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Two idiots in a bunker in New Jersey distract themselves with everything they can while they wait for the world to end.

Two idiots in a bunker in New Jersey distract themselves with everything they can while they wait for the world to end.


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Two idiots in a bunker in New Jersey distract themselves with everything they can while they wait for the world to end.




46. Probably our only Coronavirus show

Live for the first time from the bunker!!! This is nuts. The guys decide on secret identities (Pete Persona and Da Shadow). Nick, uh Pete is paranoid about getting doxed and people finding his bunker and stealing his tendies. In true Doomsday Doopy Doo fashion it is is balls to the wall who gives a 'F'. Da Shadow (yeah Da Shadow read on for more) and Pete (don't ask) learn Twitch on the fly and you get to witness it. They do all this while talking about Coronavirus but not how you would...


45. RPG: Gamma World - Chasing Grace

In our latest Gamma World roleplaying session we learn that Nick has a Big Muff and Chris knows more colors than most of us. More importantly though Meecho and Glume, upon returning to the Citadel and consulting Bling, search the streets for their old partner Grace in an effort to recruit her help in finding someone with potentially valuable information regarding the whereabouts of the people taken from Timberlen.


44. Skywalker and History and Words

Nick and Chris ponder the Rise of Skywalker and the history of Star Wars and its place in our history but the real gem is when Chris reads from the dictionary.


43. RPG: Gamma World - My Name is Derwin

In our latest Gamma World roleplaying session the gang licks their wounds after a harrowing escape. Meecho confronts a merchant named Derwin.


42. RPG: Gamma World - Towering Inferno

In our latest installment of our Gamma World roleplaying session, Meecho and his friends attempt to fend off a fire breathing tank while surrounded by fuel.


Star Wars Bonus Show - Myths and Heroes

Happy Holidays Doopers!! Have a special show on us! What makes us love Star Wars? How did the original movie achieve what it did? What basic human feelings did Lucas tap into? Nick and Chris take Star Wars: A New Hope through Joseph Campbell's Monomyth, and Christopher Vogler's Hero's Journey shedding some light on the power of storytelling and the possibility of our collective consciousness being the source of our strong emotional attachment to these great stories which may merely be...


40. The Actual Star Wars Show

The original Star Wars Trilogy is broken down and covered with deep insights, fan theories and even cold hard statistics. It's been bottled up and it comes spewing out right here and now. On a side note, reading that title -- 'The Actual Star Wars Show' makes me feel like I am making the claim that this is a show that is somehow sanctioned by Disney, like some Star Wars show that no one knew about had snuck on to the interwebs on the weekend of The Rise of Skywalker and released an actual...


39. RPG: Gamma World - Where the F is Bundeez

The gang is back with another installment of our real play Gamma World roleplaying session. A careful stalk of the heartless cybernetic crew responsible for wiping Meecho's homeland from existence leads to a crescendo when the crew briefly loses sight of the young Bundeez.


Ep. 38 - Drones, Facial Recognition, The Watchmen

Drinking beer on porches and being chased by drones.... We're not sure what to say about this one. There's a nice Watchmen talk.


37. RPG: Gamma World - On the Road Again

Meecho and Glume do what they do best, shoot like Stormtroopers. Nick and Chris roleplay another session of Gamma World and it was actually recorded this time.


Ep. 36 - Dangerous Game

Chris plays a dangerous game... Also, Nick gets ghosted, walks through a Hasidic neighborhood with a bow, and then rips Ben Affleck. Of course, there's talk of movies, tv shows and music.


Ep. 35 - RPG - Gamma World - Mea Culpa

Nick and Chris are back with an explanation and a mea culpa, and a summary of the current role playing adventure.


Ep. 34 - Grown Men Crying

The guys are back. After a lost RPG show the guys talk about the lack of a Rocky show, the show The Boys, and then they just flat out cry.


33. RPG: Gamma World - Timberlen

We pick up our roleplaying adventure as we join Meecho and Glume on their tense drive through the roads of Gamma World. After a few roadside encounters, Meecho reaches the gates of his home where he confronts the ways of this world.


Skip this one

This one starts with a retraction surrounding the true meaning of the Nirvana song Polly. Hopefully it's the last time Nick bring's up his man crush on Cobain and friends. Then it swerves from an old school italian seafood place to fish torture and then the Holocaust comes up all while Nick sounds like he's gonna pass out. You can probably skip it...


RPG: Gamma World - PTO

Meecho levels up! Then together with Glume look for a little time off in order to investigate Timberlen but not before a strange missed encounter with Grace.


Nick loves Kurt Cobain

In our 30th episode, Nick and Chris wax poetic about music but mostly Nick shamelessly pines over Kurt Cobain. Chris sets everyone straight at the end.


RPG: Gamma World - The Bug

Our 29th episode finds Meecho, Glume and Grace on the road to the citadel but sometimes the road often traveled can still be treacherous as the gang soon finds out.


Nick Regains Control of his Face

How do you torture a stroke victim? Also can you have a Star Wars conversation while making like the only move that happened was Episode 4? And what about Rocky? And who are the Ramones?


RPG: Gamma World - The Gang Returns

After a brief hiatus due to illness, Nick and Chris hit the tabletop and play a much needed round of Gamma World. Meecho, Glume and Grace, return to Super Adventure Funland to retrieve their scavenged mechs. But, a surprise awaits and as usual it all gets blown up.