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Episode 15 - NES Classic Edition; NES Classic, Extra Life or Game Over?

The gaming system that single-handedly brought back the home video game market from a depression in the mid-1980s is back! The Nintendo Entertainment System, or NES, may be the greatest home video game system of all time. Nintendo introduced the NES Classic for Christmas 2016 and retailers cannot keep it in stock! The deep pull of nostalgia has the NES Classic currently selling for $300 on Amazon! (Use the Crew Amazon links at the top of our page if you plan to pay $220 over MSRP, we'd...


Episode 17 - Ontario Organ Donation: Organs for the Rich and Cute first?

There are about 6000 people waiting for organ transplants in Canada, according to Canadian Blood Services. 250-300 people died in recent years while waiting for organs. In Ontario, we have close to 2000 people on waiting lists for organs. Some have taken to private campaigns to find suitable donors outside the official list of those waiting for transplants. In this show we examine the moral and ethical obligations of donating organs, being a “living donor”, respecting family wishes after...


Episode 21 - The Internet of Things

More and more “dumb” devices are gaining network connectivity and are connecting to the internet. This theoretically increases convenience for us by routing controls and monitoring through our phones. Yet there is a growing concern that the Internet of Things, or IOT, has a darker side. From simple issues beginning with higher electricity usage and longer and more complicated setups, to security issues such as poor or non-existent software security and bug fixes and patches. This week the...


JR Talks To People Episode 2 - Cynthia Gould

On this episode of JR Talks to People, JR speaks with Cynthia Gould of High Heels Lo Fi. Cynthia discusses her band, the aforementioned High Heels Lo Fi, their newly released EP "The Booty Sessions", and the psychological manipulation power that the VJ wields! To find out more about Cynthia or High Heels Lo Fi, please visit: To purchase "The Booty Sessions" or any of their albums,...


Hot Takes with Gino: Ep. 1 - Toronto Traffic Collision Tips

The Toronto region alone sees more than 70,000 automobile accidents every year. Do you know what to do if you are involved in an automobile accident in Ontario? The first episode of "Hot Takes with Gino" gives you valuable advice on what to do if you are involved in an automobile accident. These tips WILL save you time, money ,and hassle when dealing with your insurance company. Don't loose your car to tow trucks, don't take blame at the scene, ALWAYS have your phone handy to take...