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Champions - Choices Part 1 "I Know What Cheese Means"

The first episode in our new arc is already, two days late ... apologies, but life getting in the way of what we find fulfilling is what this podcast is all about so. But now that it's here please enjoy the first episode of a new arc following Timothy's Champions as they begin their career's as mercenaries. When a commander from the Inquisitors reaches the Red Keep, he sends the Champions on a mission to deal with a demonic infestation of a small city near the Corteaux and Trepany border....


Forming The Champions - Part 2 "Name All The Root Vegetables You Know"

We invite you to listen to the second half of the prologue as our team learns to work together, they come across some disturbingly round stones, discover a mutual hatred of clapping, and name every root vegetable there is. We also learn more about Kobold anatomy than you ever wondered about. Can this disparate group of adventurers learn to put their differences aside and work together as a group? Also, go "Land Eels", University of Hell, Class of 1132. Elijah The World Ender – Vinny...


Forming The Champions - Part 1 "Roll For Big Spoon"

Our inaugural episode of a new podcast that uses Dungeons and Dragons to deal with problems in life. We don’t throw dice at bullies or anything, instead we build campaigns based off of real world trials and tribulations. Student loans become raiding marauders, a bad boss becomes an evil wizard, or perhaps a buried treasure will represent that job you didn’t get. This isn't to say every character will be completely based on real life issues, some players may simply want to explore a character...