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115: 114 Dubland

In Dubland 114 Suzanne has a lot of anxiety, but it's grand because PJ goes into detail explaining what "woke" is and how to be red-pilled. Truth is, it's all nonsense. They talk about the Iveagh which is a big exciting restaurant in Dublin which everyone hates. PJ realises what age he is and that he has to be aware that some people are 25 years younger than him and they don't want to talk to him. Suzanne talks about how parenting is more violent than UFC. Ok, I don't need to sell this...


114: 113 Dubland

This episode has it all! There's a rant about Christmas and a fairly deep, meaningful conversation about adoption, and of course Suzanne has a night hanging out with an A-lister for no particular reason... she nearly even forgets to bring it up! Suzanne and PJ have signed a very limited number of Dubland t-shirts, so order immediately at HeadStuff.org/shop and let us know if you want a signed one!


113: Dubland Science Week

Genetics, PJ wonders about that one lad in your class who looked 24 when you’re 8. Octopus, depression and MDMA pops up a fair bit. A bank of Ukulele playing Physicists, Suzanne and the moon. We’re all stars, literally and so much more. Prepare yourself, it’s a long one. It’s the Live #scienceWeek Dubland Podcast. Enjoy. Oh and get yourself a Dubland t-shirt!


111: 112 Dubland

Dubland 112 starts with a dramatic update on the fate of PJ's stolen motorbike. PJ is also confirmed as a Thug on Irish language TV show, Ros Na Rún, and he's the poster boy for local football club Bohemian's new jersey. There commences a long conversation about musicians, image rights and Ireland gigs for international stars. Suzanne and PJ receive a nice present from a dear listener. Suzanne hurts Alan's (producer) brain with her reluctance to believe very basic science. They move onto...


112: Dubland Live at Dublin Podcast Festival 2018

Suzanne and PJ take the Liberty Hall Theatre stage in style as they plough through all sorts of topics including animal facts, slipping in the shower and farting in water, men being sick vs women being sick, sports, notions, begrudgery, doctors, taxi men, and much more. Enjoy!


111: 111 Dubland

Come to Dubland live as part of Dublin Podcast Festival on Friday 12th of October! PJ wants to go to the sun for a week but doesn't want to see a child or a couple. There's a nice message from sad animal facts. There's too much Branston Pickle now. There's stuff about unfunny new age 'cerebral' comedians and jaded old comedians who don't care and are funny. PJ is now a licensed power boat operator but at the same time he had to get rescued from a pub toilet by the RNLI. There are Dubland...


110: 110 Dubland

Dubland will be doing a live podcast as part of Dublin Podcast Festival on Friday 12th of October! There is a hell of a lot of singing because PJ is excited about Halloween and he's annoyed that Christmas is already, ALREADY, getting in the way of it. Suzanne and PJ also talk about young doctors, and the one thing PJ hates more than Christmas - beards! Suzanne talks about the British funeral ritual of Death Limbo. PJ officially writes his will in this episode, so this is the one that you...


109: 109 Dubland

Dubland will be doing a live podcast as part of Dublin Podcast Festival on Friday 12th of October! This week Suzanne and PJ talk about the high level of intensity at Dublin derby soccer matches, and discuss whether or not there's hooliganism involved. This brings them to GAA and there are confident predictions about the All Ireland Final which hasn't happened yet. They try to figure out if Molly Malone was a prostitute or a seafood seller. We have Netflix recommendations, which are exciting....


108: 108 Dubland

There are Dubland T-shirts now! Go and buy one or four of them! Suzanne gets a phone call from her auntie's death bed and her mother's ankles are swollen. PJ got his pickle sauce stuff and talks about what British people do better than Irish people, he then goes on to say it's coming home and through his full support behind England in every way (give or take). Our Dubland adults review a children's self-help book, and tear it to shreds. But they appreciate the gift! Also there's talk about...


107: 107 Dubland

There are Dubland T-shirts now! Go and buy one or four of them! Audience questions are answered, PJ is a liability of a coastguard, Suzanne is pissed off about the naming of pigeons, Dubland is back! PJ has discovered George Ezra and he's very happy about it. Old wives tales, football jerseys, childhood and popes - it's all here, folks! Dubland will be doing a live podcast as part of Dublin Podcast Festival on Friday 12th of October! Join the HeadStuff Podcast Network group on Facebook....


