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6 Bugle loving friends chewin' the fat on whatever topics take our fancy! Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @buglespodcast

6 Bugle loving friends chewin' the fat on whatever topics take our fancy! Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @buglespodcast
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6 Bugle loving friends chewin' the fat on whatever topics take our fancy! Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @buglespodcast




50 and a bit - Strawbear Bonus Episode

This episode does what is says on the's a bonus episode with tales from the Strawbear festival featuring some Bugles, and some special guests!


50 - I went to a house a house!

@alexdiddly is back to host episode 50 of Don't Touch The Bugles podcast and in a way that no other Bugle could, he decided he dress for the part. See our Instagram page (@buglespodcast) to see what we mean! With almost a full house, the guys start this week with a catch up on things gone by since they were all together. There's historic news about some famous Golden Arches, a near punch up with an OAP and a birthday trip to the hills - this time in suitable footwear. And then onto this...


49 - And he's a pervert in real life too

@teddypaling is your host for episode 49 of Don't Touch The Bugles, the podcast where a group of friends get together each week and talk about the most random of topics. This week, the guys start with a catch up on their respective weeks before moving onto the main event - a massive debate about who the most overrated actors and actresses are and which films are the most overrated to ever grace the big screens. It's a short write up but it's a long and entertaining episode so make sure you...


48 - I lost and cried my eyes out

Happy New Year, Bonne Année, Buon Anno and for anyone in Wales, Blwyddyn Newydd Dda! Welcome to episode 48 of Don't Touch The Bugles and what better way to start the new decade than by listening to your favourite group of Bugle loving brothers! This week, @chunkybugle brings us into the new year with a ramble from each of this weeks three Bugles talking about what they got up to over the festive period. They then discuss this weeks topic which fittingly is all about New Years resolutions...


47 - What wasn't I Veet-ing?!

If you're bored during this Christmas lull, sick of the copious amount of Turkey sandwiches and ready to drop a smackdown on your siblings then worry not because @angelobugle is here to host another episode of Don't Touch The Bugles with his fellow corn snack loving brothers! A week after recording episode 46 (if you know, you know!), the guys kick things off with some unfortunate headlines that have made the news, there's a new toilet that employers are looking to bring in that 'cracks'...


46 - Bugles Christmas Special

You better watch out You better not cry You better not pout I'm telling you why @Vancan41is comin' to town, (oh yeah!) town......and he's presenting episode 46 of Don't Touch The Bugles so if this pre amble didn't give it away (as well as the title of this podcast!) it's a Bugles Christmas Special. All six Bugles are together for a Christmas extravaganza and as you'd expect nothing less, during this episode The Bugles talk about Christmas traditions...


45 - When he sings, it's like he's sucking on a tea bag!

@jiggsofbugle is your host this week and he comes bearing gifts but you'll have to wait before you find out what that's all about! In this episode, The Bugles talk about speeding tickets, unsociable dads, the responsibility of looking after kids on a school trip before there's another instalment of 'Diddly's Amazon Review of the Weeeeeek'. It's then onto this weeks main topic which is 'who is the most overrated band or artist ever?'. As you'd expect, the mix of debate, piss taking and...


44 - When did your rabbiting become dogging?

Before the NHS give him a call so that he can go under the knife and have his cock snapped and put back together......sorry, his knee snapped and put back together, @teddypaling is your host for episode 44 of Don't Touch The Bugles. It's the usual round up of their respective weeks and The Bugles chew the fat over a number of things including the exciting news that they are now recording from their new podcast HQ. Talk then turns to protecting your stash of porn, losing bank cards, being a...


43 - Made in China on a Friday

It's everyone's favourite Sardinian (because Angelo is claiming the title of being everyone's favourite Italian!) @alexdiddly is your host for episode 43 of Don't Touch The Bugles. Whilst usual DTTB tradition is to start each week reminiscing over events from the past 7 days of their lives, this week was Thanks Giving so it made sense for The Bugles to discuss what they give thanks for. This is then followed by the usual mix of the weird and wonderful topics spoken about on this podcast...


42 - I thought you knew that I gagged?

Welcome to another episode of Don't Touch The Bugles, the podcast where a group of Bugle loving friends get together and talk about random topics. This week, your host is @angelobugle, ready to conduct another hour of pure madness. This week, Jiggs makes a revelation about his big boss, Ellwood has a go karting disaster and there's talk of complaining when having meal out at a restaurant. It's then onto the final round of The Bugles League. We know who is taking the top prize but who will...


