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Our variety show podcast includes detours to days gone by, braking to banter, fueling up with our favorite finds and multiple story stops along the way.

Our variety show podcast includes detours to days gone by, braking to banter, fueling up with our favorite finds and multiple story stops along the way.
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Our variety show podcast includes detours to days gone by, braking to banter, fueling up with our favorite finds and multiple story stops along the way.






18 - Tad's Holy Trinity

This is another atypical episode - we are forgoing our regular segments and welcoming new guests to the show as we celebrate a milestone birthday for another one of my dear friends, Tad Schmitz…. You may recall, Tad AKA Schmitty was on episode 17, where we roasted Mark Howard. We’ve been friends for nearly 30 years and while life has gotten busier and we don’t talk or see each other nearly as often as we’d like, one thing remains the same… when we are together, it’s like nothing has ever...


17 - My GSD

We interrupt our ‘extended hiatus’ to celebrate the 50th birthday of one of our reoccurring guests… Mark Howard. Some people call him OCD, but I lovingly call him my GSD. Join us as his friends reminisce, roast, and revere our dear friend, Mark. Show Guests: Robi Minogue Mark with his prom date, Joyce DiDonato Jerry Hamill Paul McNeil - Ding Dong Doozie If you want to hear Mark’s original salad “...



We have royal wedding fever and Annie has taken a deep dive under the hood to research all the upcoming nuptial details! She is here to share all the juicy dirt and provide tips for you to make the most of this ‘once in a lifetime’ royal wedding viewing experience! Annie’s first “Fancy Dress” Royal Wedding Viewing Party - See the pics behind the story of Annie and her friends gathering to watch Di walk down the isle to wed Charles! Fascinator Hats See the picture of Princess...


16 - The Mixture

We are all over the road on this week’s episode: Laundry tips, Easter cocktail ideas, a lesson on Passover, A Debrief on Christy’s trip to London, and a story of an unlikely Sunday morning with her parents. A Look Under the Hood: Christy’s getting personal and sharing the highlights from her weekend trip to London. See the whole crew at the London Bridge in the gallery! Elsa’s Instagram Martin’s Instagram #ALSO: Christy still can’t find her scrapbook from the 1985 Girls State...


15 - Hammer, Chisel, Monkey Wrench

Show Overview: We have spring fever… while we are waiting for the snow to melt, we have a spring fashion report from Liza. Annie joins us to share 3 different Grasshopper recipes to help you celebrate St. Patty’s day, Mark Howard shares a “priceless” ding dong doozie on himself, and Christy will tell you a story about her ride on the pine to the girls state basketball tournament. ALSO - (The segment where we talk about stuff from past episodes) Thanks to Kare 11, Annie received her...


14 - A Nun Walks Into McDonalds

On this week’s episode we will be having an extended version of our segment titled “Also” where we share feedback we’ve received from previous episodes, We even took some of that feedback to create this week’s Test Drive where Annie is back to share more Boozie Bevvies and finally, Christy ends the episode with a story about a prank she played during Lent 30 years ago. #ALSO: Christy found a great new moisturizer, perfect for wearing during the day from Body Bliss! Ding Dong Doozie: See...


13 - Fran Trained Me

February 20th in National Love Your Pet Day and we are celebrating your furry friends! Annie is back with her favorite pet products and favorite gifts for all those pet lovers on your list. Our Yiddish Yapper, Benjamin returns with a lesson about caring for a crazy little kitten and Christy ends the show about her dog, Frannie. Taking it for a Test Drive: Annie’s Favorite Pet Products Busy, Buddy Bouncy Bone (for large dogs) Furry Freshness Pet Stain Removal SleekEZ Pet Grooming...


12 - Mean Girl

We have Olympic Fever — we have a special guest returning.. all the way from San Diego, our West Coast Correspondent, Jewyl Clark is here to review the Olympic Opening Ceremonies, Annie shares a “ding dong doozie” about herself and Christy has a story about a very short lived ice-skating career! Ding Dong Doozie: Check out the Super Bowl Pennies that Annie gave away to the homeless man here. Helpful Hints: Buy the Sweater Stone on Amazon. A Look Under the Hood: Take a peek at Jewyl's...


11 - Agony of Defeat

It’s time for the Winter Olympics and we want to celebrate! First of all, Annie will share some of her favorite adult beverages for staying warm while you watch the Winter Games. Mark Howard is back and he has some great Olympic spectator tips and Christy closes the show with a story about her far from stellar skiing skills. Taking it for a Test Drive: Annie and Christy have been taking in tons of outdoor winter activities, most recently they attended the Luminary Loppet! To keep warm...


10 - Leather & Feathers

In this week’s episode, we are talking all things SUPER — as in SUPER Bowl! Liza is back to share some of her “SUPER” kitchen gadgets and The Yiddish Yapper gives us some words to describe Benjamin’s new love for football. And finally, Christy closes the show with a story about working on the half-time show in 1992. Taking it for a Test Drive: Liza joins us to share some of her “Super” kitchen gadgets: Vitamix Inspiralizer Veggie Spiralizer Super Bowl Recipes Liza’s: Guacamole without...


