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What do we talk about? It's random week to week. Join us on our adventure!

What do we talk about? It's random week to week. Join us on our adventure!
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What do we talk about? It's random week to week. Join us on our adventure!




Episode 25 - The Generations Game

Hello Randomers and Randomites. How times have changed wouldn't you say? Today on the Carnival, we discuss how much things have actually changed as the generations have progressed. Some good, some bad, some indifferent. Has technology aided or hindered us? And when will the robots actually conquer Earth? Keep an eye out and remember, get off my lawn! What'd we miss? Tweet, Instagram, Facebook or e-mail us and let us know! Once again, still sponsored by Opsitnick & Associates. Lawyers for...


Episode 24 - We Get Sporty

Hello again, Randomers and Randomites! We're putting a bow on all this holiday nonsense for the season... by talking about professional sports. It made sense to us. We just scratch the surface of sports, and discover a new idea for a future podcast. We know sports aren't everyone's cup of tea, but stay tuned after when we open gifts from our lovely sponsor, Opsitnick & Associates. We survived, so hopefully that means they're still happy with us. We hope you are too! How about that local...


Episode 23 - American Moondogs Live at The Carnival

Greetings once again, Randomers and Randomites. From the North by Northwest Music Festival here in snowy Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, we run across our old friends The American Moondogs. We sit down for an interview, but then the itch took them and they played us a few tunes right from our igludio (igloo studio). First is "Screendoor", followed by a cover of "Sixteen Days" by Ryan Adams. Then we got cold so we're playing you a third original track that's off their upcoming album,...


Episode 22 - The Best Of...

Merry New Year, Randomers and Randomites! We're closing out 2018 in odd fashion with talking about our "Best Of" in various categories. It may not be just 2018 since there may not have been some stuff that was truly the best, but we talk about things that we like the best. It's been a good start to this journey and thank you for sticking with us. Speaking of sticking with us, stay tuned at the end of the podcast for a song from an upcoming podcast guest, international recording artist...


Episode 21 - Santa's Sack

Merry Christmas Randomers and Randomites! We're here to appeal to Lord Santa to bring us some Christmas joy by digging deep into his sack... of questions, and answering them for his elves. It's a literal grab bag of different things that we make a vain attempt to answer so we can get presents. Stay tuned after the podcast for a jaunty little Christmas tune off the Los Straitjackets album 'Tis the Season for Los Straitjackets! entitled "Christmas in Las Vegas." May the joy of the season fill...


Episode 20 - Doctor Who and Some Time Travel

Hello Randomers and Randomites! Exterminate? Back from New Years Eve 2018 (stay tuned for what happened), and thanks to a British person in a phone booth, we have returned to the present and are joined once again by Suzi Willpower of Anonymous Willpower and a new friend to the Carnival and up-and-coming visual designer Marisa and we're here to pay homage to the being that returned us from the future, as well as the television phenomenon, Doctor Who. We go through the Doctors and give our...


Episode 19 - Round Metal Robin

Hello Randomers and Randomites. Coming to you live from a subterranean cavern under the former Lakeshore Records, three new friends of the Carnival have joined us! We're joined by our second President and Domino's Pizza mogul John Adams, former drummer for the Lou Gramm Band Rob Mount and our personal insurance shopper Jeffrey Bauman (see below for a link to his business he talks about at the end). Together, the five of us talk 80's/Classic metal, whatever you'd like to call it, and we...


Live Special #2 - First Friday at The Hungerford

Hello Randomers and Randomites. We may not know art, but we know what we like, so we popped in at First Friday at the Hungerford located at 1115 E. Main Street in downtown Rochester. We're recording live (via the inevitable delay) from the basement of the Hungerford at Studio 41, home of Khaos by Design, Lidia Juice Customs and Raven. We're joined by several artists so look below for links to their work and also check out First Friday and Second Saturday every month at The Hungerford. And...


Episode 18 - Beatles, Anime & Neil Gaiman with Caitlin Yarsky

Hello Randomers and Randomites. Comic book artist, musician and Friend of the Carnival Caitlin Yarsky is back! But this time we're going a different direction. Live from Abbey Normal Studios in sunny Blackpool, England, we meet up to talk many things, including The Beatles, anime and even touch a bit on the great Neil Gaiman. If you haven't listened to our interview with her about her comic Coyotes, give it a listen and get the comic! The second and final trade edition will be released...


Talking Smart with Fred and The Guz - Episode 1

Hello Randomers and Randomites. You join us today from an undisclosed location. We're surrounded by books and under the watchful eyes of Smeagol and Cthulhu and we're bringing you the debut episode of a new series called "Talking Smart with Fred and The Guz". We're joined by Fred and The Guz as we discuss education, history, the military, tobacco, bourbon... all kinds of interesting things. We had a blast and they will be back to join us again for sure. Once again, still sponsored by...


