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Saving the world doesn't necessarily mean you go home happy. How's the mental health of your favorite superhero? A comic aficionado and a board-certified psychiatrist look at the various neuroses of your favorite heroes and villains and provide options for treatment.

Saving the world doesn't necessarily mean you go home happy. How's the mental health of your favorite superhero? A comic aficionado and a board-certified psychiatrist look at the various neuroses of your favorite heroes and villains and provide options for treatment.


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Saving the world doesn't necessarily mean you go home happy. How's the mental health of your favorite superhero? A comic aficionado and a board-certified psychiatrist look at the various neuroses of your favorite heroes and villains and provide options for treatment.




Issue 80 - Laura Kinney

Get yer claws out, it's time to examine LAURA KINNEY! We look at this socially awkward Wolverine, and Doc invents a new use for the Danger Room! Listen now! SHOW NOTES: IntroApologies for no new episode last week - tried to get creators, and then needed a breakNew folks in Discord & Facebook fan groups - plug for those communitiesBackground (04:39) X-23 created by Craig Kyle for the X-Men: Evolution TV series, first comic book appearance in NYX #3 (Dec. 2003) by Joe Quesada & Joshua...


Issue 79 - Dick Grayson

We head to Bludhaven to take on the man of many names, Dick Grayson! Whether he's Robin, Nightwing, or Batman, he's the Bat-family's Jack of all Trades. According to Doc, he's also like Saved by the Bell - listen in to find out why! SHOW NOTES: IntroShoutout to Connor Carrick podcast - NHL defenseman Connor Carrick does a deep dive into improving mentally, emotionally, and spiritually - not just promoting this because he’s a Devils player, it’s a compelling listen...


Mental Health Avengers II: Age of Access (Part 2)

The Avengers have assembled once again, and this time we're finishing our second episode on the issues with access to health care. Listen as we come up with solutions to problems we hadn't considered when we recorded our last episode in a pre-COVID19 world! SHOW NOTES: IntroGuardiansMH, Pop Psych 101, Freudian Sips, and Popcorn PsychologyBackground Recap of problems raised in Part 1IssuesTelepsych in the age of COVID-19 and possibilities moving forwardInsurance and changes to the system -...


Issue 78 - Shredder

Grab your nunchuks and sais, it's time to face THE SHREDDER! Anthony & Doc examine which of the Turtles is his frenemy, and which member of the Juice Crew he'd be. Listen now! SHOW NOTES: Issue 78 - Shredder IntroShoutout to Gutting the Sacred Cow - comedians Kevin Gootee & Kevin Israel rip apart popular movies. They have a guest each week, and if you’re in the mood for hot takes, this is the show for you - Podchaser Reviews4Good extended to the end of the month,...


Issue 77 - Secret Identities

It's time for another thematic episode, and this time we brought along the requestor himself, Matt, as a guest! How does anonymity impact our dealings with each other? Is our world more like DC or Marvel? And how will the COVID-19 pandemic affect all of it? These topics and more in this episode - listen now! SHOW NOTES: IntroFirst episode where the Patron is a guest! Welcome to Matt!Shoutout to Nooks & Crannies - Matty & Evan talk about the politics of everyday life, and all the little...


Issue 76 - Kamala Khan

We take a short trip to Jersey City to talk to KAMALA KHAN! What does hero worship from one hero to another look like? And we have our first ever winner of an open casting call for the voice of Kamala - Nur Chodry! Listen now! SHOW NOTES: IntroShoutout to Seth making memes in FB GroupPodchaser Reviews4GoodBackground (03:55)Kamala Khan created by Sana Amanat, Stephen Wacker, G. Willow Wilson, Adrian Alphona, and Jamie McKelvie inCaptain Marvel#14 (August 2013) in a one-panel cameo, but...


Issue 75 - Capes in Court

For our 75th episode, we flip the script - Anthony's the expert and Doc's asking questions. Primarily: how do you estate plan in a world where death isn't permanent? Find out some real life estate planning tips, plus Anthony pitches a new comic book! Listen now! SHOW NOTES: Intro Social distancing – next few episodes will be recorded remotely New patron – Tasha – new Mayor level patron Review read – Dino Gangof1 from Huuuh? Podcast - “More than a comics podcast. Delves deep into...


Issue 74 - Alfred Pennyworth

We tidy ourselves up for a look at Batman's butler ALFRED PENNYWORTH! Why does he keep working for a loner like Bruce? And how would he actually be like a Real Housewife? Listen now to find out! SHOW NOTES: Intro Review read – Rey - “Well worth listening for the entertainment value of comic book superheroes, but highly informative when it comes to mental health. Anthony & Doc Issues are on top of their game here… analyses and skits make for a perfect mix!” Plug of the week – Geek History...


Issue 73 - Yorick Brown

Anthony & Doc tackle a world without Y chromosomes when they examine Yorick Brown from Y: The Last Man! Yorick's got so many problems we actually examine FOUR! And how is Doc like the 1990s Chicago Bulls? Listen now to find out! SHOW NOTES: Shoutout to Ignorance Was Bliss – Kate interviews a guest every week about whatever comes to mind – I guested a few months back, she’s a wonderful person and the show should be on everyone’s list TeePublic sale: Today, March 18- 22 Background...


