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The Drinking Partners Podcast features comics Ed Bailey and Day Bracey swilling microbrews and spirits and engaging in dynamic, entertaining, and informative conversations with entertainers, politicians, and entrepreneurs, ranging from comedian Todd Glass to Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto. Sometimes outrageous and sometimes educational, the Drinking Partners are nothing short of highly addictive…

The Drinking Partners Podcast features comics Ed Bailey and Day Bracey swilling microbrews and spirits and engaging in dynamic, entertaining, and informative conversations with entertainers, politicians, and entrepreneurs, ranging from comedian Todd Glass to Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto. Sometimes outrageous and sometimes educational, the Drinking Partners are nothing short of highly addictive…
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The Drinking Partners Podcast features comics Ed Bailey and Day Bracey swilling microbrews and spirits and engaging in dynamic, entertaining, and informative conversations with entertainers, politicians, and entrepreneurs, ranging from comedian Todd Glass to Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto. Sometimes outrageous and sometimes educational, the Drinking Partners are nothing short of highly addictive…






Drinking Partners #229 - Akita Donald | AD99

In the newest Drinking Partners podcast release, Ed and Day are joined by Akita Donald and Brian Rossi, from AD99 Solutions, a Pittsburgh-based foundation that aims to “holistically prepare Pittsburgh’s underprivileged youth for life-long success.” To that end, AD99 focuses on academic, athletic, and social achievements and offers tutoring and mentoring, in addition to a wide-ranging support system. After some verbal shenanigans from Day, Ms. Donald explains the AD99 approach, from which...


Drinking Partners #228 - Bill Oats | T.R.U.B.

Brewing aficionados: take note. Back for his third time, Bill Oats from Three Rivers Underground Brewers visits the Drinking Partners podcast with an extensive collection of beer and knowledge. The early minutes feature a discussion on recipe development and have the men trying to decide if a pickle is a fruit as Bill describes TRUB’s successful dill pickle beer. What follows is a series of questions that focus on taste. From how to brew a proper Belgian to how to make yeast healthy, Bill...


Drinking Partners #227 - Martinea Goss | Trap Yoga

Favoritism and beef? That’s the theme in the latest Drinking Partners podcast as Ed finds himself embroiled in both. Martinea Goss, founder and instructor for Trap Yoga, stops by the studio to bring her unique vibe and to explain how she mixes music and yoga to create a dynamic, positive flow. Having created Trap Yoga to fill a void in the Pittsburgh yoga scene, Ms. Goss focuses on establishing a different scene and welcoming a new crowd and speaks on how she designs her classes. After a...


Drinking Partners #226 - Benji

In the latest, laughter-filled Drinking Partners podcast, Ed and Day interview the duo of Slim tha DJ and the multitalented musician and rapper Benji. To start, they discuss the art of music and how to create the right vibe for the right crowd and debate the pressing question of playing the same song more than once a night. It’s three against one as Ed argues with an actual DJ in favor of repetition, proving that Ed will indeed argue with anyone. Next up, Benji talks about his introduction...


Drinking Partners #225 - Pittsburgh Cares

In the newest Drinking Partners podcast, Ed and Day get things turned on them from the early minutes as they go from interviewers to being interviewed. Amanda Trocki, Executive Director, and board member Alicia Carberry of Pittsburgh Cares, a volunteer organization, come ready and prepared and start by asking some questions themselves. With the mission of finding meaningful volunteer opportunities for anyone interested, Pittsburgh Cares seeks to be an “event planner for volunteer projects.”...


Drinking Partners #224 - Hugh Twyman | Hugh Shows

In the latest Drinking Partners podcast, Ed and Day welcome Hugh Twyman, one of the original Pittsburgh music and event bloggers who is still documenting the entertainment scene. As Hugh Shows, he has become the expert on all musical happenings in and around Pittsburgh. Now, he has expanded into the production side as a curator with the Deutschtown Music Festival. He stops by the studio to talk with the Drinking Partners about all aspects of the music industry, including tips on how to...


Drinking Partners #223 - Jess Hickey | Greensburg Craft Beer Week

The Drinking Partners welcome Jess Hickey of Greensburg Craft Beer Week for a discussion on all beer related happenings in Westmoreland County. Featuring 16 breweries from across the county and 30 homebrewers, Greenburg Craft Beer Week will take place September 20-28. With a focus on community and craft, the festival hopes to showcase local businesses and restaurants around the greater Greensburg area during their 9-day event. Each day offers an exciting, beer-centric event around the...


Drinking Partners #222 - Arie & Randall Cole

The talent in the studio doubles as brothers Arie and Randall Cole join the Drinking Partners in their latest release. DJ Arie and photographer Redd Vision stop by to converse on how they create and inspire, but also speak on how they research and improve their crafts. A unique flow develops that emphasizes and examines both men’s strengths, from Redd Vision’s “sniper” photography, which often includes candid images from surprising angles and DJ Arie Cole’s song choices that reflect and...


Drinking Partners #221 - Ashlee Green | North Side Chronicle

In their latest podcast, the Drinking Partners interview Ashlee Green, writer and managing editor of The Northside Chronicle. To start, Ms. Green explains what creative nonfiction is, which gives Ed lots of ideas on how he can incorporate the craft into his own life. With a free monthly print edition that seeks to highlight the community, The Northside Chronicle’s focus includes profiles and features on Pittsburgh’s talent and news. Midway through, and after a Drinking Partners tangent, the...


