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E74 - Poppa Lion Returns

We catch up with our best wrestler bracket, who will be declared the champion? We talk about craft beers, the FBI & an epic showdown between a moose population and a small pack of wolves. All this and so much more in an epic episode 74! The beer of the week is "Stoner IPA" from the good people of Big Lake Brewing. John scored it a 2.50 and Jason gave it a 3.0 on the Untapped App. Very good brew that goes well with the munchies. Thanks again to all of you the listeners – we genuinely...


E73 - Shazam

Don’t be shy, you can contact us here. Help support us on our Patreon for as little as $1 or you can donate with PayPal. We want to give a CHC congrats to Big Lake Brewing for their "Michigan Ale" Amber Ale beverage - They made the best beer label shelf in the studio. Also its a damn good tasting beer! Big thumbs up for a quality product. John scored it a 3.25 and Jason gave it a 3.75 on the Untappd App. For this episode we talk: "Fixing the damn roads" here in Michigan ocean vs...


E72 - Daisy

This week we discuss dreams and how weird they can be, does anyone still look up their dreams in those books or online? The afro is still growing and its days are numbered and stories of people talking in their sleep. Links: Lion King Social Media Music Video Bird humping photographers head Batdad video of kids eating jello The beers of the week - "Old Schuck" London Porter from the good folks at North Pier Brewing. John scored it a 3.25 and Jason rated it in at 4.00 on the Untapped...


E71 - Fight the Bear

Don’t be shy, you can contact us here. Help support us on our Patreon for as little as $1 or you can donate with PayPal. We were able to squeeze one more show in for the end of February and it ended up being a lot of laughs for us here at CHC. We sampled the third installment of the New Orthodox Series from Old Nation Brewing - "Boss Tweed Double IPA" A very tasty brew that John gave it a 2.50 & Jason rated it at 2.75 on Untappd. We talk about: Mario Kart Go Kart Track MMA and...


E70 - Check Engine Light

Don’t be shy, you can contact us here. Help support us on our Patreon for as little as $1 or you can donate with PayPal. This week we were joined by our good friend R4G (Ryan) and after an hour of pre-show jokes, we finally hit the record button. The laughs continued as we discussed wrestling, good memes and the hoax heard round the world! Oh FBI raids Taylor City Hall. John actually watched a movie he had not seen before and then we talked about the new Hulk Hogan Netflix...


E69 - Memories with Mezgarth

Photography. Fanboy. Gnarly. These are just a few words that best describe the vibe of episode 69 - "Memories with Mezgarth" It was our pleasure to welcome friend of the show Mirak Habbiyyieh to the table and his stories did not disappoint. From expensive camera lenses to a Mezgarth original being shared on Instagram by Rob Zombie. Also a crazy night on the Sunset Strip. We had a great night and Mirak is welcome back anytime! (Hopefully to promote his new book) Beer of the week -...


E68 - 15A Sorta

Chris is back to the table to help us try to recreate the magic that could have been episode 15. Its been a year since we tried this so let's see what happens right... We dive into Ancient Alien Theory and a bunch of subsections of all that's involved. These are just a few of the topics we discuss - Is Bigfoot a time-traveling alien? Do Flat Earthers believe in alien life? Is DMT the Game Genie of our human dimension? Time travel could be possible going forward but not going...


E67 - Weather Predicting Rodent

Don’t be shy, you can contact us here. Help support us on our Patreon for as little as $1 or you can donate with PayPal. We have officially thawed out from the polar vortex, some people had some strange fun out in the bitter cold. Cheers to it. Aaron is back at the table this week. We talk about Groundhogs day - the real event as well as the kick-ass Bill Murray movie. We also discuss the "Bill Murray Stories" documentary by Tommy Avallone about Mr. Murray which by all accounts...


E66 - My Dog Ate My Homework

John and Jason welcome "Guido" back and of course, he doesn't have his homework as promised (Classic Guido). But we still had good times and good laughs talking about a few different topics: PatriotsRick'sHendrick'sJoe Rogan PodcastMike Tyson's Letterkenny Favorite Wrestler of All-Time: JohnBret "Hitman" HartJason"Rowdy" Roddy PipperRickRicky "The Dragon" Steamboat John with "Winner of the Web" - Big Lebowski 2 spot Jason with "Reddit" - Sopranos Movie Beer of the week - Perrin Brewing...


E65 - The M-43 Experience

Don't be shy, you can contact us here. Help support us on our Patreon for as little as $1 or you can donate with PayPal. This week John and Jason welcomed yet another family member to the table, Paul finally joins us for some fun. Topics we cover are: InstagramFacebookGreta Van FleetNancy Whiskeys Homework included: Idiotsfightingthings Coming to America 2 Beer of the week - "M-43" from Old Nation Brewing. John rated it a 2.75 and Jason rated it a 3.50 on Untappd app. Get ready for...


