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A weekly homebrew mix of arcane trivia, strange history, daft jokes and pop culture idiocy hosted by "the Poundshop Lee and Herring." Starting again October 6th or in early access here:

A weekly homebrew mix of arcane trivia, strange history, daft jokes and pop culture idiocy hosted by "the Poundshop Lee and Herring." Starting again October 6th or in early access here:


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A weekly homebrew mix of arcane trivia, strange history, daft jokes and pop culture idiocy hosted by "the Poundshop Lee and Herring." Starting again October 6th or in early access here:






Series 3, Show 3 - Six Renditions of Freebird and a Nazi

Where is a Cheese Heavy Nation? How did the bloke off Ghostwatch make it to the Sydney Opera House? Why are the British so good at murders? Which company hit big by giving people the squits? And at what end do you check a Stevenson's Plomp? Its all in your soapy new Don't Lets Chart with Robot. (Also Ben Baker and Phil Catterall) alongside some of the best inventor-named products, rockin' disasters, secret SS pasts of the TV stars, what makes Agatha Christie better than you,...


Series 3, Show 2 - A Signed Frankie Howerd UMD

Why did the band Muse sue Celine Dion? Who wouldn't welcome a traction engine through the post? Which rocker requires our Unsolicited Celebrity Advice? What is the best time? And how do the Alans fit into all this? Find out in another trouser-wrenching edition of the programme that aims to find sense in the madness of the world through our history and pop culture detritus. In the entertainment sack this week is a ban on "hand signed" autographs, Beatlemania, one of Werner Herzog's...


Series 3, Show 1 - Who Stinks Now?

How did a goat lead to a sporting disaster for over sixty years? Is Fall Guys the ideal way to decide who is best at religion? Was Thomas Edison's first film really called "Two Lasses Doing Some Kissing In The Bare"? Where is the best place to buy bees? And what did Bruce Springsteen pull out of in 2007? All these questions amazingly will be answered in the first episode of a brand new series of weekly trivia and stupidity podcast "Don't Lets Chart" with Ben Baker and Phil Catterall....


Don't Lets Chart Says Hello!

Another chance to hear a few of our early highlights before we launch our third series on October 6th - now back to weekly releases! And if you want to hear episodes even earlier follow us on Patreon where for less than three quid a month you can get early access to all our shows, plus bonus material, out-takes and the full series of our spin-off shows Don't Lets Chart...Nights and the DLC Lockdown Roadshow, all whilst supporting us hugely: With over...


The Dont Lets Chart Isolation Lockdown Roadshow

Well, "Don't Lets Chart" might be gone for now but over on Patreon we've just begun our Summer Roadshow touring around the country...minus the actually leaving the house and going anywhere aspect. In every all new hour-long show, there's the usual mix of charts, daftness and trivia, plus some the best and strangest sounds you'll hear all year. Its available exclusively on Patreon for less than the price of a Twix per show but here's a small preview clip from episode one in which Ben and Phil...


Don't Lets Chart 221 - Goodbye

And so we say farewell to series two of Don't Lets Chart with the Top 15 BEST THINGS EVER as voted for by you lot! And its....weird. Really weird. We have classic epic fantasy clashing with bacon whilst Time Lords and Tea face off alongside crisps, brown booze, domestic animals and those bloody transforming robots again. We're joined by Louise Nilon again, plus a LEGO odyssey with Tim Worthington and Garreth Hirons reveals the shocking truth behind the conspiracy linking ham and cheese...


Don't Lets Chart 220 - Beatles Please

Cast your ballots and prepare for otters as its part one of the big Don't Lets Chart Vote 2020 to try and uncover the BEST THING entirely voted for by you listeners! And its a strange, heady mix of swearing, Community college, Beatles Band, Star Wars, Crazy Frog's bulbous blur, Pratchett and Gaiman vs science, popcorn, Dead Parrots and of course, Alans. Plus quite a few surprises! And cameos from our friends Lisa and Andrew from Round The Archives and Paul Abbott from Hark! and the...


Don't Lets Chart 219 - Blackmail Willis

THE BIG DONT LETS CHART VOTE 2020....will be in a fortnight. For now, enjoy an episode devoted to the things that just didnt make the top 25 from the worlds of TV, toys, films and animals. Did yours make the cut? In this edition: the animal Phil would smuggle into his home, our history with Monty Python, how to defeat ghosts for under ten pounds, Friends vs. Frasier, comparing Robotic Cops, when The Wire was much funnier than you remember, why you should probably not send meat by post,...


Don't Lets Chart 218 - Bum Prambo

You are cordially invited to the book launch of "Ben Baker's Fun Book For The Apocalypse" at the Social Distancing Rooms, Up Tarn. Bring a bottle and a...nother bottle as this is about to get off the chain. Guests include Paul Nicholas, a lifeboat, Hale and Pace, a blind man's wand, Derek Dick, the opposite of badmington, the worst S Clubs, some marbles, Clive Dunn's sex drive, the novelisation of Jaws: The Revenge, Uncle Grandpa Joe, Winifred Atwell, skiffle, war, Showaddywaddy and many...


