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A Special Announcement from JR

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The Outro

Welp, eventually all good things must come to an end. Listen to Jenna and JR say their goodbyes and discuss why the podcast won't be continuing. For old time's sake the duo do one more round of Bumblebraggin' and answer all remaining DMs! Thanks for listening and supporting for the past 70 episodes! Stay in touch with our hosts: Jenna: @JennaLCrowley JR: @JRWillDoIt Bumblebraggin’ (8:55) -Hector Down in the DMs (19:00) -I just graduated from college and am moving to NYC for work. I’ve only...


Episode 70: I Kissed A Coworker And I Liked It

Jenna and JR are back from a two week hiatus to grade your dating profiles and answer you questions! Jenna's sick this week and our favorite overpaid matchmaker is back! Enjoy Love In The Headlines (7:05) -This Matchmaker Made a List of New Yorks 60 Worst Single Men Bumblebraggin’ (12:30) -Paola Down In The DMs (23:28) -So, one of my coworkers was having a birthday party this past weekend. I was hanging out with everyone when my bestfriend-at-work pulled me into another room and started...


Episode 69: CFAs & Chick-Fil-A ft. Kelsey Maggard

Kelsey Maggard joins Jenna and JR for a very nice episode of Don't Take It From Us! She brings with her possibly the greatest Bumble profile of all time and the three go deep in their shared love of chicken. Enjoy! The Name Game (7:15) Bumblebraggin’ (12:45) -Ryan Down in the DMs (38:25) -I’ve been thinking about myself quite a bit in the dating game and how my regular life affects it. I go to the gym 4x/week, am studying for the CFA, and enjoy keeping my car almost show car clean. These are...


Episode 68: Switzerland & Hustling

JR's back to full strength and he has a new job! Jenna and he break down a listener's profile and have no idea what the Switzerland flag looks like. Enjoy! Bumblebraggin’ (5:05) -Elisa Down in the DMs (21:20) -I’m a 20 year old male with a good job, a good car and lots of money. However girls don’t seem to want to have anything to do with me. Where do I start?


Episode 67: JR's Bachelor Party

JR's back from his bachelor party in Austin with no voice. He recounts to Jenna the weekend and then the duo answer some listener submitted questions. Back to full strength and full length next week. Enjoy! JR's Bachelor Party Recap (3:15) Down in the DMs (16:00) -My mom is a strict Catholic and has forbade me from seeing the guy I'm dating. What do I do? -I recently was dumped and am still hurting. Do I get on the dating apps to get over her or do I "do me" for the time being?


Episode 66: The Bachelorette Episode ft. Crick Watson MD

DTIFU Ep 66 - The Bachelorette Episode ft. Crick Watson MD Jenna is joined by the good doctor himself Crick Watson MD to discuss the current season of The Bachelorette with no JR in sight! This is 60 minutes of nonstop Bachelorette coverage to ingest - tune in next week for our regularly scheduled programming. Enjoy! Bachelorette Speed Trivia (2:45) With 60 seconds on the clock. Jenna finds out how much Crick knows about past "Bachelorette" couples. Deep Thoughts on Basic Becca (8:25) Jenna...


Episode 65: Job Offers & Wedding Brunch

Jenna's basketball team lost but she has good news to share! She and JR discuss negotiating job offers and whether or not dating somebody six months out of a serious relationship is too soon. Enjoy! Tip Included (8:00) -Negotiating a Job Offer Love in the Headlines (17:55) -No One Wants To Go To Your Wedding Brunch Down in the DMs (30:15) -I’m maid of honor for an upcoming bachelorette party. I’ve booked the house and...


Episode 64: Gas Station Burritos ft. Knox

Former PGP writer Knox joins Jenna and JR this week to discuss what he's been up to since he stopped writing for the site. The trio break down a familiar face's Hinge profile and discuss what to do when your girlfriend has no female friends. Enjoy! The Name Game (4:00) -Knox Bumblebraggin’ (18:25) -PGP’s Tina -Stokes Down in the DM (38:30) -My older boyfriend of 3 years makes more money than me. I’m not comfortable with him paying for me but am currently unemployed. What do I do? -My...


Episode 63: Diatribes & DJ Crime Dog

Don't Take It From Us is back and Jenna's still unemployed! JR and Jenna discuss collecting unemployment and their top 5 dating red flags before breaking down a long time favorite's Bumble profile: Dj Crime Dog himself! Enjoy! Put 5 On It (8:10) -Dating Red Flags Bumblebraggin’ (27:15) -DJ Crime Dog Down in the DMs (42:00) -Is it normal to get into relationship mode within a month of dating?


Episode 62: Bad Dates & Bateman ft. Christine Noel

This week, former Bumblebraggin' victim Christine joins the pod to discuss the worst date she's ever been on. The trio then grades a Grandex Media fans' dating profile and debate what to do if your boyfriend used to be involved with a married woman. Enjoy! The Name Game (5:00) Bumblebraggin’ (25:20) -Erica -Geoff Down in the DMs (47:20) -I hate making small talk on dating apps. Any advice? - I feel like I’m invisible at parties and social situations. I want a relationship but don’t know how...


