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A Delicious Blend of Comedy, Crime and Cooking

A Delicious Blend of Comedy, Crime and Cooking
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A Delicious Blend of Comedy, Crime and Cooking




By Cook or By Crook: Live

Tinman is coerced into going to a restaurant. It's never a good idea, but does his brother Peach have ulterior motives besides enjoying a meal cooked by someone other than his scratch-cooking brother? You betcha! Listen to the story to find out what's really going on. Narrated by the author. Bonus: If you'd like to read along with the story while it's being narrated, click here After you're finished listening to the story, check out the companion recipe, Easy as Pie Stir-Fry. To see more...


Philosophic Shopper: Live

The burglary business is tough these days, and Tinman and his brother and fellow crook, Peach have to resort to heisting loose change for food money. But this doesn't stop Tinman, master cook, from stocking his larder with lots of yummy food. Get some belly laughs and lots of valuable food shopping tips in this third installment of the Thieves Cookbooks. Bonus: Want to read along with the narrator? Just go here. Check out the companion recipe, Spanish Pasta. To see all the current recipes...


Breakfast at Tinman’s: Live

Tinman believes a healthy breakfast equals a happy crook. And nothing will force him to skip such an important meal, even when there are pockets to be picked. His gang is waiting, a long day of thievery awaits, but his resolve is firm. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, even for a crook. Get some laughs in this second episode from the Thieves Cookbooks. Bonus: To read along with the narrator, go here. Also check out the companion recipe, Tinman's Daily Breakfast. To see more...


Comfort Food: Live

Join the laughs as wannabe thief, Tinman, enrolls in burglary school and ends up with a dunce cap on. Will his delicious stuffed shells win over the teacher? Narrated by the author, this is the first episode of the Thieves Cookbook. Bonus! If you want to read along to the story while it's being read, click here. After you listen to the story, check out the companion recipe, Badass Shells. To see more stories and recipes go to Crookbooks Blog.