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What happens when you put comedians in front of microphones around a pool table? While we do end up playing with the balls and cue sticks, we search the deepest parts of every place (mainly the Internet, and ourselves) for funny news stories, pop culture, relationship problems (who doesn't have those), the strangest/weirdest questions people ask on the Internet. Mix middle school humor with current events and you pretty much have us. Just don't tell our wives what we talk about down here.

What happens when you put comedians in front of microphones around a pool table? While we do end up playing with the balls and cue sticks, we search the deepest parts of every place (mainly the Internet, and ourselves) for funny news stories, pop culture, relationship problems (who doesn't have those), the strangest/weirdest questions people ask on the Internet. Mix middle school humor with current events and you pretty much have us. Just don't tell our wives what we talk about down here.
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What happens when you put comedians in front of microphones around a pool table? While we do end up playing with the balls and cue sticks, we search the deepest parts of every place (mainly the Internet, and ourselves) for funny news stories, pop culture, relationship problems (who doesn't have those), the strangest/weirdest questions people ask on the Internet. Mix middle school humor with current events and you pretty much have us. Just don't tell our wives what we talk about down here.






John Wick 3 Movie Review,Bill and Ted,Creepy Internet Question,All You Can Drink Bars,Charlie Chaplin,Bad Tattoos,Let's Get Drunk - Ep. 53 - Funny News Comedy

It only took about the first minute for Honch to get into puking up after drinking old timey alcohol after reference to the movie National Lampoon's Senior Trip. And speaking of movies, Honch watched the latest John Wick film and decided to give us a piece of his mind. John Wick 1 (was awesome), John Wick 2 (was awesome), and apparently the movie is made for Russians? John Wick 3...12 hours of going after Russians again and something about a dog. After ranting about how many movie...


Nashville Airport Clothing Fails,IT Movie,Internet Questions,Burger Inducing Labor,McRib - Ep. 52 - Funny News Comedy

On this episode, we get a new member: Gordy. D is just going to assume every episode that he was in some movie, starting with Debbie Does Dallas and IT. The connection was that the characters name was Georgie, but Gordy is close enough. Fully man. If you didn't catch this from every other episode, the Honch has to travel, and subsequently has to deal with a lot of people dressed terribly, including dressing like a prostitute, pajama jeans, and 'boogs'. Honch believes that airports should...


Miley Cyrus Obsession,Tupac is Alive,How To Eat Ramen and Hot Dogs,Coffee Plane Emergency,Impersonating Cop for Snacks - Ep. 51 - Funny News Comedy

So once we got into the news, a very, very, very dedicated fan went to Miley Cyrus concert in Las Vegas, NV and he wasn't supposed to be there. He was so obsessed, that he wanted to impregnate Miley and posted it everywhere including Facebook and Instagram. Security and everyone else was on alert just incase the man showed up to the concert, and they eventually got him at T-mobile arena close to the Luxor Hotel. Honch doesn't want to 'knock her up', he wants to have a relationship with...


Area 51 Invasion,Cash Thief Game Show,Tiny Porn Star Stabbing,Illegal Pig Seamen,Body Wash Tasting - Ep. 50 - Funny News Comedy

A group of people flock to the city of Rachel (a ways outside of Las Vegas) to take on Area 51. What began as a Facebook event to storm the military base, turned into a smaller following on-site. People quickly realized that law enforcement would hold them accountable, and it was mostly peaceful. Only one person was arrested and was let go moments later. Jethrow then tells us about his next big business idea, which involves creating a TV game show where they setup a sting operation with...


UK Toilet Violence,How to End Conversations,Kardashians,People Suck,Angry Australia Vegans,Meth Delivery Man Car Crash - Ep. 49 - Funny News Comedy

A place in United Kingdom is trying to deter people from using their public restrooms as places for sexual activities. The units can sense people using them in ways unintended, which results in getting sprayed, being blasted with loud noises, and the doors will it's not a good place to have a date. The Jethrow then finds a question from Reddit; how do you basically stop someone that is talking...politely. The Honch thinks that going to the bathroom is the answer. Or pretending...