E64 - Go for Hot Mic

Don't be shy, you can contact us here. Help support us on our Patreon for as little as $1 or you can donate with PayPal. This week we welcome Rick Ryan back to the table to make up for a few weeks ago... R.I.P. 59 This time we are a go with a hot mic! Jay shares a couple bizarre stories about Florida people: Florida Man Allegedly Fooled Family Into Believing Murdered Wife Was Still AliveAccused Florida man says his cat downloaded child porn, not him. John found a new app for collecting...


E63 - It's a Puppy

Don't be shy, you can contact us here. Help support us on our Patreon for as little as $1 or you can donate with PayPal. This week was a ladies night as we welcomed back Jeannie and Jessica to the table, as well as Brittney for the first time on the show. Topics and news stories we covered: Monkeys with Hepatitis B A man removed his man parts squid, it may not be dead and could make babies Woman Claiming to Be ‘God’Remote controlled construction equipment Wendy's Twitter strikes...


E62 - Happy New Year

For this weeks episode, we celebrate the new year by sampling one of Aaron's new favorite Michigan Craft Beers - "Horny Monk" brought to us by the good folks up at Petoskey Brewing up in Petoskey Michigan. A very great tasting beer that gets the CHC approval with a show average rating of 3 on the Untappd app. Aaron rated it 4.25, John rated it 3.25, and Jason rated it 3.75. We cover a bunch of different things from: lady in a relationship with a ghostJason Tecmo Bowl Crazy storyPat...


E61 - Chops Don't Bomb

This week Tony Dicello and Bill Pheers joined us at the table. Tony is back in the mitten for a few weeks and told us some great stories of life out on the road. From opening up for Bob Seger, living in Nashville, driving for Uber, meeting Gallagher, and living with band members on the road #PillowWalls. We were given the gift of some Beards Brewery (Twitter) this week, "Owlmadillo" is a tasty IPA from the good folks brewing up in Petoskey Michigan. John rated it 2.75 and Jason rated it...


E60 - Captain Jack

For this weeks episode, we sampled "Liquid Vinyl" A Russian Imperial Stout from the good folks at Arbor Brewing Co. John rated it a 2.5 and Jason rated it a 2.25 on the Untapped App. @AGuyInaChairAvengersEndgame.comSovereign Principality of Sealand10-minute emailghosts can suffer from a cruel divorce machinePineapples Now Contain Cocainefirelog Just a few of the topics we discuss in this the 60th Episode of the CHC. Thanks again to all of you the listeners - we genuinely appreciate you...


E58 - Chop Chop Chop

This week the show was slightly taken over by the power of "Electron Brown" A wonderfully tasty adult beverage brewed by Old Nation Brewing in collaboration with the Detroit Draft Divas. CHC Thumbs up! We discussed a few different things as we stumbled down the block and back, It was a good time. Hope you enjoy the show. Please check out CHC Best Christmas Movie Polls on the Facebook and Twitter show pages. Help us decide on a winner. Thanks again to all of you the listeners - we...


E57 - The Power of Positivity

This week we were able to get our friend Marty Sheedy over to the show to share his story and the message for the Project Scissor Gait Foundation. If you would like to learn more about Arthrogryposis and/or Prune Belly Syndrome, please visit their website and Facebook pages. We also learned about the Shriners organization and what they do to improve the quality of life for so many people. We are very happy to be doing our little part to raise awareness and money to help those who need it...


E56 - Bill Pheers Returns

The Lampie award winning Bill Pheers is back and as always, we had a good time. We laugh about comment sections and funny dog videos on the interweb. Plus so much more! Also we revisit a favorite topic for our show - Florida people doing Florida things. And we weren't disappointed. "First Brown Ale" from Atwater Brewery is the Beer of the Week. Thanks again to all of you the listeners - we genuinely appreciate you following along with the show. Cheers to all of you! You can listen to us...


E55 - Trademark

Welcome to season 2 of our podcast, we hope you enjoy it. This week we discuss a weird trending hashtag as well as technology and how fast its moving forward. Black and white tv and moving to mars. Just another creative conversation at the corner house. The Beer of the week was from Bells Brewery. "Christmas Ale" was a tasty scotch ale that was smooth and went well with the beginning of December. Check out our #CHC Best Christmas Movie Bracket polls on Facebook and Twitter. Help us find a...


E54 - The Lampies

For the end of our 1st season as a podcast, we decided to host our own little award show for the year. The Lampies. Aaron came by to help us award winners in a series of goofy yet solid categories. The beers of the week were - "Champion Brut" from Brewery Vivant. & "Melisandre Red IPA" from the brand new City Built Brewing Co. #CHC thumbs up for both beverages. We hope all our listeners have enjoyed our show through the 1st year and we look forward to the next season of CHC...