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Ben Greene

We're not dead, we just smell funny! After an extended holiday break, Ben & Madeline return to the studio to talk their vacations, their new years resolutions, as well as catch up with Ben Greene on what life is like post-tonsillectomy! Ben & Madeline may be going on a brief hiatus but you can still enjoy the extensive Definitely Dying back catalogue as well as leave us a health or injury story you’d like to share by calling (323) 388 3879!


Best of 2017: Vol 2

What a year 2017 has been! We laughed! We cried! We sneezed! To celebrate the end of the year & welcome in the holidays, our dying-duo have put together some of their favorite sickly-segments from the year! Guest by order of appearance: Leann Bowen Mano Agapion Jessica Jardine Matt Walsh Lilan Bowden Hannah Kasulka Scott C. Jones Listener voicemail Veronica Osorio Zeke Nicholson


Best of 2017: Vol. 1

What a year 2017 has been! We laughed! We cried! We sneezed! To celebrate the end of the year & welcome in the holidays, our dying-duo have put together some of their favorite sickly-segments from the year! Guests by appearance: 1) Deborah Baker Jr - 1:23 2) Nathan Barnatt - 7:21 3) Diona Reasonover - 10:27 4) Tess Paras - 34:31 5) Mary Sasson - 42:54 6) Alex Fernie - 50:21 7) Benita Robledo - 1:10:29 8) Altspace VR Live Episode - 1:15:31 9) Anais Fearweather - 1:17:10 10) Zack Bornstein -...


Joe Wengert

Writer & stand up Joe Wengert (Big Mouth, Comedy Central) stops by this week to the day he reapplied that everyone is going to die, how he embraced a daily routine to keep his sanity, having a hypochondriac mindset, enjoy brain games, and more!


Maureen Bharoocha

Director Maureen Bharoocha joins us this week to talk a whole lot about STRESS! How Maureen's love for directing meant she dives head first into work & how that effects her ability to judging if excitement is stress. How a heavy workload turned into a kidney infection, as well as a recent foot injury has places her into a lovely boot


Joan Ford

Writer & comedian Joan Ford (Nerdist) joins this week to talk living with a severe life-long peanut allergy combined with growing up with an overprotective mother, the beginning steps of researching HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) & the effects it has on the body, and then sticks around to play a wonderful game about food poisoning!


Stirling McLaughlin

Director Stirling McLaughlin (Cold War) joins the studio to discuss raise a child with Proteus Syndrome (a rare condition characterized by overgrowth of the bones, skin, and other tissues), the medical complications that come along with it, how it’s impacted her day-to-day routine, & how it affects his chill parenting skills. He also goes into detail about how a 6th grade accident lead to a life of his knee popping out of socket. Stirling McLaughlin


Anais Fairweather

Actress & comedian Anais Fairweather drops in this week for an extended chat on a live-long fear of nightmares & night terrors which lead to breaking down the meaning of dreams, the group then talks what would be the "perfect last day alive" & wondering if a "perfect" last day could really just be a "normal good" day, then talk Anais' theater based spinal injury, meanings of a good life, and SO much more!


Dan Black

Comedian & fellow UCB Podcaster Dan Black (Comedians of Wrestling Podcast) stops by to talk fear-based parts growing up jewish & every present anxiety growing up in a community where you're not wanted, the influence of wrestling on Dan & his perspective on health & well being, the fear of wasted potential, playing the “numbers game” when it comes to success, and play a modified game of Fig. 1 Chicken dedicated to worst professional wrestling injuries! We top things off with a listener call...


Halloween Minisode

Maddy Long Legs & Brown Ben-cluse Axelrad break out the iPod nano for this spooky Halloween minisode! They talk candy, the terror of Hell Night, the need to release your rage, embracing your id, and more!


Hannah Kasulka

As part of a pre-Halloween treat, we have in the lovable Hannah Kasulka (The Exorcist, Love) to talk a fear of death when most of your career is spent dying, the constant thought of death & mortality, balancing playing a demon with a religious & spiritual family, being scary for a living, and more spooky topics!



Definitely Dying returns to virtual reality with another partnership with JASH Comedy & Allspice VR! In this live episode the audience IS the guest! Ben & Madeline play a variety of games & quizzes with virtual audience from all over the world! They share injury & sickness stories & answer the ultimate question: would you have rather freeze to death or be burned alive!


Erin Whitehead

Erin Whitehead (Wild Horses) joins to talk finding a strong voice, growing older & getting confident, being annoyed at the word “hypochondriac”, being a good “sick citizen”, the need to evolve & not getting stuck in one persona, and more. Afterward, they gang play a game about self care!


Matt Walsh

We kick off UCB Comedy Crossover Month with Matt Walsh (Veep, UCB Sports & Leisure) to talk the passing of his father & experience of saying goodbye to a loved ones, growing older, taking up smoking at 39, getting rid of vices, weed, parenting, and more.


Scott C. Jones

This week host, writer, podcaster, & fan Scott C. Jones joins us this week to talk about his harrowing brush with death. He talks about a lifetime dealing with anxiety & hypochondria, a battle with testicular tumor, & how his near-death experience re-kick started a new outlook on view & gaining the power to say “fuck it”. Scott’s Ted Talk: Have a health or injury story you’d...


Tess Paras

Tess Paras (Crazy Ex Girlfriend, Take My Wife) joins to talk the fear of unexpected death & the concept of leaving behind a legacy, growing up with two doctor parents & a horrifying “birds & the bees” conversations, having a bartholin cyst & having it “marsupirlized“, high school sex ed, & ties things up nicely with a great vagina quiz supplied by special co-host Ben Green! Have a health or injury story you’d like to share? Leave a voice at (323) 388 3879! @TessParas...


Jon Gabrus

Jon Gabrus (High & Mighty, Actionboiz) drops by the studio & immediately jumps into talking health & body image, he discussing realizing his weight has begun to affect his athletic abilities & pass times, beginning the early stages of having kids, growing up in a “mean house” and how it lead to his sense of humor, eating “health adjacent” food, and more! Afterward, he & Ben play a round of Madeline’s Taco Bell food quiz!


Codi Elizabeth Fischer

Writer Codi Elizabeth Fischer & special guest co-host Joe Saunders join us this week to talk about the need to always be in control, high school drug us, the importance of therapy, a scare with HPV, cervical cancer, turning down laughing gas before getting a cervical biopsy & more. Have an injury story you’d like to share? Leave a voice at (323) 388 3879!


Ronnie Adrian

Ronnie Adrian (White Women, Drive Share) stops by to share his thoughts on shifting thoughts on death & dying, the important of family, why he laughs instead of cries, his wildly unhealthy diet, & more. Have an injury story you’d like to share? Leave a voice at (323) 388 3879!


Veronica Osorio

Actress & Comedian Veronica Osorio (Hail, Caesar!, Trek and the City Podcast) joins us to talk childhood depression, a life changing motorcycle accident & how it’s affect her outlook on life, career, & relationships. Veronica also shares stories about being held a gunpoint as a child, her dad being kidnapped, discuss the best ways to die, and more. Guest Twitter: @verovidetta Treks and the City site: