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Three old friends, three new time zones talking about beer, life and the pursuit of happiness!

Three old friends, three new time zones talking about beer, life and the pursuit of happiness!
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Three old friends, three new time zones talking about beer, life and the pursuit of happiness!






#55 - Obert's Toiletgram

Welcome back to Drinking Alone, With Friends! We get right down to business this week after a quick Halloween tangent/Tud Cranky session with a delicious Tequila cocktail from Obert, before Tud drops a stunner from the top rope with a beer for the working man. To round it out Chris brings a beer with a story from Knee Deep Brewery that he couldn't pass up as a forklift operator. After our drinking segment we all pile into the roomy and comfortable Chevy Traverse® and learn about some weird...


#54 - Don't Buy LEGOs!

Welcome back to the return of Old Sports News... er, I mean, Drinking Alone, With Friends! Its football season again and we break it down, with our own spin on it (spin = drinking). This week we bring you red drinks, raspberry drinks, and one that's both! We went long this week with so many things to talk about including a very cool CT brewery based out of the brewers home, a metal name for an Asheville beer, and a unique cocktail from Obert that will leave your mouth watering. Finally we...


#53 - Season 2: Call Us... Maybe?

Welcome to a brand new season of Drinking Alone, With Friends! This time with more tequila! Carly Ray Jepsen! Possibly new music**! Join us on the start of a whole new year of podcasting. In this episode we have margarita tips from Obert, a hard to google beer from Chris, a unique cocktail from Tud, hot wing talk and we return to the mailbag for all of your General Thoughts™. Mini Handle: Metal Straws Three Handles: Mammoth Wool socks Semolina Flour The Perfect Pokerap Patreon...


#52- HazeBoiz II Hazemen

Welcome back to Drinking Alone, With Friends! After a long awaited reunion of the three co-hosts, we finally catch up with Tud and hear his take on the wedding and also Italy, Italian foods, and most importantly, Italian wines! Then its time to get down to business with a beautiful beer from Chris, a Heavy Metal Whiskey from Tud and Obert brings an IPA from a Midwest classic. Tud teaches the crew about the world of European craft brews and share some of his favorites. Chris brings a new...


#51 - Interview With Labyrinth Brewing

Welcome to another special edition of Drinking Alone, With Friends! We truly conclude the Summer of Friends with an interview with Labyrinth Brewing owner and brewer, Adam! He sits with both Chris and Tud (mostly Tud) to talk about his journey in the craft beer world and the booming scene in CT. We also get to nerd out talking about D&D, so that's cool too! We can't thank Adam enough for showing us the hospitality and giving us the time while his brewery was open and getting ready for...


#50 - Textin' About Meatballs (w/ Jordan)

Welcome back to the thrilling conclusion to the #summerofguests with the return of Jordan! He joins Chris and Obert this week as Tud continues his honeymoon. Jordan teaches the pod about the magical land of California, the place where there's fruit stands on every corner, angry Super Mario suns beating down, and of course, delicious mango beers! Chris dives in to the world of Ales vs Lagers, while Obert brings an explicit beer to the pod. The guys determine how many donuts they could eat in...


#49 - Fruit Smellies (w/ Jenna)

Welcome back to the #summerofguests here at Drinking Alone, With Friends! We're joined this week by returning guest, the lovely Jenna AKA @TheBrewlocker on Instagram to talk about lawn mowing cream ales, porch sipping cocktails, and tv binging IPAs. Then Chris brings back Hoppy Hour with a hop named after a lingerie store! What could it be? We help Jenna celebrate 1 whole year of becoming everyone's Tom of Instagram, responsibly drinking at brewfests and plans for the future! You don't want...


#48 - The Bud Light Challenge (w/ Dan)

Hey folks, welcome back to another special episode of Drinking With Friends! This episode we all gathered around the same microphone in Tud's dining room to record in person on the eve of Tud's big day. Oh and to top it off we are joined by lifelong friend Dan from the legendary Ross Hill Road Gang! We put Tud's fruit knowledge to the test, before we find out once and finally find an answer for the question... "Who Loves Bud Light?!" We also debut one of everyone's new favorite segment...


HP#2 - Tud Got Married!

Welcome to a special Half Pour of Drinking Alone, With Friends! This time Chris and Obert sit down and talk about Tud's wedding while he's off in Italy drinking wine while eating gelato and pasta! We talk about our travel woes, where we drank during the week and, of course, the big day itself! It was an amazing trip and we wanted to share our experiences with all of our friends! One Handle J Timothy's Wings Patreon and Amazon Affiliate: Hey Everyone! We have a Patreon and Amazon...


#47 - Interview With Brewery Legitimus

Welcome back to another exciting episode of Drinking Alone, With Friends! This week's episode is a special one where! Tud got to sit down with the owner and brewer of Brewery Legitimus and talk about their story through this wonderful land of beer! Don't you worry, you get to hear both Obert and Chris since we recorded the intro to this interview LIVE and in person! Patreon and Amazon Affiliate: Hey Everyone! We have a Patreon and Amazon Affiliate link now! If you love the show and would...


