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Ep. 79 "College & Cum Cups 101" ft. Nia aka "Elbar"

College was crazy! Can't we all agree??? This week Kiki's college roomie Nia joins the crew and we find out more about this bad influence. From losing virginity to two men all the way to guzzling cum cups for breakfast. This guest is a wild one. Follow Our Guest @hair_she_is Follow Us @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean Catch the videos of past shows here:


Ep. 78 "It's Goin Down" ft. Yung Joc

It's Goin Downnnnn! Yung Joc joins us this week and let us in on a few dating secrets, talks about getting caught by his mother, dealing with older women and dating "basic" chicks. This episode is available on YouTube. Click the YouTube Link Here: GRAB YOUR YONI OIL HERE: Use Code "COCKTALES" for 10% off Follow Us: @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean Follow Our Guest @joclive


Ep. 77 "Circle Of Attraction" ft. Isaac Hayes, III aka Ike Dirty

"A woman can reject you for any reason. If you're not happy you have to change yourself" That's a quote from our guest Isaac Hayes, III aka Ike Dirty. He also said Valentine's Day isn't important and he's not sucking your toes. Balance. Follow our guest @isaachayes3 Follow Us @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean Check out our sponsor @sweetbitchwines contact us at


Ep. 76 "Clusterf**k"

After getting stood up your girls hold it down and cover a clusterfuck of topics. Birth control, being crazy, feminism...we go there. Follow Us @cocktalespodcast on IG & @cocktalesatl on Twitter @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean Check out our sites and YouTube channels as well. You can find all links here: All questions/comments


Ep. 75 "The Lifestyle" ft. JD & Ingrid

JD & Ingrid join us this week. They quickly school us on the fact they're not swingers, they are in "the lifestyle". They break down how they became a part of it, who gets to join, their type, rejection, and so much more! Follow Us @cocktalespodcast on IG & @cocktalesatl on Twitter @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean Check out our sites and YouTube channels as well. You can find all links here: All questions/comments


Ep. 73 "CockTales No Chasers" ft. Melanin Milk

Just when you thought we were running out of new CockTales to share, we brought a bottle of gin and Melanin Milk on to keep the stories coming! She tells us about the time she went on a tinder date to a sex party, wearing a strap on, and creating She Orgasms herbal supplements. We want to know, which lady has the wildest stories? This episode is also available on YouTube! Follow Us On Social Media @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean @blogmelaninmilk...


Ep.72 "Freestyle Thursday"

Another week with just the two of us. This was actually our third recording of the week so we decided to freestyle and catch up on all the loose ends. Blac Chyna's sex tape, pretty privilege, "the talk", and becoming a woman. Follow us on IG @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean Follow us on IG @cocktales.atl @kikisaidso @medinah_monroe Contact us at


Ep. 71 " #PrisonBae " ft. @onmydink

What if you got locked up at 17 years old and sentenced to a 20 year life sentence?! Had you even had a “real” sexual encounter? Is everyone getting gang raped in prison? How do you keep your head straight? Fast forward and now you’re out but when it comes to women your only sexual interactions have been a few nudes on a cell phone and “hurry up before my mama comes home” sex. Our guest @onmydink has been through it first hand. He talks going to prison, what really happens inside, getting...


Ep. 70 "Club Rats" ft. K. Threat & D. Hanes

Club rats, scammers, a night of fun and everything in between. What is ATL club life all about? We'll tell you. Follow Us & Our Guests @mryoungkings @djkthreat @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean Contact us @


Ep. 69 "Will You Help Me Fulfill My Fantasy" ft. Marla of Velvet Lips

It's almost Valentine's Day, it's episode 69, and we could all stand to learn a little something so who better to join us than Velvet Lips LLC's own sex coach, Marla Stewart. Marla helps us to understand a LOT! She also teaches us how to get that special someone to fulfill your kinkiest fantasies. You'll enjoy this one and if it's not enough you've got to try her workshops! We're also doing a giveaway for our ATL listeners for Booze& Nudes! If you want to join us check our instagram for...


Ep. 68 "Don't Get Monetized" ft. Monie Cashette

Lifetime TV's Little Women Atlanta star, Monie Cashette, joins us this week. We discuss her not realizing she was a little person, dating online, proposing to her husband and living out her life on reality tv. Shoutout to Big Buzz Bartenders and Hookah for providing our cocktails this week. Thanks again to @kinshipworks for providing video production services today. Check out the video on our YouTube pages. Follow our guest @moniecashette on IG and @yungmonie2013 ‏ on Twitter Follow us...


