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Together, Carrie & Tommy have carved out a loyal audience of listeners with their effortless chemistry and cheekiness since they started in 2017.

Together, Carrie & Tommy have carved out a loyal audience of listeners with their effortless chemistry and cheekiness since they started in 2017.


Sydney, NSW


Together, Carrie & Tommy have carved out a loyal audience of listeners with their effortless chemistry and cheekiness since they started in 2017.




Tommy is still devastated over the Paperquiz. Carrie is fighting with Chris over germs. And Orlando Bloom's tattoo mistake.

1) Paperquiz Pain. 2) Bat Tales 2.0 3) Guess the Headline 4) A Big Announcement 5) Dumb fights with your partner 6) Breaking News - Orlando Bloom 7) Hughesy and Ed


Bat Tales! Plus Carrie witnessed her worst fear and can you save a carpark by standing in it?

1) Real Life Nightmares 2) Were you fired from a volunteer job? 3) Bat Tales 4) Why is the paperquiz shorter? 5) Saving Spots 6) Hughesy and Ed


Tommy's Bookclub, Carrie's scared of a waterslide and Ross Noble talks about Cheese.

1) Happy Valentine's Day 2) Carrie's Afraid of Heights 3) Tommy's Bookclub 4) Same Same but Backwards 5) Eli is a man-child 6) Ross Noble 7) How Dumb Are You 8) Rapt or Raw - Reun-Idol Party


It's our ReunIdol Party live from Sydney Harbour - with performances from Shannon Noll, Cosima Devito, Rob Mills and more.

1) Live in Sydney! 2) Rob Mills + James Mathison 3) Reuniting Sarah and Jodie 4) Axle Whitehead 5) Cosima Devito 6) Reuniting Rachel and Venetta 7) Shannon Noll 8) Everyone joins in for Rise Up!


Tommy asks Carrie's mum Jenny a very racy question! Plus we surprise Tommy with one of his best mates from overseas and Axle Whitehead chats Idol 2003.

1) Jenny Bickmore and Mark Holden 2) Can Tommy ask Carrie's mum about 'rooting'. 3) Office Email Fails 4) Reun-Idol - Axle Whitehead 5) Suprise Reunion for Tommy and his mate Sophie 6) Steph Tisdell 7) Hughesy and Ed


Tommy's Online Shopping Fails. Millsy commits to our Reun-Idol Party. And an update from the Coronavirus Cruise.

1) Tommy is sick 2) Online Shopping 3) Karey on the Coronavirus Cruise Ship 4) Paperquiz 5) What have you stumbled in to? 6) Reun-Idol - Millsy is coming 7) Netflix and Chill apology 8) Hughesy and Ed


Why is Carrie's Uber rating so low? Why is Michael Buble not romantic? And why is Tommy wet?

1) Tommy caught in the Sydney Rain 2) Oscars Wrap 3) Carrie's low Uber rating 4) Micheal Buble 5) Paulini from Aus Idol 6) Hughesy and Ed


Tommy vs Mack Horton in the Pool - can Tommy win a ticket to Tokyo? Plus Shannon Noll commits to our Reun-Idol Party!

1) Human Nature suprise Tommy with Destiny's Child 2) Chris Walker needs an outlet 3) Same Same but Backwards 4) To throw out a toothbrush or not 5) Tommy vs Mack Horton in the pool 6) Reun-Idol Party 7) Rapt or Raw


Tommy's weird coincidence. Carrie's almost Oscar trip. And someone on the Corona Virus Cruise Ship

1) Reun-Idol Party 2) What word am I Writing 3) Can you top Tommy's Coincidence? 4) Carrie's not going to the Oscars 5) Milk Chat 6) The Corona Virus Cruise Ship 7) Hughesy and Ed


Carrie asks Margot Robbie about Netflix and Chill. Tom Gleeson talks motorbikes and we talk Witch Doctors.

1) I don't Understand Why 2) Home Medical Remedies 3) What did Mum get Wrong 4) Reun-Idol Party - Cosima! 5) Tom Gleeson 6) Hughesy and Ed


James Blunt invites Carrie to the nightclub in his backyard. Tommy goes on a wild chase for a fishing 3DS game. And can a President be dumb?

1) Tommy and his 3DS search 2) Can a President be dumb? 3) Season 1 Reun-Idol Party - Dicko on the phone 4) James Blunt 5) Hughesy and Ed


We launch out Reun-Idol Party, Carrie dresses as Baby Shark, we laugh at crying, and we love JLO at the Superbowl.

1) JLO and Shakira at the Superbowl 2) Season 1 Reun-Idol Party Launch 3) Carrie dressed as Baby Shark 4) Elon Musk is making music 5) Weeping or Wounded 6) Hughesy and Ed


Bin chat. Shower chat. Hair Chat. And Carrie texts a mystery Guy.

1) Same same but backwards 2) Nominate a Legend 3) Buzz's neighbour's bins 4) Tommy's Bin Habits 5) Breaking news from 2015 6) Genius or Idiot 7) Do you Wash your legs? 8) The Mystery Guy 9) Rapt or Raw


Carrie or Kerry- How do you say her name? Plus secret bank accounts, and should Tommy kiss your baby?

1) Tommy kissing babies 2) Have you been quarantined? 3) Secret bank accounts 4) Nominate a legend 5) Do you say Carrie's name wrong? 6) Hughesy and Ed


Carrie is dead inside, Tommy ain't buying skincare products from his mates, and we learn some foreign swear words.

1) When did you realise you were dead inside? 2) Tennis Bits 3) Foreign Language Swearing 4) What's your friend trying to flog you? 5) Nominate a Legend 6) Guess the Headline 7) Hughesy and Ed


Carrie's Dumb Mum Move, Tommy's bad gym habits & Dr Chris Brown.

1) How Dumb are you 2) The Paper Quiz 3) Carrie and Ash Barty 4) Gym Sins 5) Nominate a Legend 6) Whats the Happs on the Apps 7) Dr Chris Brown 8) Hughesy and Ed


Tommy's Japanese Mistake, Producer Belle's side hustle and the reurn of same same but backwards.

1) Nominate a Legend 2) Simple Sound 3) To or Not to keep buying airpods 4) Belle's side hustle 5) Where to travel locally? 6) Carrie's phonebook 7) Same Same but Backwards 8) Rapt or Raw


Carrie might lose her job. The weird 2nd verse of Jingle Bells. And people who've dislocated their jaw or been struck by lightning.

1) Carrie's too tired 2) The 2nd verse of Jingle Bells 3) Bickmore's Bits 4) How did you dislocate your jaw 5) Simple Sound 6) Have you been struck by lightning? 7) Hughesy and Ed


Carrie's stuck foot, a compelling story of cheating and farts that ruined lives.

1) How did you get stuck? 2) How did you catch them cheating? 3) Bickmore's bits 4) When did a fart ruin your life? 5) Whats the Happs on the Apps 6) Simple Sound 7) Hughesy and Ed


Tommy Spews in the Studio! Plus run-ins with Tennis Players and the paper quiz.

1) Run Ins with Tennis Players 2) Simple Sound 3) Dan Puusaari from Cub Sport 4) What is Tommy Sniffing? 5) The Paper Quiz 6) Hughesy and Ed