E72 - Abe Sapien

Anthony & Doc take a deep dive into the BPRD's resident fish-man, ABE SAPIEN! What is he? Why does he compare himself to Hellboy? And how many fish puns can Doc make this week? Listen now! SHOW NOTES: Intro 2 Anniversary of our show – thank you’s New patron Frank TeePublic sale – March 18-22 Shoutout to True Stories of a Tryhard – Ethan discuss his struggles with anxiety and talks to guests about their issues with mental health – I was recently a guest Background (09:00) Abe Sapien...


Issue 71 - The Tick

After last week's heavy episode, it's time for some fun. So Anthony & Doc travel to The City to talk about THE TICK! What makes this amnesiac superhero such an endearing character? And what TV theme do our intrepid hosts sing this week? Grab a SPOON! and listen now! Intro Plug for Perfect Package Podcast – Chad & Dave each get 5 picks to make the perfect… whatever the topic is – Anthony will be guesting on an upcoming episode Background (3:40) The Tick created by Ben Edlund in New...


Issue 70 - Terrorism in Comics

No two ways about it, this one is a doozy. Anthony & Doc were supposed to talk about terrorism in comics. They end up solving real world terrorism. In a manner of speaking. This one pulls no punches - listen now! SHOW NOTES: Intro Shoutout for 90s Court – Lisa & Andy argue a court case about two aspects of 90s pop culture, and the fans vote on who wins – find them wherever you listen to podcasts Review read – Luzz 5 stars on Apple Podcasts - “I’ve just finished listening to the Bane...


Patreon Review 1 - Joker: Endgame

It's a sneak preview of our new Patreon exclusive monthly comic reviews. This month we take a look at Joker: Endgame. Which stories are worthy of inclusion, and which should have been dropped? Listen to Anthony & Doc's review now! SHOW NOTES: Introduction Preview for non-Patrons, future episodes will be available to Patrons $3 and up Each month will feature a trade paperback, along with a review of the story and artwork, and whether or not it’s a recommended read Joker:...


Issue 69 - Bane

This podcast will be your reckoning - Anthony & Doc discuss BANE! Where does Batman's nemesis go from here? And why is Doc singing Hamilton again? Listen in to find out! SHOW NOTES: Intro Two new patrons – Jonathan & Tyler, and Rey upped his patronage - THANK YOU!!! Podcast plug this week – Ask Iliza – Iliza Shlesinger, her assistant Emily aka Baby Arm, and her producer Scott aka Hot Scotty, talk to guests and answer your questions about life, marriage, comedy, and whatever else runs...


Mental Health Avengers II: Age of Access (Part I)

It's the sequel you've been waiting for! The Mental Health Avengers return to discuss AGE OF ACCESS (Part I). What are some of the impediments to accessing mental health care? And what happened to the rest of the Avengers? Listen to the Infinity War of podcast crossovers now! SHOW NOTES: Introduction Guardians MH and Popcorn Psychology Access to mental health Professional availability Insurance (21:30) Other issues (43:00) Apple Podcasts: here Google Play: here Stitcher:...


Issue 68 - Medusa

It's a hair-raising episode, as Anthony & Doc look at Medusa, Queen of the Inhumans! Heavy is the head that wears the crown, especially when it's covered in prehensile hair! How does she want to break away from her husband, Black Bolt? All this, plus a special guest voice - Anna from Freudian Sips as Medusa! Listen now! SHOW NOTES: Intro Mental Health Avengers Review read – Cinemondo Podcast “A unique perspective on the Super Hero genre. Refreshing and fun discussion that goes deep into...


Issue 67 - Miles Morales

It's our Season 4 Premiere! We swing into the Ultimate Marvel Universe to look at MILES MORALES! It's no pressure being the next Spider-Man, right? Plus we announce changes to our Patreon, and Doc talks WCW (it makes sense in context). Listen now! Intro Welcome back for Season 4 Discord & YouTube channels to watch/listen live Announce changes to Patreon – monthly trade reviews exclusive to $ level Mental Health Avengers coming soon! Weekly shout-out to Bang Average Movie Podcast –...


Issue 66(6) - Robbie Reyes

It's Christmastime in Hell - Anthony & Doc travel to East LA to chat about ROBBIE REYES! He may be the newest character we've done, but he has no shortage of problems. If you think your family is rough, you ain't heard nothing yet - listen now! SHOW NOTES: Intro Reminder for sticker giveaway Review read: Chad Brockbrader - “Such a great listen, stacking layers on the foundations of characters I THOUGHT I knew like the back of my hand” Shoutout to 10ish Pod – Nick & Brandon cover a...


Issue 65 - The Maxx

Anthony & Doc travel to the Outback to visit the world of THE MAXX! This 90s comic is so trippy, and its inhabitants so off-the-wall, that it takes the entire episode to break down 4 characters. So grab a lampshade and get inside a cardboard box - listen now! SHOW NOTES: Intro Shoutout to the Wrestle Special – Travis and an assortment of guests talk wrestling and not-wrestling. Background (06:30) Created by Sam Kieth and Jim Sinclair – debuted in Primer #5 as Max the Hare, but the Maxx...


Issue 64 - Oliver Queen

We continue the run on archers and focus on OLIVER QUEEN, the Green Arrow! How did he go from "Batman with a bow" to danger-seeking social justice warrior? Listen in and find out! SHOW NOTES: Intro Shoutout to Origin of Speakcies – Scott & Steve talk about common expressions and words, and where they came from Plug for Discord server Background (4:15) Created by Mort Weisinger and George Papp in More Fun Comics #73 (Nov. 1941) Created as modern day Robin Hood but a business...