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Welcome to Crime by the Bar where friends Ana and Jonatan discuss tales of true crime with a glass of wine (or two). New episodes are released weekly. Each episode covers at least two cases (obscure crimes, cold cases or suspicious convictions) ending with their ‘Drink of the Week’.

Welcome to Crime by the Bar where friends Ana and Jonatan discuss tales of true crime with a glass of wine (or two). New episodes are released weekly. Each episode covers at least two cases (obscure crimes, cold cases or suspicious convictions) ending with their ‘Drink of the Week’.


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Welcome to Crime by the Bar where friends Ana and Jonatan discuss tales of true crime with a glass of wine (or two). New episodes are released weekly. Each episode covers at least two cases (obscure crimes, cold cases or suspicious convictions) ending with their ‘Drink of the Week’.




40: Video Renters and Castle Dwellers

This week Ana and Jonatan pretend covid isn't a thing (because it wasn't when this was recorded). Ana's takes us to 1992 Croatia where Srđan Mlađan raises suspicions by obsessively renting Natural Born Killers... a crime that would never have been solved now that we all have Netflix. Jonatan's crime is in Belgium in 2012 where something sketchy is going on with Stijn Saelen but does his family know more than they're letting on? Our cocktail is a gin spiked 'Bitter Love' (with Parfait...


39: Unsafe Radius

This week Jonatan and Ana discuss yoga, Norwegian crime and insurance claims. We begin with the tale of Bella Gunness, aka Hell's Belle: where she went, fire and death often followed. Was she unlucky or responsible for the terrible things that happened to those around her? Later we discuss Ingeborg Koeber from Bergen Norway; a woman who was once described by Arthur Conan Doyle as 'the most remarkable medium' he'd ever met. Was she genuinely talented or did she go to extreme lengths to...


38: The Night Before Christmas

We're back! This week Ana shares a Christmas Eve murder from her hometown and Jonatan tells the tale a Christmas Day heist. We round off with a gingerbread cocktail. Ana's story is about a Fanny Barber, a woman who found her husband William dead in their home and was soon accused of his murder. What does the evidence say and was Fanny capable of pulling off the murder with such limited time? Jonatan covers the theft of 125 Mayan, Aztec, Miztec and Zapotec artefacts from the National Museum...


37: Insured in Life and Death

This week we’re looking at suspiciously timed insurance claims. Jonatan starts with Michael 'Mullet Mick' Martin, an Australian man who was brutally stabbed in his home one night while his son was visiting. Fortunately (or strangely) his 28-year-old son escapes with only superficial injuries. You can see where this is going… Then Ana talks about Derek Nicholson who goes missing during a beach outing with his pregnant partner Nikole Nagle. A week later, the insurance company won’t pay out...


36: Bad Feelings | Mystery

This Friday we have stories that leave us with many questions including: could we have seen this coming? First, Ana tells the tale of Dublin teenager, Raonaid Murray, who was stabbed to death on her walk home. She was found by her sister not far from her front door. What happened? We put together the pieces but almost 20 years later, there are still no clear answers. Then, Jonatan shares the bizarre end to Günther Stoll. The unemployed food technician had become increasingly paranoid over...


35: If I Can't Have Them, No One Can...

It's a travel edition! This time we talk about people who just can't let go. Ana talks about married couple Xiaoye “Alex” Wang and Tianle "Heidi" Li. With divorce looming, the situation takes a strange turn and it seems like it may be 'until death do us part' after all. Jonatan shares the story of an art heist in Rotterdam involving Picasso, Gauguin, Matisse, Monet, Meijer de Haan and Freud. It may not be murder, but the tale ends in tragedy. Our drink of the week is a simple classic:...


34: Work to Death | Mystery

To round off the working week we're looking at unsolved cases relating to mysterious office encounters. First Jonatan has a brief but brutal mystery from England: when Ruth Penelope "Penny" Bell rushes off to a meeting there's no reason to think anything is amiss but when she's found brutally killed her activities in the lead up seem a little more suspicious. Did she know her killer? Ana shares the strange fate of Susan “Su” Taraskiewicz , a Northwest Airlines employee, who experienced...


33: Colleagues Who Kill

This week we talk about awful incidents in the workplace. Jonatan covers the infamous Xerox killer in Honolulu, Hawaii who, after years of odd behaviour, goes on an office rampage killing with a 'to-do' list of co-workers. Ana shares a case from London: Cathy Marlow heads to the office on a Saturday to catch up on work after returning from vacation. Just before leaving the office she runs into an ex-colleague who shouldn't be there. Things do not end well. Later, we have English Mojitos...


32: Movie Murder Mysteries

We continue movie week with more crimes that inspired films. First Jonatan, our native Nordic, takes us to Finland to tell us about the Lake Bodom murders in Espoo. This one has all the making of a horror story but is very real. Four teenagers go camping together and are attacked by a mystery man. Was it an angry local, a suspicious foreigner or the sole survivor who killed the others? Ana then tells the story of the Frog Boys, one of the most terrifying true crime tales to ever come out of...


