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Stephen Castle talks about a variety of topics. Giving his views and asking those with more knowledge to enlighten him.

Stephen Castle talks about a variety of topics. Giving his views and asking those with more knowledge to enlighten him.


South Africa


Stephen Castle talks about a variety of topics. Giving his views and asking those with more knowledge to enlighten him.






#49 Michael Bender - IberCup South Africa

Stephen talks to Michael Bender, CEO of IberCup South Africa . What the IberCup means for football development in South Africa. The relationship with LaLiga Southern Africa and the benefits for growth of the sport locally. From clinics to tournaments football just got given a big boost.


#48 Know Your Rights with Rob Bygrave

Stephen talks to former Captain in the SA Police, now security advisor and private investigator, Rob Bygrave. With the current surge in crime we discuss our rights and some tips to securing yourself.


#47 Fat2Fit - 12 Weeks To A New You

On this weeks Castles Counsel we had Ricard, Ryan and Wayne who came into studio to talk about their 12 week body transformation. Helen Mercier from Fat2Fit also joined, to give us the scoop on their successes and failures.


#46 Splinters Workshop

Stephen talks to the owners and creators of Splinters Workshop, Andre Grobler & Marco Buffa. Splinters Workshop is an open-access DIY workshop that provides access to affordable workshop space and facilities for people of all skill levels to come in and use industrial tools and equipment to build their own projects as well as access to DIY training help and advice. The workshop is a place where DIY enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, professionals, hobbyists, artists and even corporate teams can...


#45 Mark Gander talks alternative energy

With the current situation of load shedding in South Africa and the promise of at least 5 more years of it, we talk to Mark Gander. Mark owns Union Power, a company in dealing with the current crisis we have in. If you want to have a better understanding of inverters, batteries and solar panels and to understand what you require, here is a "Electricity for Dummies" guide. Enjoy!


#44 MMA in South Africa with Alastair Bishop

Stephen speaks to well know podcaster, Alastair Bishop who has a podcast called The Big Al Podcast, which spotlights South African MMA and features discussions about International MMA as well. We talk about the current set up of MMASA , provincial and national trails, the return of EFC and the current state of South African fighters in the UFC.


#43 Crypto do you or don't you?

Stephen talks to Richard De Sousa developer and CEO of AltCoinTrader. As an early adopter of Bitcoin, De Sousa wanted to bring cryptocurrency to the local South African community as buying cryptocurrencies from any exchange overseas was difficult and cumbersome, and so he decided to build his own platform in order to make crypto available to the everyday South African. Bringing crypto to the local South African community has always been De Sousa’s dream. In the show we explore everything...


#42 Justin Serrao

Stephen speaks to local well known musician, business man and all round nice guy, Justin Serrao, about his career. We talk sauce and we talk life. Very informative conversation about the man behind the songs. His new album will be dropping by the mid year listen out for it.


#41 SCIO Therapy with Greta Graham

This week on Castle Counsel we talk to Greta Graham about SCIO Therapy. What is SCIO? The SCIO is a safe, non-invasive, powerful bio-feedback device that stimulates the tremendous self-healing capacity of the body through stress detection and reduction. The SCIO is designed to correct the manifestation of stress and/or electro-stress patterns within the individual at a physiological level. Contact Greta for more info +2783 443 3008


# 40 Generosity or Gains

Having recently joined Radio Today, Castles Counsel is now broadcast live every Tuesday night. In this episode Stephen invites good friend Justin Power into studio to talk about the social dilemma over posting about your good deeds and benefitting financial from it. #NowPlaying - @Radio2Day on @TuneIn Radio!


#39 Plastic Surgery with Dr Deon Weyers

Stephen talks to renowned South African plastic and reconstructive surgeon who is also known for his willingness to give back. Deon talks about growing up in Cape Town, to discussing different procedures and his experiences. An insightful look into the world of plastic surgery. For more information on Dr Deon Weyers visit is website or Instagram page.


CC Boxing Show #04 with Denis Mwale

Stephen talks to Denis "The Menace" Mwale about his rise in boxing. From his early years in growing up in Malawi to coming South Africa and finding his calling in the ring.


#37 Knocked Down but Up Again

Stephen talks about the last 6 months of lockdown. How it has affected us and how it has affected himself. From business to sports. He talks about it all.


CC Boxing Show #03 with Jodi Solomon

Stephen chats to Boxing Manager of The Year 2010 now trainer, Jodi Solomon. We talk about her life in boxing, the struggles and the laughs. From local shores to across the globe, she has traveled the word and worked with the best in the game.


#35 Lockdown Blues

Stephen talks about the 5 week lock down and how we have responded to it and how we think this will help moving into Level 4.


#34 Corona Virus vs The World

Stephen talks about the current state of affairs around the world with regards to Covid -19 and then talks about the local situation with the lock down in South Africa. His views and feelings on what is happening and what still is going to happen.


CC Boxing Show #02 with Marc Joubert

Stephen chats to media personality Marc Joubert from Ruckus Media. We look at how Marc got started in combat sports and his vision of where he wants to take it. Along the way we get side tracked with conversations about personalities in the sport, administration and even talk a little wrestling . The show is brought to you by the Shave Union. Visit them today at


#33 Mental Health with Simon Webb

This podcast Stephen talks to long time friend Simon Webb about his personal journey with Mental Health. We learn about the progression in mental health from cause to cure in today's time. Enjoy the Podcast Some helpful links Podcast brought to you by The Shave Union - Jack Black Authentic and Original - Men's Grooming Products and Papa...


#32 Men's Grooming with Leigh-Anne and Varsha

On this weeks podcast Stephen talks to Leigh-Anne Wagner and Varsha Sharma from The Prestige Cosmetics Group, who supply Jack Black Authentic and Original to the South African Market. We talk about the how and why of men's grooming and the ladies give Stephen advice. Podcast brought to you by The Shave Union - Jack Black Authentic and Original - Men's Grooming Products and Papa Pronto...


CC Boxing Show #01 with Andre Thysse

In Castles Counsel's first Boxing Show Podcast, Stephen talks with Former South African and Commonwealth Super Middleweight Champion and now Boxing Promoter under the Real Steel Promotions Banner, Andre Thysse. They discuss his fighting career and his promoting career along with the pitfalls of being in love with the sport. Podcast brought to you by The Shave Union - Jack Black Authentic and Original - Men's Grooming...