#46 - Wreck My DAWF Podcast! (w/ Jordan)

Hey folks and welcome to another episode of Drinking Alone, With Friends! We have a special one today where we trade in Obert for a brand new host! Jordan from Wreck My Podcast joins us to drink some beer and talk about everything including: wrestling, how crowded CA is, how to not eat a sausage, Mr. President The Rock M.D. D.D.S. O.B.G.Y.N C.P.A, and his #tudfit lifestyle! Make sure you go show his show some love at wreckmypodcast.com! Three handles: Orobi Wifi Aldi Golf...


#45 - Chugging Along With Friends

Chugga-Chugga-Choo-Choo! Chris, Tud and Obert will help you see the light at the end of the tunnel on this week's episode of Drinking Alone, With Friends! The gang builds up a head of steam this week talking about the summer drink of 2019, spiked seltzer. Before the pod goes off the rails, its another installment of "While we Trainverse" where we learn about some wacky drinking laws and $15 cheese sandwiches. Tud punches the ticket with "No Stupid Questions" to discuss snails, train sounds,...


#44 - 2,000 Beers Because Freedom

Happy Independence Day from all of us at Drinking Alone, With Friends! Chris, Tud and Obert kick this one off with a bang... We talk about an often forgotten US President, Chris officially becomes C2K, Obert puts a 4th of July twist on our newest segment, Beer Trivia! (Where there are many formal protests, of course) Three handles: Justin's Peanut Butter Nest Thermostat Nixplay Picture Frame Your Next Expensive Amazon Purchase! Patreon and Amazon Affiliate: Hey Everyone! We have a...


#43 - Bee Houses

Welcome back to Drinking Alone, With Friends! Prepare for a fun 48 mins of Chris, Tud, and Obert discussing the joys of home-ownership, DnD themed beer, good labels on okay beer, and okay labels on good beer. We debate the finer points of untappd ratings, and then veer recklessly into oncoming traffic in the hit segment While We Traverse. Three handles: Sense8 paint i guess Stardew Valley (Android) (iOS) Patreon and Amazon Affiliate: Hey Everyone! We have a Patreon and Amazon...


#42 - "Buzzed" In!

Welcome back to Drinking Alone, With Friends! The crew is well rested after a long weekend of drinking in Asheville and can’t wait to talk about it! After discussing our favorite parts from the bachelor party we get down to business with some tasty Hazy IPA reviews, revisit our new beers resolutions to learn why Tud is cranky (and it’s not because of his $400 shovel), and introduce a new segment, Beer Trivia. Play along at home, and let us know how you did at DAWFPodcast@gmail.com! Three...


#41 - While We Traverse...

Welcome to the long awaited Traversing WITH Friends! Pile into the spacious, comfortable, luxurious Chevy Traverse. With a richly refined interior and a class-leading 98.2 cu. ft. of cargo space, Traverse is the stylish midsize SUV with space for everyone and everything. Including 4 friends about to embark on a long weekend of drinking delicious Asheville beers! We discuss more weird beer laws, the Titanic, first dates, and even drink a bonus beer in honor of our first episode all recording...


#40 - When Swans Attack (w/ Jenna)

Welcome back to Drinking Alone, With Friends! Episode 40, 4 hosts and 160 oz of beer! That's right! Jenna is back and she is helping us celebrate 40 wonderful episodes with 40 oz beers! Listen to Tud's new fan cast while Obert pretends to drink a 40 and Chris regales us with a terrifying tale from his childhood! Good thing there is so much beer to drown sorrows in! FOUR Handles: Humble Bundle Darn Tough Socks Dragon's Dogma for Nintendo Switch Beer Fest List App Patreon and Amazon...


#39 - Cheladon't: The Devil's Favorite Beer

Welcome back to "Drinking Alone, With Friends!" where we face our greatest beers yet... 50 oz of bud, tomato and clam juice, with a touch of lime and salt all combined to make us shudder. Which of us finished it? Which of us came close? Which of us took 3 sips and then drank his chaser the rest of the episode? Find out on this weeks episode! Three Handles: CivilWarBot 2020 Disc Golf hook on highchair Patreon and Amazon Affiliate: Hey Everyone! We have a Patreon and Amazon Affiliate...


#38 - A Grumpy Farewell

Welcome back to Drinking Alone, With Friends! Today we pour one out for the internet's orneriest cat, Tud drinks a beer brought specially across the country for the pod, Chris battles Catawba brewing's Hopness Monster while Obert asks "Have you ever wondered where Firestone Walker got their name from?" We tell you the disappointing answer on today's episode. Also in this episode, Chris brings back a fan favorite segment of Hoppy Hour to educate us all about Cascade hops, Tud brings a Bonus...


#37 - Distance Makes the Heart Grow Foeder

Welcome back to Drinking Alone, With Friends! Today we bring you three sour ales while Tud puts on his reporters fedora and shares news from some CT breweries he learned at the Rising Pint Brewfest this weekend. Sit back and grab a beer while we talk about what makes a good sour, weird names for large barrels, and breweries with "wine wine". We also discuss exciting news coming out Dogfishead and Boston Beer Company, leading into the debate of who is more innovative. Also in this Episode:...