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Clever Name Podcast #107 - Fuck, Marry, Kill (Your Mom, Your Dad, Your Sister)

We talk about the secret 3rd persons involved in the show every episode. Then we play fuck marry kill with foods and other weird stuff including Nintendo, ps4 and n64 and ketchup mustard and mayonnaise.


Clever Name Podcast #107 - Roasting and Medical Questions

Dan had the idea to roast each other so we give it our best shot. The we talk about dan shitting himself at work and Ryan saving an old lady. Then we answer the medical questions the scientific community has been dying to have answered.


Clever Name Podcast #106 - Worst Stuff To Masturbate To

We start the show by addressing the fact that another one of our videos has been banned from Youtube, Episode #44. We find out that FIFA is the one who put the copyright claim against us. Then we announce the next two entries into the $50 Amazon gift card give away. Then its time for the worst stuff to masturbate to bracket where we have 8 of the weirdest stuff people jerk off to on pornhub and we match them up against each other to find what is truly the worst. Finally we talk about Dan and...


Clever Name Podcast #105 - Embarrassing Things About Ryan

To start the show today we got another intro from our friend Jeff who made our last intro. If you need something made, hes an awesome guy and would be happy to help. You can contact him here: After we play two lies and a truth where all the answers are really embarrassing things Ryan didnt want to admit yet. Then we talk about our friend and his girlfriend and what we dislike about it. Then we wrap up with some news about a baby killing nurse, a guy who tickles butt holes and a couple...


Clever Name Podcast #104 - Dan Gets Waxed

Today we have two more entries into our amazon gift card contest and we play another round of Does Dan Know It. This time if Dan gets to many questions wrong he gets waxed in uncomfortable areas. Then Ryan talks about hate speech at work. Lastly we talk about some Fake News and a man who slept naked in a strangers bed with a hatchet.


Clever Name Podcast #103 - Crazy Japanese Porn Or Game Show AND Fake Tits Or Real Tits Game

Today we announce that our show will be on PornHub and to kick that off we do a two games that could never be shown on youtube. We first play a game where we guess weather a clip is from a Japanese game show or a crazy Japanese porn. Its a very hard game. Then we play Fake Tits Or Real Tits where we guess weather tits are fake or real. That game might be just for us.


Clever Name Podcast #102 - Pornhub Shows and Guess The Drug News

We got sent a new mic from and Ryan opens it on the air. Then we talk about a huge fan Seaman Mike who is starting to help out the show to help us improve. After we talk about Pronhub and the our next show will be uploaded there uncensored so it will not be live. Lastly we play Guess The Drug, where we read a story about a guy on drugs and we try to guess what drug they were on.


Clever Name Podcast #101 - Pee Problems, Amazon Gift Card Contest and Playing Video Game In The Bathroom

Dan talks about his uncontrollable boners and what he should do about it. Ryan talks about the new contest for a $50 amazon gift card. If you want to enter leave an entertaining comment and our favorite from each episode is entered into the draw. We also talk about the new hats Ryan has made and is giving them away to anyone who wants them.The we talk about pee problem and Ryans issue with peeing at work.


Clever Name Podcast - #100 (Bonus Itunes Show) - Dan Sings, Ryan Does Mumble Rap and The Beatles Are Weird

This is bonus 100th episode! If you wan to see Dan get a Tattoo go to our Youtube page We get dan to sing songs that he doesnt know and he butchers some classics. Then we listen to mumble rap and try to understand what the kid are into. We also do our best rendition of some popular mumble songs. Lastly we talk about the odd meanings behind songs we all know including one that makes you think differently of a Beatles classic.


New Studio, 100th Episode Talk, Going to Get A Tattoo And Future Show Info - Clever Name Podcast #99

We got a brand new computer because Ryan has been working so much and finally paid off his debt. Now our studio looks half way professional. We talk about what we will be doing for our 100th episode and there will be 2 episodes. 1 FOR ITUNES ONLY and 1 FOR YOUTUBE ONLY. Entirely different shows but you get 2 100th episodes! Ryan talk about how he fucked up at work a lot then was given even more responsibility and told he was doing a great job. Lastly we get to Dans tattoo that we will be...


