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Welcome to the podcast! It's exactly how it sounds; we drink, we talk, we laugh! Enjoy the show!

Welcome to the podcast! It's exactly how it sounds; we drink, we talk, we laugh! Enjoy the show!
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Welcome to the podcast! It's exactly how it sounds; we drink, we talk, we laugh! Enjoy the show!




DrinkItOver - Episode016

Welcome Back for Episode 016! Happy Father's Day to all the DILFs out there! A Taco Bell in Louisiana ran out of taco shells a couple of weeks ago and someone called 911 because of it. Seems like a bit of an overreaction! The question remains, what fast food would you call for police assistance over? The NHL and NBA crowned first-time champions this week; congrats to the St. Louis Blues and Toronto Raptors. Dear God help us, Drake is an "NBA Champion". Did you watch either of the finals?...


DrinkItOver - Episode015

Welcome Back for Episode 015! The Final Four in the "Who's Your Favorite "The Office" Character Bracket Challenge" is set and the matchups are revealed! Thanks to everyone for voting and sharing your opinions/favorite moments from this iconic show. Final Four voting begins Sunday at noon! Help us crown a winner in the coming days! In addition to revealing the Final Four, Bethany and I give you our Top 5 Plus One reasons "Pam Beesly is just the Worst!" If you have reasons why Pam is the...


DrinkItOver - Episode014

Welcome Back for Episode 014! Summer is here! This week, we welcome back our good friends Ernie and Liz for their return trip to the Drink It Over Podcast! This episode got off the rails quick in the best way possible. First, Congrats to Justin Wright for claiming State Championships in the Long Jump and 100m Dash and Runner-Up in the 200m Dash! Incredible accomplishments and you made my hometown of Wellsville, Ohio extremely proud! In today's episode, we talked about how we spent our...


DrinkItOver - Episode013

Welcome Back for Episode 013! We've missed you! We've been traveling the last couple of weeks and are back ready to tell you where we were. Two weeks ago, we were in Minneapolis and caught a Twins game at Target Field and found some fun places to hang out along the way! This last weekend, we were in Pittsburgh for the Garth Brooks concert, which got us thinking......what are some of our favorite concerts we've been to and why did we love them so much. We also hit you with our "Top 5 Plus...


DrinkItOver - Episode012

Welcome Back for Episode 012! We're back and this time, we brought a guest. We hope you enjoy this episode with our guest Luca D'Ortenzio! We saw Avengers: Endgame again and this time our conversation wasn't a flaming dumpster! We each give you our "Top 3 Endgame Moments", where we think/hope the MCU is heading now, and everything else we're excited for with Marvel. If you're sick of hearing about endgame, fast-forward to around the 1:05 mark. Luca grilled us with his own "podcasty-type"...


DrinkItOver - Episode011

Welcome Back for Episode 011! MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD! YOU'VE BEEN WARNED. Avengers: Endgame is finally here and, like 500 million other people, we saw it and are ready to react! So, tighten your shields for our raw reactions to the movie, what we loved (Everything!), favorite scenes, and theories for where the MCU can possibly go from here! Please excuse the excitement and, at times, jumbled conversation. It was hard to squeeze everything we wanted into this episode and will have more rational...


DrinkItOver - Episode010

Welcome Back for Episode 010! Happy Easter! Can you believe we've already done 10 of these things? In this week's episode, we're talking about nothing but the Marvel Cinematic Universe! We've waited an entire year to see the fallout from Avengers: Infinity War. With Avengers: Endgame dropping this week, how are "Earth's Mightiest Heroes" going to fix everything? We can't wait! We've got it all this week; we just finished a 21 movie re-watch of every MCU movie and have thoughts. Spoiler- they...


DrinkItOver - Episode009

Welcome Back for Episode 009! SPRING HAS SPRING A-HOLES! In today's episode, we address the age-old topic: Were you a fan of *NSYNC or BSB growing up? Based on Facebook poll, you people are split! We watched the YouTube documentary "The Boy Band Con: The Lou Pearlman Story". Lou Pearlman was the former creator/manager/6th member of *NSYNC and BSB who stole millions from them; he's was a real sleezebag! How are you preparing for Avengers: Endgame? I'm preparing by doing a full re-watch of...


DrinkItOver - Episode008

Welcome Back for Episode 008! This is our most controversial episode yet! In this week's show, we talk about our recent trip to Asheville (we loved it), how dog-friendly everything was, and North Carolina's weird drinking laws. We also talk about Dog People vs Cat People, why dogs are better, kittens are okay, and reference articles breaking down the difference between dog and cat people. In honor of the Stanley Cup Playoffs kicking off this week, we watched and reviewed the Jean-Claude Van...


DrinkItOver - Episode007

Welcome back for Episode 007! This week we talk about the Elizabeth Holmes documentary "The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley". Enjoy!


DrinkItOver - Episode006

Welcome Back for Episode 006 and the GREATEST SPORTS MONTH OF THE YEAR! We're back from vacation and better than ever! This week we're talking about our recent trip to Chicago and Nashville, our favorite spots in each, and our experiences at the Big Ten and SEC (Boo!) Basketball Tournaments. As you know, we're on the brink of kicking off the greatest sports month of the year, so we break down what we love about the NCAA Tournament, and our "Top 5 Plus One" Game We're Looking Forward To....


DrinkItOver - Episode005

Welcome Back for Episode 005! We're back, better than ever, and this week we're discussing all things Captain Marvel in this "2 part" episode. In Part 1, we do a quick refresh on where we are in the Marvel Cinematic Universe ahead of Captain Marvel, Bethany watches the Captain Marvel trailer for the FIRST TIME, and we give our "Top 5 Plus One" predictions on what we think happens in Captain Marvel. In Part 2, we talk nothing but Captain Marvel reactions! We give our general thoughts on the...


DrinkItOver - Episode004

Welcome Back for Episode 004! We're back, better than ever, and this time we even brought guests! In this episode, we welcome our good friends Ernie and Liz to the bar to talk about where we grew up, our high school experience and how vastly different they all were. We also dig into Bravo and whether the entire station is a breeding ground for monsters, and give our thoughts on Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga at the Oscars. A town in Germany broke a World Record recently in a very funny way....


DrinkItOver - Episode003

Welcome Back for Episode 003! We were busy traveling last week, but are happy to be back in your earholes this week! In this episode, we talk about the "Dog Days of Winter", whether or not the Buckeyes are a tournament team, Robert Kraft and his extracurricular activities, and how much I like the AAF! What are you watching to get through the winter? We give you our "Top 5 Plus 1" shows we're watching, but would love to hear from you! We also get into some of our favorite weekend trips and...


DrinkItOver - Episode002

Welcome back for our Valentine's Day Special! In this episode we talk about all things Valentine's Day, from our favorite romantic comedies, favorite Valentine's Day Candy, Bethany breaking up with a guy on February 13th, and me going to a movie with another guy's girlfriend. We also share a Valentine's Day "horror" story from our friend Melanie. So much fun! We also rant about the Super Bowl halftime show, why Adam Levine went shirtless, and our favorite Superhero movies OUTSIDE of the...


DrinkItOver - Episode001

It's our inaugural episode! Listen as we drink and talk about movies we're excited to see, movies we'll probably hate, and sports!