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Season 3, Episode 20 - In which there is an undeclared eggplant

Undeclared eggplant, vitamin bottles of eggs, tortoises in pants and cockatiels in bottles, impossible murders, and all kinds of sh***y facts! This is a weird one! Smuggling...


Season 3, Episode 19 - In which Jacqui is(n't) in witness protection

It's November and we're starting with a special guest! Jacqui Nolastname joins us while we tell some crazy crime stories. What's the most Canadian story you can think of? Diana has it! And then we prejudge a murder suspect. Welcome to November!


Special Episode - Please Vote!

It's not Tuesday, but we made a new episode anyway. Why? We have something important to share. (Warning: This episode is personal, raw, and real and deals with sexual assault. If you're not in a place to listen, we'll "see" you on Tuesday. ) GO VOTE! National Sexual Assault Hotline: 1-800-656-4673 RAINN


Season 3, Episode 18 - In which we celebrate Halloween

Our festive episode this week is as dark as you'd wish. But don't worry. We're still in Crime Cozy season, so we have some very comforting stats to soothe the scary.


Season 3, Episode 17 - In which we don't worry too much about getting murdered

Crime Cozy returns! Whether it's a lover crossed or a group of people who just randomly chooses you to kill, murder is scary shit. But... is it really a big risk? Find out. And also listen to a couple totally tragic murder tales, because it wouldn't be Crime Crazy without those! And stay tuned for a great discussion of llama shirts.


Season 3, Episode 16 - In which we decide we still won't chew gum

Crime Cozy continues this week with a story about a home invasion (is that even a thing?) and some strict foreign laws we're never going to test! Also, did YOU know about luffas?! And don't forget to listen to the end!


Season 3, Episode 15 - Crime Cozy 2; In which we're still safe

You're sitting in your favorite chair, wrapped in a cozy quilt, sipping hot cocoa when you suddenly realize something is off with your drink. And you smell smoke. Have you been poisoned? Did someone set fire to your house? Don't worry. That's extremely unlikely! *Starting this week!* Stay until the end for some awesome bloopers! Resources: Jane Stanford's Death:


Season 3, Episode 14 - In which Crime Crazy goes Crime Cozy!

Welcome to October! It's the time of year for fall leaves, pumpkin spice everything (if you're into that...ICK!) and seriously gory, scary true crime podcasts. But, you know what, every true crime podcast goes that route. So, we've decided to mix things up a little this year. For the month of October, instead of going creepy, we're going cozy! Seriously scary crime stories with super cozy statistics about safety. In our first story, we learn some new vocabulary and what people taste like....


Season 3, Episode 13 - In which there are smart(ish) thieves and a (really) dumb murderer

Remember that episode where we decided we *might* be ok with killing someone who steals your AC?* Well, we may have found ONE other thing worth killing over!* And we have NO idea why this guy thought he'd ever get away with his crimes! #HoldMyAvocado *Not really guys! DO NOT end up on next week's episode!


Season 3, Episode 12 - In which we define Crime Crazy

Close your eyes and picture the craziest crime story? Do you picture the "Crime for Dummies" version? Everything cliche and sterotypical? Like someone sat down and asked themselves "what would a criminal do" and then did just that? (no one would do that. That's Crazy). Or is it more like a crime story that might have been made up by a couple of high-as-balls 12-year-olds asked to write a crime story for their creative writing class? Because, either way, we've got you covered this week!


Season 3, Episode 11 – In which the colors shrieked

Eryn can’t set fires, but this guy sure can! At least Diana’s criminal was more respectful of property. Even if ladders eluded him.


Season 3, Episode 10 - In which all you need is a typewriter and plenty of time

When you're in prison, there's not much to do. Some people read; some learn a trade; and one guy made tens of thousands of dollars! Then, we revisit the Cecil and a case we mentioned previously. It's tragic, and it's unsolved. But it's also full of fascinating details! Bonus: Diana *might* end up on next week's episode, and we chat about the cutest animal you've never heard of!


Season 3, Episode 9 - In which there's a Rat

So many domestic issues this week leave us wondering if certain people should avoid marriage altogether. From jealous new wives to jealous lovers, no one is safe!


Season 3, Episode 8 - In which we prove that it really IS a bad idea to stay somewhere for only $14 a night!

Know how we've started saying "Call your people" a whole lot? Well, we have some good reasons why this week. From a personal story to some old ones, 'keep in touch' proves to be really important! This week we travel to a crime-ridden hotel, traverse the world following a priest who is definitely up to no good, and make a strange request about feet.


Season 3, Episode 7 - In which marriages don't work out for anyone

A wife goes missing - for decades. Who is the most obvious suspect? Could it be the man who never really reported her missing? (CALL. YOUR. PEOPLE!) A husband is murdered, and his body desecrated in a terribly upsetting way. Who should be questioned first?


Season 3, Episode 6 - In which there is a killer selfie

"Don't end up on next week's episode." Don't commit the crime. And whatever you do DO NOT TAKE PHOTOS OF YOUR CRIME AS YOU COMMIT IT!. Come on, guys! Also, call your people. Call. Your. People!


Season 3, Episode 5 – In which we learn nothing about penguins

Drunken students, an aquarium’s shoddy security, and a hilarious idea lead to the world’s most famous flightless bird. Then, the perfect couple…may not be so perfect!


Season 3, Episode 4 - In Which There Is Not Enough Punishment

We're not gonna lie: there's a buncha murder in this one! But even though you can see it coming (because we told you), you're going to be surprised at the how, the why, and the how much! And then a nice palate cleanser!


Season 3, Episode 3 - In which the AC is the MOST IMPORTANT THING

This week we learn why you shouldn't ride manatees, never to threaten someone's air conditioning, that Diana is weirdly upset about the environmental impact of so much murder, and what one guy got up to in Wisconsin. No manatees were harmed in the making of this episode.


Season 3, Episode 2 - In Which There Are More Sharks Than You Think There Will Be

Eryn tells a story of truly improbable events that uncover so, so much crime, and then Diana becomes kind of a bummer.