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Reading Harlequin Romance: Taken by the Prince, Chapters 49 – 50

It's all over this week! We reach the conclusion of our novel and there is only one piece of business that needs to be taken care of: our hero Raul, now King Saber, needs to get Victoria back. She left because he didn't profess his love to her. What an idiot! Serves him for being the broodish unavailable type. Of course, our hero does find her and seriously professes his love in a grand gesture, but do they go to bone town once more for good ol' sake? Victoria is certainly thinking it....


Reading Harlequin Romance: Taken by the Prince, Chapters 46 – 48

The revolution is here. The revolution is here! It's bloody! There are plenty of guts opened up and countless warriors die on both sides ... not! It's actually very quick and dealt with within 2 chapters. I won't ruin it for you but it's a bit of a letdown. Sure, there is some fighting but then bam, our prince is a king. So much for a revolution. There is a real turn of events though. A character from the past shows up and creates a divide betwixt our two lovers. Geez! So maybe the real...


Reading Harlequin Romance: Taken by the Prince, Chapters 43 – 45

I didn't see this week's action coming. The men and women are in the fields practising their skills, prepping for the revolution while a few of them stay back in the castle cleaning up, Victoria being on of the later. Then, plot twist! While they are up in the attic, they find a big ol' chest of coins. Whose could they be? A traitor! A turncoat! I won't spoil it but it's someone close to the family. (Gasp) This family member sold them out of course and hence, the coins. This basically...


Reading Harlequin Romance: Taken by the Prince, Chapters 40 – 42

Anything good in life seems to be worth waiting for and we're being rewarded because we have mostly sexy times in this week's readings. After the weird giving back / kinda wedding ceremony from last week, we start this episode with the final tradition where the guy (Raul) chases down the girl (Victoria) through the woods. Of course, when he gets her, they get down to it up against a large boulder. Boom. Then they head off further into the forest and they climb a tree ending up at a...


Reading Harlequin Romance: Taken by the Prince, Chapters 37 – 39

This week we still find ourselves in the camp of Danel, Raul's cousin. Turns out he's a real dog and he's been banging a bunch of women. Not surprised though ... he is the leader of his tribe. Also, turns out because Danel "stole" Victoria she now belongs to him and they now have to have a "handing over" ceremony before Victoria and Raul peace out back home. To me it feels more like a wedding ceremony more than anything else ... just saying. A couple bottoms were smacked, but that's about...


Reading Harlequin Romance: Taken by the Prince, Chapters 34 – 36

I think we've been spoiled. There's been so much steamy action in the past few weeks that I got swept up in the romance and tried to set to mood to make more of it. Unfortunately, the book had something else in mind. This week was all plot development. Our heroine was out for a walk last week and was captured. Turns out she was captured by her lover's cousin. This cousin, of course, has the worst of intentions but Victoria is able to turn it all around and create a positive. Why am I not...


Reading Harlequin Romance: Taken by the Prince, Chapters 31 – 33

Our cup runneth over. The sexy times continued this week. The sexy times were so good that we finally got penetration. That's right ... p went into the v. Before that though, there was plenty of body massages with Lavender oils. Our hero is a very responsible man though. He whipped out one of his lambskin condoms, after all, he has a revolution to win and doesn't have time to raise little shit heads. Of course, everyone in the castle instantly found out that they were bumping uglies but it...


Reading Harlequin Romance: Taken by the Prince, Chapters 28 – 30

It seems the sexy times this week just keep on rolling from last week. Before we get into that though, we started the reading this week with the savages in castle starting to warm up to Miss Cardiff and her etiquette classes. They warm up to the classes but also make it known "We know you're bumpin' uglies with our prince here." Then, the last two chapters are spent in their chambers. Victoria is having a bath, Raul comes home and, well, the suds are bubbled, suds are washed off and bodies...


