, and the story of Luka Magnotta. Next, Lydia keeps up the horrible-ness and tells us about a little doll named Annabelle. Finally, it's Zo's turn to put a woman in a box (again), with the kidnapping of Barbara Mackle. Can You Believe This Sh*t?


38. A Moat Of Dogs

In this episode, we start off with Charlie Manson....kinda. Zo, tells us all about Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme, family member turned presidential assassin. Next, Lydia tells us about the joys of home-owning with the Westfield Watcher, super creepy! Finally, Dominic closes out with the story of the lost Carlina White. Can You Believe This Sh*t?


37. Who's Mark?

Just a quick tangent about The New Yorker, and then it's off to the races, with Lydia's Enron scandal part two. Then it's back to bad times, as Zo tells us about the abduction of Polly Klaas. Finally, the bad times keep a-flowin' because it's time for Dominic to discuss Elisa Lam. It's a heavy one. Can You Believe This Sh*t?


36. Bone Jenga

In this week's episode, Dominic gives life to the story of Dr. Death, Christopher Duntsch. Then, Zo gives us the run down on the accidental murder of Reeva Steenkamp by her boyfriend, Oscar Pistorius. Finally, Lydia gives us part one of the Enron scandal. Next week, she'll finish part two! Also lets talk about Spam! Can You Believe This Sh*t?


35. Crucifixin' To Die

Boyyyy howdy do we have an episode for you. Dominic starts us off with The Silent Twins, June and Jennifer Gibbons. Creepy! Next it's Lydia with Goatman, the axe-wielding....Goat-Man. Finally, Zo finishes with the story of Diane Downs and her children. Also we discuss the probability of arresting and trying the X-Men.. Can You Believe This Sh*t?