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Clever Name Podcast #142 - Meth, Strippers and Getting Stabbed with Neo

Today we start the show with some technical difficulties but after that is sorted out we have Neo/Jack back on the show and he has more stories. We talk about everything from why he has missed work, why does he have 12 stitches in his hand and some crazy story about going to the strip club last weekend. As usual Neo delights us with more stories of doing meth(Tina) and we get more information on what happened when a man tried to drug him.


Clever Name Podcast #141 - Teachers Who Fuck Their Students

Today on the show Crystal an I play everyone's favorite game " Did They Fuck A Kid". This where we try to tell if a teacher ha had sex with their students from a picture of them. We go over the hottest teachers who have had student sex scandals in 2018 and last year may have been the craziest year for teacher student sex yet.


Clever Name Podcast #140 - Call Her Daddy, Worst Podcast Yet

We start a new segment called Fraud Pod where we expose some of the most over rated podcast out right now. We start this off with one of the worst podcast ever created, "Call Her Daddy". Most would rather listen to paint dry if they weren't hot chicks. We listen to clips from their most recent episode and try desperately to stay awake.


Clever Name Podcast #139 - O.I.C.U.R.M.T. and Brown Sugar

Spenny is back on the show to talk about his new song and video "O.I.C.U.R.M.T." We also have the actual weed that we smoked in high school called brown sugar and we try it again for the first time in more then 10 years. FULL NEW SONG HERE:


Clever Name Podcast #138 - Who Had Sex With Molly and Tv Edit Game

We start the show by telling everyone the we will be cutting down to 1 show a week for the time being. Then we start talking about how we lost our virginity and the awful stories around it. We discuss Molly and Dans story about how he lost his virginity. Ryan reached out to her and we read the messages today! Then we play the tv edit game where we try to guess the movie from the tv edited cures word free lines.


Clever Name Podcast #137 - Tits On My Balls (Kevin Masterson)

Today we have Kevin Masterson the creator of Tits On My Balls and on the show. We discuss everything from working on movie sets to making short films to if you got your dick cut off, how you would have sex? Follow Kevin on instagram: @titsonmyballs and youtube: titsonmyballs


Clever Name Podcast # 136 - Worst Ass To Eat With Pat

I have my friend Pat on the show and we try to figure out who would have the worst ass to eat. Then we talk about your poop and if your are doing it right.


Clever Name Podcast #135 - Weed Delivery

We got a package from so I decided to sample all of it in 20 mins. Spoiler: I get Really high!


Clever Name Podcast #134 - Crystals Back With Threesome Talk

Crystals back! and we start the show by thanking our friends at and look at the black Friday deals they have until Monday. Then we talk about how Ryan and Crystal have been doing over the last 7 months. Finally we talk about threesomes, why we want to have one and how make it happen.


Clever Name Podcast #133 - Weird Racist Video and Jail Time

we watch a new rap video people are calling racist and we talk about the insane jail time people get for crimes


Clever Name Podcast #132 - Lost Light 2

We have lost is back on and we have our best interview yet


Clever Name Podcast #131 - The Weirdest Animal Sex

Today we have more issue with youtube and almost have our channel taken away until Ryan starts to fight back. Then we talk about the weirdest types of animal sex and watch some videos on giraffes hyenas and otters. Then we talk about this day in history.


Clever Name Podcast #130 - Sex and Meth with Neo

Ryan has Neo back on the show after he had a night of getting black out drunk and forgetting a whole day. Then crazy stories are told about GHB molly bathsalts meth sex and rape.


Clever Name Podcast #129 - Guess The Celebrity Ass and Two Year Anniversary

We start the show with a new intro with ex pro skateboarder and radio personality Jason Ellis. Then we talk about the rash of copyright issues and video removals that have been hurting the show. Here is a link to the most recent video that was removed : Then we play the classic game Guess The Celebrity from a picture of their ass. The rules are complicated, we try to guess the celebrity from just a picture of their ass. We...


Clever Name Podcast #128 - Is It A Dick Game and Ryan's Embarrassing Childhood Videos

We start todays show by celebrating the fact that we got over 1000 downloads this month! Then we play a game that dan created called "was it a prison weapon or suck in someones dick". We follow it up with another game involving penises called "is it a dick" where we guess if a blurry picture is a penis or something else. Ryan Talks about crying at an Adam Sandler song and we watch one of the "movies" Ryan used to make as a child.


Clever Name Podcast #127 - Ryan Hurt His Masturbating Hand and Embarrassing Old Video

Ryan does a solo show with no guest and he has hurt his hand. This means he cant play the new call of duty or masturbate and this struggle is ranted about. Then, out of boredom Ryan decided to shave his ass and has some revelations about his ass. Talks of another contest then Ryan play and old video he made from his child hood that makes him very embarrassed.


Clever Name Podcast #126 - Weed Is Legal and Ryans Dick Hurts

We talk about weed being legal and get high while we look over the new laws. Then dan gets his birthday gift from ryan and he loves it. Then we talk about ryans penis and Dan tells the most compelling story ever told!


Clever Name Podcast #125 - Lost Light

Ryan talks to part of the band Lost Light and discuss everything from the struggle of being in a band to opinions on pocket pussies. Follow them here to get more info on the band:


Clever Name Podcast 124 - Boxing Match Recap and The Best Blowjob Ever

We give a detailed recap of our boxing match Unfit Fight Club: Going Hard In The Yard. Then we discuss our friends relationship and how it irritating it is so we take bets on when they will break up. We also talk about getting the best blowjob ever and what lengths we would go to get it. Lastly we announce our official tshirts and we are giving them away to our few fans supporting us on patreon.


Clever Name Podcast 123 - Neo On Doing Meth and Getting Arrested

Ryan does his first solo show and brings on a guest. Neon is here to talk about his crazy drug experiences and the joys of doing meth. This is until he starts going through pretty bad with drawls and gets very uncomfortable.