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33- Dad SHORTS: Ryans Circuit Bending Drum Machine Toy!

This week Andrew and Ryan take things in a bit of a different direction while they are both hard at work doing renovation projects at their homes. Due to some unforseen scheduling conflicts they have not been able to get together to record a 'proper' episode so for the next couple releases they will be releasing some "Dad Shorts", quick stories about things they are working on or sharing funny family stories! Once all the projects are done, it'll be back to dad biz as usual. Until then...


32- Our Parental Army Knives Of The Swiss Variety!

Episode 32: Andrew- Our Parental Army Knives Of The Swiss Variety! Oh man, this whole parenting thing gets PRRRRRRRRRRETTY complicated sometimes AMIRIGHT? This week we break down a couple of our must-have tools for navigating the complicated wilderness of being a dad. So get ready to earn your safety Swiss Army...Dad... Belts...Knife/tool kit... things, and your iron-on "Im ready to do the dad thing!" badges this week on the Dad-I/O Podcast! Connect With Us! Check out our website...


31- The SHOCKING True Story of How Much Of His Data Exists Online!

Episode 31: The SHOCKING True Story of How Much Of His Data Exists Online! IF you have not listened to last weeks show, make sure you check it out first. This is the conclusion to the challenge issued at the end! Last week Andrew challenged Ryan to discover just how much info could be found online about him using only his home address. The answer was pretty shocking! Found out how much Andrew was in the dark about and tips for how you can do your own 'security audit' and get as much...


30- YoUr pAssWOrd Is REaLLy rEaLLy bAD!

EPISODE 30- YoUr pAssWOrd Is REaLLy rEaLLy bAD! Disclaimer: This episode is a lot longer than our usual ones but it has some really great tips and content that we felt needed to stay in it but just a heads up that we dont usually go this long This week the dads return from a longer than anticipated holiday break to jump right into our multi-episode look at online security! Kicking things off we discuss one of the most critical and often times misunderstood aspects of keeping you and your...


29- Its the End of the Year As We Know It

Episode 29- Its the End of the Year As We Know It! 2018 is quickly coming to an end so we take a few minutes to look back on the year that brought us into the wild and exciting world of podcasting, changes we have experienced with our families and what we have planned for 2019! We have sincerely appreciated our listeners love and support this year and we will continue to bring you great 'dadcentric' content going into 2019! Have a Happy Holidays and New Year and we will talk again in...


28- Andrew and Ryan Collectively Anger The Internet!

Episode 28- Andrew and Ryan Collectively Anger The Internet! Oh boy, this week... we say some things that some viewers may find...controversial. Ryan insults Mark Wahlberg, Andrew insults Android and they both speak heresy against anime... But before you write your hate mail, we go over some new gadgets we scored from Black Friday and talk about some new information to share from Home Automation Month! But if you still feel compelled to send that yule tide hate mail you can...



Episode 27- Back in BLACK FRIDAY! Stock up on stuffing and turkey then head to the battlefields...or your computer chair, whichever you prefer and get ready to snag some sweet new deals on smart home tech this year! Andrew and Ryan tackle the biggest and best deals and tell you where to go and what to look for. This year is shaping up to be the very best opportunity to dive head first into home automation! Dont miss out on any deals or ideas for your setup! Join us as we say pass the...


26- Halloween SPOOCURITY Spectacular!

Episode 26- Halloween SPOOCURITY Spectacular!! This week things get all SPOOKY in our houses as we reflect on the craziness of trick or treating with lots of kids in toe and Andrew shares his SPOOKY tale of his families diaper bag getting stolen by a SOOOOOOOOOKY witch! (No, seriously) and the aftermath of piecing your personal information back together. Its a big bag of topical goodies! So grab your kids candy haul and pick out the good pieces while you join us on this journey of ultra...


25- Kids and Food!

Episode 25- Kids HATE Food! This week we take a look at that most precarious part of parenting... GETTING KIDS TO FREAKING EAT FOOD!! We are not going to pretend like we have any answers on this one, but we share some stories regarding our personal experience with this topic and how we have learned to adapt. Seriously though, if you have the magic secret, would you share it with us?? Also, Andrew drops a bombshell update in his dad moment of the week and the dads celebrate the little...


24- Business Guru Mark Tenney!

Episode 24- Mark Tenney Interview! Business guru Mark Tenney joins us this week to talk about the companies he runs helping churches and small businesses improve their web presence and increase their social media reach. We also get into some good dad moments and outline our inevitable future of livestreaming every aspect of our mundane lives! CEREALCAST COMING IN 2024!!! This is a highly enjoyable episode with lots of great tips from Mark that can be applied to any project you have whether...