Don't Lets Chart 217 - fu3k0ffbak3r

Creamy mash mash. That about sums up this week's episode of "Don't Lets Chart" which tries to celebrate May 4th as literally anything but Star Wars Day, looks blankly at the over-specific Grammy categories and ends on a quiz that defames every single children's puppet character you loved as a child. Its shocking, its steamy and its here! So change the password on your dog, bin that lightsaber and lets begin.... If you would like to support our Patreon click here and get two bonus podcasts...


Don't Lets Chart 216 - Fred Dineage Was Probably Not Involved

Everyday is like Ghost Train on Sunday as the definitely not driven mad Ben and Phil go head to head in a Saturday Morning Showdown featuring the likes of No.73, The 8:15 From Manchester, Tiswas and - yes - Telegantic Megavision! Then there's a quiz for all fans of Derek Boy and his Peckham pals on "Only Fools And Horses" before we run down the top ten charity singles that fell through the floorboards and Ben announces his ill-advised and dubiously beneficial new project... This is what...


Don't Lets Chart 215 - The Golden Selection Collection

Happy birthday to us! Yes, this our 50th episode! I know, we dont look a day over 47! To celebrate, we present this new tailor made collectors edition episode of "Don't Lets Chart" with exquisite ruby and mushy pea-encrusted highlights of the award-borrowing lists about Phillip Schofield, bad gravy, Terry and June, hams and A Dracula to name a few. This graceful and intricate collection was crafted by artisan Ben Bakers with striking ornate Phil Catteralls sewn into the lining. This record...


An Introduction to Don't Lets Chart

Doorbell noise. Wow! Can it nearly be a whole year since Don't Lets Chart first opened its ridiculous doors? With over 1,300 hours of nonsense available for free, it might be quite daunting for anyone new coming to our unique 35 to 37 minute mix of trivia, daft quizzes and very silly jokes. So here's a hello selection checking in with some of our favourite moments from the previous 12 months, including: - The deadliest toys ever released, - Super sizzlin' Steamed Hams memes, - Amazon's...


Don't Lets Chart 214 - Stop Saying Cumbo!

Hello, welcome to containment zone B-37 formerly known as "Don't Lets Chart" and the Don't Lets Charts are off to Liverpool! Or rather they were last week just before the proverbial hit the wossname and it didnt seem quite so ridiculous to jaunt off to the land of Ian and The Zodiacs to meet some of our fellow podcasting friends. Inside this mop-topped package of podcastery are several items recorded around the city as well as some items inspired by the Mersey - such as the sexiest accents...


Don't Lets Chart 213 - A Doll Called Alan

"You can watch Dog Day Afternoon because you rotated your arm..." Happy International Richard Herring Telling People About International Women's Day! We're doing our best to celebrate the day despite you know...the obvious. There's a Cheryl Baker inspired look at the lesser discussed pre-9am Saturday shows including Breakfast Serials, Kissyfur, the wrong early version of ChuckleVision and whatever the frig Ovide was meant to be. Then we visit the video shop for a very original game show not...


Don't Lets Chart 212 - James Brown Shotgun Toilet

Join Ben and Phil for a "stab" at the murder podcast market with some unfortunately obvious crimes before playing the latest mop topped quiz all the kids go wild for and finishing up with a daze over days. There's tax evosion, new format pitches, PCP, thumb quandries, Wesley Snipes and Willie Nelson - together at last, gloves 'n' rhymes, Chad Beans, sock racism, America's Unwanted Chaplin, easily our dumbest quiz yet and oh so much cocaines for everybody! Plus: Why is there a zucchini on...


Some Sort Of Promotional Endeavour

Hello friends! Did you know that for less than £3 a month you can get two extra podcasts with Ben and Phil? In fact, if you had one of our snazzy personal RSS feeds that each patron gets, you'd just be receiving the new episode of our sister show "Don't Lets Chart...Nights" right now in which we talk at greater length on just one pop culture topic, sometimes more personal but usually just as stupid. Previous shows have seen us fix the Christmas charts, look at Radio 1's least likely DJs,...


Don't Lets Chart 211 - Bubblegum Tongue (Direct To Video)

Its Valentine's week and as per usual Ben and Phil are here to put this d on you. Or is that old Ian Snoop Dogg? Either way, its not a very welcoming start to a show dedicated to all the best romantic things - i.e. murderous computers, Ernest Goes To Camp and the music of Mr Mister...which probably explains why your hosts are both single. That and their faces, personalities and clothing coverage in biscuits obviously. And thats before they've heard this new episode which is really very silly...


Don't Lets Chart 210 - A Song With The Word Smurf In It

2020 already doing your head in? Time for an arbitrary time warp back to 1996 for a listener voted top 20 of things including Kenickie, Mark and Lard on the Graveyard Shift, the mysterious mayfly career of Bear Van Beers, the Spice Girls tell us what they want, a brief trip to the Eighth Doctor, Take That splitting up, Quake and Resident Evil change up the videogames, all the heroin films, the mediocre return of Fist of Fun, football came home...for a bit, Jarvis vs Jacko and much...


Don't Lets Chart 209 - Two Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

Its an old school sort of Chart this week as Ben and Phil look at the week in years gone by and find some totally unconnected but suitably ridiculous facts about Bad Boys 3 and the longest gap between movie sequels of all time, wonder why most 1950s sitcom titles sound like filth and run through the best (read: most childish) Royal nicknames of history. Its a very funny episode but if you dont enjoy it, give us a shout and we'll tape a Baby Yoda to the front improving the content by 200%....