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CWMD 123 Harry wants to be a dog

Harry really, really, really wants to be a dog. Eventually an operation is in order. And keeping up with the dog theme, is Thieme. Art Thieme that is singing a tall tale "The split dog". And Harry sings "Hound Dog". You wanna hear a bunch of dogs barking out "Jingle Bells"? Then you're at the right site. is in association with


CWMD 122 Steve is dried up

Mikhail Horowitz is back, right in the front of the show talking about the acts performing at the 50th anniversary of Woodstock. I'll give you just one band that's playing: Asleep at the Wheelchair. And Steve is dried up. He can't come up with anymore ideas for the podcast. So Harry goes to work. First order of business, make sure Steve's no long dried up by getting his brain hydrated. It's funnier than it sounds. We also got Uncle Floyd doing "Deep in the heart of Jersey" and Andy...


CWMD 121 The Dollar Show

Dollars? I used to live in Dollars. Dollars, Texas. In other words it's all about the almighty dollar folks. Livingston Taylor is singing an Andy Breckman song. Harry and Steve perform an old vaudeville routine that Abbot and Costello stole first. And we got Oscar Brand as well. is in association with


CWMD 120 Professions

Mikhail Horowitz is Steve's guest again! He and Steve sing a Tibetan Sea Shanty called "Bonny Lama". Mik is going to become a regular guest if he's not careful. Also Harry has various jobs. He's working in a store where he's over a guy named Under but he's under a guy named Over. Then he becomes a cloud inspector rating all the clouds from G to X rated. And finally he has trouble finding the right profession. A baby sitter? Who wants to sit on babies! A Naval surgeon? Who wants to operate...


CWMD 119 Comedyman

Harry convinces Steve he has a superpower, comedy! And he should become Comedyman to foil thugs. Yep, it's as stupid as it sounds. But funny. Kind of. That's because Steve IS Comedyman! There's also a Burns and Allen recording and other nonsense.


CWMD 118 Special Physics

Mikhail Horowitz is Steve's guest again. This time doing an homage to Lord Buckley called "Swingin' Cicadas" And Steve's thrown in a Lord Buckley recording as well for those who never heard of him (shame on you). And Harry explains to Steve how on the podcast, special physics apply. Normally 1 and 1 is 2, but not on CWMD! Here, 1 and 1 is 5. And then he proves it. Newton's law of inertia doesn't apply either. Stuff just moves spontaneously without the benefit of an outside force...well you...


CWMD 117 The Double Entendre Band

Steve always wanted to have a band called "Double Entendre". Every song would be, well, a double entendre. Since he never pulled it off, he did the next best thing. He used GarageBand creating a podcast where all the songs sung by Steve and/or Harry on one level are G rated, nothing risqué about them, looked at another way, the songs are quite spicy. Helping him in his task is Bessie Smith and Dinah Washington. is in association with...


CWMD 116 The Chemistry Set

Harry has a chemistry set. Do I really have to tell you the shenanigans that go on? You can imagine. Also Robin and Linda Williams are guests singing an original song about being on the road. Burns and Allen too! is in association with


CWMD 115 Harry's Break-it Business

Harry has a new business. Instead of repairing stuff he breaks things cleanly and expertly with style and panache. Also Camille West is singing about the time she and her friends broke into a factory in Paris and liberated the escargot. There's a strange facts segment and a featured comedian's classic routine. is in association with


CWMD 114 Baseball

It's all about baseball folks. An old song called "I Love Micky" is featured (Micky Mantle makes a guest appearance on the recording) and Steve teaches Harry how to play baseball with disastrous results...of course. Steve has his most esteemed guest Mikhail Horowitz (who is responsible for 20 arts organizations losing their federal funding). He introduces a new take on Casey at the Bat with a hip 50's style twist. It's a cool version and you'll feel cool listening to it. Don't applaud, snap...


CWMD 113 Money!