23- Granola Bars VS The Internet Generation!

Episode 23: Granola Bars VS The Internet Generation This week we invited veteran educator Tess Wigginton to come on the show and discuss a viral advertisement for Nature Valley Granola Bars that has spurred a conversation around whether or not our kids are forgetting how to play and experience nature the way we and our parents generation did. Check out the Video here What do you think? Are kids these days doomed to be slaves to their devices? Or is the nature of play evolving to prepare...


22- Sauerkraut, Canadian Bacon and Anonymous DNA Testing!

*Episode 22- Sauerkraut, Canadian Bacon and Anonymous DNA Testing! * This week Andrew and Ryan sit down and discuss our results from DNA testing that was completed by Ancestry.Com! Can you submit a sample anonymously? Will you get the same results as someone who gives up all of their information? We tackle what you are asked for and what you get back while exploring the interesting histories of our families that we discovered as a result! Special thanks to Ancestry.Com for providing the...


21- Plastic, Food Dye and Other Scary Stuff!

Episode 21- Plastic, Food Dye and Other Scary Stuff! New research from the American Academy of Pediatrics shed light on some pretty concerning findings in regards to the possible dangers food dyes and plastics could have on our kids... its not the cheeriest reading you could do this weekend but the report does raise some tough questions about the things we give our kids and what affects they could be having on their health. This week Andrew and Ryan discuss some of the concerns the report...


20- Dad-erhood!

*Episode 20- DAD-erhood! * This weeks episode we take a break from discussing tech and gadgets to talk about some personal things going on in our lives and to make some very exciting announcements about the future of our show! So join us for a dad-centric discussion about kids, poop jokes, fostering, adopting and some of our dad moments from the last few weeks! ALSO! BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! The Dad-I/O Podcast is VERY proud to announce that we have officially joined the extremely talented team...


19- Using Tech to Find Deals!

*Episode 19- Using Tech to Score Deals! * This week we take a look at some techy options you can use to help save money, make a budget and score deals! We also go over our Amazon Prime Day hauls and discuss how this years deals were a bit lacking. Connect With Us! WEBSITE- FACEBOOK- TWITTER- @Dadiopodcast, @Dadio_ryan, @andrewsnedeker CALL THE DAD PHONE! Leave us a message and we will answer your questions on an...


18- Smart Appliances!

Episode 18- Smart Appliances! This week we visit a topic we didnt get to in our June Home Automation Month, Smart Appliances! Bust out your wallets as these ones get pricey pretty quick but can offer some really amazing convenience to your life! We also discuss how some of these features being so new are not quite ready for primetime and it may be better to wait for future iterations. Connect With Us! WEBSITE-...


17- HOME AUTOMATION MONTH .:Other Smart Home Tech:.

*Episode 17- HOME AUTOMATION MONTH .:Other Smart Home Tech!:. * Our final week of Home Automation Month closes with a look at some other awesomely cool smart home tech that didnt fit in the previous episodes. You might notice that we mention our next episode will be about smart appliances, that is absolutely true however it will NOT be coming out next Friday unfortunately. It WILL be our first July episode on 7/13 though. Our busy schedule this month got us thinking there was one more...


16- HOME AUTOMATION MONTH .:Energy Monitors:.

Episode 16- HOME AUTOMATION MONTH .:Energy Monitors:. Home Automation Month is almost over but not before we take a look at some ultra cool products for monitoring the energy use of your home and for specific devices. The amazing team over at Sense Energy Monitors provided us with a generous discount on review units for this episode and we let you know what it has been like having this technology in our home! Check out Sense here: Connect With Us! WEBSITE-...


15- HOME AUTOMATION MONTH! .:Smart Thermostats:.

EPISODE 15: Smart Thermostats! Home Automation month continues this week as we take a look at one of our personal favorite pieces of our HA setups: Smart Thermostats! Up for discussion are two of the biggest contenders in the space, Nest and EcoBee. Additionally we also take a look at some of the additional smart devices these companies offer including home security devices and dive into our experiences with networked cameras from other brands. Connect with us!


14- HOME AUTOMATION MONTH! .:Smart Lights/Phillips Hue:.

Episode 14: Home Automation Month! .:Smart Lights/Phillips Hue:. June is home automation month here at the Dad-I/O Podcast and this week we march forward with our most anticipated topic: Smart Light and Phillips Hue! We received a lot of requests for this topic in particular and we are excited to share how we have used these systems to totally transform our homes into automated SMART HOMES! We cover a lot of products this week, here are some links to the big ones: Phillips Hue:...