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A weekly podcast about Reddit: the Front Page of the Internet A mostly weekly podcast about the Internet, by way of Reddit: the front page of the Internet. Each episode, u/ItsYerDad, u/MyFreeday, and u/DogBoobes discuss a different Subreddit, and the subcultures that this subreddit is about...kindof. Brought to you by trueswords.com, until they tell us to stop saying that.

A weekly podcast about Reddit: the Front Page of the Internet A mostly weekly podcast about the Internet, by way of Reddit: the front page of the Internet. Each episode, u/ItsYerDad, u/MyFreeday, and u/DogBoobes discuss a different Subreddit, and the subcultures that this subreddit is about...kindof. Brought to you by trueswords.com, until they tell us to stop saying that.
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A weekly podcast about Reddit: the Front Page of the Internet A mostly weekly podcast about the Internet, by way of Reddit: the front page of the Internet. Each episode, u/ItsYerDad, u/MyFreeday, and u/DogBoobes discuss a different Subreddit, and the subcultures that this subreddit is about...kindof. Brought to you by trueswords.com, until they tell us to stop saying that.






38: r/topmindsofreddit, Chicos tee shirts, and Heelys for adults

There's a special place where all of Reddit's most accomplished conspiracy theorists are praised for uncovering the many important blunders of the new world order; r/topmindsofreddit. Here, reddit's jocks lambast melodramatic nerds. Or, maybe you think of it as reddit's REAL top minds, untopminding the other top minds. Either way, Heelys are the best, Chicos is a wonderful place to buy men's teeshirts, and apparently grown men jerggin from the window seat is a thing. Who knew?


37: r/nuclearwar, 32oz Poke Bowls, & Hitler's Kava Tea Addiction

Nuclear weapons are horrifying, and there's always the constant threat of us bombing each other with them. Basically the world is in a constant state of Nuclear prison dilemma. For all the lucky souls living in Downey when the big North Korean blast hits, how will you survive? Will three-titted women become America's most valuable commodity? Will Alex Jones finally be considered the prophet he claims to be? Also, u/dogboobes and Alec Ibay still aren't dating. If you're listening to this...


36: r/juggalo, Faygo Moon Mist, ad America's favorite Sausage Castle

This week we address an important question that's been burning at our collective American core since exactly 1989 - are we as a society, down with the clown? While they may get a bad rep, Juggalos are actually an inclusive group of killer clowns and hatchet touting ratchet babes. Granted u/itsyerdad, u/myfreeday, and u/dogboobes have never been to the gathering, and can probably only name 2-4 songs off of the Great Milenko, they've all gained respect and admiration for ICP's dedicated...


35: r/slenderman, fairies are creeps, and Slender's chic younger brother Trenderman

*PLOT BLOWER ALERT* HBO came out with a great documentary sometime in the not so distant past, so we decided to dig into its bizarro origin story, the Internet's longest running campfire horror story, Slenderman. If you're unfamiliar with Slenderman, he's an unusually tall and gaunt CPA looking fellow with pure white skin and the absence of a face. You may mistake him for the pasty man who handles your taxes, but the core difference is that Bart in accounting doesn't steal kids and drag...


34: r/survival, u/itsyerdad hates his elders, and u/dogboobes drinks pee to survive or not

Do you know which berries to eat when your cell phone dies during a hike? What is the correct grammar to use when yelling at a rogue black bear? At what point should you kill yourself to survive the humiliation of drinking your own piss? These are the important questions that you should know how to answer when faced with a wilderness survival situation, and the kind of things you might learn on r/survival. Plus, u/itsyerdad is a not so secret ageist, u/dogboobes is a bronze medal winning...


33: r/trebuchetmemes, J Crew debt, and catapults are peasant weapons for losers

This week, we talk about our favorite 4th grade science meme, r/trebuchetmemes. For those unfamiliar with the act of launching a 90kg payload over 300 meters, a trebuchet is a medieval siege weapon far superior to a catapult, and an instant meme factory. Also, we discuss the tactics of medieval sieges, the physics of launching witches into the women's march, and requiring young mothers to watch Lebron James highlights reels before deciding to get an abortion. Powerful stuff ladies and gents.


32: r/BlowIt, Juicers, Limited Edition Saturn Sand, and Other Mind Blowing Souvenirs

This week, we discuss some mind-blowing facts, from Reddit's home for mind-blowing facts, r/BlowIt. Then, we get on the topic of the time space continuum, string-theory, and u/DogBoobes's fart doctor, Dr. John Feelgood Stamos. Also, u/myfreeday talks about special sand from Saturn, and u/itsyerdad didn't know that males have tastebuds on their testicles. Don't be a dick listeners, you didn't know either.


31: r/amadisasters and John Rocker is an American Hero

Yep, our new president/realityTV host's inauguration isn't the only disaster we're discussing this week. In this episode, we reflect on AMA, and a few of the trainwrecks that are celebrated on r/AMAdisasters. For some reason Woody Harrelson is basically the mascot of the sub, so we talk a little about that. Then we talk about Wyclef Jean and Haiti. Then, some other stuff. It's really captivating. It's about the Internet. John Rocker is an American hero. The president of the United States...


30: r/thetruthishere, and our New Years knife opening ceremony

Hey mouthbreathers, we're back. It's 2017. Time to get new swords, from TrueSwords, and then talk about them for 20 minutes on the air. If you want to hear a bit about the insane quality and absolutely criminal good deal we got on our XXXMAS presents, then listen in (at the beginning). If you're tired of our nonstop, obsessive banter about the Internet's foremost purveyor of antiquated weaponry, then skip ahead to around the 23 minute mark, where we discuss r/thetruthishere, Native...


