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6 Bugle loving friends chewin' the fat on whatever topics take our fancy! Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @buglespodcast

6 Bugle loving friends chewin' the fat on whatever topics take our fancy! Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @buglespodcast
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6 Bugle loving friends chewin' the fat on whatever topics take our fancy! Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @buglespodcast




15 - I reckon we're going to end up like Derek Ackora

Make sure you find space behind the sofa or under your duvet to listen to episode 15 of Don't Touch The's a scary episode - and not just because Teddy is in charge! The Bugles are now down to the final challenge of The Bugles League and Teddy gives an update from last week as Angelo is not about, before he provides his own challenge and let's just say, it's a heavyweight challenge with a knock out ten points up for grabs again! This weeks main topic is Ghost Stories. The...


14 - I split my sack and my seeds fell out!

Welcome back to another crazy, fun-filled episode of Don't Touch The Bugles podcast folks...….episode 14 to be precise and the captain of the Bugles ship this week is Angelo. To get over the sadness and disappointment of not having Ellwood and Jiggs on board this week, Angelo kick things off with a game titled The Don't Touch The Bugles, no laughing challenge. The purpose of the game is simple. Angelo reads out an awful joke to each Bugle and should he manage to avoid not laughing, he...


13 - It turns out I was just a clumsy nerd...

The number 13 is synonymous with bad luck. It's considered unlucky to have 13 guests at a dinner party, many buildings don't have a 13th floor and most people avoid getting married or buying a house on a day marked by this fearful number. But you can forget about all of that because today is your lucky day as Jigg's patches himself up and decides to play through the pain barrier to host episode 13 of Don't Touch The Bugles podcast. Long time listeners of the podcast will remember that in...


12 - I'd like some salted penis please

Having survived some time away in the Yorkshire wilderness, Chunk, or "Chunky" as he's otherwise known, is back to host for this week's episode of your favourite podcast, Don't Touch The Bugles. It took him three attempts to get started, but they say third time's a charm so who are we to argue? The guys catch up after a busy drink-and-food heavy bank holiday Easter weekend before the conversation quickly turns towards Captain Teddy's new cruise liner! Hey, maybe we could record a podcast...


11 - Is it like licking feet?

El Capitan.....sorry, Ellwood is back as your host for this week's episode of Don't Touch The Bugles and he kicks things off with a game of Higher or Lower, much like the popular game show of old......but this time it includes Olives, Liquorish and Gherkins! The main topic this week is what was your worst punishment and what did you do to deserve it? Wow, some moments of honesty from the boys this week but some well deserved punishments were rightly handed out too by the sounds of it. They...


10 - One in the Pink, One in the Brown

Famous number tens include landmarks such as Downing Street, famous sports personalities like Diego Maradona and of course, the number ten determines a knock out in boxing. Well, on that note, we have a knock out episode for you this week as we join that illustrious list of famous number tens with our very own tenth episode of Don't Touch The Bugles podcast (terrible pun there, I know!) Now, in the words of Jason Derulo on his hit single Ugly, this week we have "Diddly, Diddly, Diddly,...


9 - I was Yellow once....I had Jaundice!

Guess who's back, back again? Teddy's back, tell a friend......that's right, tell a friend about Don't Touch The Bugles Podcast and if you tell them Teddy's hosting, they'll probably be jumping for joy! The Bugles start by getting an update on last weeks' Greyhound racing result for The Bugles League and Angelo explains the wild goose chase had to go on to find out who won. Host Teddy then sets a new challenge but which Bugle will "Finnish" with maximum points next week? It's then time for...


8 - Do you trust people that like smooth peanut butter?

Angelo's your host for episode 8 of Don't Touch The Bugles Podcast and we're off to a mystery start......but I wont say anything else. Where's the mystery in that?! The guys have another go at Who Said It? whereby Angelo surprises The Bugles again by reading out tweets of theirs from years gone by. It's then onto nicknames! The guys each share nicknames they've been given in the past but more importantly why they were given them before sharing those of the listeners. As ever, some...


7 - I've seen his gloves and it's got the brown finger on it

So in the words of British *rock band Coldplay (*according to Wikipedia!), "Oh, take me back to the start". That's right, we've gone full circle and Jiggs is back at the helm this week to host episode 7 of Don't Touch The Bugles Podcast. The Bugles mix things up a bit this week and start with a couple of off the cuff stories. Now you know all about the Blue Power Ranger but have you heard about the upgrade to James Bond himself, 007? That's right, it's time for England's most powerful...


6 - Oh my God, they killed bastards!

We're all about giving you more than you asked for on Don't Touch The Bugles Podcast which is why we've given you Ellwood with two L's, and not one, as host for episode 6. Keeping with tradition the guys start with "What'sa Diddly's Poppa Text Today?". A photo of this week's riddle was uploaded onto the Don't Touch The Bugles Instagram account @buglespodcast. Can you guess what Diddly's poppa was trying to say? It's then onto this weeks main topic - Snog, Marry and Push off a cliff. The...


5 - Bruce Lee trained me to be a Power Ranger

It's your boy Diddly putting the captain's hat on and steering the ship for this week's episode of Don't Touch The Bugles Podcast. After they secured a record breaking time to solve "What'sa Diddly's Poppa Text Today?" in episode 4, the guys are really up against it in episode 5 as Diddly's Poppa is back to his old tricks of sharing messages that are so cryptic, the worlds best hackers would struggle to crack them! It's then onto this weeks hot topic - Super Powers. The Bugles asked...


4 - Sharing is caring

After being AWOL last week, Chunk is back and is hosting this week's episode of Don't Touch The Bugles. Things get underway with the very popular feature, "What'sa Diddly's Poppa Text Today?". The feedback to the new jingle that accompanies this feature has been so positive, we expect it to be a chart topping success in the coming weeks. Ah, if only Top of the Pops was still a thing... The guys then move onto this weeks main event. As the old adage goes, "sharing is caring" and the Bugles...


3 - Would you rather..?

The guys may only be onto their third episode but what an episode it is so if you're comfortable with listening to the show and laughing out loud whilst strangers walk past or sit next to you and wonder what on earth you are listening to but at the same time envious that something is giving you such joy, then this is the episode for you! Teddy takes over in the hot seat this week, to host episode three of Don't Touch The Bugles and an unexpected birthday surprise for somebody gets things...


2 - Don't be late for Teddy!

Now that is a nice surprise! This week the guys managed to get another full house of Don't Touch The Bugles podcast members for recording. A little less of a surprise was just how much of a laugh they had recording this weeks episode so if a good old chuckle is what you came here for then you shall not be disappointed! The guys start in the same fashion as last week with a quick catch up on the weeks' events which resulted in a 5 year old road rage secret about one of the Bugles being...


1 - The big reveal

After weeks of planning (three, to be precise!) episode 1 of Don't Touch The Bugles has finally landed. The guys kick it off with the big reveal on how the name of the group came to be, with a quick trip down memory lane. They also discuss a prank that went horribly wrong, quite possibly the best theft attempt of all time involving a self checkout till in a supermarket, childhood memories of hustling a vending machine with plastic 20p pieces and of course, giving their pearls of wisdom in...