Reading Harlequin Romance: Taken by the Prince, Chapters 25 – 27

This week starts off innocent enough … life in the castle. Our heroine, Victoria, now in charge of teaching etiquette, is struggling to get the respect and attention of her fellow castle mates. Then, one night, our hero Raul comes home drunk as a skunk and boy do things go from 0 – 100 REAL


Reading Harlequin Romance: Taken by the Prince, Chapters 22 – 24

Folks, we got what we wanted ... finally! We got some action this week! That's right, some steamy, hot action between our hero Raul and our heroine Victoria. This week's reading begins with the entire castle of people having dinner together. They're drinking, talking revolution and Victoria begins to let loose a little. By the end of dinner, she's tired and so Mr Suave takes her up to their chambers. Did I mention that he decided they were gonna be sleeping in the same room?! ... hmmm....


Reading Harlequin Romance: Taken by the Prince, Chapters 19 – 21

Last week, our hunky Prince offered Victoria a "job" as his mistress but our spinster of course was very quick to deny the opportunity. They settled with having her educate his kinfolk. Daily life in the castle is now Victoria's existence. Escaping is futile so in her true rebellious self, she's taken to redecorating the bedroom to her desire. Low key, Raul kinda digs it though. Raul and Victoria get into another heated argument and that anger once more turns into passion. Our main man...


Reading Harlequin Romance: Taken by the Prince, Chapters 16 – 18

Finally some action this week now that our heroine has been "Taken by the Prince." Things heat up a bit. It's a bit of a tease though, there is not nearly as much action as I would have hoped for. Also, the baddies have a hanging just for the fun of it you. You know ... as one does for a fun evening jolly. It certainly does a good job of getting us readers to hate the villains so I guess it serves a purpose. Have a listen though. Any action is better than no action.


Reading Harlequin Romance: Taken by the Prince, Chapters 13 – 15

This week, we start off at the ball. Prim and proper Victoria is chaperoning the two girls in her care and guess who's there: Raul Lawrence!!!! The event starts to get a bit rowdy because some hooligans showed up and our leading lady gets caught up in the mess, doesn't rescue the kids, but manages to escape ... not much of a chaperon, huh? She runs out of the hotel and finds herself in a stable. While in the stable, she gets taken!!! Finally the title of the book makes sense. Who took her?...


Reading Harlequin Romance: Taken by the Prince, Chapters 10 – 12

This week we catch up with the hero of our tale, Raul Lawrence, who has been hanging out in Moricadia for a few years now, plotting how he is going to take the throne of the country that is "rightfully" his. We also learn about why he had to leave the country in the first place. How has he been plotting? Well, he's been making money gambling on horses, hoodwinking other dumb dumbs, building an army and scoping out the landscape. Mr. Lawrence also has a run in with one of his enemies. Gasp....


Reading Harlequin Romance: Taken by the Prince, Chapters 7 – 9

A quick recap of last week: Our hero, Raul, had to go see pop-pop in his office and of course they got into another argument. Raul tells dad that he's leaving town, heading back to his real momma's home country to regain his rightful throne. But, before he leaves, he goes to a ball cause he wants to see our leading lady, Victoria. Where does he find her? In the dark, angry and vulnerable after having had some creep guy try to get with her. What does our hero do? Take advantage of the...


Reading Harlequin Romance: Taken by the Prince, Chapters 4 – 6

In the first three chapters we got to know the main character, the prince Saber now called Raul, his meanie of a father and king, Viscount Grimsborough and at the very end we met his love interest Victoria, a commoner who is real blonde hottie and doesn't really care for him ... surprise, surprise. Turns out his dad had him with a woman from a land from far away, making him a bastard child (gasp). His father of course beats the crap out of him, helping to build a healthy hatred for dad and...


Reading Harlequin Romance: Taken by the Prince, Chapters 1 – 3

I decided to get into a bit of reading and nothing but some spicy romance would do. While reading, I couldn't help but offer up a bit of commentary.


A very inaccurate history of Catholic, Mennonite and Amish people

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Playing Hockey Growing Up

My family and I played a lot of hockey growing up. In the summer time we played in the church parking lot across the street, in the winter on the pond behind the church.


Lost in the Train Station

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