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Demand The Cure 25: Confessions of a "Side Piece"

On this episode Amy comes clean about a relationship that went wrong and how she dealt with the heartbreak and aftermath. Cyndi tells her story about forgiveness and moving on. Plus weird Kingman news...


Demand The Cure 23: !!Dammit Im Mad!! Both directions!

*WARNING* This episode of Demand The Cure addresses very sensitive subject matter including sexual assault, rape and molestation. Dear listeners, If you have experienced trauma of the aforementioned type, we recorded this podcast for you. Out of love and our own experiences we feel that we can only begin to heal from this type of pain by sharing and overcoming. Please listen and enjoy. Regardless of the heavy nature, we as always still keep the humor. Love and healing, Amy and Cyndi


Demand The Cure 020: The Booby Hatch and The Love Triangle

Cyndi welcomes Amy back from her week at the loony bin (not the comedy club, the mental hospital, but you should still try the veal) and they discuss rubber pencils and the 'thorazine shuffle". Amy needed a break from life, so she checked herself into the psych ward. She fills Cyndi in on all her adventures as sad lady living with the blues in a bi-polar world. We also catch up with a Kingman High school beef that turned into a city councilman/fireman/phlebotomist love triangle. (That is...


Demand The Cure 018: This One Time At Death Camp...

Death is the word of the day for this episode of Demand The Cure. Cyndi has gone through some major sh!t in the last few weeks and now we have to say goodbye to Aunt Mimi. We travel on the rollercoaster of emotions that comes with mourning and deal with it the only way we really know how...with INAPPROPRIATE LAUGHTER. Demand The Cure is available for subscription on iTunes, Laughable, Stitcher and others...Go Subscribe!! AND REVIEW!! AND SHARE!! Have any topics or weird Kingman news you...


Demand The Cure 017: Is That A Banana In Your Pocket?

What is the best/worst pick up line you have ever heard? Cyndi and Amy discuss a few of their favorites as well as bad excuses to get out of sex. We also learn that you will suffer the wrath of Cyndi if you mess with her Raison Bran. Kingman news gets really ridiculous this episode...there is an abundant amount of bouncing. Demand The Cure is available for subscription on iTunes, Laughable, Stitcher and others...Go Subscribe!! AND REVIEW!! AND SHARE!! Have any topics or weird Kingman news...


Demand The Cure 013: Big Girls Do Cry

"Blackwell, you cry like a girl!!" We discover just how often Amy breaks down into a mess of tears on today's episode of Demand The Cure. We talk honesty and being real about feelings and why we try to hide them from others. There is more talk of crying in parking lots (shocker) and all the ridiculous things that will set us off for no reason. Weird Kingman news is back as well with the urban legend of Slaughterhouse Canyon and how the facts just don't add up. Demand The Cure is available...


Demand The Cure 012: Bad Girl/Good Woman

Did you know that you can be a "bad girl" and still be a GOOD WOMAN? Cyndi and Amy discuss how on this episode of Demand The Cure. There was a bit of a break in podcasts because the ladies had some life get in the way, so be prepared for a little venting (wait, isn't that every episode? Oh yea.) We also get an update on all the things currently driving the gals to want to commit murder. Oh and there's MORE crying in parking lots. Demand The Cure is available for subscription on iTunes,...


Demand The Cure 009: The EX Factor (B!t@es Be: pt. 2)

Amy and Cyndi dive into past relationships on this episode of Demand The Cure. They explore the "What was I thinking" moments along with how nuts they can be at the same time. This episode accidentally became a follow up of the last podcast when they explore even more crazy, women are so known for. Amy: Cyndi: Facebook page: Please review the podcast on iTunes and let us know what you think. Amy...


Demand The Cure 007: House of 1000 Barks (Amy sits down with her mother and newly free son.)

Amy travels south to Sierra Vista and sits down with her mother and newly freed son. Amy spends most of the interview trying to wrangle her family and telling dogs to "shut up" Find Amy at Find Cyndi at Amy will be performing at Stand Up Live February 26 at 7pm. Get tickets: To donate:


Demand The Cure 006: Guilty Pleasures (Who's Your Favorite New Kid?)

What are the things you LOVE, but are almost embarrassed to admit? Cyndi and Amy discuss their guilty pleasures on this episode of Demand The Cure. Hear all about their shared hatred for people in the passenger seat.


Demand The Cure 004: Working for a living (The Strug Life)

On this episode, Cyndi and Amy discuss being a working adult. They share stories from various jobs they have had and how they listened to inspiration to follow their purpose. If you like the podcast please subscribe on Soundcloud and "Like" our Facebook page. We want to hear from you!! Amy Cyndi Demand The Cure Facebook page


Demand The Cure 003: How Did We Get This Old? The Birthday Party Plans

On today's podcast, Cyndi and Amy discuss their upcoming birthdays and the significance of them, how they plan to celebrate and not have any total mental breakdowns. They also start a new segment of news from their hometown of Kingman, AZ. Listen for a ghost to scare the girls mid podcast. (Spoiler alert: It may or may not have been an actual ghost) To find out more about Amy, visit her website To read Cyndi's blog, go here...