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Welcome to Cigarheadz your weekly entertainment of cigars, news, sports, and anything else we find interesting.

Welcome to Cigarheadz your weekly entertainment of cigars, news, sports, and anything else we find interesting.


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Welcome to Cigarheadz your weekly entertainment of cigars, news, sports, and anything else we find interesting.




(Ep.114) Whiskey Tasting + Maestro del Tiempo Review

In this weeks episode we talk about our experience from the winter storm as this is the first time back. Paul brings in four different whiskey for us to try and guess. We discuss Tiger Woods unfortunate accident. A woman in China gets compensation for house work from a divorce. Has a school gone too far by expelling a mothers kids because of her Only Fans? Finally, we review the Maestro del Tiempo. Reach out to us with your thoughts, questions, concerns, or comments at:...


(Ep.113) Blind Whiskey Tasting + Romeo & Julieta Petite Corona Review

Sorry we were gone last week. Texas went through one hell of a winter storm and many of us lost power and water. So it was very difficult for us to get this podcast uploaded. But here it is in it's entirety. In this week's episode we do our first ever blind whiskey tasting. We also review the Romeo & Julieta Petite Corona. This episode is very laid back and very off the rails so strap in. Reach out to us with your thoughts, questions, concerns, or comments at:...


(Ep.112) Super Bowl Talk + Oro Tubo #6 by LFD Review

In this week's episode we talk all thing Super Bowl and Paul bring in a very flavorful bourbon. Lets be honest the show this week is real loose but tons of laughs. Finally, we get to review the Oro Tubo #6 by LFD. Reach out to us with your thoughts, questions, concerns, or comments at: Follow us: Cigarheadz- Facebook, Twitter Denny- Instagram Marc- Instagram Paul- Instagram


(Ep.111) Ramon Allones by AJ Fernandez Review

In this weeks episode Denny and Marc shoot the shit and discuss the upcoming Super Bowl as well as Desean Watson future and if and where he might get traded. Marc talks about his travels halfway across the country and why he took the trip. Finally, they review the Ramon Allones by AJ Fernandez. Reach out to us with your thoughts, questions, concerns, or comments at: Follow us: Cigarheadz- Facebook, Twitter Denny- Instagram Marc- Instagram Paul- Instagram


(Ep.110) The Connecticut G.O.A.T? Plus Holly Howard from Whiff Out Interview

In this weeks episode Denny and Paul run the shit show since Marc was resting from a long trip across the country. They taste a new whiskey that Paul brought in that is new to the United States. Paul talks about his little pea shooter that be brought in for show and tell. The guys discuss how Covid has taken it's toll on everyone including in their personal lives. In sports, is Desean Watson justified in wanting to leave the Texans? Has Cigarheadz finally admitted that Tom Brady is the...


(Ep.109) Houston We Have A Sports Problem

In this week's episode Denny and Marc dive into Houston's sports woes as big changes are happening. Including Desean Watson possibly looking to be traded. Having former Houston Texans WR Andre Johnson at your back is definitely fueling the fire. The drama doesn't stop there. The Houston Rockets release James Hardin to the Brooklyn Nets after he very public gave up on the season with the Rockets. Shaq even ripped James Harden for not telling the truth and for failing in Houston. We also go...


(Ep.108) The Great Cigar Bust

In this week's episode we are happy to say it's our 3 year anniversary and we start it off with a our playoff recap and predictions for the next round. We discuss if Phillip rivers is done after the end of the Colts season. And, the Colts become first team in NFL playoff history to pull off this depressing feat after wild-card loss to Bills. The NFL is considering a good deed by packing Super Bowl seats with vaccinated healthcare workers. In the news, Miley Cyrus is working on Metallica...


(Ep.107) Our Top Cigars For 2020

New year same show! We return from the holiday break to discuss some amazing bourbons including Jack Daniels Single Barrel Special Reserve and the No. 9 Reserve (The Slipknot Whiskey). We then discuss the NFL playoff picture and our speculation of who will be in the Super bowl. We go into our top 5 cigar picks of 2020 including some honorable mentions. Finally, we review the Romeo y Julieta Short Churchill. Reach out to us with your thoughts, questions, concerns, or comments at:...


(Ep.106) Blind Cigar Review

In this final episode of the year we discuss Jake Paul calling out Connor McGregor and if this will spark McGregor coming out of retirement. We get into discussions about the NFL and give our week 16 picks. We also try a couple of new whiskeys including one that Denny has been holding on to for a while. Paul also brings in probably the coolest gun so far. In the news, Tom Cruise goes off on his staff on the filming of his new movie. Was it right for United Airlines to kick a family off a...


(Ep.105) Mil Dias by The Crowned Heads Review

In this week's episode Denny brings in a Japanese Whiskey for us to try. Slipknot release a limited edition whiskey box set with Clown’s Moonshine. We discuss what actually makes a whiskey rare. Corey Taylor front man of Slipknot is also launching a new limited-edition coffee, CMFT Private Blend. Which bring us to what defines a "good" coffee. I sports we discuss the current NFL picture and how the playoffs are shaping up. We talk about if the Eagles will have a quarterback controversy on...


(Ep.104) Nat Sherman Timeless Sterling Review

In this weeks episode we talk abut The Elijah Wood Barrel Proof bourbon. We find out if we are in the Christmas spirit. There is a monolith appearing all around the world. We give our outlandish thoughts on the mystery. Paul is having an interesting issue with some cigars we will use science to get to the bottom of this. We talk sports including our NFL week 14 picks. Will your job require you to get the Covid vaccine to be able to be employed by them? WB is streaming their new releases on...


(EP.103) Guardian of the Farm Review

In this weeks episode the gang is back together. We discuss Thanksgiving and what our favorite foods are to eat during the big dinner. Paul brings another rare bourbon for us to try and it is by far our favorite. We discuss the Mike Tyson fight was it boom or a bust? We discuss the NFL and the lack luster Thanksgiving day games. We give our picks for week 13. Paul is running for a new position at work that requires him to be voted in. We wish him the best of luck! And he gives us a big...


(Ep.102) The Marc and Paul Takeover Show!

In this weeks episode Marc and Paul take over the show while Denny is away. They talk about the bourbon of the week. Paul brings in a gun for show and tell. In sports is college football in trouble of being cancelled? The Rice Owls make a 7 year old a very happy young man. We talk about Houston losing one of their own. We talk about the NFL including week 12 picks. Paul comes up with probably the greatest invention of all time. In cigar news, Whiff Industries is adding reed diffusers and...


(Ep.101) Call to Arms by Stolen Throne

In this weeks episode Paul lets us try out a rare bourbon. We discus the Rockets having some major internal issues which may lead to James Hardin Leaving. Aaron Rodger seems to think the NFL has a double standard when it comes to the Covid protocol. And, we go over our week 11 picks and predictions. A guy proposes at a fast food restaurant and it goes viral for all the wrong reasons. We go into a lengthy discussion about Christmas which leads to some surprise discoveries about one...


(Ep.100) Arturo Fuente Reserva D’ Chateau Review

In this weeks episode we celebrate episode 100! Thank you to everyone that has supported us and kept us motivated. Now on to 200! We apologizing for not airing an episode last week but not to worry we cover all the major events in the MLB and NFL as well as give our week 9 picks. A 50 year old man might have watched to much Tiger King and gets more than his moneys worth. And, a iPhone technician breaks the ultimate bro code and sells out a guy hard. We take a moment to reflect on 100...


(Ep.99) Adventura King’s Gold Review

In this weeks episode in sports, we talk about the MLB playoff picture. Is the hype for Arch manning overrated or deserved? Was JJ Watt throwing shade a former coach Bill O'Brian after their first win? Is having NFL games on the weekdays due to Covid a blessing? We talk college football well Paul does and how Covid is changing the game. WE go over the current NFL picture and all the recent changes. We do our week 7 picks in the NFL. Finally, we get into the NBA finals. In the news we talk...


(Ep.98) Zino Platinum Spectre Series Review

This week we have a pretty relaxed episode and start it off with sports. Where we discuss the MLB playoffs and further in depth conversation into the MLB. We go into the NFL and how its shaping up. The Texans fire their head coach and GM and the reason why is surprising. We go over our week 6 picks of the NFL. We cover how Pabst Blue Ribbon is making headlines again by introducing a THC infused seltzer. We discuss our favorite drinks and which is better cans or bottles. We briefly talk...


(Ep.97) La Galera-1936 Box Press Review

In sports, we discuss week 4 of the NFL and our week 5 picks. In the news, a man sues McDonald's because he hurt himself with a chicken nugget. McDonald's is apparently running out of their spicy Mcnuggets. Kraft is bringing Pumpkin Spice Mac and Cheese to the U.S. Popeyes is adding chocolate-stuffed beignets to menus nationwide. For the first time, scientists successfully extract DNA from insects embedded in tree resin. In cigar new, Viva La Vida from Artesano del Tobacco adds international...


(Ep. 96) La Aroma de Cuba-Mi Amor Review

(00:08:17) In sports, we discuss the Miami Heat hype. Is being a coach in college football better than being a coach in the NFL? The Chargers’ doctor accidentally punctured Tyrod Taylor’s lung with a needle. Could the Rock suit up and play in the XFL? We Give our NFL picks for week 4. (00:35:20) In news, Pumpkin Spice Kraft Dinner is coming. Trick-or-treating, costume masks and Halloween parties discouraged by CDC this year. Ex-University of St. Thomas student pleads guilty to making fake...


(Ep. 95) Montecristo Espada Review

(00:02:56) In sports, we discuss how the NBA playoffs are shaping up. A single player completely dominated a golf tournament. The, we give our predictions for week 3 of the NFL. (00:22:32) In the news, a women cuts off her hand for insurance money. People are cancelling Netflix over a show. And two thirds of millennials and gen Z's don't know about the holocaust. (00:56:50) In cigar news, a legislator in Suffolk County NY, wants to raise the age of buying tobacco products even...