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Welcome to Cigarheadz your weekly entertainment of cigars, news, sports, and all things man.

Welcome to Cigarheadz your weekly entertainment of cigars, news, sports, and all things man.
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Welcome to Cigarheadz your weekly entertainment of cigars, news, sports, and all things man.




(Ep.22) Hiram & Solomon Master Mason Review

In this weeks episode we discuss the NBA playoffs as well as some baseball info. Jonas from Black Bird Cigar Co. sends Denny some Dominican rum which Marc never gets to try despite his pleas. Also, Denny attempts to cope with the recent departure of Jonas and Shane from Blackbird. Florida makes the news in the most impressive away of how to avoid your wife. Guys now have a new way to enhance their looks with Botox. Colorado might be going to far by decriminalizing another drug or has the FDA...


(Ep.21) A Dominican in Texas

In this weeks episode Jonas owner of Black Bird Cigar Co. and Shane (AKA cigarosaurus.rex) sales rep for Black Bird come and visit us in Houston Texas. We talk about their visit in Texas and their experiences trying to get Black Bird Cigars in Texas cigar shops. Marc gets to try the early sample of the new Cigarheadz inspired cigar that will be coming out soon. We are very excited about the opportunity to work with Black Bird Cigars to create a cigar that makes us proud. Be sure to give...


(Ep.20) Throwback to the Camacho Criollo

In this episode we celebrate the 20th episode by doing a throwback edition. The Camacho Criollo was one the first cigars that we have ever smoked and this week we decided to take a trip down memory lane. We also discuss the recent NFL draft and how the NBA playoffs is shaping up. Apparently, there is $30,000 on the lose in Michigan and the police need your help to return it (yeah right). Be wary of who you ride with in your next Uber you never know who you can trust. National news of a...


(Ep. 19) My Father Le Bijou 1922 Review

In this episode we talk about the NBA playoffs and who we think will advance to the next round. A restaurant may be revolutionizing on how to cut cost in the industry. We also discuss how a food truck upset the LGBTQ community. 20 years later Columbine, Colorado is still hurting due to recent events. Finally, we review the Le Bijou 1922 by My Father. Reach out to us: Follow us: Cigarheadz- Facebook, Twitter Denny- Instagram Marc- Instagram


(Ep.18) Neanderthal by Roma Craft Review

In this episode we discuss the Game of thrones hype, is it real or overrated? (Don't worry no spoilers) People are suing people over some crazy things that we can't help but to laugh about it. Apparently, California really does not like those little shampoo bottles that you get a hotels. Have you heard of the Red Flag Law? Well, its real and Colorado is the most recent state to join into this new law. Finally, we talk about our whiskey choice for this episode which is the Four Roses Single...


(Ep.17) Jonas Santana from Blackbird Cigar Co. Interview

In this episode we get the chance to interview Jonas Santana from Blackbird Cigar Co. We get to talk all things cigars and the amazing story about Blackbird Cigar Co. and the meaning behind their cigars. Jonas gives us an amazing opportunity that caught us all by surprise and we need all our listeners help to make it happen. There will be more details to come soon! Give Blackbird Cigar Co. a follow! Instagram Contact us: Follow us: Cigarheadz - Facebook,...


(Ep.16) Tatuaje Cojonu 2012 Review

In this episode we discuss April Fools happenings. Is the AAF finally dead and will Denny be able to sleep at night? Is the Cardinals head coach catering to Millennials? Denny gets triggered when Marc talks about a #metoo situation. A kid gets sentence for swatting the wrong person. Don't worry Marc explains what swatting is. Denny discusses FDA cigars news, have they lost their minds? Finally we review the Tatuaje Cojonu 2012. Contact us: Follow us: Cigarheadz...


(Ep.15) ***Bonus*** The Choco Challenge

In this episode it is finally time to do the Choco Challenge. The listeners have spoken! It is time for Marc to take the challenge and to endure the heat. We do attempt to make a normal show but Marc was very miserable so we decided to do this as a bonus episode so enjoy and that you all for listening. There will be a video available on Facebook for your viewing pleasure. Contact us: Follow us: Cigarheadz - Facebook, Twitter Denny - Instagram Marc - Instagram


(Ep.14) Jack Davis with Protocol Cigars Interview

In this episode we get to interview Jack Davis who is the Northeast Sales Rep for Protocol Cigars and sales associate at Ocean Cigars. We talk about sports, the joys of podcasting, and anything that tickles our fancy. Jack explains the awesome story behind Protocol cigars. We also get to enjoy and experience the Protocol Blue Cigar together. Lets band together and get these cigars all over the US! Give Jack a follow! Instagram, Twitter Contact us: Follow...


