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On the CHC podcast, we talk about interesting news topics, current events, things we find funny, a touch of sports, tell stories, and have on a guest from time to time all while having a beer or two. Not just any beer, we sample a different Michigan Craft Beer each show and give our thoughts. You won't find hard-hitting news, but you will find an enjoyable conversation that makes you feel like you are listening to a couple of friends. Join your hosts John and Jason as you listen to the Corner House Chronicles.


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On the CHC podcast, we talk about interesting news topics, current events, things we find funny, a touch of sports, tell stories, and have on a guest from time to time all while having a beer or two. Not just any beer, we sample a different Michigan Craft Beer each show and give our thoughts. You won't find hard-hitting news, but you will find an enjoyable conversation that makes you feel like you are listening to a couple of friends. Join your hosts John and Jason as you listen to the Corner House Chronicles.




2 - 16 - 2020

Yeah you read that date correctly - the 16th of February was when this episode was recorded. But some computer issues as well as the flu held things back a bit. But fear not, we finally got the content out to you the listeners. Tom Brady, Sharknado & getting free stuff are just some of the topics we get into on the show. Thanks for checking back in with us. Cheers!



Its a full crossover event to celebrate the middle of the winter weather as Rick (from Guido and The Guy) sits down to join the show. The laughs don't stop with topics such as Wrestling, Detroit Sports & Mullets just to name a few. Thanks for checking back in with us here at CHC.


1 - 22 - 2020

Surviving the cold in the middle of January isn't that terrible when you can sit around and share a fun conversation about a bunch of random stuff. Big thanks to all our listeners for checking back with us!


1 - 04 - 2020

Happy new years from the Corner House Chronicles! Here's to a great 2020. In this episode, we take a trip down the memory lane of jobs from our youth - a little bit about playing poker & getting lost in video rabbit holes. We want to thank our listeners for checking back in with us, we appreciate the support.


12 - 21 - 2019

We are back folks, and first things first... Merry Christmas and a happy new year to each and every one of you out there in podcast listener land! Cheers to 2020. All three of us are at the table to discuss anything and everything as we get back to our original concept for CHC. Back to basics as we like to call it. A few things you'll hear are - Bob Ross, Skydiving & Sports Betting. Thanks to everyone for checking back in us, and here's to many more fun conversations.


E 103 - The Lone Rangers

In 1994 we were blessed with the movie Airheads, a low budget - big cast comedy about a band just trying to make it in the music business. The mishaps and laughs from that movie take us on some weird conversations that span between The Simpsons to working in a record store. From the feature film roles of Pauly Shore to making our own short film about our JPU stories. All in all this was a fun episode to record and we hope you all enjoy it. Thanks again to all of you the listeners - we...


E102 - Loves Porcupines, Hates People

This weeks episode begins in the year 1988 as we discuss the comedy classic The Great Outdoors. As per the new show format, this movie takes our conversation in unpredictable directions. Food challenges, John Hughes & the "John Wayne" of bears are a few topics surrounded by a couple personal stories that make up episode 102. We finish up the show by talking about new show remakes in the works for the near future. Thanks again to all of you the listeners - we genuinely appreciate you...


E101 - Devils Night and the Green Screen

For episode 101 we start things off by talking about the 1994 cult classic film "The Crow". We let the movie take our conversation in a few different directions, and we were not disappointed. Talks of a musical, getting inside the movie industry & the possible beginning to a new not so violent prank war are a few of the topics we cover during this conversation. Stay tuned for E - 102 as we discuss another great movie = "The Great Outdoors" Thanks again to all of you the listeners - we...


E100 - Changing things up

Well folks - we made it! Episode 100! We recorded this episode on September 11th so we decided to spend half the show talking about that tragic day 18 years ago. The events of the day and the aftermath in the years following. We also celebrate a gift we received from our close family friend who just returned from being stationed overseas. Then we breakdown some of the details of how our show is going to be set up going forward. We are changing things up a bit, An attempt to spice up the...


E 99 - Definitely not normal

Well we have made it all the way to Episode 99 and in just a few short days we will be recording #100! Until then for this weeks show we get right into a older movie and some weird facts surrounding those in the movie. We stumble down the block with a few different topics including a couple Florida Man stories and the latest hurricane to hit the Bahamas. Our beer of the week comes from Sagatuck Brewing - "Rad Venture" IPA. A nice easy to drink 7.0% beverage that we rated a 2.25 & 2.75 from...