Strip Club School,Worst 1st World Problems,Taco Bell App,Dirtiest Porn Ever,Donald Trump Drugs - Ep. 48 - Funny News Comedy

We start off this episode with the story of a religious school opening in what used to be a strip club in a strip mall. If you've ever been to one, there is probably some major renovations needed, including glitter removal. I guess there's a reason for you to go to Wisconcin (if not for the cheese curds.) We wonder if the school uniforms might be a little questionable. We turned to reddit to figure out what is our worst first world problems. As it turns out, Honch eats a lot and over stuffs...


Prison Escape,Telemarketers,Jail Love,TV Dumping,Stupid Music - Ep. 47 - Funny News Comedy

To kick off this episode of Delay Radio, we sort of quickly jump into the news. A man has tried to escape prison by dressing up as his daughter, and well, forgetting to talk like his daughter's voice. The Honch elightened us to question where the daughter was...when he was trying to escape as her. Jethrow then tells us about a time when a telemarketer called him about helping his business. Jethrow keeps the man on the phone for 45 minutes, just to mess with him. Have you ever messed with...


Meat Pants Thief,Jail Stories,How to Quit Your Job,Crazy Karate Florida Man,Longest Toilet Break Belgium,ESPN - Ep. 46 - Funny News Comedy

We start this episode with a horrible intro per usual, and then once we settle down, we get into the news. A southern man was in a Walmart, where he was caught stealing BBQ brisket (sliced of course), and a propane tank in his pants. The cops didn't have a hard time finding the items, but the man was so angry in the cruiser that he tried to bust his way out. He was charged with assault...(not salt, which you would want to put in a brisket before smoking.) Also, some of us didn't know it,...


Drunk Waterpark Tsunami,Sun Energy Sucking,Hunger Games President,Bad Job Titles - Ep. 45 - Funny News Comedy

We start this episode with a bunch of people getting whiped out in China. As it turns out, there is a massive waterpark with a wave pool that malfunctioned. People thought that a drunk guy had did it, but it turned out to be an electrical issue. But the wave was high...and it was fast. Also this week, Jethrow is running for president of the united states. But before that, he was laying in bed and talking to his wife. He quickly ended up discussing all of the bad things he would do as...


Awful World Records,McDonalds Gun Shots,Arbys Meat Carrot,Reddit Questions - Ep. 44 - Funny News Comedy

We start this episode like we do every other week, complete stupidity. We then go into a news story about a man from Idaho, who stacked 30 bars of wet soap in one minute. That is one bar of soap stacked every 2 seconds. Can you do this? We then decided to take on one of David Rush's world records...featuring blueberries, lawnmowers (running of course), and growing extra long fingernails. We then discussed the world records we wouldn't want to go after, such as eating hot dogs at a nude...


Las Vegas Invasion,Classy Insults,Woman Marries Dog,Canada Razor Freakout - Ep. 43 - Funny News Comedy

We start off this week's episode like every other one, with a terrible introduction (thanks D). We jump right in to news coming out of Las Vegas. Grasshoppers have taken the 'sin city' by storm. While we didn't discuss it, a restaurant used the grasshoppers on their pizza, or if you're some sort of fusion place...then there you go. The craziest part of this whole thing is that the grasshoppers show up on the weather radar. We then discussed how Honch cleans...including waxing. After...


Tesla Drivers,Cleaning Oragami Thief,Naked Scooting,Meat Life,Nude Mail,Minor Inconveniences on Reddit - Ep. 42 - Funny News Comedy

On this episode of Delay Radio, we have a lot of news, some questions from the Internet,naked scooting, and Tesla drivers. We start off this episode trying to talk about the topics we have, but we end up doing Adam Sandler's character, Waterboy (and poorly). So to get us started off, imagine if you're sleeping in your house (or maybe you are at work), someone breaks in and cleans your house. Here's the kicker though, they didn't steal anything. They vacuumed, cleaned the rugs,...


Drunk Soccer,Bar Food,Mumble Rap,Reddit,Stupid People Accidents,Gross Travel Story- Ep. 41 - Funny News Comedy

On this episode of Delay Radio, we discuss the finest of bar offers, including free drinks...or free bar shots. \ people ask. For every goal scored, a bar was offering free drinks for every goal...and let's just say that after a 13-1 win by the US team, the bar made a lot of people REALLY drunk. The owners said that they didn't think people would really go after it, but I mean, they did advertise they have to honor it. I guess they learned their lesson. We then discuss some of the...