Drinking Partners | Garrett Oliver | Live from Fresh Fest

Live from Fresh Fest 2019, the Drinking Partners enthusiastically welcome Brooklyn Brewery’s brewmaster, Garrett Oliver, or as Ed calls him, “Mr. Renaissance.” With an audience as excited as both Ed and Day watching, Mr. Oliver gets right into what he sees as the recovery of the American food industry, one that was deceptive for decades. He effortlessly teaches history to those listening by exploring the rich, multi-cultural history of American cuisine, one that was replaced by “food...


Drinking Partners #220 - FRESH FEST

Let’s run the numbers: 28 Black brewers, 75 vendors, 45 collaborations with local brewers, 4 deejays, 6 music acts, 15 visual artists, 20 food stations, and one very special Drinking Partners podcast. Welcome to Fresh Fest 2019, which happens this Saturday, August 10th at Nova Place in Pittsburgh. Mike Potter, Fresh Fest cofounder, joins Ed and Day to talk all things Fresh Fest, which he describes as, “a festival which we just happen to bring beer to.” What makes Fresh Fest unique and...


Drinking Partners #219 - Erin Hart | Farm To Table PA

Do you have a Hennessy holster? If so, the Drinking Partners want to marry you, which they admit in the opening minutes of their latest podcast. Soon after, Ed and Day act more wholesome with Fresh Fest sponsor Farm to Table Western PA and Erin Hart who brings a sampling of exciting local finds, including raw milk. When Day chases a beer with the raw milk, Ed draws a very interesting conclusion about what might happen next. Ed doesn’t stop going at Day, either, which makes for some...


Drinking Partners #218 - Union Craft Brewing

Beertender Christine Hallenback and Michelle McHugh, quality control manager, for Union Craft Brewing out of Baltimore stop by the studio in the newest Drinking Partners release. After sampling a ginger sour from Union’s “Rough Draught” series, Ed and Day tried a double IPA infused with fresh orange (Orange Double Duckpin) and outrageously analyze the decision making that goes into recipe development. In the studio, they try Divine, Union Craft Brewing’s newest IPA, one that promises to be...


Drinking Partners - Steve Fechheimer | New Belgium Brewing

The Drinking Partners (minus Ed, plus Fresh Fest co-founder Mike Potter) try to be on their best behavior with New Belgium Brewing CEO Steve Fechheimer in the studio. In the beginning, their attempts are successful as Mr. Fechheimer explains how he joined New Belgium and how the company functions as an employee-owned business. More, Day engages in legitimate question-asking as the discussion centers around how New Belgium stays relevant and part of the craft beer community. The short answer?...


Drinking Partners #117 - Dennis Hock | Strange Roots

Dennis Hock, founder of Strange Roots Experimental Ales, joins the Drinking Partners and discusses his approach to brewing “liquid art” and the experimentation his brewery is known for. He explains how his past career as a natural scientist heavily influences his current brewing career as the conversation gets deeply scientific. Listen in as Ed and Day sample a barely legal honey ale, one that was made by pushing “wild yeast as far as it could go.” The APV? 17.3%. The effects seem nearly...


Drinking Partners #216 - Allegheny Conference

In the latest Drinking Partners podcast, there are “So many syllables in the introduction” that Ed starts sweating as he welcomes Bill Flanagan and Jeff Broadhurst, the Chief Corporate Relations Officer and the Co-Chairman, respectively, of the Allegheny Conference on Community Development’s Our Next 75 summit. What follows is an in-depth conversation about the economic development of the Pittsburgh region and an explanation of the Our Next 75 summit, which brought over 1000 leaders from...


Drinking Partners #215 - Pittsburgh Craft Beer Society

The latest Drinking Partners podcast is an enthusiastic free for all as members of the Pittsburgh Craft Beer Society stop by the studio for a beer exchange and interview. Adam and Aaron join Ed and Day for the interview portion, which is quite wild and loud as the men sip on “whales.” Adam explains the naming history behind how rare beers earned the “whale” nickname, ones that Ed and Day immediately jump on. Their first is Dad’s Nuts from Fury Brewing, which seems a fitting first choice...


Drinking Partners #214 - Cellar Works Brewing

John Lasher from Cellar Works Brewing joins the Drinking Partners and starts the boys off with an American Dubbel style stout with a rustic taste. Mr. Lasher talks about his start as a home brewer and the decision to leave his job in the nuclear engineering field to open Cellar Works in the opening segment. From bottle and can design to dumping bad beer, Mr. Lasher details how Cellar Works thrives, especially with a focus on locally sourcing and maintaining their “farmhouse philosophy.”...


Drinking Partners #213 - Roundabout Brewery | Blowfish BBQ

Steve Sloan, owner and brewer for Roundabout Brewery, and Hootie (Justin Blakey) from Blowfish BBQ, join the Drinking Partners for a beer and barbeque feast in this latest release. After a brief interruption from Ed and Day as they discuss lawn maintenance, the men get down to business as both Steve and Hootie talk food and beer. The group pairs smoked brisket with a Roundabout Pilsner, which Ed and Day both admire for its clarity and taste as Steve explains the New Zealand influences behind...


Drinking Partners #212 - Chardae Jones | Matt Katase | Live from Brew Gentlemen.

Special episode, special beer, and special guests abound in the latest Drinking Partners release. Podcasting live from Brew Gentlemen to celebrate their 5th anniversary, Ed and Day welcome the brewery’s co-owner Matt Katase and Braddock’s new mayor Chardae Jones. Ed promises to be politically correct, and Day promises to be himself as they learn about Mayor Jones’s rise to become part of the “millennial mayor” association. Matt jumps into the conversation to speak on the connection between...