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Ep. 91 "Tragic Toxicity"

Love is patient, love is kind, and is not jealous. Love does'nt brag and is not arrogant Don't let a toxic relationship or situation make you forget that. Toxic relationships & interactions can take a toll on you, this week we try to tackle how we realize it's toxic, and what we do about it. Take a listen. If you find yourself stuck in toxic, abusive relationship, seek help! 1-800-799-SAFE Follow Us @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean


Ep. 90 "We've Got A Bone To Pick" ft. @kasfacts

@Kasfacts joins the ladies this week and we talk about just how nasty is too nasty, running red lights, and how much we'd take to make someone our toilet slave. He even sticks around for the advice and gives a few #KasFacts to our listeners. Follow Us @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean Contact


Ep. 89 "You've Got Mail"

Thanks so much to all the listeners who have emailed and dm’d us your advice letters! This week we’re cleaning out the inbox and answering all your questions and sharing your cocktales. Plus, we wanted some advice from our past so we call an ex! Follow Us @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean


Ep. 88 "Always A List "ft. Alex Jacke

Have you ever wondered if singers really have all those make your pussy drip moves they sing about? The ladies bring on orgasmic r&b singer Alex Jacke to teach us a thing or two about pleasing a woman. He says his music actually represents what a night with him would be like, “always A list”. Take a listen and learn a thing or two. Follow our guest Alex Jacke @alexjacke Follow Us @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean Contact Us


Ep. 87 "Insecurities"

This week we take a look in the mirror and discuss our own insecurities...again. We also share what it's like dating when the other person is lacking confidence. It sucks. Check Out Sweet Bitch Wines at to find out where it's being sold near you! Follow them on ig @sweetbitchwines Follow Us @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean Contact us at


Ep. 86 "Part Two- Are You Dateable"

This week we continue the discussion about what it's like to date us. Are we nasty with our men? Are we romantic? Do we let our friends in our business?? Be Sure to check out Sweet Bitch Wines at Get your tickets for the Mouth Masterclass by clicking the link in our bio or visit @sexualessentials for more info


Ep. 85 "Are You Dateable"

What's it like to date us? Are we hard on men? Prefer to use them? Or are we putty in their hands? Check out our sponsors! Gorgeous Babe Hair- @gorgeous_babe_hair Use code TALES20 Sweet Bitch Wines @sweetbitchwines Mouth Masterclass by @sexualessentials June 9th 8-10PM Follow Us @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @medinahmonroe


Ep. 84 "

This week Moriah Mills joins us in the studio fresh from the live show. Why we were still drinking, who knows? But she tells whether her sex is actually good, being a total savage after a breakup, and how to get your man to have a threesome. This episode will be available with full video on our YouTube channels along with others. This episode was brought to you by Gorgeous Babe Hair. Check them out at @gorgeous_babe_hair and . Use...


Bonus Episode Part 2!

Are we hoes? Become a patron! Follow Us @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean


Bonus Episode Part 1

We decided to bring you guys TWO bonus episodes this week! Is Kiki insecure about being the single friend? Is Medinah more of a moaner or a screamer? Do we prefer rappers or athletes? These questions plus a bunch more from our listeners. Become a patron on Patreon Follow Us! @cocktalespodcast @coffeebeandean @kikisaidso


Ep. 83 "Is Drake Coming" ft. @thepsychicyogi

This week we invited a psychic, healer, and lightworker to have some cocktails and talk COCKTALES with us. The lights were flickering, so Ms. Kisha Lee definitely was no joke. We had a million questions but all we really wanted to know was if Drake was coming and if we're going to be rich lol! Follow Our Guest @thepsychicyogi Special thanks to our Title Sponsor GORGEOUS BABE HAIR @gorgeous_babe_hair Shop their site at and use code "TALES20" for a special discount....


Ep. 82 "Feed Me Zaddy" ft. Chef John

Chef John joins us this week and shares some awkward experiences with creating sexy meals as a private chef for clients who can't keep their clothes on. We also talk about aphrodisiacs, impressing a chef in the kitchen, and more! special thanks to our sponsors! Gorgeous Babe Hair @gorgeous_babe_hair Use code TALES20 for a special discount! Sweet Bitch Wine @sweetbitchwines Follow Our Guest! @chefjohn27 Keep up with us @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean


Ep. 81 "Kinda Cute" ft. Lonnie

This week @comedianlonnie joins us to talk about knowing your strengths as a man, being comfortable in his sexuality, and a whole lot more. Please check out our sponsor @sweetbitchwines Follow Our Guest @comedianLonnie Follow Us @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean


Ep. 80 "Here Kitty Kitty" ft. Yemoja Oshun

This week Yemoja Oshun joins us to talk about kitty play! Collars, pet bowls, and waters ports (and we're not talking jet skis) all come into play when you live part of your life as a sexy kitten. We also talk about the different types of pleasure and the $300 "physical experience" she offers. You need to here everything she has to say! Follow Our Guest: @yemojaoshun Saturday May 19th @ 7PM we will be at the Whoreible Decisions Live Show! There will be a meet and greet right after with all...


Ep. 78 "It's Goin Down" ft. Yung Joc

It's Goin Downnnnn! Yung Joc joins us this week and let us in on a few dating secrets, talks about getting caught by his mother, dealing with older women and dating "basic" chicks. This episode is available on YouTube. Click the YouTube Link Here: GRAB YOUR YONI OIL HERE: Use Code "COCKTALES" for 10% off Follow Us: @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean Follow Our Guest @joclive


Ep. 77 "Circle Of Attraction" ft. Isaac Hayes, III aka Ike Dirty

"A woman can reject you for any reason. If you're not happy you have to change yourself" That's a quote from our guest Isaac Hayes, III aka Ike Dirty. He also said Valentine's Day isn't important and he's not sucking your toes. Balance. Follow our guest @isaachayes3 Follow Us @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean Check out our sponsor @sweetbitchwines contact us at


Ep. 76 "Clusterf**k"

After getting stood up your girls hold it down and cover a clusterfuck of topics. Birth control, being crazy, feminism...we go there. Follow Us @cocktalespodcast on IG & @cocktalesatl on Twitter @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean Check out our sites and YouTube channels as well. You can find all links here: All questions/comments


Ep. 75 "The Lifestyle" ft. JD & Ingrid

JD & Ingrid join us this week. They quickly school us on the fact they're not swingers, they are in "the lifestyle". They break down how they became a part of it, who gets to join, their type, rejection, and so much more! Follow Us @cocktalespodcast on IG & @cocktalesatl on Twitter @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean Check out our sites and YouTube channels as well. You can find all links here: All questions/comments


Ep. 73 "CockTales No Chasers" ft. Melanin Milk

Just when you thought we were running out of new CockTales to share, we brought a bottle of gin and Melanin Milk on to keep the stories coming! She tells us about the time she went on a tinder date to a sex party, wearing a strap on, and creating She Orgasms herbal supplements. We want to know, which lady has the wildest stories? This episode is also available on YouTube! Follow Us On Social Media @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean @blogmelaninmilk...


Ep.72 "Freestyle Thursday"

Another week with just the two of us. This was actually our third recording of the week so we decided to freestyle and catch up on all the loose ends. Blac Chyna's sex tape, pretty privilege, "the talk", and becoming a woman. Follow us on IG @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean Follow us on IG @cocktales.atl @kikisaidso @medinah_monroe Contact us at