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Daddy Issuez is a female dark comedy podcast with no filter, no boundaries, and no safe words. Get down and dirty with Shade and Lily Bongwater as they talk about current events, stupid people, apocalyptic events, and just about everything else that comes to mind.

Daddy Issuez is a female dark comedy podcast with no filter, no boundaries, and no safe words. Get down and dirty with Shade and Lily Bongwater as they talk about current events, stupid people, apocalyptic events, and just about everything else that comes to mind.
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Daddy Issuez is a female dark comedy podcast with no filter, no boundaries, and no safe words. Get down and dirty with Shade and Lily Bongwater as they talk about current events, stupid people, apocalyptic events, and just about everything else that comes to mind.




Technical Difficulties - Daddy Issuez - 015

Technical Difficulties On this episode of Daddy Issuez Shade and Lily Bongwater commiserate on the loss of their beloved audio which was purged by the universe and will never see airtime. Nevertheless- they take their time with you. Bongwater bestows the hardest sex quiz ever on Shade and she lays backs and takes it without argument. Beta Testing is the newest show to join the Damaged Goods Network hosted by Matt and Shade who shares the news with you and the wife giving you the inside...


One Night Stand - Daddy Issuez - 014

In this episode Shade and Lily Bongwater swap one night stand stories…Shade shares an endeavor where she threw down with a good looking Berlin Syndrome fan and finds out (like we all do), too late that pretty means “pretty crazy”. Not to be left out or outdone, teddy bears are thrown into the mix and what else would they want to be tipped with anyway? Voo Doo dolls, gold bricks, and chocolate. Easy enough. Shade reveals her dessert weakness… And back to the man of the hour…Houdini who...


Blue Haired Betty - Daddy Issuez - 013

In this episode Lily Bongwater is out of commission and down with a frightful broken finger utilizing the public health system in the U.K. and running herself mad trying to sit still. A blue haired angel (Blue Hair Betty) floats down to share her shining personality her fantastic skills and is the very FIRST female guest EVER to join Daddy Issuez! You can find her on Instagram: @carolinethecolorist (instagram for Blue Hair Betty) or catch her on the real side at: Salon Resta She’s a...


Inmates Running the Asylum - Daddy Issuez - 012

In this weeks episode Shade & Lily Bongwater throw out the book and tell you to bend over. NEW guest, NEW show direction, and you're getting spanked. Lily & Shade introduce you to a very special man in their life- Ben. Who happens to be yet another dude since they can't get a single pair of tits to come and play with them on the show. Changes! Strain of the week remains a pillar of the show and needs a sponsor (so does the network in case you're interested...) but the girls intro...


She Crazy Doh - Daddy Issuez - 010

Shade and Lily Bongwater have a mellow episode, but don't be fooled...they still deliver the goods to the table. Lily tempts Shade with an on air BDSM test and not only does Shade agree you get to find out what's going on in that dark mind (or at least get a taste) and if you could be a match. Your favorite segments set the tone including Apocalypse Watch (because we're about to get nuked and stuff) so that nobody notices the FBI investigation about Senor Trumpelstiltskin... Bongwater...


Court is in Session - Daddy Issuez - 009

In this weeks episode Shade & Lily Bongwater are forced to hold their very first session of Daddy Issuez Court since someone is stealing their content. But these ladies believe in putting things all out on the table so with that in mind, Shade states her case to the court and gets a bit heated (as is usually the case...). Lily Bongwater receives her very first piece of fan art and Shade is depressed because nobody loves her...except for Lily. Not to be shaken or stirred these ladies are...


You want this body? - Daddy Issuez - 007

On this episode of Daddy Issuez: Shade and Lily start off their day in a fantastic mood which we all know cannot last for long. Shoutout to Boz from Little Podcast of Horrors ! Lily gives Shade the green light to discuss soft and hard limits. In the news we find out why homeless people are going to be forming the next militia. Shade loses her train of thought (several times) which is nothing out of the ordinary but Lily restores her to the conversation in one piece. Just in time to remind...


Doomsday Preppin hater - Daddy Issuez - 006

This week on Daddy Issuez Shade and Lily Bongwater discuss how open minded they are. They reveal those who say “I don’t like music” are not to be trusted…Lily Bongwater’s bloodline is filled with legendary family members who could be Indianna Jones…but is sparring with Lily’s “crazy Uncle”… who loves Jesus and hates Stephen Hawking the theoretical physicist who just left this world…which smart people care about but based on reports, bunker builders don’t give a shit…Cuz Florida, Apocalypse...


Shots Fired - Daddy Issuez - 005

Shade and Lily have their very first guest Andrew who does not disappoint…Nothing is off limits, there are no safe words and the first EVER sparring match breaks out on Daddy Issuez between the ladies and the Lord and High Master. Shifting gears Andrew shares his intentions to run for political office which, in essence means vote for Andrew 2020. Bongwater and Andrew make nice and Shade reminds them to give peace a chance and they graciously ask you to tip them. Check these ladies out:...


Wrong Car Motherf***er - Daddy Issuez - 004

In this episode Shade and Lily take aim. Shots fired...... Topics include a new strain of the week, our very first Shade's first car jacking experience, f**k that guy takes a turn for a leg sniffer and the world is still falling apart and you can hear why on Apocalypse Watch.


Naming Names - Daddy Issuez - 011

In this episode Shade & Lily Bongwater strike Apocalypse watch from the agenda indefinitely. Shade vs. Mark is put on pause because well, he’s being deposed in front of Congress… Shade makes a plea to be reunited with her horses, while Lily is happy to lend a supportive ear before they cast their nominations for Champion of the Week…and Shade feels the love for once. Sadly anti vaxxers are too “smart” for the ladies to deal with so a former comrade has fallen in battle on the shame of...


The Beginning - Daddy Issuez - 001

In this episode of Daddy Issuez you will meet your hosts Shade and Lily Bongwater as they begin their journey to slip into your ears and (hopefully) a permanent spot on your podcast subscription list. First up is a discussion about none other than medical marijuana then straight into Fuck that Guy where the ladies submit to you two nominations for two shitty parties and you can vote on which is worse. The ladies reach a crossroads and decide to tell you why the world is ending in...


Are You Delaware? - Daddy Issuez - 008

Lily Bongwater surprises Shade on Daddy Issuez changing all she’s ever known about her favorite urban legend, but she couldn’t do it without Sam, a brave guest who shares a first hand account blowing Shade's mind. In other news there are strange dudes in the woods, shout out to Cecil, who likely doesn’t have a computer (but just in case…). Lily’s nuggets storm the place and we realize that the woods are a creepy place this day and age. The trio wander into a world of paranormal stories,...


Happy Places - Daddy Issuez - 003

Lily tells us about a therapeutic option for PTSD, but before you start thinking things are going to be depressing they begin describing their "happy places" and (spoiler alert....there's bounce houses).... True to form, they've got new nominations for "Fuck that Guy", news to share in Apocalypse Watch. The ladies talk about how their "Daddy"- THC, Head of the Damaged Goods Network- and el presidenté at Damaged Goods (look up their show, download it, subscribe, do the things....) stood...


Brexit or Scone? - Daddy Issuez - 002

Shade and Lily Bongwater are back at it again... They run off on Brexit and its implications which Shade is just now grasping the gravity of. The scone argument which may end in civil war... Apocalypse Watch has the girls running straight into slutty std monkeys and talking pandora virus theories. Let them coax your ears into disaster and uncensored humor that becomes your new guilty pleasure.