Episode 61: Unemployment & Athlete's Foot

This week Jenna got some bad news and Nuthin' But a Good Thang makes it's return! Enjoy! Nuthin’ But a Good Thang (11:25) Bumblebraggin’ (19:40) -Molly -revisit Jeff’s profile from Ep 11 Down in the DMs (37:50) -I’m going to a bachelorette party in August and have been frozen out by the MOH on the transportation. Should I just not go? - My gf of two years broke up with me and I’m moving out of the state shortly. I want to see her one last time before I leave - should I do it?


Episode 60: Mississippi & Twitter Comedy ft. 27_Male_NYC

The hilarious 27_male_nyc joins Jenna and JR this week to bash Mississippi, grade Bumble profiles and discuss nipple sensitivity. Don't forget to leave a 5-Star review if you like what you hear! Enjoy The Name Game (6:30) -27_male_NYC Bumblebraggin’ (21:40) -Darcy -Ross Down in the DMs (43:25) - Would he rather be single in NYC with millions of other singles or live in the middle of nowhere and be in a happy committed relationship? - Ask 27_male_nyc if he thinks female nipples are the new...


Episode 59: Beychella & Bad Audio

APOLOGIES for the poor audio quality this week! JR's off to Coachella and Jenna thinks a little hate after a breakup is a good thing. Next week 27_male_NYC joins for a hilarious episode - don't miss it! DTIFU Confessional (9:30) -Beyonce -Justin Timberlake Love in the Headlines (21:30) -Maybe a Little Hate During a Breakup Isn’t a Bad Thing? Down in the DM (32:00) -Found something sentimental of my ex's when i was moving. Do I return it to her? -I was invited to be a bridesmaid in a friend's...


Episode 58: Out and About ft. Ali Hinman

TSM writer and former Grandex intern Ali Hinman returns to Don't Take It From Us to share everything she's been through in the past year! Jenna also has exciting news to share and JR, well, he's there too. The Name Game is played, a Bumble profile is reviewed and a horrible bride is exposed. Enjoy! The Name Game (7:30) Storytime with JR (8:30) -James Franco Bumblebraggin’ (35:20) -Bethany Down in the DMs (50:40) - A friend of mine is getting married next year. He has maintained since his...


Episode 57: Cheesecake & The Real OG

More new segments! This week Jenna and JR go DEEP into the world of shitty chain restaurants and read their favorite #DTIFU tweets. New segments are debuted including Different Strokes and Storytime with JR. Enjoy! Storytime with JR (3:00) -Salt Lake City Different Strokes (6:25) Follow Me on Twitter (22:45) Bumblebraggin’ (26:30) -Baker -Hunter (revisit from Ep 15)


Episode 56: I Love Vegas

JR is on death's door so this episode is going up early! Jenna's back and she's bringing new segments. The hosts discuss Vegas recommendations and break down a long time listener's Bumble profile. Enjoy! Storytime with JR (3:00) -No show wedding welcome party Yours or Mine (13:30) Follow Me on Twitter (30:15) Bumblebraggin’ (36:20) -Nathan


Episode 55: Baseball Is Life ft. Good News Pod's Neil Jacobsen

This week, cohost of Cards Against Humanity's The Good News Pod (and officiant at JR's upcoming wedding) Neil Jacobsen joins to grade dating profiles and discuss people who correct other's grammar. Jenna Crowley has the week off but will be back next week! Name Game (3:20) Bumblebraggin’ (18:30) -Tony Down in the DM (37:45) -My younger sister's boyfriend has an annoying habit of correcting people's grammar in social settings. It’s gotten unbearable - what’s the move here? -My boyfriend of 4...


Episode 54: Bachelor Finale & Cyborg Eyes ft. Crick Watson MD

Doctor, doctor, gimme the news! Crick Watson MD is back on the program to talk to Jenna about the momentous finale of The Bachelor. The trio then grade dating profiles and break some very difficult news to a female listener who wrote in. Enjoy! Name Game (3:00) The Bachelor Doctor Is In (14:30) Review of the Bachelor Finale Thoughts on Becca as the Bachelorette Bumblebraggin’(29:15) Stacy Mark Down in the DM (52:00) -I have a crush on a close male friend of mine. We see each other everyday...


Episode 53: Mr. Crackers & Madoff ft. MadoffIvestment

Ryan aka MadoffInvestment stops by DTIFU this week with his barnyard of animals to chat about phobias, twins and living with musicians. Enjoy! Name Game (6:00) -MaddoffInvestment Bumblebraggin’ (20:30) -Connor -Houston (update from Ep 42) Down in the DMs (42:30) -I was dating a girl who thought she was moving across the country soon for work. Turns out she’s staying - when do I have the “what are we” talk? -I’m a mid 30’s female who lives with my guitar playing boyfriend. He wants to “make...