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10- Home Automation Month Preview!

**EPISODE 10: TBRS 3- HOME AUTOMATION MONTH PREVIEW! June is Home Automation month here at the Dad-I/O Podcast and we are getting you ready for all the topics we will be dissecting! Todays quick episode we break down some recent projects we have been working on and how they tie back to our growing home automation systems. Do you have a smart home? Do you want to tech up your humble abode? Well here is where to start! We want to hear your questions and thoughts on this Junes growing list of...


09- TBRS: The Uber Accident and The Future of Autonomous Vehicles

The Bedtime Rap Sessions Volume 2: The Uber Accident and The Future of Autonomous Vehicles This week we tackle a heavy subject, the recent fatal uber self driving car accident and how it will impact the future of autonomous cars. Lots to unpack here from who should be held accountable in a situation like this and where does the industry go from here to recover? While we nor anyone else really has the answers to this very complex problem, we at least try to drill into the issue and open up...


08- TBRS: Facebook Messenger for Kids and Danger Parks!

Episode 8- Facebook Messenger for Kids and Danger Parks! This episode is our first one in our 'BEDTIME RAP SESSIONS' series where we head down to Andrews basement and play babysitter to some sleepy kids while our wives work away at their business endeavor the next room over. This new series gives us a chance to chat in a more relaxed fashion about a few current tech/family topics and share our candid responses. This week we tackle two topics: Andrew wants to share his kids information on...


Episode 6- Screen Time!

**Episode 6- Screen Time! This week we tackle a hot button issue in many of our homes... Screen Time! It can be a battle with our kids to set limits and encourage them to seek out other ways to find entertainment and fun but are we as parents feeding the over exposure by sending the wrong message with our own screen addictions? We disect this issue and also spend some time talking about the weirdness that is childrens television and the youtube 'Elsagate' scandal. We also share our...


Episode 5 (Part 2)- Foster Dads!

**Episode 5 (Part 2)- Foster Dads! This weeks episode is a continuation of last weeks discussion about foster care with Kathy Holbrook from House of New Hope. If you would like to get more information about becoming a foster parent, you can head over to their website at You can always reach out to us too through our website at or Facebook @dadiopodcast. You can also follow us on twitter @dadiopodcast and @dadio_ryan. We hope...


Episode 5 (Part 1)- Foster Dads!

Episode 5 (Part 1)- Foster Dads! This week Kathy Holbrook and her adopted daughter Shelby join us to discuss the process of becoming a foster parent. We all share personal stories about our experiences with becoming foster parents and we try to dispell some of the myths and rumors that people frequently have about being a foster child or parent. We dont talk tech this week but so many people asked us to tackle this subject and we really wanted to make sure that we were doing it justice...


Episode 4- Sick Kids! And How Tech Can Help You Deal!

EPISODE 4- Sick Kids! And How Tech Can Help You Deal! It is shaping up to be a legendarily awful season for the flu and other seasonal nasties befalling our homes and families. This week we tackle the tough topic of kids being sick and discuss some products we have found to make life just a little bit easier when the kiddos (or ourselves) end up with the grossness. Most of these products we have first hand experience with but we let you know when we are sharing our research into other...


Fridababy And Kinsa Giveaway!

Head over to our facebook page at to like and share the contest post for your chance to win 1 of 2 prize packages from our sponsors for next weeks episode! You could win either: A mystery package from Kinsa Smart Thermometers! OR A package from Babyfrida including a Nosefrida, Medifrida and breathefrida! Winners will be chosen and contacted February 28th!


Episode 3- CES 2018 Roundup!

EPISODE 3- 2018 CES Roundup! Andrew and Ryan take a look at a few exciting products that came out of 2018’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Would you invest in a $6000 smart toilet? How about a ridiculously expensive television that rolls up into its own hide-a-way case? While most of these are pretty cool, we discuss the practicality of these luxurious home additions and chat about some new services unveiled that actually have some realistic viability for our busy dad lives. If...


Episode 2- Game Dads

EPISODE 2: Game Dads This episode is all about nostalgia and memories of playing video games as kids. We take a look back at the consoles and games that helped shape our childhoods and discuss the important role that games played in fostering bonding relationships with our families and friends. We also discuss the importance of one day getting to share the medium with our own kids. We want to hear from you too! Let us know what were some of your favorite gaming memories? What title...


Episode 1- Hi! Were Dad-I/O

EPISODE 1 Hi! We are Andrew and Ryan hosts of the Dad-I/O podcast! Each episode we will be discussing life as foster parents, our families and of course technology! We want to foster discussions about how technology can be a positive part of the lives of you and your kids while providing tips and tricks to get you ready to tackle whatever life throws at you! Dad-I/O: Life provides the input, WE provide the output! This podcast is powered by Pinecast.


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