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Ep.106 Stupid Lisa Garbage Face

On this weeks episode of “Da” Podcast, Steve is joined by stand up comedian, Lisa Feingold as they talk about the meaning of life, when Lisa started stand up, producing shows, who Lisa looks up to, meeting Sarah Silverman, Lisa’s end game, accents, musicals, Netflix, creating a video game, healthcare, performing in Toronto, political correctness, getting mugged, a convenience store uses a unique method to fiend off a thief, Lisa’s phobia, a woman gets stuck in an elevator for days, a human...


Ep.105 Paddy The Baddy

On this weeks episode of “Da” Podcast, Steve is joined by the former Cage Warriors Featherweight Champ, Paddy “The Baddy” Pimblett as they talk about training at Next Generation MMA, how Paddy got into MMA, becoming champ again, call outs, weight cutting, cheat meals, why Paddy turned down The UFC, walkouts, representing Liverpool, flying triangles, if Paddy will ever make the jump to WWE, superstitions, favourite fighters, when should fighters retire, being injured, having sex before a...


Ep.104 Red Bore Redemption

On this weeks episode of “Da” Podcast, Steve is joined by the host of Rerez, Shane Luis. They talk about what Rerez is all about, consuming media, reviewing hardware, The Worst Series Ever, Soulja Boy systems, the first motion controller, Steve hates Far Cry 5, Shane loves Hitman 2, Fallout 76 glitches, Red Dead Redemption 2 is boring, unnecessary mechanics & realism in games, multiplayer games, marvel on Netflix, upcoming releases, trying weird food, DC’s Titans, Portuguese parents, The...


Ep.103 Don FUBAR

On this weeks episode of “Da” Podcast, Steve is joined by Jose “FUBAR” Sanchez as they talk about how Jose got started on EP Daily, reviewing games & movies, games that are too long, video game expos, Japan, attending Wrestlemania’s, playing video games with wrestlers, Wrestlemania fantasy booking’s, Jake Hager’s Bellator debut, getting hit in the nuts by Quentin Rampage Jackson, if Conor McGregor will ever be in the WWE, UFC fantasy bookings, an update on the woman who gave birth in a coma,...


Bonus Ep.13 The Man

On this bonus episode of “Da” Podcast Steve is joined by Max & Jesse from Got Till 5 Wrestling Podcast as the guys bring you their top 5 moments and not so great moments of NXT Takeover Phoenix/Royal Rumble weekend and more! You can support the show and buy “Da” Podcast t-shirts and mugs at www.wehavemerch.com Go to www.blackbeltcbdproducts.com for all your CBD needs and use promo code: Dapodcast25 to receive 25% off! For the best women clothing and apparels online go to www.poppyapparel.com...


Ep.102 Zombies

On this week’s episode of “Da” Podcast Steve is joined by the director and creator of Zombie With a Shotgun, Hilton Ariel Ruiz. The guys talk about what Zombie With a Shotgun is all about, when it drops, where it was filmed, what inspired Hilton to get into film and horror, Hilton’s web series 6-6-66, the process of coming up with horror content, favourite 80’s & 90’s horror movies, physical experiences with entertainment, going to the movie theatre, reboots and sequels, video games, the...


Ep.101 The 2nd Annual DP Awards

On this week’s episode of “Da” Podcast Steve is joined by stand up comedian Sara Wren and various past guests as they announce The DP Award winners. They also talk about pleasantries, The Golden Globes, Instagram, cats living in an apartment, poop and scoop vs. cat litters, music, travelling, how much The Trevi Fountain makes a year, pan handling, MMA, riding the subway in your underwear, nude beaches, Black Mirror, Steve Carell’s new series on Netflix, writing stand up material and so much...


Ep.100 The Century Mark

On this week’s episode of “Da” Podcast, Steve is joined by co-hosts Danny & Pedro, along with a few past guests calling in to celebrate the 100th episode. The guys talk about constipated diarrhoea, escape rooms, Scott C. Jones calls in to roast Steve and talk video games, Bird Box, Max from Got Till 5 calls in to talk some wrestling, a very heated conversation about Bandersnatch, toys turned into movies, a woman gives birth in a coma, scams, pizza, Sara Wren calls in as they talk about stand...


Ep.99 Best & Worst of 2018

On this week’s episode of “Da” Podcast, Steve is joined by returning guest, Braden Herrington. The guys discuss what they like and disliked in 2018. They talked about video games, WWE 2K18, a different take on Mario Kart, Assassin’s Creed, N64, Netflix, streaming services, Uber Eats, pizza, Batman, Marvel, Star Wars, favourite & worst movies, Halloween, women’s wrestling, favourite wrestling moments, Steve reveals the nominees for The 2nd Annual DP Awards, Braden plays The Dumblaws Game, hip...


Ep.98 Ryron Gracie

On this week’s episode, Steve had the honour and privilege of talking to Ryron Gracie. The two discuss Ryron growing up, when he figured out his family was special, the pressure of being a Gracie, why Ryron never had a MMA fight, being at the first UFC, using Jiu-Jitsu in public, having a unique name, why Jiu-Jitsu is life, Gracie University, the smells of Jiu-Jitsu, pet-peeves, teaching, favourite fight movies, The Dumblaws Game and so much more! Go to www.poppyapparel.com and use promo...


