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Daddy Issuez is a female dark comedy podcast with no filter, no boundaries, and no safe words. Get down and dirty with Shade and Lily Bongwater as they talk about current events, stupid people, apocalyptic events, and just about everything else that comes to mind.

Daddy Issuez is a female dark comedy podcast with no filter, no boundaries, and no safe words. Get down and dirty with Shade and Lily Bongwater as they talk about current events, stupid people, apocalyptic events, and just about everything else that comes to mind.
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Daddy Issuez is a female dark comedy podcast with no filter, no boundaries, and no safe words. Get down and dirty with Shade and Lily Bongwater as they talk about current events, stupid people, apocalyptic events, and just about everything else that comes to mind.




Excuse Doms

This week on Daddy Issuez Shade Queen and Lily Bongwater are sharing the latest news. Lily talks about her lady in waiting and the advantages of finding a Sissy for Shade. Updates on what these two have been up to and the big topic of the day...EXCUSE DOMS. The ladies offer some "subbie support" to submissives out there in the BDSM community who may feel "lost" or overlooked lately. Lily tells Shade how to tell if someone has a legitimate excuse and when they're playing you. This and a...


Burn The Village

In this episode Shade Queen and Lily Bongwater cannot contain themselves... Shade opens with what a Dominant should never have to ask and why and Lily shares her version of selfie woman vs. panther. Harambe did it first. Someone tried (horribly) to rip off our show and failed. A purge begins in Shade Queen's life this week that is a turning point in her friendships going forward with Lily's full support as you would expect. Kink in the news emerges thanks to a shady Lyft driver and as...


The TEA Is Served

This week on Daddy Issuez Shade Queen and Lily Bongwater are all about the tea. Sharing some unfortunate but fair warnings to ladies everywhere. Before you think you know someone, you might want to hear Shade’s story this week about one very selfish dude who can’t say no to himself…or anyone. Lily shares kink in the news and is sure to share Strain of the week which is Animal Cookies! Perfect for all the “littles” in the bdsm community who love to smoke. We refuse to give the goods of...


Mistake Cake

This week on Daddy Issuez plans for house vindicta are unveiled by Lady M Swann and slave limits are discussed. Shade Queen bakes her first mistake cake but her wife is ready to console her because this show is about nothing if it is not about polishing a turd from time to time. A listener submits a Cobain Correction to a prior report they made. Thanks for the truth bomb Chainlovr439!! Kink in the News this week is about men and women with disabilities taking sexy pictures. Join the...


Not Your Girlfriend

This week on Daddy Issuez the ladies are full of- content. Topics will include: Submissive/Slave manners, Why Shade is so unlucky, Liam Neeson, Vampire Facials, Temperature play, and creepy Uber policy changes. Sub manners. Listener submits a question about butt plugs and which the ladies prefer and why. #notyourgirlfriend UBER SUCKS and are profiling and opening the door for super creepy behavior. shade reads a creepy uber driver the riot act. Vagazzle accidents happen, and a...


Kink In The News

This week Shade Queen and Lily Bongwater share kink related stories in this week's news, which leads to a rant or two. Lily debuts her new fetish photos which can be found on her new Instagram account @ladymswann or on Shade's because she shamelessly plugs her work wife's digital life @ShadeQueen2019. So go follow them. Injustices and discussion of treating those in the sex industry as "less than" ensues. Lily also explains why your vagina is sad and you should consider giving it the...


New Year. New Season. Get Spanked. S2 Ep.1

A brand new vibe to a brand new season. Don't worry, spankings are still included, but they will be dishing them out. Lily Bongwater is training under a pro Dominatrix to begin offering her own sessions and Shade Queen is insulting rich men for pay and they are loving every second of it. As it turns out, every fetish has a home here and while they remain light hearted and have a rant at the ready-- these two will have you on your knees. This week: Shade Queen refuses to work for once while...


Three Ladies with Daddy Issuez

In this episode Shade Queen Lily Bongwater and Laura the Hoe Slayer return with how to "find a husband" tips from the 1950's. Stand back ladies, nobody at this table can take this shit seriously... As you may have already expected, these three revise the list to how to ditch a dude and how to find a dick, an updated guide just in time for your holiday man-shopping. Shade however will not be joining you on your quest to find Mr. Perfect. Instead, she has had some epiphanies of her own like...


Reunification: Shade Queen & Lily Bongwater

The ladies are back and there have been some changes. Lily shares why she's been off and on the run while Shade cuddles her and obsesses over how cute she is now that she has her on screen. Lets roll down the topics shall we? Lily talks about a ghost boner. Shade Queen passes out a Savage Award to who she believes to be the Queen Savage of all females. Lily springs on Shade she's the new keeper of the Strain of the Week until further notice. This rolls them right into Jack Herrer a fine...


Daddy Issuez is Funny How?