41 - I hid her in the closet

@chunkybugle is your host for episode 41 of Don't Touch The Bugles, the podcast where six Bugle loving friends talk about the most random and off topic of things and what a better way to start this week than with Teddy admitting to abandoning a family member so that he could go home to watch BBC's Match of the Day. Jiggs talks through some of the weird things he saw from watching 'Surviving R Kelly', Diddly talks about his new legend of a friend, Doug, and Angelo explains how he overcame...


40 - If you've got a full nut sack, you make silly decisions!

Wow, another milestone episode as @jiggsofbugle presents episode 40 of Don't Touch The Bugles and having recorded episode 39, high on life (and alcohol), The Bugles are in surprisingly chipper mood. First up, it's time for the final Bugle birthday of the year as Diddly opens his gifts and out of the blue, Teddy surprises everyone with some gifts too. There's then a recap of last weeks outing in Sheffield including Jiggs' winning dance off with a random challenger to his throne. A quick...


39 - Recording drunk in Sheffield...

Welcome to episode 39 of Don't Touch The Bugles podcast, this week recorded live in Sheffield by five of your favourite podcasting friends all intoxicated with help from Captain Morgan's finest spiced rum - although he didn't sponsor it! @vancan41 is your host this week and the guys get off to the usual round up of what's been happening in their world this week. The topic this week is 'If crime was legal for 24 hours, what would you do?' and listeners of the show did not disappoint with...


38 - I'd rather have a bowl of Coco Pops!

Fresh from his explosive rant last week, Teddy is your host for this weeks episode of Don't Touch The Bugles and if we may say so ourselves, what an episode it is! Jiggs kicks things off with talk of a hot date....and not with his wife, Ted admits to an almighty cock up involving his car and there's a follow up to the urinal conversation from last week's episode. Angelo shares a hilarious car advert he's seen on the internet which is given 10 out of 10 for creativity. It's then onto The...


37 - Teddy's Amazing Rant

Hellloooo listeners new and old - Angelo is here to host episode 37 of Don't Touch The Bugles. Jiggs has finally worn some of The Bugles down and convinced them to start acting like the man-children that they truly are, abandon their responsibilities, and download and start playing the game Destiny on the PlayStation. They then explore Jiggs' new ink before the man himself gives a bit of love to some fellow podcasts from around the globe. They each, unprompted, talk about being caught red...


36 - I'm going to relate to myself as Translender

The man more Fen than the Strawbear himself, @chunkybugle, is your host for episode 36 of Don't Touch The Bugles. It's the usual random chat to start this weeks' episode and talk soon turns to Teddy's impending knee operation. It's probably time to put your sandwich down when you listen to this as it gets squeamish at one point. Anyway, by the sounds of it, in the near future we'll be recording this podcast whilst emptying his bedpan and fluffing his pillows!! Angelo then asks the question...


35 - There was some guy sitting in a tree with binoculars

He's back, fresh from two weeks cruising around the motherland, @alexdiddly is your host for episode 35 of Don't Touch The Bugles podcast. So where do things start this week? Well, it's the place that separates the men from the boys, the wheat from the chaff and the smart from the.....anyway, its The Bugles League and @chunkybugle is your quiz master. There's a quick review of Diddly's wedding now that he's back with the Bugles including a recap of Angelo's music fuck up on the day and the...


34 - Sloppy and moist are two words I don't like

Is it just us or do these podcast titles keep getting worse? Ah well, fuck it.....they seem to grab your attention and hey, we won't judge if you don't! The Captain himself, @vancan41, is here to host the latest episode of Don't Touch The Bugles podcast. From the off, Angelo gets a battering for his 'tidy' ways and the levels of his OCD are brought into question. Actually, here's one for all of you listeners. When does an OCD trait start to become a superstition? The Bugles debate this and...


33 - Quarter to eight blow job

It's his lucky number but we're still not sure why (either that or we've forgotten!), that's right, @jiggsofbugle is back to host episode 33 of Don't Touch The Bugles podcast. The guys start this week with a tip of the cap to Diddly's wedding but don't worry, they save a full run down until the main man is back from his Honeymoon is Sardinia. Talk moves onto winning the lottery and how each of The Bugles would spend and/or share it. Jiggs reveals he has a doppelgänger - at least according...


32 - I had my trousers around my ankles

@teddypaling is back from a three week absence to host episode 32 of Don't Touch The Bugles. The guys start this week with Teddy explaining where he has been during his time away from recording which included a trip to the land of multiple coloured sands, a drive up to the home of his nemesis and a lay up in bed with a rash. Chunk reveals how his 6 year old had to help him get into the local library and Angelo gives us an update on his German Majorca, before sharing a new game...