Thanksgiving Special - Interview with Anonymous Willpower

Gobble gobble Randomers and Randomites. You join us in The Big Easy, just outside Marie Laveau's House of Voodoo. It's Thanksgiving, so while you digest your turkey, here's a podcast for you. We're joined today by Don Anonymous and Suzi Willpower of Anonymous Willpower to talk music, art and randomness. If you're over your turkey coma by Saturday, go and catch their latest gig. Saturday November 24th at the Rosen Krown (the old Monty's Krown); 875 Monroe Ave. in downtown Rochester. It is the...


Episode 17 - Interview with the Cast and Crew of "At Swim, Two Boys"

Hello Randomers and Randomites. The play's the thing this week as we sit down and chat with the cast and crew of the upcoming play "At Swim, Two Boys" written by Jamie O'Neill, put on by the DVC Theater Company. We're joined by Lindsay Warren Baker (the director), MJ Savastano (the adapter), Ted Wenskus (sound designer and Arthur Mack) and Shawnda Urie (Jim Mack). We talk all kinds of things theater, history, acting and literature and get the lowdown on this upcoming work on stage. It will...


Episode 16 - British TV & Veterans Day

Hello Randomers and Randomites. This one is coming out a day early for random reasons, but also because it's Veterans Day. We start talking British TV shows, but then we're joined by our sponsor who gives us a new plug and talks about the accuracy of "Anatomy of a Murder." Then finally, in honor of Veterans Day, we're joined by a real-life World War II veteran. 94 years young, sharp as a tack and funny as hell. It's a special show with some special people, so please listen and thank a...


Episode 15 - Haunted Podcast with Teej Jenkins

Halloween may be over, but we're not completely done with the scary stuff. Joining us today is our friend Teej Jenkins, the creator of the video blogs "My Haunted Road Trip" and "World Hop With Teej." We met her at the Hamlin Scream Fest and wanted to talk more about her adventures, her process and any scary things she's run across. It was a great interview and who knows, you might be seeing us on location at a haunted place with her in the near future. By the way, she recorded this, so if...


Episode 14 - Interview with Filmmaker Adrian Esposito

Happy Halloweenie everyone! We're closing out the first Clowntober here at the Carnival with a return interview with Adrian Esposito. You may remember him stopping by and chatting with us at the Hamlin Scream Fest, and he's with us once again to talk his favorite movies, his inspirations and his own movies, including his upcoming project Special Needs Revolt and the Indiegogo page for said movie. It ends soon so get your donations in and check out his other movies, including Greetings From...


Episode 13 - Wrestling With This Podcast

Ladies and Gentlemen. From Parts Unknown (secretly located somewhere in suburban Wisconsin), we bring you the latest episode of the Carnival of Randomness. This week The Masked Podcaster and the Rob-berbaron talk wrestling, rasslin' and all things in between. This will be the first of several wrestling podcasts as we barely scratched the surface. No holds were barred, and there will be a rematch. I guarantee it, brother! Once again, still sponsored by Opsitnick & Associates. Lawyers for...


Episode 12 - Horror Movie Round Table

Happy Clowntober, Randomers & Randomites! From our secret lab under Quartz Lake at the similarly named camp, we come to you with not one, not two but three guests! We're joined by "Howlin'" Colin Bourne of Grease Creepers fame, "Count" Mike Murray of Whole Lotta Shakin' radio and our Doctor of Clownomics Rellik the Clown of Nightmares. We're talking horror movies today and it definitely is going to be scary! Stay tuned after the episode for "Smile" from the Grease Creepers album "Fresh...


Episode 11 - Many Things Batman

Greeting fellow Randomers and Randomites! From atop the cathedral in Gotham City, the Carnival comes at you once again and today we talk many things Batman, as there is lots to talk about. We talk Batman in movies, comics and TV shows, as well as discuss who we liked in the roles. Definitely a topic we'll be revisiting as there's a lot we didn't cover. Did we miss anything? Let us know. As a bonus, stay tuned after our talk for a rather appropriate song, "I Wish I Was Batman" by Mrs....


Live Special #1 - Hamlin Scream Fest 2018

Hello Randomers and Randomites! For once, we're where we say we are, sitting here live at the 2018 Hamlin Scream Fest. Missed it this year? For shame! Make sure to check it out next year! We give some thoughts and are joined by a myriad of guests including - Local filmmaker Adrian Esposito talking about his upcoming project, Special Needs Revolt - Film producer Rob Wichman talking about the premier of his new full length feature Clown Motel: Spirits Arise - Actor and paranormal...


Episode 10 - Hamlin Scream Fest

From out of the corn comes Rob with two guests, Tom and Anke from the Hamlin Scream Fest, this coming Saturday October 6, 2018 from noon to 6:00 PM at the campus of the Hamlin Town Hall: 1658 Lake Rd. N Hamlin, NY 14464 The only family friendly Halloween event in Monroe County! Bring the kids and check it out. There's tons of stuff to do and see and who knows, you may even see us there too. Details here! Once again, still sponsored by Opsitnick & Associates. Lawyers for you, the people,...