On this episode Shade Queen assumes she's lost in the dark like little red riding in the hood...but what's that? A GUEST? Shade gets the real from an Irish guy living in Poland recording a Comedian Podcast profiling Comedians in Ireland. Got that? As usual, she has to get some male insight. She basically at this point just needs attention and it's getting sad with Lily gone and is looking for a nice gentlemen to fill the void until her wife gets back. Cool? And if you're curious she...


Cults, Strains, and DMs

On this episode Shade is joined by Steve from Baked and Awake which you can find right here on our network: or on your favorite podcast app. In their attempt to find some common ground that isn't bud- they found a mutual love of cults and conspiracies and together they share their findings on the NXIVM Cult the Gorilla Glue #4 name drama and Lake of Fire...a strain you may not know. Shade and Steve have a great time finding out why this, Landmark JNESS, and DOS...


Daddy Issuez - Witches, BDSM, Zombies, and Explosions - 022

In this episode Shade and Lily Bongwater share all the dirty details on our best kept secrets and misnomers about the BDSM lifestyle, Witches, and how we almost died (apocalypse watch). The ladies compare texts and DMs between vanillas and chocolates and share relationship and breakup advice from a woman's perspective. As usual the ladies are discussing the Strain of the Week (JILLY BEAN) and how it is the perfect blend of mango and pineapple and you need to snag it from your dispensary...


Daddy Issuez - Bus Build, Incels, and Free Range Parenting - 21

In this episode Shade & Lily go in on topics including Lily's new bus, why Nazi's are still not in season, incels, and free range parenting. Shade is now afraid to fly, but is outdone by some kids who are barely off the boob and have no issue riding the New York City subway. Lily takes a break for a cereal bar, and they compare parenting plans and discuss the benefits of offering their kids options rather than restriction. As always the chaos ensues, but the fun begins the moment you...


Daddy Issuez has Double Taps and Drunk Discussions

This week Shade and Lily introduce "the double tap" to Daddy Issuez along with a new drunk friend who loves blue jays or something...they can't remember because he's Canadian and that they DO remember. In true Daddy Issuez form the ladies crash into this very nice unsuspecting Canadian and corner him on topics such as ohmibod, his name (Ocho), crashing a recording in New York, why Canada is still better than everywhere and mercilessly beg for tips at: #shade...


Daddy Issuez Gets Baked

In this episode Shade & Lily decide to invite a fellow 420 enthusiast to the show from our very own Damaged Goods Network. Steve from the Baked and Awake Podcast fearless in his attempt to figure out these two, ventures into discussions over broken dreams, 'black bagging a clay', only to wind down with a guest edition of Strain of the Week to dazzle you with a home grown but superb strain that you'll be requesting at your next dispensary stop. #shade #lilybongwater #daddyissuez #sexy...


Girl on Girl on Girl Part 1

Points for Sisterhood…the estrogen is strong with this episode. Featuring Laura Daddy Issuez very own Hoe Slayer. Watch out it smells like Sephora and buttoned up orgies in here. Enter Laura ‘the hoeslayer’ a vision of blonde and good judgment decides to join Shade & Lily Bongwater on their weekly shenanigans. But when they begin swapping stories, Laura throws down with the friendliest of accidental orgies as only a Brit can with a dude named Monkey (why is this okay?). Shade shares a...


A Belated Canada Day Eh?

In this episode the ladies celebrate one of their first holidays as a show together Canada Day. Why? Because there is so much to love. So much in fact, Lily Bongwater wrote a love letter to this fucking legend. In true Daddy Issuez form the ladies find the little things, the unnecessary things, and the downright nasty things you didn't know you needed to. From Sour Toe Cocktails, to a frozen tundra with a dude who will break in, journal, and feed the horses (friendly eh?) Canada simply has...


Triggered Yet Informative - Daddy Issuez - 016

In this episode the ladies refuse to address the fact they're delayed on their release (as most women do) but come in with a fun filled episode of all the goodies you've come to expect. Shade and Lily Bongwater both had a rough week and want you to engage with the masters of disaster as they unpack their lives with you in the room. Without warning (beyond the title), they drop their rants about how they were triggered but keep balance within the force by excavating completely random facts...


Technical Difficulties - Daddy Issuez - 015

Technical Difficulties On this episode of Daddy Issuez Shade and Lily Bongwater commiserate on the loss of their beloved audio which was purged by the universe and will never see airtime. Nevertheless- they take their time with you. Bongwater bestows the hardest sex quiz ever on Shade and she lays backs and takes it without argument. Beta Testing is the newest show to join the Damaged Goods Network hosted by Matt and Shade who shares the news with you and the wife giving you the inside...


One Night Stand - Daddy Issuez - 014

In this episode Shade and Lily Bongwater swap one night stand stories…Shade shares an endeavor where she threw down with a good looking Berlin Syndrome fan and finds out (like we all do), too late that pretty means “pretty crazy”. Not to be left out or outdone, teddy bears are thrown into the mix and what else would they want to be tipped with anyway? Voo Doo dolls, gold bricks, and chocolate. Easy enough. Shade reveals her dessert weakness… And back to the man of the hour…Houdini who...