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Real...Fake News

This week on Damaged Goods... The Boys are back for America's favorite shit show so strap in and shut up. Alex Jones is under fire and we add a little gas to the situation(surprised?) We bring you the hard hitting news of the day and deliver it "Unfair and Unbalanced" Finally, our network mates from the Needless To Say Podcast join us to remind you that your life isn't as bad as you thought it was. Subscribe to us on iTunes(leave a review),iHeart Radio,Podcast...


Behind The Alchemy (REACTION!!)

Last week on Damaged Goods... It's time to face facts, sometimes we need to check our egos at the door and peel back the curtain. It is time for plunge into the Metaverse, Listen in as FBJ and THC painfully walk you through the recording that never was, well shouldn't have been but yet here it is...Confusing AF? we know, but you'll love it anyway. Subscribe to us on iTunes(leave a review),iHeart Radio,Podcast Addict,Laughable,Stitcher,TuneIn Radio and Spotify, Google Play Music and pretty...


A New World

This week on Damaged Goods...After battling gremlins in studio the boys aren't even sure the show is recording, so we do what we do best...crash and burn. With freedom of speech on the line the boys jump into the storm to add their 2 cents. Sith almost kicked his attack dog on The Golden God, and Fireball.Sarge from "The Sarge Approved Podcast" joins the show to promote...no, discuss...no, avoid talking about his latest venture coming soon. All this plus Sith has a message for last week's...


The Morpheus Reloaded

In a world where the blind lead the blind...3 Men shepherd their flock of mindless sheep through a storm of insults and hurt feelings. The Holy Trinity of Entertainment welcome the one and only Morpheus back to the show.Too bad he didn't bring the red pills because shit goes sideways real fast when L.A. based comedian "Bomb Robyn" joins the show for the first time and partakes in a little matchmaking with Richard Lee. The Boys recap their Soul of the Machine shooting/live show, Roseanne is...


The Soulless Machine

This week on Damaged Goods...The Boys have arrived in sunny Pennsylvania and are ready for their time in the limelight. After a long day of shooting on the set of the Soul Of The Machine they show the fine folks at United Creative Pictures that they have no soul. During this live recording aspiring rapper Jimmy on Jets (@JimmyOnJets) joins the fray and shares his passion for his music, as well as his desire to gain weight. Sith takes everyone to fatcamp, Fireball Jesus is back in studio,...


War(What Is It Good For)

This week on Damaged Goods...The Boys are America'd the fuck up coming out of the July 4th weekend, and add Comedian Craig Loydgren and Podcast Host Melissa Frenzey to the mix. Craig is a hilarious NYC based comic with what might be anger issues or PTSD you decide Frenzey is the beautiful, mild mannered co-host of the successful duo that brought you The Sarge Approved Podcast Will THC work his magick and be able to hold it all together? Will Fireball Jesus make bail in time for...


Family Business

This week on Damaged Goods...The Boys are back for another installment of America's favorite shit show. Ahead of the country's birthday,the heat isn't the only thing that's got us "Cookin",THC recounts his relaxing day at the Jersey Shore while Sith and Fireball Jesus are on the attack. In what was supposed to be an easy Sunday night show quickly takes a turn as the boys unload about what pissed them off this week. Australian based entertainer "Mugzy" makes his first(and probably...


Space Force

Finally... After a few weeks off and a mild set back The Boys get back to the business of entertaining you. Space Force is being assembled to combat the imminent alien invasion and may have hijacked our transmission to aid them. Sith recounts his time away, as THC and Fireball roll out their plan for a homeless advertising campaign. President Trump has been getting beat down so we invite him on to recap his controversial past few weeks, Roseanne will be assassinated by Disney ,and some...


Words Hurt Peoples Feelings

This week on Damaged Goods...The Boys are back in studio after the holiday weekend making you wish they weren't. Roseanne is all hopped up on ambien and comparing people to apes, now the people have gone ape shit. Summertime at the Jersey Shore means sun, fun and unprovoked beatings by Wildwood Police. Central Valley Music blows their chance of landing the next big star. All this plus, your life isn't worth shit to a jury, concrete man and all the usual garbage you can't wait to listen...


Worst Of Volume 2

This week on Damaged Goods...With the Memorial Day Holiday Weekend now behind us, the Holy Trinity of Entertainment continues to hit you with quality content. Join us as we take a live stroll through the past few months with Matt Ungermah in studio. Listen in as we welcome new shows to the Damaged Goods Network, make new friends, and suffer through some real awkward moments with us. Subscribe to us on iTunes(leave a review),iHeart Radio,Podcast Addict,Laughable,Stitcher,TuneIn Radio and...


