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Season 2 Episode 14 – In which Jordan sounds an awful lot like Diana!

There are a lot of new things this week including 2 stories from the past year, and A NEW COHOST! As Jordan takes a sabbatical, Diana steps in to take on the never-ending task of keeping me entertained and on topic!


Season 2 Episode 13 - In which there are cats and cats and cabs!

Taking on some strange challenges from the Facebook group predictive text game, we tell stories about cat-crimes and cab-crimes! Want in on the fun? Come join our Facebook Group!


Season 2; Episode 12 - In which someone else takes flight!

First, an older woman managed to sneak onto an international flight with no passport or ticket. Now, even 12-year-olds are doing it! And a serial husband is also a serial killer! But… how?


Season 2, Episode 11 - In which there are serious twists around every corner

Jordan is back! And she brought a story about stalking and Florida and… well, you’ll see! And then a mass murder with a twist! And the WORST street name we have ever heard!


Season 2; Episode 10 - In which… Wait! Is that DIANA?!

I swear I haven’t murdered Jordan and taken her body to the middle of the ocean and chopped her into small, edible pieces for all manner of sea li- You know what? That’s a lot of detail. No, this week, I have replaced Jordan (who wanted a massage instead of a snowstorm) with your special thank-you-for-being-patient-with-a-late-episode surprise: DIANA (who is apparently cool with snow, and scheduled her massage for later in the week)! Diana puts Jordan and me to shame with a thesis, a...


Season 2; Episode 9 - In which Jordan takes the night off and you get David instead!

You know what’s a surprisingly fun couples activity? Podcasting! So, this week’s stories include a killer doctor, a questionable request for a lawyer, and the world’s tallest pole!


Episode 2:8 - In which we try to talk about school shooters…again

Our sound issues are finally solved, so this time it’s not a lie - we will be talking about Columbine and all of the tragedy of this as-yet unsolved issue of violence in schools. Also, an amazing thief gets away with stealing from all of his neighbors - for years. And we can’t even be mad at him!


Season 2 Episode 6 - In which drugs are a bad idea

We should probably just say it: Crime is a bad idea. Always. Almost always. Anyway, this episode illustrates how drugs can create all kinds of STICKY situations!


Season 2; Episode 5 - In which we tell almost the same story!

We haven’t yet brought the same story to a recording, but on this episode, we got really damn close! Two female serial killers in the 20th century! And even their weapon is identical! Plus, if you ever get caught doing something wrong, you might NOT want to take advice from Jordan’s last suspect!


Season 2; Episode 4 - In which nothing is as it seems

A man idolizes his hero so much he decides he has to pay her a visit. Twice. A woman longs to travel - so she does. And she doesn’t let a little thing like a ticket get in her way! And a handsy thief steals some expensive equipment and takes off - under water!


Season 2; Episode 3 - In which Eryn shares some prison knowledge!

Does it count as knowing something about our legal system if what I know is actually just about how prisoners spend their free time? In addition, we cover stories that hurt our hearts and hit a little close to home. But we end with a laugh about an “emergency” on a Scottish farm.


S2 Ep1 - In which several sets of eyes go missing

An insomniac suddenly becomes a murder suspect. A child from an abusive home grows up to have an unhealthy obsession with eyes. And someone accidentally tells on himself. Crime Crazy is back for Season 2!


Episode 35 – In which a WHOLE LOTTA people die! Like… a lot-a lot

Two of the most prolific serial killers in history meet on this episode. Okay, well. They don’t actually meet. That would be horrible! But they are both on this episode (although we’ve toned down the blood, and Jordan is feeling much, much happier about it!) Also, plans for the future of Crime Crazy including a sneak peak at an upcoming episode and a short break for the holidays.


Episode 34 - In which there is a vampire

Our Halloween episode is all about the blood! The Vampire of Sacramento brings gory to a whole new level in this episode. But his isn’t the only murder committed. Jordan has found a stash of murder stories that all happen on Halloween!


Episode 33 - In which there are SO MANY MURDERS!

You’ve been warned. Horrible things happen in this episode (but don’t they always?) But to be fair, some of them do happen to kids this time. And yet, the story is so insane, it’s hard not to listen. Also, a woman is buried alive, and a gun is discovered… somewhere it should NOT be!


Episode 29 - In which murder for hire is STILL a bad idea, and an elderly jewel thief continues her life of crime.

We haven’t QUITE done it, but somehow our stories this week were eerily similar! And murder for hire? Still a bad idea! Also, which woman is a jewel thief? Give up?


Ep 28 – In which a text gives away a plot, something horrible happens to a nun, but there’s a clown…

A woman tries to plan a murder. But come ON guys! STOP TEXTING! If you’ve heard of or seen “The Keepers,” you’ll want to listen to Eryn’s story this week – where she tells all the details of the true case! At least Jordan brings it back around with some clown crime…


Episode 25 - In which a ninja is caught, kinky sex turns deadly and if you don’t listen, Ewell be sorry!

Ninja Burglad sounds kind of badass, but this one deserves every second of the 22 years he ends up with! Also, two different killers murder their family members, but is it for money or something else?


Episode 24 - In which a girl’s life is forever changed, peanut butter is a weapon, and a fire takes over.

Sometimes people are evil. Sometimes they are careless. This episode has some of each. A young girl is snatched off the street on her way to school, and her life is never the same. A couple of men think they’re above the law and value profit over life, and a handful of partiers learn a very, very hard lesson!


Episode 23 - In which we forget how to podcast, but still tell stories of accidental murder, celebrity arrests, and tunafish

Maybe so much coffee wasn’t a great idea! Jordan and I are joined by our silent but handy sound guy as we answer Mike’s Mike’s challenge (no, that’s not a typo), talk about the number 23, and try to figure out how someone could accidentally poison a crowd!