Ben Stein,Car Google GPS Fail,Drug Test,Bad Idea,Gender vs Food,Pizza- Ep. 40 - Funny News Comedy

Prepared to be eternally haunted on your entire work commute, with our newest member, Bubba. We started off with a story about Colorado, where there was some construction taking place. As anyone would do, they used Google Maps to get around the mess, and the alternate route took them down a dirt road in the middle of nowhere. And if you happen to get diverted in or from the airport, you can maybe count on Bubba to get you out. And then we talk about when Bubba unintentionally...


BONUS NSFW - Honch Couldn't Turn Off Porn on His Phone - Ep. 40.5 - Funny News Comedy

Before each episode, the team chats, gets caught up on everything going on, and we get ready to record the episode...and the mics are always on. In this little bonus clip, Jethrow and D were discussing an episode of Howard Stern, where a porn video called 'Oh Bill' was shared because of the woman's deep, growl voice. We sent it to Honch while he was remote, and well, he was unable to turn it off. Frantically trying to get it off because of the loud volume, the porn won! We captured it...


Death Cafe,Gaming Clans,Deadpool,Hotel Breakfast Fights - Ep. 39 - Funny News Comedy

We start off this episode with a terrible opening, complements of the D. We start off with a story coming out of Thailand (it's more than Pad Thai). A cafe that once you finish your latte, will lock you inside a coffin, forcing you to question everything about your life. We're not sure how long they will lock you in it, but it will be for more than a few minutes, and perhaps forever you don't pay your bill. Honch will have a panic attack if they put him in a coffin. Would you go to this...


Divorced Lottery Winner,Weird Reddit Q on Strippers,Crazy Hotel Story - Ep. 38 - Funny News Comedy

We start off this episode in the worst way. The D totally drops the ball on the opening...which is honestly a common thing. Once we get into the news, a Michigan man who was in the process of getting a divorce, won $30 million dollars, and now has to split it with his future ex-wife. Honch says he can help out, but the only thing he can go after is some Arby's. We then discuss the top thing we would buy immediately if we won the lottery. Jethrow would buy a bowling alley, how midwestern of...


Insane eBay TSA Toy Review,Pools,Live Tiger Prom Mistake,Trapped in Car,Idiot Bank robber,Grandpas Soup,Life Saving Tips - Ep. 37 - Funny News Comedy

On this episode, we for whatever reason, can't get away from Florida in the news. However, it is Jethrow that starts us off with a very unique review from eBay, which a family had purchased an airport security checkpoint toy. Needless to say, these kids will be forever haunted, and perhaps will never travel in their lives....ever. Between robbing stories, Jethrow and D discuss breaking into a city pool. After that the Honch, discusses a man takes money, but leaves his address behind.....he...


Girlfriend Cheeseburger Assault,80's Movies,Hookers,Cheapest Purchases,Stolen Penguin,Top Reddit Questions,Fugitive Selfies - Ep. 36 - Funny News Comedy

As we kick of this Friday's episode of Delay Radio, the Honch comes in via Skype because he can't help but play around in Canada. It starts off with one of the best Florida man stories to date. A man in Florida has been charged with hitting his girlfriend with a cheeseburger in bed while she was sleeping. When she woke up, he kept hitting her with the cheeseburger. We then discuss the top 3 foods we would want to be slapped in the face with - and a throwback to an 80's movie hit, Real...


Facebook,Reddit Questions,Beard Germs,Walmart,Rants,Stranger Things,Hulu,Timeless,Sarah Gadon,11-22-63,James Franco,TV shows,Walking Dead ,Awkward Crying,People of Walmart - Ep. 35 - Funny News Comedy

On this episode, we have 2 special guests, a husband and wife team. But to clarify, the D and the Jethro are not married. To get things kicked off, the D discusses beards. As it turns out, a recent research project from Switzerland showed that beards are gross. Research showed that microbial counts in dogs (30 furry dogs) vs. men yielded that beards are absolutely disgusting. We then go into discussing shows that keep you up late, including Timeless, 11/22/63, and other shows. They will...