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Clever Name Podcast is a "comedy" podcast with hot takes and unfunny commentary. We are like the ugly chick in the hot friend group, extremely unappealing but when you run out of options we are always here.


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Clever Name Podcast is a "comedy" podcast with hot takes and unfunny commentary. We are like the ugly chick in the hot friend group, extremely unappealing but when you run out of options we are always here.






The Black Eyed Poopsie - Clever Name Podcast #354

Our favorite Amigo Hugo just had a birthday and we learn Viagra and Cialis is what has been keeping him young. The Black Eyed Peas are suing some unicorns that poop glitter slime, we rank some racism, watch a kid be stupid and a lady who on some NASCAR sheet. You are a bigot if you feel like a natural woman and white people be smelling like pennies in this week and woke. All this and more on this weeks Clever Name Podcast. Every Saturday at 4:20pm EST (roughly) we are live doing a full hour...


Sexy Cyber Bullying - Clever Name Podcast #352

Video games are causing heart attacks, school bus drivers are still trying to abuse what little power they have, Gay martin has sent us a song and period poverty is the problem no one knew about that is affecting us all. Justin Roiland is the most hilarious child groomer there is, we try our best to make horrible news stories funny and we learn that fake man made vaginas are better than the free budget vaginas women are born with. All this and more on this week Clever Name Podcast. Every...


Epstein's Guest Book Game - Clever Name Podcast #351

Buzzlightyear faked the moon landing, a fat girl and her boyfriend tried to break into Ryan's garage, Martin wrote a book and we find out its hard to swim with one arm. We play Epstein island guestbook game and find out which of our favorite celebrities visited pedo island. All this and so much and more on this weeks Clever Name Podcast. Every Saturday at 4:20pm EST (roughly) we are live doing a full hour of EXTRA show, all uncensored and only on Audio...


Trans Math - Clever Name Podcast #350

Martins SS cat has recovered from last week, Ryan used to steal condoms from his dad but not for what you think. We read the hit novel "don't bath with uncle joe setting boundaries with adults" so Ryan can learn. We try a to speed run this week in woke and start to notice a disturbing trend. We may have found the root cause of tiktok activism. We do a little trans math and watch Dana White's first ever intergender slap fight from new years eve. All this and more on this weeks Clever Name...


Boomer Porn Searches - Clever Name Podcast #349

Martin is out tending to his SS cat, Blake is back from his stay in an Arizona airport and Ryan has added more books to his distasteful book collection. We find out the each generations top searches on pornhub and a clown has an abortion on stage at a kid friendly drag show. We look bad on last years predictions and make some new ones and Dr.Tam tells us about the lockdowns in china. All this and much more on this weeks Clever Name Podcast


Escaping Arizona - Clever Name Podcast #348

Blake is trapped in Arizona and might die there, Ryans lump is migrating north, we find out Santa is vaccinated, boosted and also not real. The world is ending in 2023 according to the Venga Boys and we have some cheap last minute gift for Christmas. All this and more on this week Clever Name Podcast


PornHub Search Family Feud - Clever Name Podcast #347

Blake is on 12 different flights to go see his girlfriend, Dodds joins us to play Pornhub search family feud, homeless men are peeing at Ryan and people who question the science are extremely dangerous, even on the behind the wheel. All this and much more on this weeks Clever Name Podcast


9/12 Banned Music - Clever Name Podcast #346

Martin died of scrapple poisoning so Blake must suffer through the dick matching game Martin desperately wanted made. We have the first edition of lump watch and things are looking positive. Girls are making cheese from their vagina on TikTok, a 16-year-old got a kiss and found love at a trump rally with an "American woman". Women are being assaulted and kids are joining gangs in the metaverse. Lastly, we play the 9/12 banned music where we guess what songs were banned the day after 9/11....


Super Cyst Smash Bros - Clever Name Podcast #345

Martin is live from Pennsylvania, Ryan's cyst has regrown and Blake is itching to take care of it. We play guess the lady boy game and the newsiest thing causing blood clots is mis information. All this and more on this weeks Clever Name Podcast.


What's In The Box - Clever Name Podcast #344



5 Minute Pussy Crafts - Clever Name Podcast #343

It's the day of trans remembrance so we decide to play some fun games, watch some educational videos and learn all about the reality of being trans. We watch a brave and beautiful woman carry her team to victory and we find out how to win gender. All this and more on this week's Clever Name Podcast.


BANNED FROM YOUTUBE - Clever Name Podcast #342

Gay Martin has claimed responsibility for the attack on our YouTube channel. We have been banned permanently with threats of gay sex are the only way to get it back. We play another round of Clever Name Jeopardy with brand new categories. Marvel has partnered to with Pfizer to producer the worlds greatest comic book, plus we find out when you just ask random girls to suck your d*ick. All this and so much more on this weeks clever name podcast.


Elon Musks Dick - Clever Name Podcast #341

A guy in an SS costume gets kicked out of a bar, its racist to swim and turns out telling kids no sometimes is a good thing. Crystal wanted to be a cat when she was a kid and would be a furry today if left unchecked. There is a man with more butt space than any other human, a roofer with the least amouth of clothes and a man with a penis for which Elon Musk would be proud. All this an more on this weeks Clever Name Podcast.


I Poopped In My Pumpkin MP3 - Clever Name Podcast #340



Aunts Watermelon - Clever Name Podcast #339

We talk about stuff that's so horrible and disgusting that we can even type it out. Honestly, if you are reading this then wtf are you doing? no I'm really asking? This is a podcast, you listen to it. If you like it then keep listening to the other stuff or if you don't then wait a bit we will talk about something else. Don't feel like doing that? Then why have you read so far into this description? You clearly have time on your hands. We are kinda like meth, at first you'll hate it but soon...


R.F.D. - Clever Name Podcast #338

Blake is at home nursing his aids or "BLAIDS" so we have an important conversation on how you wash your hair. We discuss the dangers of using a Ouija board and trying to summon a demon. Nickelback just dropped some hot new member berries and puberty blockers are the hip new drugs the kids are doing. New York candidate for congress released some borderline hostage porn as promotion for his "sex positive" campaign.


Clever Name Jeopardy - Clever Name Podcast #337

Turns out men only learn speed metal not to get girls but impress other dudes. Ryan is ungrateful about his birthday gift and we debate the if he is justified. We play Clever Name Jeopardy the Jeopardy inspired game with questions about Clever Name Podcast. We check out the self-proclaimed girl who is too hot to be arrested and we listen to a bit of her music. All this and more on this weeks Clever Name podcast


Alphabet Civil War - Clever Name Podcast #336



Girl Cop Push Ups - Clever Name Podcast #335

Its Ryans birthday and we celebrate by doing a female cop amount of push ups. Martin is back from Buffalo interviews my dog poncho. Hurricanes in the East Coast of Canada have put a strain on the local Tim Hortons. Blake is disappointed that Canada was almost great again and we find out who pees in pools.


LNMO Titties - Clever Name Podcast 334

Martin is still in an active shooting situation in Buffalo so Crystal fills in for him. Crystal wants Ryan to have professional fighter Micky Gall's body, we play Pronoun Or ProNaw where we guess if pronouns are real. A teacher in Ontario Canada has big fake boobs and a guy is called gay by a trans woman for thinking a trans woman is hot. If you want to win a chess tournament you have to use anal bead and now there is no excuse for being short. All this and more on this weeks Clever Name...