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Facing Mortality and Your Own Truths

Facing Our Mortality - Tova and Kristen love to talk about pop culture and motherhood, but in this episode they get real. Kristen reveals a major diagnosis in her family and how it's effecting her life and the realization of mortality, and Tova explains how much she enjoyed her break away from her kids. The two emphasize the importance of allowing yourself to feel your feelings, and a major parenting lesson in kindness to yourself. In Not-So-News Tova shares the tale of a proposal getting...


In-Laws, Moving Forward, and Asking for Help

Still recovering from a procedure, Kristen has a moment right before "Date Night". While Tova balances writing her new book and deciding what it will actually be about. They talk about how big your "village" of support can be, and the costs that come with more "help". And Not-So-News has an uplifting story of a bad-day-turned-amazing. All in this week's "Cold Coffee with Tova Leigh and Kristen Hewitt."


Questions and Answers from the fans with Kristen and Tova!

Tova's "Tova Talk" Facebook group unleashed the insightful and curious questions on the hosts this week. From throwing your husband a curve-ball just to see if he notices all the way to the latest techniques in getting your children to do chores (hint: make a list, make them follow it) and so much more! Follow the discussion on Facebook:


EP 6: Reflections on Depression

Mental Health and coping is the subject this episode. From diagnosed Depression to emotional sadness to a seemingly world-wide malaise; Tova and Kristen share from their own experiences what they have found helpful over the years and what helps them reduce stress. Tova explains why she thinks being 'relatable' is a pain in the ass, and Kristen shares her thoughts on bragging about your excesses. ============================================ Looking for help online? Visit...


EP 5: "Balance" is Crap!

Chaos is the reality this week as Tova and Kristen get really real about the usual daily challenges, mixed in with those unexpected surprises in their lives. They agree that balance is indeed elusive, and share steps they take to try find happiness in everyday. They also chat about sibling spats, and the animals making headlines in not so news! Beavers, raccoons and kids oh my! Kristen’s article on balance Beaver...


EP 4: Men Have Bodies Too!

This week Kristen and Tova chat about Kristen's recent surgery, her recovery, and how women's bodies are always in the news whereas men's bodies never get the same attention. They discuss why a women's value and worth always seems to be linked with looks and discussed Kim Kardashian's recent visit at the White House and the sexist headlines the visit received. Tova shared moments from her latest video 'Let's talk About Men's Bodies For A change' and Kristen talked about her recovery from...


EP 3: First Firsts

This week Kristen and Tova chat about 'first times'. Everything from first love and first kiss to their first job and first moment they knew they were pregnant. The ladies got nostalgic and compared notes, it was a fun show with some unexpected moments!


EP 2 - Talking Long About Short Shorts

This week Kristen and Tova Talk about Kristen's recent viral post on her daughter's 'short shorts' and why she didn't want her wearing them to school. They chat about body shaming and how the fashion industry serializes young children by designing clothes for them that are cut for adults.


EP1: The Return, Mom-Life Crisis

They are back! In this first episode of COLD COFFEE, Kristen and Tova talk about all things Mom Life Crisis. Following Tova's new online series, the ladies talk about feeling invisible, breaking out of the 'mom mold', feeling sexy (or not) and taking time to rediscover who they are apart from being moms. Tova reveals her new journey and Kristen talks about her project 'Lollipops for Lock downs' following the recent shooting in Florida. As per tradition they finish off the show with your...


EP23: Mommy Shaming, Kids on Social & Holiday Traditions

In this season finale Kristen and Tova talk about Kristen's recent viral post about putting herself first, the negative reaction to it and how mommy shaming has got to stop. They also talked about Facebook's new app for kids and why they are against it. And finally just before they break up for a little break they compare holiday traditions and talk all things Christmas! Today's episode is brought to you by Create Photo Calendars--up to 55% off awesome personalized photo calendars, use...