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Dlisted: The Podcast, Episode 56 – Britney Spears, Furries, Cat Washes, Oh My!

We get right into Britney Spears’ newest conservatorship situation including Daddy Spears going crazy on her son and her new custody agreement with KFed, which leads to me telling a truly embarrassing KFed story. After that, we talk about Lana Del Rey becoming furry enemy #1 and Zazie Beetz rebooting “whore bath” as “cat wash” […]


Dlisted: The Podcast, Episode 55 – Dance, George, Dance!

Allison and I share our childhood dance dreams while talking about Lara Spencer making fun of 6-year-old Prince George liking ballet. But before we badly twirl over to that subject, we dive into the MTV VMAs and cover Missy Elliott owning the show, John Travolta giving us the sequel to Adele Dazeem, Miley Cyrus’ wet […]


Dlisted: The Podcast, Episode 54 – Finally Some Real News (AKA The Chicken Sandwich Wars)

This episode is a tad shorter than usual, because it’s my dog’s birthday, and I have to fulfill my contract as a human with a dog by humiliating him with a hat on his head, a HO-made ugly dog cake in his face, and a butchered version of Happy Birthday in his ears. But in […]


Dlisted: The Podcast, Episode 53 – Well, Miley Did Tell Us That She Can’t Be Tamed

It’s our one anniversary from the day we sent you screaming to urgent care with a case of genital warts of the ear holes from listening to us. After we celebrate that, we talk about the fact that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth didn’t make it to their one year wedding anniversary. We also get […]


Dlisted: The Podcast, Episode 52 – Lindsay Of Arabia

Allison and I use up whatever is left of our minds by trying to wrap it around the WTF union of Lindsay Lohan and the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. Once we unwrap whatever is left of our minds from that pillar of bizarre, we talk about Mario Lopez’s mouth getting him in trouble for […]


Dlisted: The Podcast, Episode 51 – Hung Milk

Professor Allison educates myself and other not-knowing-about-milk-bags Americans about bags of milk after a reader asks her to explain it. But before Allison delivers a quick history of bolso leche, we talk about Armie Hammer and that toe sucking video, Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry’s neighbors being told not to pet their dog, and the […]


Dlisted: The Podcast, Episode 50 – High On A Stuffed Cheesy Bites Pizza

This episode is sponsored (for free) by Pizza Hut’s Stuffed Cheesy Bits Pizza, because that’s what Allison ate before we recorded and it gave her a chemical high that made her hallucinate the image she paints when we talked about the meth gators of Tennessee being a joke. But before that, we talk the Cats […]


Dlisted: The Podcast, Episode 49 – It’s A ScarJo World After All

It’s all about the Emmys for the first part of this episode, and Allison and I start off with slandering Game of Thrones left and right (so plug your ears GoT nerds) and then we end with Allison cooing out an ode to Ripped Mac from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. After our Emmys coverage, […]


Dlisted: The Podcast, Episode 48 – What Size You Got?

Allison and I butchered the pronunciation of Versailles, Kentucky in the last episode, so we right that wrong at the beginning of the episode. Once we ask for penance from Kentuckians, we talk about the dumb racist backlash of Halle Bailey getting cast as Ariel in the live-action The Little Mermaid, Meghan McCain’s possible exit […]


Dlisted: The Podcast, Episode 47 – Allison The American Citizen?

We commemorate the born day of America with a little test, a test that I would totally get an F- at. I ask Allison questions from The Naturalization Test to see if she has the knowledge needed to proclaim that she’s AN AMERICAN CITIZEN while getting arrested in Atlanta like Laura Jeanne Poon (aka Reese […]


Dlisted: The Podcast, Episode 46 – Whole Pic

While talking about Whoopi Goldberg going full Whoopi Goldberg over taking and sending nude pics, Allison dips into the gutter with me by learning what a “hole pic” is. And after I taint Allison’s innocent mind, we talk about the demise of Lindsay Lohan as a Mykonos beach club mogul, foodie calls, and whether or […]


Dlisted: The Podcast, Episode 45 – The Rainbow Queen Of Gay Allies

Taylor Swift’s transformation into GAY! icon leads this episode and after we dissect her big ole’ gay video that ends with two straight girls hugging (???), we talk about Jessica Biel pretty much coming out as an anti-vaxxer, Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos getting caught boning by their 18-year-old daughter, and sandwich punching, which sounds […]


Dlisted: The Podcast, Episode 44 – It’s Called “Addicted To Love,” Dammit!

Allison starts off by thanking everyone who sent her kind words about last week’s episode… and I somehow turn that into a quick conversation about dick pics (????). Once I drive a bittersweet moment into Inappropriate Lane, we give our thoughts about the Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk break-up, Gwyneth Paltrow being the Gandhi of […]


Dlisted: The Podcast, Episode 43 – When Trump Met The Queen (Again)

Weeeeeeee’re back. At the beginning of this episode, Allison and I talk about the sad reason for why we were kept from terrorizing your ear holes for over two months. After that, we get into Trump terrorizing Britain, Jill Duggar terrorizing our senses with her sex tips, and Carnival Cruises terrorizing internal organs by delivering […]


Dlisted: The Podcast, Episode 42 – Another Day, Another Plot Twist In The Jussie Smollett Saga

The 16 charges against Jussie Smollett have all been dropped, and while Allison and I talk about that, we of course get into the plight of the sewers and the environment thanks to baby wipes. Blame Terrence Howard, as usual. We also talk about Elisabeth Hasselbeck praying to god over Rosie O’Donnell having a crush […]


Dlisted: The Podcast, Episode 41 – Oh, Just A Story Nobody’s Heard About

At the top of this episode, Allison and I deliver some truly BREAKING NEWS by getting into the saga of the college admissions scandal, because it’s not like we’re a week late on that. But we mostly talk about the scandal’s breakout star Olivia Jade. Then we take a sharp left onto Anti-Vaxx Blvd. by […]


Dlisted: The Podcast, Episode 40 – Bloody Maaaaaaaary

Allison and I touched on Bloody Mary a bit in the last episode, and in this one, we get it into it more at the top. We throw down a CliffsNotes history of Bloody Mary, and I explain why I think we threw water on the mirror while trying to summon her (and no, not […]


Dlisted: The Podcast, Episode 39 – Trapped In A Bad Acting Class

On this supersized episode (48 minutes is a lot for us, okay?), we start with paying tribute to Katherine Helmond, Keith Flint, and Luke Perry. The entire episode should really have been about them, but instead of doing that we laugh at Forbes calling Kylie Jenner a “self-made billionaire,” heave over R. Kelly’s overacting theatrics […]


Dlisted: The Podcast, Episode 38 – Farewell To CooGa

Because of the Snow Miser, our Oscar recap episode is a day late. But also thanks to Snow Miser, Allison and I get to explore the riveting topic of tire chains and chain monkeys. It’s about as butch as we’re ever going to get. Then we spend a half an hour talking and bitching about […]


Dlisted: The Podcast, Episode 37 – Whorion

If you happen to be an astrophysics or mathematics major, then this is the episode for you. Because you’ll definitely get credit for listening to Professor Allison and I get deep into math and astrology (including the correct pronunciation of “Orion“). We weave difficult math problems and astrology facts into stories about Jussie Smollett, Miranda Lambert’s […]