The Electric Universe

This week on Damaged Goods...Fresh off the Roast of THC, feelings were hurt, lines were crossed and someone has to pay. Thankfully comedian Richard Lee fills that void nicely. Listen in as The Boys navigate their way through a minefield of mental illness and horrific impressions. Damaged Goods Network newcomer Steve Cominski from the Baked and Awake Podcast makes his first appearance on the show to introduce himself to you animals and fits right in. All this plus the usual garbage we fill...


Damaged Goods Presents; The Roast of T.H.C.

This week on a very special Damaged Goods...The entire network, no, The ENTIRE World is celebrating THC's Birthday and have lined up to take their shots at him. Join us as we roast the man who refers to himself as The Golden God. Listen in as T is shredded by the comedic stylings of Fireball Jesus, The Sith Lord, Sho-Nuff, Shade & Lilly Bongwater from Daddy Issuez, Clay Miles from Clay Time In The Basement, Comedian Matt Ungermah, and many more. You won't want to miss this one. Subscribe...



This week on Damaged Goods...The Boys are fresh off their interview with Hair Today Gone Tomorrow Podcast and feeling good about themselves. How do our hero's celebrate? We bomb! Listen in as this sinking ship fresh off hitting the iceberg is chucking everyone overboard to save their own asses. Jacqui Oh from the StartDis Podcast joins the show to interview The Boys and even she can't Save Our Show... Never fear THC's Birthday Roast is on the horizon to get this thing back on the...


I Hit You Cause I love You

This week on Damaged Goods...The boys welcome Psycho Steve and Jason from the show Hair Today,Gone Tomorrow into the fray. Steve is a well traveled DJ and Rock Junkie, Jason is a Producer and Manager with a knack for conversation. Steve discusses his early years on the rock scene, his hobnobbing with celebrities and his obsession with KISS. Sith and THC discuss their first time in front of the camera for the Soul of the Machine filming, and Fireball isn't impressed. Bill Cosby will die in...


Ensconced in Mental Illness

This week on Damaged Goods... The Boys celebrate their favorite holiday and the fact that there are no guests this week. Matter of fact it seems like they took the week off. But you'll listen and love it anyway. Just days before their filming The Soul of The Machine Fireball reveals he will not be part of the project. Leaving more of the spotlight for the Golden God. Sith has breaking news about new porn he's just discovered and nobody cares because audio from our appearance on...


Friday The 13th

This week on Damaged Goods, Comedian Andre McSween is in studio for his first appearance on the show(Don't worry it won't be his last) to discuss his comedy career. Sith opens up about more of his habits, while THC peels back yet another layer of his mental illness. Andre discuss his life threatening encounter with a wild animal and Fireball is happy with his new gift. All this plus big problems at the "Smile Spa", Porn Star Waterboarding , and Lotion Boy. Subscribe to us on iTunes(leave...


Hell's Basement

This week on Damaged Goods... The Boys are joined by comedian Clay Miles from the Claytime in the Basement Podcast for an interview about his show, his comedy and basement living. Connor McGregor goes on a rampage in Brooklyn, Nothing is more dangerous than a woman and a gun, Another police involved shooting, the return of Tony, All this and so much more. Subscribe to us on iTunes(leave a review),iHeart Radio,Podcast Addict,Laughable, Stitcher,TuneIn Radio and Spotify, Google Play Music...


Friends Like These

This week on Damaged Goods... It's Good Friday and the Boys are back at it(and each others throats) Fresh off his assassin training, the new Secretary of Defense for Damaged Goods is in studio. An interview with Mandy Osipenko (littlegeekcast.com) is canceled because of C.P.T., The Weiscrackin' Show reboot has been launched and THC couldn't be happier. Shade from Daddy Issuez drops in to discuss the success of their show and to be accosted by Sith... Tumor Man, THC shares his jelly beans...


Pimp Gotta Test His Product

This week on Damaged Goods... Klone returns to the show to let the boys and the world hear his debut song "Z to A". Sith and THC are plotting another business venture, Fireball pontificates , and Klone finally gives into the temptation of Oprah... Sacramento Police gun down an iPhone user, Extreme Love makes it return and much more... Subscribe to us on iTunes(leave a review),iHeart Radio,Podcast Addict,Laughable, Stitcher,TuneIn Radio and Spotify, Google Play Music and pretty much every...


Dire Straits

This week on Damaged Goods... Comedian/Entertainer(and Birthday Boy) Matt Ungermah makes his margarita fueled return to the show,where the Boys have a few gifts waiting for him. Some of his old friends drop in to send warm wishes for his special day. O.J. is back in the news and we don't give a shit, The life of a Beta Man, Motorcyclist gets what he deserves for driving like an asshole, a Leprechaun sighting just in time for St. Patrick's Day and way too much to remember. Just check it...