106: Dubland 106

There are Dubland T-shirts now! Go and buy one or four of them! Suzanne loves Kilkenny now. PJ makes the case for Aperol Spritz, which involves the intricacies of a car engine. They both muse on festivals and how they feel about fun (drinking). There's Netflix recommendations and also a theatre recommendation. Dubland will be doing a live podcast as part of Dublin Podcast Festival on Friday 12th of October!


105: Dubland 105

It takes a couple of minutes for PJ to wake up to this episode, but once Mayo is mentioned he bursts into fiery, ranty, pissed-off life. Suzanne eventually brings proceedings to Kilkenny so she can have a moan too. The hosepipe ban comes into affect, but it doesn't dampen the conversation (I'm here all night). Everyone's favourite man, Joey, makes an appearance to talk about panel beating. There are no skilled people in Dublin anymore, "you have to grow a man-bun and grow your own kale in a...


104: Dubland 104

There are Dubland T-shirts now! Go and buy one or four of them! PJ has written a show, a play, no less. It's called Madhouse and it's about PJ's childhood. It's going to be on in the Abbey in September, and he maybe possibly even lets slip who plays his mother, by mistake (shhh, it's between us). Suzanne talks about her wonderfully racist 94 year old father in law. Naturally PJ interrupts this with calls for more talk about anal health. We also hear about his very exuberant trip to London....


103: Dubland 103

PJ is furious because he had to go to a stunningly beautiful wedding in Tuscany, Italy. Cars, flights and Italians cause complications. There's some flutteringly terrible language in a BBC Children's TV show. And Suzanne finds out that PJ was on the discontinued show Celebrity Bainisteoir. They talk about sports fans being vocal and uncool to the players they're supposed to be supporting. There's an animal fact where we find out a certain creature's favourite type of music and there's talk...


102: Dubland 102

Suzanne and PJ are so happy to be back because it's been two weeks of misery and it's sunny in Ireland! There's talk about the audio from the previous episode, loads of talk about the abortion referendum, even a mention of PJ's grown up clothes and the GAA, Carlow vs Kildare (there's a lot of Kildare bashing, Kildare Village is the only good thing from Kildare, says Suzanne despite Alan the producer being from there). Anyway, enjoy!


101: Dubland 101 | Live in London

Here's the show recorded in The Boogaloo in London. The recording wasn't the best, but the laughs are plentiful, so give your ears a drink and then enjoy the first ever overseas Live Dubland Podcast with Suzanne and PJ. Including a cameo introduction from Chris Moyles!


100: Dubland 100 | Live Stream

100 episodes of this lunacy, can you believe it? 100 episodes of Suzanne and PJ. 100 episodes of notions and dirty donkeys and #InUrEars. 100 episodes of Dubland! This episode was live streamed on YouTube on Tuesday 1st of May at 8pm. If you missed that you can still the video of it here. There is talk of the live show in London (which will be released here next week), PJ's adventures in Fiji and Suzanne and PJ answer audience questions from the live stream. Enjoy! Join the [HeadStuff...


99: Dubland 99

What book was your go to growing up? Bet it wasn’t the same as PJ’s. Big news for Pidge the Pigeon. Netflix recommendations, we welcome the newbies. 99 episodes in, PJ & Suzanne reflect on the times they thought it was over and how more people need Dubland in their life. PJ’s burning question remains unanswered, naturist magazines and Suzanne and PJ give a scary insight into their teenage years, needless to say they had very different experiences. Animal facts begin cute and take a turn....


98: Dubland 98

On Dubland 98 Suzanne and PJ kick things off by explaining how Easter is superior to Christmas and Suzanne is constantly baffled by PJ's knowledge of all things Christianity (which seems to be a running theme this week) including why you should only trust miserable Christians and PJ's trip to Jesus Camp. PJ bumps into Chaka Khan and Tina Turner on Hill 16\. Chris Moyles tries to get PJ to abandon his job to start a programme with Suzanne. Animal Facts, Allergies, Adoption, Amendments and...


97: Dubland 97

Dubland 97 gets down to the nitty gritty fairly early on… PJ wants to know, at what age should a man stop shaving his googleys? On the note of personal appearance, will Suzanne ever get a tattoo? We learn a pretty heartbreaking animal fact about baboons. Does anyone out there ever imagine a film backwards? Cause PJ does. And what better way to end the episode than with a good rant about influencers.