(Ep.13) Bespoke Daughters of the Wind Review

In this episode Marc suffers the consequences of his early St. Patrick's Day celebration (We apologize for his drunkenness). We have a special guest Jr Mugleston where we discuss some interesting FDA related news about cigars. We also review the Bespoke Daughters of the Wind cigar that was kindly given to us by Jr Mugleston. Contact us at: Follow us: Cigarheadz- Facebook, Twitter Denny- Instagram Marc- Instagram Jr Mugleston- Instagram


(Ep.12) Ian Reith from Dapper Cigar Co. Interview

In this episode we have our first ever interview with Ian Reith the owner of Dapper Cigar Co. We discuss how it all started and the ups and downs of running a successful cigar business. Additionally, Ian gave us an amazing and interesting behind the scenes knowledge that he was good enough to share about the type of tobacco he selects to how the cigar bands are made. Reach out to us: Email - Follow us: Cigarheadz Podcast - Facebook, Twitter Denny -...


(Ep.11) Davidoff Nicaragua Box Press Review

In this episode we talk a little football which includes new about Clowney, Jason Witten, and Johnny Football. Marc talks about how the Imagine Dragon have some interesting feelings about being bullied. We review the Davidoff Nicaraguan Box Press Toro. And, finally we discuss doing the Choco challenge but we need you the listeners to get us there check out the Cigarheadz Instagram for more detail. Reach out to us at Denny- Instagram, Facebook Marc-...


(Ep,11) Davidoff Nicaragua Box Press Review

In this episode we talk a little football. We spoke about Clowney getting the franchise tag, Jason Witten coming back to Dallas, and Johnny Football getting the boot from the CFL. We talk about doing the Choco challenge. We also talk about Imagine Dragons’ feelings. Lastly, talk about the Davidoff Nicaraguan Box Pressed Toro! Email us at Follow us at Denny- Instagram Facebook Marc- Instagram TheHerfcast- Instagram


(Ep.10) La Careme by Crown Heads Review

In this episode Marc and Denny brave a thunderstorm and are force to record in the garage so we apologize for any passing cars. We discuss if the #metoo movement has gone to far with an iconic moment in U.S. history. Utah apparently hates having a good time and has a new drinking law which is probably the most sever in the nation. California also is about to pass a bill that requires all entertainment establishments and restaurants to have a vegan menu. Pizza Hut has embraced technology and...


(Ep.9) The Sobremesa Review

In this episode we talk about our adventure to a local brew house. Marc discovers a new way to enjoy the Amazon Basin and it changes his life. Denny is doing a five cigar give away when we hit 2k followers on Instagram so be sure to follow. We also discuss Rhonda Rousey visit to Houston, Nike makes self lacing shoes, and a video game stirs some serious stuff up. Denny talks about proper etiquette and how it really annoys him when people are jerks. We both discuss our Valentine's Day...


(Ep.8) Warped La hacienda Review

In this episode Denny copes with the loss of the NFL by substituting a different football league called the AAF. Apparently we have some hometown guys who discovered a 1000 lb tiger in garage no big deal. Denny makes a bet with Marc that he is confident he will win just to avoid buying him a cigar. Marc attempts to talk about valentines day plans but, Denny gets a little distracted. Finally, we review the Warped La hacienda. Contact us Follow...


(Ep.7) Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic Review

In this episode we discuss the Super Bowl or lack their of any super as well as the half time show. New Orleans is still mad and have a boycott bowl which looked amazing. Both Marc and Denny discuss their top 5 cigars over $10. Finally we review the Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic cigar.


(Ep.6) Liga Privada T52 Review

In this episode we discuss how the Saints fan are still mad so made that they are suing the NFL, A 10 year wins a science fair by proving Tom Brady is a cheater. Denny talks about the government shutdown finally being temporarily over, Pea-cocking is real and we go into our own personal experiences (We apologize in advance). As per listener request we talk about our top 5 favorite cigars under $10. Finally, we review the Liga Privada T52! Email us anything at:...


(Ep.5) Eye of the Shark by Arturo Fuente Review

This weeks episode we discuss our Superbowl predictions as well as the interesting outcomes of the AFC and NFC championship games. Also is Romo a wizard of some sorts? Marc discusses his experience with large ring sized cigars. A brief discussion about the government shutdown and how it is effecting people we know. Finally we review the Eye of the Shark by Arturo Fuente . (Sorry about the sound of the rain) Thank you to everyone who listens check us out on Instagram or email...


(Ep.4) La Nox Review

In this episode we go over the most recent Football playoff picture and who we still think is Superbowl bound. We talk about the most expensive divorce of all time and the crazy amount of money involved. Denny talks about exploring his options of buying a new house and Marc tries to convince him to add a room dedicated to cigars. Taco Bell news along with what the most popular condiments are around the US. Denny gives his recommendations to new cigar smokers on how to dampen the nicotine...