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I Got A Lampwick

Mark's got some Disney fun for the girls, things you might not know about Disney and a competitive, tense, maybe not so fun game of Disney Trivia. What's new in movie theaters, the unhealthiest foods we can eat, of all people to come to the rescue, Comments with Skeeter and a game of What Am I. All that today on DVD!



Today we start with some Brain Teasers sent in by a listener that's got Mark in super concentration mode, Katie's got a cool announcement, and Amy's dealing with some lady yelling outside her place. Lynda tells us how she spent her Cancerversary celebration day and she's got your Comments! And Mark has a ton of other topics but we generalizely get to a few... plus a game of 5 Second Rule!


Lint Licker

Lynda kicks it off with some quick comments but has to leave to supervise the sucking of the dryer vent. That leaves Mark alone with the girls for some Millennial statistics, a new thing for Brides To Be, a new way to wear your diamond, a new food on a stick and would you eat it, who hit Beyoncé in the face, and dating topics. Later, Lynda pops back in for a game of Who Am I?


I Usually Go Harder

It's raining in LA and snowing in Lake Norman... Happy Spring! Today we discuss if breakups are contagious, the latest with Khloe Kardashian, cereals you should stop eating, and we share a listener's Top 10 Animated Films. Comments with Skeeter, Would You Rather and a game of Trivial Pursuit!


Douche Canoe

Get yer meat sticks! Katie kicks it off telling us about her eventful weekend, the bitch internet is having its way with Amy again and we hope for her safe return, and Mark and Lynda tell us a bit about their trip to LA last week for Eleni's dirty 30th! We've got a gruesome You Hate to Hear It, some more Would You Rather, new dating terms, Relationship Help, Comments with Skeeter and a game of What Am I. All that today on DVD!



Tom, Tom, Tom. Boy, do we have a show for you today. Comments with Skeeter kicks it off and Amy gets some special Brain Teasers from listener, Lynn. We get into some Would You Rather and Q&A, an interesting story about Lisa Marie Presley and her money, Top 10 Greatest Animated Films of all time, and a game of Trivial Pursuit!


I’m Grumpy and I Don’t Want to Hear It

What's DVD without some technical issues? We all seem to have bad internet connection but we still got a show! Katie kicks it off with what she ate at Disneyland yesterday, Amy's under the weather but very cheered up by Fergie's National Anthem performance, we discuss 10 things you didn't know you could wash in the washing machine, Fashion Trends for 2018, 10 most famous Sex Tapes, and some celebrity drama for Kirstie Alley, Black China, Kim Catrell and Sarah Jessica Parker. Comments with...


Pearl Thongs

Amy has a hot date with her fiancé so today we're joined by Eleni and Matt (who hasn't gotten Eleni anything for Valentine's Day...yet...) We've got the Top 10 Most Romantic Songs of all time, a story that Katie loves and sheds some tears for, a story of "They did what?" and "She stuck what into where?!" Skeeter gives us your Comments and some Valentine's Fun Facts and we wrap with a game of Trivia. Happy Valentine's Day! 💐 💕


He f@&ks a bear in that one, right?

Testing, testing? 1,2,1,2... A little mid-week mayhem kicking things off today, but no worries, internet lag be damned. We've still got your show today! (With maybe some Comments.) Puppy Bowl Fun Facts, why Justin Timberlake's in a bad mood 🙁, what's romantic to you, what's the best policy when dating, and what In And Out managers make in a year. And later a game of Trivial Pursuit!



Today on DVD it's literally JT's birthday and we literally have his Top 5 Songs of all time, literally the most shocking Grammy Wins of all time, who's literally going to play Mr. Rodgers in a movie, where is your phone while you're literally sleeping, Text Neck is literally a thing, and are you literally ready for the supermarket of the future?! We've literally got all that for you plus Comments and a game of Trivial Pursuit Questions. Oh and there's literally a word that can get you...


Pu$$y Milk

Today on DVD we've got some fun stuff for the girls! We read Amy and Katie's horoscopes and give them some statistical facts about having siblings, which they unintentionally prove some to be true during the show ;) We've also got some facts about Cheerleaders and The Andy Griffith Show, the shortest marriages in history, when adulthood begins, and some inside scoop on what could be causing tension on the new American Idol. Comments with Skeeter and a game of 5 Second Rule!


I Want To Get So High 🚀🛸

Today we assess how everyone's doing on their New Year's Resolutions, we've got a list of "Would You Rather," and if you've got some leftover holiday cash, we know the stuff you should buy in January. Want to work out naked? Are you a humble bragger? Who do you talk to the most? All that plus Comments and a game of "What Am I" with Skeeter!


Holding Thy Breath

Today on DVD, Katie tells us all about her birthday festivities, we talk about the Golden Globes, Top Musical Artists of 2017, the worst pizza chains in America, spiders... and for Bramy, we have the Do's and Don'ts of planning a wedding. Happy Hump Day!


“Pay attention, Dad!”

We're back and we've got our Top 5 favorite moments of 2017 plus the most popular New Years Resolutions for 2018. We recap the family's holidays together and get into some life and marriage topics. Comments with Skeeter and a game of 5 Second Rule. Happy New Year!


The Fork Awakens

The girls are on a plane so today it's Daddy vs. Daughter-In-Law! Eleni joins Mark and Skeeter for some New Years resolution talk, some hard to believe but true stories, and later Matt and Luna join in for a game of What Am I. Don't worry guys, the Lunatic is on her best behavior. And as we close out the show, Mark catches Amy and Katie on the phone right after landing!


Being Bad is Better than Being Good

We've got lots of holiday talk today! Fun Facts about Christmas, the Hottest Toy This Year, the Average Christmas Morning Schedule,and some rituals you may want to try for the holiday. Some great Christmas memories come up as we each share the best gift we ever received and the one gift we wanted but never got. And later, we debate if allowing kids to believe in Santa Claus is cruel. All that plus Comments and Christmas trivia with Skeeter!


Dad has PMS

On today's "Holiday Edition" of DVD, we've got some fun lists: Top 10 Male and Female Dog Names of 2017, Top 10 Best Gift Cards for Your Stocking, and What People Want and Don't Want for Christmas. The girls get roped into giving some smelly relationship advice, Katie tastes some Hot Cocoa Oreos for us, and then we all take The Densa Test... who do you think the genius is?


Christmas is Coming and the Geese are Getting Fat

This week, Katie gives us a raving review of the new Disney Pixar film, Coco, while Amy starts making plans for the family's upcoming Christmas in NC. We recap on everyone's Thanksgiving celebrations and Matt is phoned in to discuss how it was actually his fault for last week's show disturbance with crazy Luna. Comments with Skeeter and some fun Christmas Trivia!


Please Shut Your Mouth and Don’t 💩 the Bed

Today we're all about Thanksgiving. We learn what restaurants are open on Turkey Day. Do we really want to know the calories in the big meal? Luna visits Amy during the show and Katie talks about her feelings on her last week at the radio station. And just wait for it guys, MARK HAS A NEW STORY. Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃 🍷🥃


“Girls, Go Have Yourself a Great Nay!”

Today, we catch up on what's been happening with the girls as the family tries to find pics of Justin Bieber's sweet penis. Also, some of the things we all secretly hate at weddings, and other wedding disaster stories. Then later, more Brain Teasers to confuse us all.


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