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Clever Name Podcast #126 - Weed Is Legal and Ryans Dick Hurts

We talk about weed being legal and get high while we look over the new laws. Then dan gets his birthday gift from ryan and he loves it. Then we talk about ryans penis and Dan tells the most compelling story ever told!


Clever Name Podcast #125 - Lost Light

Ryan talks to part of the band Lost Light and discuss everything from the struggle of being in a band to opinions on pocket pussies. Follow them here to get more info on the band:


Clever Name Podcast 124 - Boxing Match Recap and The Best Blowjob Ever

We give a detailed recap of our boxing match Unfit Fight Club: Going Hard In The Yard. Then we discuss our friends relationship and how it irritating it is so we take bets on when they will break up. We also talk about getting the best blowjob ever and what lengths we would go to get it. Lastly we announce our official tshirts and we are giving them away to our few fans supporting us on patreon.


Clever Name Podcast 123 - Neo On Doing Meth and Getting Arrested

Ryan does his first solo show and brings on a guest. Neon is here to talk about his crazy drug experiences and the joys of doing meth. This is until he starts going through pretty bad with drawls and gets very uncomfortable.


Unfit Fight Club: Going Hard In The Yard - Clever Name Podcast 122

This is the audio from the first backyard boxing event Unfit Fight Club: Going Hard In The Yard.


Clever Name Podcast #121 - Amazon Gift Card Winner, Last Thursday Show, More Boxing Hype

This will be the last Thursday clever name podcast. We will still have a show once a week on Sunday and Ryan will be doing a show by himself or with guests. Then we gift away the $50 amazon gift card to Billh103. He has 2 shows to claim it. Ryan pitched and idea to the plot device podcast that they improved on their show.Ryan talk about his sickness and his penis and lastly we talk about Ted Kennedy and how he drowned a girl.


Clever Name Podcast #120 - The Truth About Herpes and Boxing Hype

We go over some of the updates with the boxing fight including what our ring will look like, outfits rules and who has bailed on us already. Then we Talk about what will happen to our Thursday show and what the future holds. Lastly we discuss herpes and give out the cold hard facts about the disease. The truth will shock you.


Clever Name Podcast #119 - Boxing Fight Rules and Text Messages Trolls

We go over all the rules for our boxing match on October 7th. This included who the judge, the ref, the announcer and the commentator will be. Then Ryan goes over what he does when someone texts him by mistake. Lastly we try to guess what is being sold in commercials.


Clever Name Podcast #118 - Cocaine And Hot Chicks with Special Guest Zach

Dan is absent so Ryan has Zach back on to catch up and see what he has been up to since the last time he was on the show. We talk about super hot chicks doing cocaine, shaving your ass, Dan and Ryans upcoming boxing fight and Zachs last appearance on the show.


Clever Name Podcast #117 - One Episode A Week? Dans Pee And More

We talk about Dans pee and its color and why he does it in a ziplock bag. Then we discuss Ryans dog and his lump on his neck. Then we figure out if we should go to one show and week and ask you for your opinion. We update you on the amazon contest and lastly we talk about Mexico legalizing public sex.


Clever Name Podcast #116 - Do Kids Cost More Than Fun with Justin Babin

We have our friend Justin Babin on the show to talk about having kids at a young age. Then we play a game where we guess what raising a kid is more expensive than. This includes trips to Vegas, Cars, Hookers and even slaves.


Clever Name Podcast #115 - Best Non Drug To Get High With

We go over a few news stories including Dominos pizza having a shit scandal and also the scientific study that shows red bull and vodka turns you into a douchey frat bro. The we try and find out what is the best non drug to get high with and determine a winner.


Clever Name Podcast #114 - Walmart Or Prison and What Does My Weed Dealer Know

We play a game with stories from walmarts and prisons and see if we can tell the difference. People listening live got entered in our amazon contest. Then we play and old game with Ryans weed dealer called "Does George Know It" and we see whats inside of a dealers head.


Clever Name Podcast #113 - Smegma and Uncircumcised Vs Circumcised

We discuss Dans dick cheese or what it will now be called, Smegma and we find out the pros and cons of having Smegma. Then we transition into the great circumcision debate and find out once and for all why is better uncircumcised or circumcised. Then was talk step mom porn and how its affecting masturbation. Ryan tries out his new sunglasses with a camera and talks about how floride and xrays are killing us. Lastly we discuss the new show Paradise Pd.


Clever Name Podcast #112 - The Truth About Red Hot Chili Peppers And Anal Cunt Songs

We start the show with a new intro and ryan talks about how sick he is and how his brain is not working today. The we spend some time going over the absolutely insane stories from Anthony Keidis's book "Scar Tissue". This includes drug dealing, smuggling money, having sex with under age girls and having sex with his dads girlfriend at the age of 12. Then we do a retrospective on one of the best bands of all time Anal Cunt. Some of the songs are hitler was a sensitive man, recycling is gay,...


Clever Name Podcast #111 - Hate Comments and Why Would You Punch A Baby Game

We start the show by answering why Ryan gets so sad about the show at times by reading all the hate comments we get. Then we play The why would you game where you have to come up with a reason why you should do something awful on the spot. And lastly we come up with questions to ask my grandparents if they would be on the show.


Clever Name Podcast #110 - Black Salami Full Video and The Truth About Disney Movies

First we star my talking about a video we just found out call Black Salami and a new song called bend your dick. So we decided to share this video with you. If you want to see the uncensored video heres the link: The we talk about our new favorite musician "Fuckface Unstoppable" which turns out to be Bam Margera. After, Dan finds a news article about a man who stole 218 dicks and kept them in jars with embalming fluid. Then we add some more people to the amazon gift card contest, even...


Clever Name Podcast #109 - Drunk Or Baby and Headline Mad Libs

We talk about pornhub taking more of our videos for talking about offensives things. Then we play Drunk Or Child where Ryan reads a story and Dan guesses if its was a child or a drunk person. Lastly we read news stories with one word taken out and try to make our own headlines. This includes a man who smears BLANK on a teenage girls face in public.


Clever Name Podcast #108 - Fuck, Marry, Kill (Your Mom, Your Dad, Your Sister)

We talk about the secret 3rd persons involved in the show every episode. Then we play fuck marry kill with foods and other weird stuff including Nintendo, ps4 and n64 and ketchup mustard and mayonnaise.


Clever Name Podcast #107 - Roasting and Medical Questions

Dan had the idea to roast each other so we give it our best shot. The we talk about dan shitting himself at work and Ryan saving an old lady. Then we answer the medical questions the scientific community has been dying to have answered.