9 - Super Bowl Blizzard

On this week’s episode, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite moisturizing products to combat the winter dry skin blues and we celebrate what would have been Christy’s Dad’s 81st birthday with a Neal Diamond song and a story about the epic Super Bowl Blizzard of 1975. #ALSO: What’s your word of the year? Please post a pic to social media and tag us #CTD2018Word Taking it for a Test Drive: First off — Annie shares’ MN Viking Pride — Demonstrated at MN Wild Game — even from an opposing...


8 - Just Dance

Show Summary: In this week's episode, we have a new take on New Year's resolutions, an update on Christy's "Milk of Magnesia" deodorant "test drive," a HUGE lesson in Yapping Yiddish, and a Super Tramp song for our Long Distance Serenade! ———————— Also Josie recommends Anna Faris is Unqualified as her favorite podcast! Foodie Curious blogger, Jewyl Clark’s Mystery Box Spam & Stuffing Endive Boats were a hit at the Eichers Family Christmas. Take a peak at Christy with the successful ...


BONUS: Our Favorite Podcasts

Show Description On this ‘bonus episode’, Christy & Liza share some of their favorite podcasts and podcast listening apps. With nearly 250,000 podcasts to choose from on almost any topic you can imagine, we thought we’d give you a few recommendations. Show Notes Our Favorite Listening Apps: Stitcher - for Android AND IOS Users! Overcast YouTube And… you can listen on an “Alexa Smart Listening Device," if you have one of these devices, you can simply say, “play the latest episode...


Episode 7 - Santa's Landing

Show Description: In this week’s episode, we have a food blogger from San Diego joining us to share a “mystery meat” appetizer, I’ve got a very special Long Distance Serenade to my college roommates, we talk to Annie about some Holiday Hosting tips and I share a very sweet story about my oldest niece on Christmas Eve. Taking it for a Test Drive: Christy’s Uncle Pat introduced her to Jewyl Clark who is a food blogger who shares the story and recipe for this “fancy” appetizer! Check out the...


Episode 6: Ferls & Ikes

Show Description We’re mixing things up… we are using this episode to celebrate the 50th Birthday of one of Christy’s friends, Derek Ferley. We’ll have a helpful hint he shared with Mark Howard, a Long Distance Serenade to him from a longtime friend, Tad Schmitz, and we'll share a Ding Dong Doozie about him. Estrogen Rating: 0 Long Distance Serenade We are still trying to find the photo of Ferls after he hit the dance floor at Church Street Station. We do have a photo of one of those...


Episode 5: Family Heirloom

On this week’s episode of Crash Test Diva we’ll update you on Christy’s Test Drive of Milk of Magnesia as deodorant, my sister Annie comes back with some great gift ideas for the guys on your list, the Renaissance Rebel delivers an 80’s tune to a couple Michigan gals, the Yiddish Yapper returns with a lesson about “being good” for the holidays, AND to end the show I’ll share a story about a family heirloom I discovered at a garage sale. SHOW NOTES: #ALSO: Estrogen Rating: 2 The Deodorant...


Episode 4 - Just Breath

#ALSO (Listen to hear how this new segment was inspired by an overused word in my niece/Social Media Diva's vocab!) Enjoy this classic SNL sketch, Schweddy Balls — it may remind you of our Taking it for a Test Drive Segment in Episode 1. Taking it for a Test Drive: Christy is embarking on the journey of using Milk of Magnesia as Natural Deodorant for the next month! Join her and purchase some of your own on Amazon. You can purchase Christy's favorite kitchen appliance the Instant Pot on...


Episode 3 - Pumpkin Pie & Beer

On this week’s episode, we’ll share a ‘Ding Dong Doozie’ about a Halloween Party, my sister, Ann Aas, returns to the show and we share some of our favorite low carb treats in 'Taking it for a Test Drive,' I’ll share a very sticky ‘Tip O’the Day,’ we’ll have a ‘Long Distance Serenade’ for some college freshmen from Eastern Illinois who made a chilly pilgrimage to see Prince in 1984, and during the ‘Let Me Tell You a Story’ segment, I’ll share an unsolved Eichers Family Thanksgiving...


Episode 2 - Packing Strategy

On this week’s episode, we’ll introduce a reoccurring guest, Mark Howard, he’ll share a not so helpful hint and some of his favorite ‘Ding Dong Doozies,’ We’ll have a ‘Long Distance Serenade’ for some childhood friends from Georgia, we’ll introduce a new segment with our Yiddish Yapper, Benjamin Rodich, and during the ‘Let me tell you a story’ segment, I’ll share a tale from my Minnesota Fringe Festival Show about a hike in the Faroe Islands. Tip O'the Day Bounce Dryer Sheets Photos of...


Episode 1 - Wardrobe Malfunction

On this week’s episode, we’ll share a ‘Ding Dong Doozie’ about a Fancy Fan, We’ll have a ‘Long Distance Serenade’ for professional ice skaters who performed together during the early 80’s in Tel Aviv, Israel, we’ll take some nuts & chocolate for a ‘Test Drive,’ and during the ‘Let Me Tell You a Story’ segment, I’ll share a tale from my Minnesota Fringe Festival Show about a wardrobe malfunction. Show Notes – Taking it for A Test Drive : Patti’s Nuts K’ul Chocolate Long Distance...