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Dean Delray's "Let There Be Talk." This original podcast is a unique blend of rock and comedy talk with some of the biggest names in music, comedy and entertainment.

Dean Delray's "Let There Be Talk." This original podcast is a unique blend of rock and comedy talk with some of the biggest names in music, comedy and entertainment.


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Dean Delray's "Let There Be Talk." This original podcast is a unique blend of rock and comedy talk with some of the biggest names in music, comedy and entertainment.








#581:Eric Peterson Guitarist/Songwriter of Testament

Today one of my oldest friends stops by Mr Eric Peterson of Testament. I fully believe that Eric is the most underrated Guitarist and Songwriter in the Thrash Metal scene. This man has been rocking in Testament for 35 years and also has a 2nd band called Dragonlord. Testament's last release in 2020 Titans Of Creation is one of their heaviest in Years. So much Metal History on this episode so tune in and enjoy. DDR


#580:Gary Numan/Musician, Songwriter, Producer

Today on episode #580 my guest is Gary Numan a Legend and Pioneer in Electronic Music. In the 70's I heard Gary Numan, Devo and Kraftwerk and it completely changed my life. Of course I was into Rock n Roll but Gary opened my eyes and ears to Art. This music helped me explore all types of musical styles and really shaped who I am now. Gary has a new record coming out in May called Intruder and I cannot recommend it enough. Also go back and listen to some of his newer music from the last 20...


#579:Buzz Osborne/Melvins

Today I sit down with the legend Mr Buzz Osborne for a deep dive into all things Melvins. The Melvins have a brand new record out this week called Working With God and I must say this record is smoking. It was an honor to talk to Buzz and I think you guys are really going to love this episode. We talk Recording, Guitars, San Francisco, Art and all things Rock n Roll. Dig in and keep the Candles Lit. DDR


#578:Koe Wetzel/Country Rock n Roller from Texas

Today on a brand new episode of Let There Be Talk my guest is the fantastic Singer Songwriter from Texas Mr Koe Wetzel. Over the last 9 years this man has built a huge following by non stop touring and recording. He completely built this machine on his own and now with a major record deal on Columbia Records he is about to go to another level. I have been rocking his new record Sellout non stop since I got it. Some smoking songs on this LP like Crying From The Bath Room, Sidechick, Drug...


#577:Sue Foley/Blues Singer and Guitarist

Today on Let There Be Talk we dive into some Austin Texas Blues with The Ice Queen, Sue Foley. Sue has been playing the blues for most of her life and has over 15 albums out since her debut with Young Girl Blues. Sue was hand picked by the legendary Clifford Antone to come record her debut record in Austin and the rest is history. Lots of Texas Blues talk on today's episode. Do yourself a favor and check out Sue's music asap.


#576:Neal Francis/Singer Songwriter

Today my guest is a new artist out of Chicago by the name of Neal Francis. This mans debut record Changes came out in 2019 and it is absolutely incredible. Not only is Neal a great singer, songwriter his B3 playing is through the roof. I really think Neal is going to make some serious noise once he can get back out on the road and play live. Do yourself a favor and check out his music and follow him on Instagram.


#575:Phil Demmel of Vio-lence/formally of Machine Head

Today I sit down with an old friend Mr Phil Demmel guitarist and songwriter of Vio-lence and formally of Machine Head. I wanted to have Phil on years ago but it just didn't happen for reason you will hear on this episode. Phil comes from the old school Bay Area Thrash Metal Scene and has some amazing stories from those days. We talk Slayer, Metallica, Machine Head, Vio-lence and the early San Francisco days. Thanks for tuning in and remember to keep the Candles Lit. DDR


#574:Mark Evans former Bass Player for AC/DC

Today I sit down for some more AC/DC history with the former Bass Player of AC/DC Mark Evans. Mark and I go deep into Mark's history with AC/DC including his Audition, The Early Tours, Bon Scott and The Recording of Let There Be Rock. Mark is now playing with the Australian legends Rose Tattoo and hopes to be back out on the road this year. It was an honor to talk to Mark and finally get to hear some of these amazing stories. Thanks for tuning in and please leave a review on iTunes and...


#573: RIP the great Jeff Scott/Comedy Store Piano Player for 25 years

Monday Jan,11th 2021 I woke up to some awful news that the great Jeff Scott, Comedy Store Piano player had passed away. This is a massive loss to our Comedy Store Family and Friends. I will never forget his great laugh and spirit behind the keyboards every night in the Original Room. 7 1/2 years ago he was a guest on my podcast and had some incredible stories that I feel should be shared again today. RIP Jeff Scott I will never forget you.


#572:Dale Crover/ Drummer for the Melvins

Today on episode #572 the legend Dale Crover, Drummer and sometimes Bass Player of the Melvins stops by to talk all things Melvins. There was a time when I was Living in San Francisco when every Speaker in the City was rocking The Melvins. The Melvins have been going at it since 1983 and have influenced so many bands over all these years. Dale has a brand new solo record out this week called RAT A TAT TAT and also next month a new Melvins album is coming. Both of the new releases are...