E98 - Somebody got paid for that

For this episode we go "Out of state on the eight" for our beer of the week and we scored a tasty beverage from Revolution Brewing out of Chicago IL. "Ghost Ride" is a smooth drinking quality beer that John gave a 3.75 on Untapped as Jason checked it in at 4.00. All in all a great beer we enjoyed very much. We get into a few more creepy facts from the web, a fan theory about a great writer/director in Hollywood & How far would one of the biggest companies in the world go to protect their...


E97 - That's just creepy... Ya know

In this episode - we get into some creepy facts from the world, like the worlds scariest haunted house. Also Elon Musk has a battle plan for Mars & and the current location of the Death Row Record Label. Plus some new details on the XFL. Please hurry and sign up for our partnered Gleam Contest via our Facebook page. The winner will receive 1 Premium MIBeerBox sent directly to their door. The Beer of the week comes from a #CHC favorite brewery - Arbor Brewing Company. "Octoberfest" is a...


E96 - A Treat from the Eastside

This episode we get to talk about BEER! We welcome in Matt from MIBeerBox and he was kind enough to bring us a couple gifts. First a tasty craft beer from Baffin Brewing Co. out of St. Clair Shores Michigan - "Mango Unchained" receives the CHC salute for a good quality drinking beverage. He also brought with him another excellent MIBeerBox for us to open on the show and he walks us through the companies featured in the August delivery. Eastern Market Brewing Company as well as Elephant Pride...


E95 - Catch 22

We begin this weeks episode with a family camping story from last weekend. The human brain can be fantastic in and out of a coma. Of course we find our way back to talking about sea creatures & a couple new movies green lite for the near future. Also this pros and cons of donating to charity. The beer of the week comes from Pigeon Hill Brewing and its the 2nd we've had in their Goonies themed label series. "Bruty Traps IPA" A smooth & crisp beverage that would go really well with a day at...


E94 - Esperanto

This episode begins with "shots fired" at a Bigfoot in a national park in Kentucky (Allegedly). Twists and turns through a few different topics have us learning about a universal language, a guide to restoring humanity in the case of an apocalyptic event & our first growler on the show. The beer of the week comes from Shorts Brewing. "Strawberry Shortscake" A light and tasty beer that could go well relaxing watching a movie. Check out our official ratings on the Untapped app. Also we are...


E93 Nothing But a Bath Robe

We open our MI BeerBox live on the show and go through all the cool stuff you can get when you sign up for a subscription with their company. We also have an upcoming Gleam contest we are running where one lucky winner will get a premium MI BeerBox sent directly to them. Stay tuned to our social media for all the details and how to win. Also in the month of August, if you purchase a 3 or 6 month subscription from them and use the promo code - CHCPOD You will receive 10% off. This week we...


E92 Hot Wheels

Aaron makes another stop to the table to get into some funny topics like we usually do. Stories including a price match gone very awesome for a lucky guy, a serial pooper in the Macomb County Michigan area & a good fan theory involving the D.E.N.N.I.S. system. We sampled 2 beers this week - "Scary Jesus Rockstar" from Dark Horse Brewing. Untapped scores were John - 1.75 Jason - .50 Aaron - 1.50. The other beer was a single bottle we split from OddSide Ales called "The Nihilist". Untapped...


E91 Its rattlesnake season

Jason returns from his vacation day and we discuss some great ideas for places to watch movies. We compare a few different fight scenes to begin assembling an official CHC top 5 fight scenes list. (if you have any suggestions please let us know) Can the social media mob actually storm area 51 later this year, we joke about what could really take place out in the desert. We also get into a few different stories about dumb criminals that leads us to a very odd scenario for a home invasion...


E90 - Vacation days

This weeks episode welcomes Aaron back to the table once again to fill in for Jason who took a well deserved vacation day. We have two different beers to sample and review, both beers were chosen separately and are from the same brewery. New Holland Brewing. Lake & Trail - A copper lager that would be great for a hiking trip or lake side bbq. We also tried Cerveza con Limon - a very smooth and drinkable beer with a nice lemon and lime taste. Shoutout to @newhollanbrew We hope everyone had...


E 89 Not always this prepared

This week we are once again joined by Aaron and he showed up over prepared for any direction we could take the conversation. We get into aliens, googling yourself, Saved by the bell & A review of the movie John Wick (Homework completed). A close call for a woman from South Carolina on a power wheel and things get interesting over some possible celebrity fight club match ups. The beer selection for this episode is "Beer Me" An American lager from the good people making great product over at...