It's all about Harry's allowance. He needs one! Also the great Paul Geremia is a guest singing "My Money Never Runs Out". Soupy Sales is talking about the day he asked all the kids to send him money on his TV show. And Jimmy Durante's A Dollar a Year Man". In other words, it's a money show.


CWMD 112 Bananas!

The Aliens have landed and they want bananas! Harry brings them to the studio. Cue the hilarity. Plus more on...bananas! I Like Bananas because they have no Bones, Harry sings Chiquita Banana and When Banana Skins are Falling. Please check out and use promo code DUMMY at checkout for 15% off your first purchase. is in association with



Harry is into folding paper you've never seen before. Steve sings "Heaving on a Jet Plane". There's a strange facts segment about airplanes. Harry calls up an airline thinking he's reached a Ferris Wheel company and wonders why a ticket onto the Ferris wheel is going to cost him $700 and go 35 thousand feet into the air. Also Wes Harrison, the great SFX man does a bit about Duck Hunting with a jet. And Oscar Brand sings one of Steve's favorites when he was a kid "Teterboro...


CWMD 110 Harry is Acting Silly

Harry is silliness personified and for this podcast he pulls out all the stops. The podcast also features Ed Kohn singing "Six". No matter what the math problem, the answer is always six. and John Twomey plays "The Stars and Stripes" on his hands which sounds a lot like farting. It really is one of the funniest things you'll ever hear. And let's not forget Harry's version of Hi Heel Sneakers with Steve on piano. Please check out and use promo code DUMMY...


CWMD 109 Harry won't leave his trunk

Harry's bummed out. No matter what Steve does he can't convince Harry to come out of his trunk to do the podcast. He entices him with all kinds of craziness with no luck. Harry's sulking, man! Also Jay Ungar and Molly Mason (and Steve) perform a song from one of Steve's albums called "Michael Finnegan". Please check out and use promo code DUMMY at checkout for 15% off your first purchase. is in association with...


CWMD 108 The Store 13

For those who know about the CWMD store you know you can buy anything. This place makes Amazon and Walmart look like a little mom and pop shop. You need sheet music for your chicken who's learning flute? You want a feeblevetzter? A doohickey? A square balloon? Do you want to be king of Siam? It's all in stock. Also the Rude Girls are singing "I can see your Aura and it's ugly". Please check out and use promo code DUMMY at checkout for 15% off your first...


CWMD 107 Big Objects

Trout Fishing in America play "It's Better Than That" a Peter and Lou Berryman song. Betty Walker does her great stand up act with her friend Ceil. Plus Steve and Harry play "Goober Peas" an old Civil War favorite. And of course Harry brings in his collection of Large Objects. You gotta hear it to believe it. Please check out and use promo code DUMMY at checkout for 15% off your first purchase. is in association...


CWMD 106 Vladimir Zero

Vladimir Zero is a hero to some, to others a bum. Harry thinks he's a genius. Who else would create a composition with his orchestra conducting a piece of cheese on the end of his baton, waiting for a mouse to nibble through rope that drops a hammer onto a giant gong. Or the Yawning symphony. Mikhail Horowitz and Gilles Malkine play Separation Blues, a song about the separation of church and state. And Emo Philips does his stand up routine on how to escape...


CWMD 105 Another Untrue Facts plus the Grand Opening of the Peanut

Harry always has fun bringing in Alternative Facts, Fake News or as he likes to call it Untrue Facts. He also discusses plurals such as one post on a fence is a fent. Trout Fishing in America play "Dead Egyptian Blues" and Peter and Lou Berryman sing "Your State's Name Here". Steve and Harry sing the old Lovin' Spoonful song "Bald Headed Lena". In other words it's business as usual with all the antics included. is in association with...


CWMD 104 Letters, Salary, And NY Or LA

Steve and Harry read letters from listeners. Harry demands a salary and they compare living in NY or LA. They also sing "Bully of the Town". Two great performers are featured. "Amoeba Hop" by Christine Lavin and "College" from the great standup Emo Philips. is in association with