31: Movie Night

This week we're talking about crime movies: those that were inspired by crimes or inspired their own crimes. Ana tells the real life tale of Frank Abagnale Jr, a con artist and forger whose criminal career started at 15. Frank passed himself off as a teacher, pilot, doctor and lawyer all before he was 21. He later had his story retold in the 2002 Spielberg film 'Catch Me If You Can'. Jonatan is talking about Anthony Curcio who was inspired by 'The Thomas Crown Affair' to commit a robbery...


Mystery 15: A Family Tragedy

We're back! Today we're looking at cases of familicide. First, Ana tells the story of the Setagaya family murder. When a skate park expansion near the Miyazawa's home causes neighbours to move out, they decide it's time to follow suit. But just a few months before they're due to move an intruder kills this family of four. But with evidence everywhere, why hasn't the culprit been found? Later Jonatan tells the tale of Marie-Josée Benitez and her daughter. When they go missing the police are...


15: Crime by Coercion

This week we have a catchup on Henri Vanbreda from '2: New Tales & Foreign Spirits' (go back and listen) then we're discussing women who sweet talked others into committing crimes for them. Jonatan takes us to Australia and tells us about Robyn Lindholm, an ex-national ice skating champion who falls in with some unsavoury characters while trying to maintain her extravagant lifestyle. Ana shares the tale of Diana Lovejoy whose divorce led her down a strange path. A dose of bad luck, a towel...


Mystery 14: Death on Two Wheels

This Friday we're talking about the cyclists who died under strange circumstances. Ana begins with a brief explanation of road cycling to add context to the strange demise of Ottavio Bottecchia, a double Tour de France winner. The Italian cyclist was found dead at the roadside after heading out for a morning ride. Was it a competitor, the government or a farmer upset about his grapes? Jonatan then shares the infamous Green Bicycle case involving 21-year-old Bella Wright who meets an...


14: Writers in the Wrong

We begin the week with crimes close to home- someone has been walking around on Ana's roof and Jonatan's bike has been stolen. After a quick catchup we share stories of writers who've committed terrible crimes. Ana has a story from Macedonia: when women begin going missing in the small town of Kičevo it's not long before career journalist Vlado Taneski makes a connection and starts reporting very graphic details of what became of them. Like an evil Clark Kent, Vlado is leading a secret...


Mystery 13: Cyber Conspiracies

Happy Friday! We're here with creepy stories to round off your week. Jonatan has a tale from China and talks about the estimated 65% of organ transplants that use nonconsensual harvesting from prisoners. Yes, this is a conspiracy theory, but there are a lot of connections that make it difficult to doubt this is happening at least to some extent. Ana talks about Karl Koch, a German hacker who went missing during his lunch break and was later found in very mysterious circumstances: burned to...


13: Crime and Technology

This week we're talking cryptocurrency and cyber crime. Jonatan shares a story from Taiwan: when Tai (戴) brings his friend Hu (胡) along to sell some Bitcoin he expects to make a healthy profit. Instead he finds himself in a situation involving forced alcohol consumption, assault and theft. Ana discusses a virus writer called 'Gigabyte' (aka Kimberley Vanvaeck) who was on a mission in the early 00s to bring down security expert Graham Cluley. Creating the first ever C# virus, Gigabyte...


Mystery 12: Going Coastal

This week we're sharing seaside stories. Jonatan shares the tale of 22-year-old Jessie Earl who disappeared from her flat with no signs of a struggle or planning. Her remains were found almost nine years later by the nearby cliffs. Was a Scottish serial killer responsible or is her killer still on the loose? Ana talks about the Peter Bergmann case involving an unknown man found on a beach in Ireland in mysterious circumstances. For obvious reasons it's often compared to the Tamam Shud case...


12: Drown Your Horrors

This week Ana is sharing the story Birna Brjánsdóttir of Iceland. Birna was at a bar with friends on a typical Friday night. After she left her journey can be tracked on CCTV for half an hour before she disappears. Four days later one of her shoes is found at a nearby harbor and it's not long before we find out what became of her. Jonatan takes us back to 1980's Canada with tales of Gilbert Paul Jordan aka the 'Boozing Barber' who had a long list of convictions. When the body of Vanessa Lee...


Mystery 11: Titles & Tragedy

Happy King’s Day! We tell you all about the Dutch national holiday and the tragic recent history surrounding the event. Jonatan’s mystery is the Nepalese royal massacre. At first glance this seems like a pretty clear cut tale but the more the incident is looked at, the more the details don’t add up. Ana discusses the tragic end of the Duchess de Choiseul-Praslin who was brutally murdered in her home in the early hours of the morning. Things become suspicious when the prime suspect dies...


11: Blue Blood & Amber Drinks

It's a royal edition of Crime by the Bar. In the lead up to King's Day (a Dutch national holiday) we look back at some historical crimes involving royalty. Jonatan shares the violent end for Alexander I of Yugoslavia who warned "if you want a regime change, you need to kill me". You can guess how this ends but it makes for a very interesting tale. Ana retells the Mayerling Incident which involves the Crown Prince of Austria and his mistress the many questions surrounding their deaths. What...