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BONUS: Amadingus Bloopers

Bloopers from episode 28 of the Deaf To All But Metal podcast. LISTEN TO THAT EPISODE FIRST! Music by 331ERock and Mozart


Episode 28 (Amadingus)

As an elderly man, Gary Grim is visited by two writers who are compiling the story of his life. However, rather than learning about his beginnings, his struggles and his inevitable decline, these writers only seem to be interested in one particular shocking episode of the DTABM podcast... this episode. Old man Grim tells the writers the story of how the DTABM crew spoke about albums released around the time of the episode recording by bands such as Vein, Baptists, the Night Flight...


Episode 27 (DTABM's Perfunctory Sojourn)

A regular old episode of the Deaf To All But Metal podcast is waylaid when Tain and Jezabel discover that Gary Grim is in possession of a time machine! Listen to these time pelicans embark upon a most perfunctory sojourn through time and space as they meet up with icons from throughout metal history. This episode of the podcast has all the hallmarks that you would find in a classic time travel film: cheesy effects, run ins with historical figures and a plot containing logic that only works...


Bonus Episode: Bjorn Strid interview (Night Flight Orchestra)

We here at Deaf To All But Metal love the Night Flight Orchestra and their ability to perfectly encapsulate a classic rock sound whilst still sounding like their own entity. Gary Grim spoke to their vocalist, Bjorn "Speed" Strid, about NFO's sound, their upcoming album (Sometimes The World Ain't Enough - out on the 29th of June via Nuclear Blast Records), the band's imagery, their upcoming tour and the ultimate NFO touring partner! THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA: Facebook...


Episode 26 (This Summer)

In this bumper issue of the Deaf To All But Metal podcast, the lads finally sell out and get sponsorship causing big things to start to happen for the podcast with regards to spin off merchandise. They talk movies that could be improved with metal soundtracks in a loving homage to (read as: rip off of)the Brown Carpet podcast. There is also talk of new metal releases from the month of April, Ross the Boss (actually him, not one of our terrible impressions) says hi and much more! Our new...


Bonus episode: Michael Lueders interview (Merkel Will Headbang)

In this bonus episode of the Deaf To All But Metal podcast, Gary Grim and Tain speak to Michael Lueders of Black -Roos Entertainment/Metal-Roos/Metal United Down Under/Metal United World Wide. As you can see, this is guy is very busy. Under these banners, Michael and his wife Anja are putting on gigs to help unite metalheads worldwide as well as managing/promoting up and coming bands to help them get off the ground and into the public eye. Gary and Tain ask Michael about life in Germany,...


Deaf To All But Metal - Episode 24 (Your Mum's Trifle)

THE NEW AND IMPROVED DTABM PODCAST! The lads have tightened up the format of the show and have vastly improved the structure even though it sent Gary Grim mad doing so. The guys talk about new releases by Abigor, Watain, Tribulation, Fu Manchu, Weedpecker, Monolithe, Dirty Pagans and Rebel Wizard. They break the silence over their thoughts on the new Portal album, Ion. There is a rousing debate as the DTABM boys get stuck into the new Machine head album. You can hear EXCLUSIVE metal facts...