Ep.97 Seven Fishes

On this week’s episode of “Da” Podcast, Steve is joined by returning guest, stand up comedian, Andrew Shiavone. The guys talk about what Andrew has been up to, hockey, football, MMA, Christmas decorations, embezzling nuns, a couple of catfish stories, social influencers, CBD oil, a heart left on a plane, job ghosting, childhood gifts, Christmas traditions, watching Bambi in jail, the “Baby it’s Cold Outside” controversy, Andrew plays The Dumblaws Game and more! Go to www.poppyapparel.com and...


Ep.96 The Golden Pinky Society

On this week’s episode, Steve is joined by returning guest, pro wrestler Benjamin Banks and his tag team partner Victor Griff. The guys talk about movie sequels, The Avengers, when Griff started wrestling & who trained him, a couple of New Jack stories, 80’s and 90’s Wrestling, favourite tag teams, The Golden Pinky Society Origins story, pornography, Benjamin Banks Prime, Banks' weight loss, The Fusion Dance, a challenge is put forward, Fallout 76, Pokémon Go, Sonic The Hedgehog, Super Mario...


Ep.95 Air Horn

This week Steve is joined by his co-host Pedro as they talk about the legalization of marijuana in Canada, a bakery gets sued, Pedro’s parents get raided, an old man with candy, arcade games, dinning in or out, behaving in public, everybody is a doctor, Portuguese history, what to call people, drunk devils, The Dumb Laws game, no music, an annoying air horn and so much more! Go to www.poppyapparel.com and use promo code "Dapodcast" to receive 10% off! Free shipping, worldwide! You can also...


Ep.94 From MMA To Comedy

On this week’s episode, Steve is joined by manager/producer, Jake Hirsch. They talk about how Jake got his foot in the door managing fighters, Liddell vs. Ortiz, Pride FC, Yuk Yuk’s, Jake’s transition from MMA to comedy, a hilarious road story, a gender reveal party that goes wrong, man sues government over a heart attack, an ATM dispensing extra cash, cell phone providers, poor shaming, 60 days in the dark, which fighter would Jake like to see live, The Dumb Laws game, favourite comic and...


Ep.93 Do You Wanna Watch A Movie

On this week’s episode, Steve had Scott C. Jones in studio as they talk about boxing, MMA, Scott’s Podcast called Heavily Pixelated, how video games has impacted both their lives, football, working on EP Daily with Victor Lucas, Playboy, seeing naked men at the spa, video game consulting, favourite game, SNES, games being too long, why Scott loves Bloodborne, pornography, horror games & movies, weird food combinations, curling drunk, soccer, Russia, getting shot on your wedding day, Steve...


Bonus Ep.12 Milky Showers

On this bonus episode of “Da” Podcast, Steve is joined by Max & Jesse from The Got Till 5 Wrestling Podcast to run down their top 5 moments from NXT War Games & WWE Survivor Series. They also share some honourable mentions and talk about golden showers, Steve calls himself out, lactating fetishes, the guys try to guess when certain wrestlers had their first in ring match and so much more! Go to www.poppyapparel.com and use promo code "Dapodcast" to receive 10% off! Free shipping, worldwide!...


Ep.92 Naked Stranger

On this week’s episode, Steve is joined by stand up comedian Ainsley McPhail. They talk about merchandising, starting stand up in Kitchener, favourite comedians & inspirations, Jim Carrey, moving to Alberta, reporting sports, CFL, the worst thing to happen on stage, travelling, finding a naked person in a hotel room, an alien probe, Bill Gates reinventing the toilet, mouse in a loaf of bread, marrying a hologram, man who wants to identify being younger, Japanese cyber security, Sour Patch...


Ep.91 Don't U Know Who Solitair Is

On this week’s episode, Steve is joined by Canadian hip hop producer and artist, Solitair. They talk about performing live, influences, producing, rapping, what Solitair grew up listening to, Jay-Z, today’s hip hop, Kanye West, embarrassing moments on stage, performing in India, travelling, long lay overs, helicopters, a fully functional flying car, having your conscious transferred, an AI news anchor, acting, Solitair plays The Dumb Laws Game, attending high school together and more! Go to...


Ep.90 Water Sports

On this week’s episode, Steve is joined by an injured Max of The Got Till 5 Wrestling Podcast as they talk about said injury, WWE, Red Dead Redemption 2, Max quickly runs down his top 5 video games, The MegaDrive, music, blood drinkers, witchcraft, fetishes, drunk birds, sports, tech talk, legalized marijuana, a homeless man becomes mayor, urine bricks, golden showers, disgusting foods, Steve introduces the newly “Word Game”, Max plays “Dumb Laws” and more! Go to www.poppyapparel.com and use...


Bonus Ep.11 Brian Pillman Jr.

This is the unofficial 100th episode of “Da” Podcast and Steve has wrestler Brian Pillman Jr. as his guest. The guys talk about Brian’s mullet, where he was born and raised, getting trained by Lance Storm, MLW, The Hart Foundation, being a second generation wrestler, biggest fear inside the ring, cars, WWE, today’s product, dating wrestlers, inter gender matches, travel, video games, eating habits, music, television, sports, drinking beer, bags of milk, Brian plays The Dumblaws Game and...