29: r/AskWomen, wein size, and our grossest pod yet

ItsYerDad and MyfreeDay don't know anything about ladies, so we consult r/askwomen and our inhouse ladyperson, dogboobes, about all the important questions that we're constantly juggling in our caveman brains. You know, stuff like deck size, flashlight ethics, and peen. Then we talk about some really gross stuff, and at some point we discuss hotels. This pod brought to you by the Knights Inn in Fresno. We'll keep the lights on.


28: r/NotTheOnion, devastation nation, and George W. Bush is a sweet and gentle boy

So these last few weeks have totally blown, yadayada. We get it, everyone is talking about how weird everything feels right now. So while we probably should have maybe talked a bit about one of the many politically charged subreddits, we decided to go a little peripheral and discuss r/nottheonion, a sub dedicated to the absurdity of modern life and the documentation of it. As the name suggests, these headlines are not the Onion, even though they damn well seem like they are. It's all...


27: r/Conspiracy pt. 2 - Baba Vanga and The End of Times (election special)

It's the day we've all been looking forward to, the day that ends the 2016 US election, AKA the worst reality TV show ever. So to celebrate what is inevitably the end of times as we know it, DYR is paying homage to the woman known as the Nostradamus of the Balkans, the ultimate blind babe, and this year's winner of God's fantasy apocalypse tournament, Baba Vanga. If all goes according to Baba's conversations with the Vimfam alien race, then America's going to collapse sometime in the next...


26: r/NoSleep, and the legend of Denny the day old skrimp boy

It's that time of year again everybody, when you put yesternight's leftover skrimp in the wicker basket on your porch to feed the pockets of tiny denny, the day old skrimp boy. If not, you run the risk of hearing that familiar pitter patter or greasy fingers on your windows, and the voice of little Denny politely asking for his beloved skrimps. This is just one example of the truly horrifying stories you can read on r/nosleep, one of Reddit's most popular subreddits, and a home for...


25: r/JesusChristReddit and our sweet pocelain boy, Ken Bone

After a few weeks of nonstop life-changing events, including u/itsyerdads never-ending buffet-sized octopus feast in Greece, and the birth of u/myfreeday's new kid, the DYR crew is back. This week, we dig into listener u/hoefauxsho's email-in request r/JesusChristReddit, where Reddit's most neckbeardy, Cheeto-finger comments are roasted for public-humilation-sake. If ever something makes you say "Jesus Christ, Reddit..." in awe, disgust, or sheer bewilderment, it probably belongs on this...


24: r/futurewhatif, camgirls, North Korea, and DYR Mic Problems pt. 24

What if North Korea decided to put their military money where their mouths are and actually bomb America? What if Donald Trump was actually voted into presidency and then revealed that it was all a fantastic marketing ploy for a new White House-themed reality TV show every Thursday at 8:00pm EST (5:00pm PST)? What if u/myfreeday's wife gave birth to baby Frank "freeway" Freeday live on the pod? These are all the kind of questions that deserve quantifiable, serious speculation on...


23: r/fresno, John Lang, and Red Asphalt 2: Asphalt's Revenge

Almost every episode, the DYR gang ends the hour by hitting the random button on Reddit. And just as often, someone gets a subreddit dedicated solely to a small town or city somewhere in the world. So, this episode we're dedicating entirely (almost) to the subreddit for Fresno, California. Or as you may know it, home of VISA, nightcrawlers, political assassinee John Lang, and the 2009 BBC documentary "The City Addicted to Crystal Meth". Really powerful stuff guys.


22: r/askreddit, BOGO Anime Kitanas, and Dr. Seuss was kind of a douche apparently

r/askreddit is Reddit's #1 subreddit, with almost 14mil subscribers. It's an amazing introduction to the mentality of redditers, as well as a great resource for both insightful answers to insightful questions. Or a good place to laugh at gyno jokes and really specific and misguided sex tips for teenagers. This week, u/myfreeday, u/dogboobes, and u/itsyerdad barely touch the tip of the iceberg, then quickly drift into another conversation about swords and conspiracies. what's new i guess.


21: r/apocalympics2016. AKA What Would Ryan Lochte Do?

In 2013 the world collectively asked "What Would Ryan Lochte Do?" for eight whole episodes of riveting TV drama/comedy/fantasy. Well in 2016, we finally got the answer we were looking for - he would fake an armed robbery so that he wouldn't have to tell his mom about a late night bender, therefore throwing the whole world into a fit of collective shaming. Welcome to the Rio Summer Olympics 2016, a complete disaster that somehow still didn't live up to the disaster that everyone expected it...


20: r/MarinaJoyce, public jerkin', and bad pod etiquette

What's up with Marina Joyce? Was she really held captive by a stranger in black? Is her YouTube agent milking her fashion vlogger bones for all they have to offer? Was she just getting lit on bath salts all along? Or is she just a weird cosplay kid with questionable mental stability? This week, u/itsyerdad, u/myfreeday, and u/dogboobes continue where they left off at the end of r/dicksoutforharambe and speculate on what actually happened to Marina Joyce. As a bonus, they also speculate on...


19: r/buttcoin, butt2buttnetworks, and how the heck does bitcoin work guys?

No matter how much someone tries to describe bitcoin, it doesn't make sense. How do you generate money via cryptocurrency, via ethernet cables, via mining farms? Nope. But Buttcoin? That's something we can get behind. A simple butt 2 butt network, where buttfarms connected by a bunch of ethernet cables or something generate butts that you can then use to buy a bunch of Internet things like dongles, linuxes, and black tar heroin. So basically, r/buttcoin is a satirical subreddit dedicated...


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