Clever Name Podcast #98 - Bad Ideas For Dans Tattoo and The Future Show Info

Today on the show we talk about the new show times AGAIN and we try to figure out what to do with our Youtube channel. Dan is getting a tattoo for our 100th episode so we try to figure out what he is going to get and we come up with some pretty terrible ideas!


Clever Name Podcast #97 - Whos More Canadian Eh

We tried to figure out what Dan is going to get tattooed for our 100th episode and we have many Chris Hemsworth related options. After we find out whos more Canadian buy answering a few questions. Then we have a news story and a boy inserting a usb cable into his penis.


Clever Name Podcast #96 - Bill Cosby Or Harvey Weinstein Game

Ryan was cleaning the basement apartment that he rents and found something strange. The we play the Billy Cosby or Harvey Weinstein Game. This is where we guess if a celebrity was sexually assaulted Cosby or Weinstein. If you want to support the show click here: Listen to the full show on Spotify: Listen to the full show on Itunes...


Clever Name Podcast #95 - Is Ryan Smarter Then An 8th Grader?

First we talk about the people who messaged Ryan about peeing in the sink and we watch a video of a girl who claims drinking dog piss will cure acne. Then we talk about or 100th episode and dan says he will get a tattoo. We started making suggestions for what that should be and we want you to come up with more. Then Dan has made Ryan a Grade by Grade spelling test starting at 1 and stopping at 8. If Ryan fails then he has to get shocked with a dog collar until he get it right. Lastly we go...


Clever Name Podcast #94 - Peeing In The Sink And Gross Sounds

Ryan talks about where he likes to pee and gives us way too much information. Then we play a game of guess that sound where we play audio of mostly gross sounds and try to guess what it is. Lastly we rant about taxes and our show.


Clever Name Podcast #93 - Chuck E Cheese Or Bar Fight

Ryan bitches about Youtube again then we play a classic game of Bar fight or Chuck E Cheese Fight. This is where we guess if a fight happened at a Bar or a Chuck E Cheese. Its much harder than you think. After that Ryan tells a horrifying story that happened close to his house involving baby ducks and its a tear jerker. If you want to support the show click here: Listen to the full show on Itunes...


Clever Name Podcast #92 - Steven Seagal's Under Siege 2: Dark Territory

Today we watch the movie that moved Steven Seagal to tears it was so good, Under Siege 2: Dark Territory. In this hilarious movie involves former U.S. Navy SEAL Casey Ryback (Steven Seagal) has left the armed forces to lead a quiet life as a chef in Denver. While taking time off from his new job, Ryback decides to go on a scenic train trip with his niece Sarah (Katherine Heigl). When the arrival of evil genius Travis Dane (Eric Bogosian) and an international team of hijackers interrupts...


Clever Name Podcast #91 - Rapping and High News

We start the show with a new intro that Jeff made for us. Here is his information if you like what you hear Jeff at Autotelic Music contact info: Then Dan believes he could rap a better intro and takes a crack at at it. After that we get high and read news stories including a man who "slipping the the shower" and got a shower head stuck in his ass, A teen refusing medical treatment because her doctor is...


Clever Name Podcast #90 - Am I The Father Game and Sex Myths

On todays show we talk about Ryans Girlfriend got a new tattoo and how she felt about our last episode. Then we play Am I The Father game by playing a clip from a Maury and try to guess whether or not the man in each clip is in fact the father a kid hes denying. After we go over some common sex myths that people believe are true.


Clever Name Podcast #89 - Are You A Pedophile Game!!

We play everyone's favorite game "Is Dan A Pedophile?" This is were dan has to determine if a girl in a picture is old enough for him to find them attractive. Then we talk about what happened to our Patreon, our show being moved from soundcloud to Libsyn and when the paintball episode will come out. If you want to support the show click here: Listen to the full show on Itunes...