Ep. 67 "What A Time To Be A Side"

We had the chance to get to know comedian KJ The Joker this week! We planned to talk about embarrassing moments but we got off topic and ended up talking about price tags, side pieces and thruples. Can we all be bought for the right price? Is it better to be a side piece? As usual Kiki and Medinah give their raw and unfiltered answers. Follow our guest @kjthejoker Follow Us @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean If you're interested in sponsoring, purchasing ads, or sending products...


Ep. 66 "Just The Two Of Us"

This week it's just the two of us! Kiki & Medinah Monroe holding it down. We touch bases on the last few episodes, crushing on guests, buying condoms, and who whether we want a solid 10 in the bedroom or a better than average 7. Remember to leave a review on iTunes and comments on Soundcloud! Get your FREE sample of Astroglide O at Follow Us @cocktalespodcast (IG) @cocktales.atl (Twitter) @KikiSaidSo (IG & Twitter) @coffeebeandean (IG) @medinah_monroe...


Ep. 65 "Different Strokes for Different Folks" ft. Justin

This week we brought on the Black Adonis, Justin Howard. You may have seen some of his "work" on Vine, The Shaderoom, or even XVideos. If you've seen him before you may get why he loves to be nude, but you may not know he considers himself sapiosexual so it takes more than an open mind in the bedroom to really get a shot with this guy. He breaks it all down, gives details on last year's notorious #AtlOrgy, sex parties, and threesomes with other men involved. He's by far one of the most...


Ep. 64 "How To Make A Lust Connection" ft. Mike Greene

Ladies and gents remember to thank us after you listen to this week's episode of how to please whoever you're f**king! A lot of y'all are out here doing grown folk activities and you actually have no clue what you're doing or how to do it to please your partner. So have your pens and notebooks ready! We brought on Mike Greene from L Love Connection to help us help you! Follow our Guest: @therealmikegreene Follow us: @Cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean Contact us at...


Ep. 63 "Ask Jay" ft. Jay Airs

Jay Airs stopped by to play a game of "Ask A Man Get An Answer". He let us ask him why men do what they do? Why do they care about IG followers? Why do yall introduce so many women to your kids? What would you do if your girlfriend wanted to dabble in your booty? Follow Jay Airs @jay.airs Follow us @KikiSaidSo @coffeebeandean Follow CockTales @cocktalespodcast check out our sponsor Jenny's Lingerie Use code SEXY20 for a discount at


Ep. 62 "WAGS Atlanta" ft. Kierra Douglas, Ariel Anderson & Hope Wiseman

Reality stars Hope Wiseman, Kierra Douglas and Ariel Anderson from E!’s new show WAGS Atlanta. The show airs January 3rd and we got the ladies to spill a little bit of tea. We talked about dating athletes, cleat chasers, pro-hoes,and so much more. We also learned about what really goes into making a reality show, the pros and cons of having your life aired on tv and the negative effects it can have on your relationships. Follow our guests: Ariel Anderson @arielashleyy Kierra Douglas...


Ep. 60 "Mom I Want To Do Porn" ft. Beauti

This week we bring in Beauti, the Porn Princess Fetish Babe. She talks about telling her mom she wanted to do porn and finding out her brother has watched her "movies". She also breaks down just how big is big, insecure men, STDS and HIV, and what really happens in porn. Follow our guest @mz.beautidoll Check out our sponsor: and use code SEXY20 for 20% off Follow Us! @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean @cocktalespodcast Send all inquiries to


Ep 59 "Bruh, That's Rapey!"

Rape culture (noun) 1. a culture in which rape and other sexual violence (usually against women and gender diverse peoples) are common and in which prevalent attitudes, norms, practices, and media condone, normalize, excuse, or encourage sexualized violence. In light of recent headlines Kiki and Medinah are tackling the topic. Have we ever found ourselves in compromising situations? Yes. Did we always speak up? No. Listen to our stories If you're interested in advertising contact us at...


Ep. 58 "Guy Code...Kinda" ft. Ferrari Simmons and Fly Guy DC

Fly Guy DC & Ferrari Simmons join Kiki & Medinah Monroe this week and things get interesting to say the least. If you leave these guys to write out the guy's dating rules, Ferrari says a woman can't have too many Instagram followers, DC's not eating the kitty cat, and you've gotta love assholes if you want to date them. Take a listen, this description does the episode no justice. This episode is also available on YouTube if you want to see all the action! Follow our guests and check out...


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