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A podcast about urban myths, scary legends, and all around spooky stuff.

A podcast about urban myths, scary legends, and all around spooky stuff.
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A podcast about urban myths, scary legends, and all around spooky stuff.




Episode 28: The Adlet and other Inuit Myths

We travel north (really north) to discuss many of the different myths of the Inuit culture. We discuss a children's book, the origin of European people, and some really old spoilers for Full Metal Alchemist. Oh, and dog fucking. We talk way too much about dog fucking.


Episode 27: South Asian ghosts

Ghosts and spirits are a big part of Bengali culture. Come join us as we learn about the bhoot's love for fish, their nasal voices, and the many different and specific kinds (including one that lives in its car). Also: we open by discussing one of the top ten anime betrayals.


Episode 26: Witches, part II; TV, Movies, and Media

In this second part, we move away from the bummers and stay in the safe camp of TV and Movies. Why did Samantha ever agree to not use magic in Bewitched? Will the Charmed and Sabrina remakes be as good as we hope they will be? Does Practical Magic have one plot too many? And who gave Roald Dahl the right to write such a scary book? Plus: We almost forgot about Harry Potter.


Episode 25: Witches, part I; History and Around the World

"What else is a woman but a foe to friendship-! They are evil, lecherous, vain, and lustful. All witchcraft comes from carnal lust, which is, in women, insatiable." -The Malleus Maleficarum Join us for a bummer of an anniversary episode, as we discuss witches throughout history and around the world. This episode has it all - murder, witchcraft, torture, and a stark reminder that women have and continue to be treated... well, you'll hear.


Episode 24: The Dyatlov Pass Incident

In 1959, nine Soviet university students died in suspicious ways while hiking the treacherous trails of the Ural mountains. Decades later, it remains one of the largest unsolved mysteries. Join us as we mark one year of this podcast by discussing the many theories thrown around behind this famous case (Spoiler Alert: It's NOT aliens).


Episode 23: Creepypasta & Fears

This episode starts as another creepypasta anthology, but it is quickly derailed by our love of RustyQuill's The Magnus Archives. Join us as we read some internet stories and use TMA's categorization of fears to figure out what makes them unsettling. Stories: The Keyhole: Whatever you do, don't look in the keyhole of the locked room. Psychosis: Can you trust the people you are interacting with through your phone and computer? Are there people at all? Or is there something more sinister at...


Episode 22: Banshee and White Ladies

For this episode, we focus on banshees and white ladies. Come listen as we discuss what is a banshee and what they do, why you should never bother a woman washing clothes at a river (or maybe you should?), and how to break into the "crying at funerals" industry. Bonus: who the fuck is Sean Cassidy, and other loud comic book character discussions. WARNING: This episode features some joking discussion about suicide by jumping. Please be mindful to yourself and only listen if you're...


Episode 21: Dryads

Join us as we travel back to ancient Greece and go green discussing the ancient dryads! In this episode, we discuss our Greek gods phases (or lack of one), read stories about nymphs, and as usual, segway into many unrelated subjects.


Ep. 20: Sailor Superstitions

On our 20th episode, we take off to the sea (again!) and look at some of the different beliefs sailors had about going off into the ocean. This episode, we will answer questions such as: is whistling bad or good? What is the one fruit you should never have on a boat? And can you outrun your destiny if your name is Jonah?


Episode 19: Ravens and Crows

We dive into the natural world and look at a couple of our favorite birds. From messengers to gods to tricksters, corvids have played many different roles for many cultures. Which one is your favorite? Also in this episode: the dynamics of Thor's family, as well as the worst possible description of bird sex acts. You have been warned.


Episode 18: Mermaids, part II

This week, we continue our exploration into mermaids by going a little more modern. We explore the classic tale of The Little Mermaid, as well as take a peep at mermaids in horror, and how many mermaid shows does Australia really need? Bonus: the best segway into fish sex you will ever hear. PS; We are aware that there's some clipping happening. We're in the process of checking up on the mic, and seeing if it was a one-session issue, or something bigger. Thanks for your patience!


Episode 17: Mermaids, part I

In part 1 of this two-parter, we get an in-depth look at the origin stories for mermaids. When did creatures, usually women with fish tails, become part of our collective knowledge? Who created them? Also, a long discussion on Disney Villain songs, and why Odysseus is a fuckboy.


Episode 16: Creepypasta Anthology I

In our first story anthology, we go over 4 different creepypasta that have been circulating the internet over the last few years. Anansi's Goatman: A group of friends and family get together for a camping trip. However, when they do a head-count, there's always an extra person. The Smiling Man: A man likes going out for night walks, until he runs into an unsettling stranger. Candle Cove: A forum discusses a forgotten children's show, remembering more and more disturbing details as they go....


Episode 15: Fox Spirits

In this episode, we discuss fox spirits, prevalent in East Asian cultures. Where did their stories start? If you had choose, should you meet a kitsune or a gumiho? And how many fox spirit representations can we find in modern media? Come learn with us about these wise, and sometimes dangerous, creatures.


Episode 14: Selkies

Selkies, the seal creatures known for changing into human form, are playful and innocent. They are the perfect example that sometimes, the supernatural beings are not the monsters of their story. Also, we find something even scarier than monsters: a PUA website. Content Warning: In this episode, we discuss non-consensual relationships, rape, and coercive behavior in relationships. Please be mindful to yourself before listening.


Episode 13: Chupacaba & Latin American Vampires

The chupacabra is one of the best known cryptics from Latin America, terrorizing cattle and humans alike. But is there a reasonable explanation behind the sightings? We also discuss other vampire-like creatures, as well as Drag Race icons and the Stanley Cup.


Episode 12: The Jersey Devil

Today, we jump to the eastern United States to look at one of the most long-standing cryptics: the Jersey Devil. How did this creature came to be? How long did it stick around? And what are some encounters that the people of New Jersey have had with it? Also, the pettiest Founding Father fight since Hamilton.


Episode 11: Wendigo

In some North American Indigenous cultures, there exist the tale of the Wendigo, a cannibalistic creature that will endlessly crave human meat. In this episode, we discuss the wendigo, as well as some cannibals in real life, and wendigos in the media. Also, Monster High OCs.


Episode 10: Vengeful Spirits

Japan has a rich supernatural history, and the subset we discuss in this episode focuses on angry women - vengeful over perceived wrongs, betrayed by their lovers, and turned into spirits or demons in their ire. This episode's full title is "Angry and vengeful female spirits from Japan that are sometimes also demons".


Episode 9: Duendes

Episode 9: Duendes by Crypt Talk