#571:R. J. Cutler/Director of Belushi

Today I sit down with R. J. Cutler director of the new John Belushi documentary on Showtime called Belushi out right now. R. J. has made a fantastic film about John that really blew me away and after watching it I knew I had to talk to him right away. John Belushi has always had a special place in my heart and is part of the reason why I do Stand Up Comedy. When I was very young I would stay up late and watch SNL and John would completely Blow My Mind. R. J. has done some amazing work...


#570:Brian Holtzman/Comedian

If you watched the Comedy Store Documentary on Showtime recently you saw a comedian named Brian Holtzman. You may of asked yourself who is Brian Holtzman? Well I'm gonna tell you who Brian Is. This man has been grinding it out at the Store for 25 years and his Stand Up is definitely some of the most original and radical Comedy you will ever see. He is one of those amazing Comedy Store best kept secrets. Today I sit down with my Brian and talk all about how he got started in Comedy. Brian...


#569:Jim Norton/Comedian

Today On episode 569 of Let There Be Talk the great Jim Norton stops by and talks Stand Up Comedy, Rock n Roll, Getting in Shape and what it was like touring with Andrew Dice Clay. You can hear Jim every morning on his SiriusXM show called Jim and Sam and you can also hear him on his podcast The Chip Chipperson Podcast. Jim is one of the best comedians in the game and it was an honor to have him on the show. Thanks For Tuning in. DDR


#568:Alex Winter/Actor,Director

Alex Winter stopped by today to talk about the brand new documentary that he directed called Zappa. This Frank Zappa film is absolutely next level and I have to tell you that even if you're not into Frank Zappa you should still watch this amazing film. There will never be another Frank Zappa and his influence on Music and Art is massive. Everyone from Primus to The Flaming Lips have a taste of Zappa. Alex Winter has directed some really amazing Doc's over the years including Deep Web and...


#567:Liberty DeVitto/Drummer

Today to great Liberty Devitto, Drummer best known for his work with Billy Joel stops by and talks about his brand new book "Life,Billy and the Pursuit of Happiness" Liberty played drums with Billy Joel for over 30 years. You can hear his work on those classic Billy Joel records like The Stranger, 52nd Street and Glass Houses. I grew up on those records and that incredible band and it was an honor to sit down with this man. Liberty has also played with some of the biggest in the industry...


#566:Buck Dharma of Blue Öyster Cult

Back in 1978 I saw Blue Öyster Cult and it completely changed my life. I consider this band the ultimate Rock n Roll band. They have Hits,Deep Tracks, Smoking Musicianship and an unreal live show. They have a brand new record out right now called The Symbol Remains and it is unbelievable. Do yourself a favor and buy it today and when this Covid insanity is over go see them Live. Think about this, in 2022 Blue Öyster Cult will be celebrating their 50th Anniversary. I love this band and It...


#565:Daru Jones drummer for Jack White

Fresh of his incredible performance on SNL with Jack White drummer Daru Jones sits down and talks all about his career as a Drummer for Hire. This man's story is very inspiring and I know you guys are gonna dig it. From Gospel, Hip Hop, Rock and Country Daru can play it all. Tune in and thanks for keeping the Candles Lit. This episode is brought to you by Skylight Frame. Use the code Delray at check out for $10 off


#564:Angry Anderson of Rose Tattoo

Today on a brand new episode of LET THERE BE TALK the legend himself Mr Angry Anderson of Rose Tattoo stops by for a lengthy conversation on the history of Rose Tattoo. This man has been rocking almost his whole life and is one of those rare lifers in the Rock n Roll game. Today Angry and I sit down and talk about his early influences, The Pub Rock Sound, AC/DC, Guns and Roses and of course his Mad Max. Do yourself a favor and dive into Rose Tattoo's music if you haven't heard it and if...


#563:Tech N9ne/ Rapper,Songwriter and Producer

Today on Let There Be Talk my guest is the legend of HOP HOP Tech N9ne. This man has dropped 21 records over the course of his incredible career and today we sit down and talk all things HIP HOP and Rock n Roll. Dig into his record that dropped April 16th 2020 called Enterfear and then work your way back through the catalog. Thanks for tuning in and don't forget to Keep The Candles Lit DDR


#562:Baron Wolman Rock Photographer for Rolling Stone R.I.P.

This is a replay of my converstion with my friend Baron Wolman who passed away Monday at the age of 83. This man was hands down my favorite photographer and his stories and life should be celebrated. Baron was the frist photographer for Rolling Stone Magazine, He shot Woodstock and some of the greatest Day On The Green Photos ever. Visit his instagram @baronwolman and enjoy his art. I met Baron years and years ago after searching out who shot all the killer Day On The Green...