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The Drinking Partners Podcast features comics Ed Bailey and Day Bracey swilling microbrews and spirits and engaging in dynamic, entertaining, and informative conversations with entertainers, politicians, and entrepreneurs, ranging from comedian Todd Glass to Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto. Sometimes outrageous and sometimes educational, the Drinking Partners are nothing short of highly addictive…

The Drinking Partners Podcast features comics Ed Bailey and Day Bracey swilling microbrews and spirits and engaging in dynamic, entertaining, and informative conversations with entertainers, politicians, and entrepreneurs, ranging from comedian Todd Glass to Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto. Sometimes outrageous and sometimes educational, the Drinking Partners are nothing short of highly addictive…
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The Drinking Partners Podcast features comics Ed Bailey and Day Bracey swilling microbrews and spirits and engaging in dynamic, entertaining, and informative conversations with entertainers, politicians, and entrepreneurs, ranging from comedian Todd Glass to Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto. Sometimes outrageous and sometimes educational, the Drinking Partners are nothing short of highly addictive…






Drinking Partners #164 - Kelauni Cook

Kelauni Cook has not lived in Pittsburgh long, yet she has made her mark as one of the city’s up and coming tech experts and brings that expertise to the latest Drinking Partners podcast. After attending a coding boot camp, Ms. Cook founded Black Tech Nation to help “gather, connect, and affect” Black tech professionals. Since then, her reach has expanded to Academy Pittsburgh Beta Builders – Pittsburgh’s first high school coding camp for minorities and girls. At the start of the podcast,...


Drinking Partners #163 - Tom Poet | Full Pint Brewing

The Drinking Partners welcome back the “reigning champ on appearances,” Tom Poet of Full Pint Brewing, who visits the studio to chat about the new Drinking Partners coffee porter. Early on, it becomes clear that the podcast will be classic Drinking Partners play as the trio focuses the opening minutes on pet rocks before dropping some behind-the-scenes Viceland secrets! Midway through, Tom admits what beers are in his fridge, and Ed and Day discuss what they do and don’t drink at home. Stay...


Drinking Partners #162 - Celine Roberts

Pittsburgh City Paper food and drink journalist Celine Roberts visits the studio in this informative, locally focused release. From an examination of the politics of the dining industry to how Ms. Roberts decides which stories to feature, the interview is a compelling listen filled with charming tales that offer a fresh take on Pittsburgh’s food scene. Midway through, the trio discusses the negatives of working in the food and dining scene before shifting to the ideal dinner party menu....


Drinking Partners #161 -Sharif Rasheed | Safi Juice

Sharif Rasheed, owner and operator of Safi Juice, visits the Drinking Partners and offers Ed and Day a different type of drinking experience. Focused on pure, organic ingredients and cold-pressed, Safi Juice has blossomed since its inception in 2015 and now operates out of a storefront in Garfield, which Mr. Rasheed explains as the Drinking Partners sample these healthier brews. With a message that “Health is for Everyone,” Safi Juice products all serve that purpose, yet without...


Drinking Partners #160 - Virginia Alvino Young

“No script, no editing, no do-overs.” Opening their latest podcast with a listener review that captures their essence, the Drinking Partners stay true to that analysis as they interview Virginia Alvino Young, a reporter for WESA – Pittsburgh’s NPR affiliate. As a journalist who centers her work around community voices that are often unheard, Ms. Young brings a natural ease and calmness to the studio as she adjusts to being on the other side of the microphone. What follows is an examination...


Drinking Partners #159 - Mikey and Big Bob!

In what might be one of the Drinking Partners most likeable listens, Ed and Day team up with two of Pittsburgh’s most well-known voices – Kiss FM morning radio hosts Mikey and Big Bob. There is rarely a moment when laughter is not echoing from their microphones as the double set of entertaining duos ricochet jokes and commentary across the room with speed and precision. A hilarious, easy to imagine story involving a very bold, Philadelphian mouse ¬sums up Mikey and Big Bob’s early days...


Drinking Partners #158 - MUNCH

In the opening segment of the latest Drinking Partners release, Ed and Day imagine their guest as a superhero, complete with his own costume, theme song, and television show. Who is the guest who inspires them in the playful and creative start? No one knows, as the anonymous Munch – the “bag-headed” casual dining reviewer for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – visits the studio. Bold critiques blend with favorable reviews as Munch educates the Drinking Partners on Pittsburgh’s food scene. As...


Drinking Partners - Farm To Table | For the Love of Pittsburgh

In a live podcast recorded during Farm to Table’s For the Love of Pittsburgh event, the Drinking Partners are joined by guest co-host Knowledge Hudson and welcome a wide variety of voices. First up is Kit Mueller, Head of Community for Choolah Indian BBQ – a fast, casual approach to contemporary Indian food located in East Liberty. An informative, quick-paced discussion centering on locally-sourced, healthy fast food is featured. Next is Ayana Jones, a self-proclaimed OG – Original...


Drinking Partners #157 - Beauty Jackson

The Drinking Partners and returning guest Beauty Jackson consider the ideal circumstances to drink scotch during a charming, opening sequence. However, soon after, Ed suggests that he should have stayed home as Ms. Jackson and Day geek out while discussing all things anime. In an attempt to welcome Ed back, Day reminds him that he’s part of the Hennesey fandom. An often hilarious and entirely real conversation about social media exposure follows. A positive, inclusive listen that even...


Drinking Partners #156 - Chef Claudy Pierre

In an episode brimming with enthusiasm, the Drinking Partners welcome Chef Claudy Pierre, owner of Eminent Hospitality Solutions – one of Pittsburgh’s premier catering companies. Chef Claudy surprises them with a special gift, or as Day says, “Big things with shiny bags.” The trio sips on the Appleton Estate Jamaican Rum that Mr. Pierre has brought and examines the often-unexamined side of opening a restaurant as Chef Claudy offers advice on what not to do. Food is centric throughout the...


Drinking Partners #155 - Aerion Andrew Abney

In the latest Drinking Partners release, Ed and Day get political with community activist and philanthropist Aerion Andrew Abney, who is running to become the State Representative for Pennsylvania’s 19th District (Allegheny County). From the first series of questions, it becomes clear that the interview will be a complex, insightful glance into the interconnection of politics and community and how Pittsburgh’s emergence can continue without negatively displacing its residents and its...


Drinking Partners #154 - Straight To The Leauge

What happens when four podcasters get together in a studio with plenty of beer and plenty to discuss? Listen in as the Drinking Partners welcome fellow podcasters and Pittsburghers, Straight to the League in this boisterous and unrestrained episode. Much of the first half is highly caffeinated as Tae and Tim make themselves at home with Ed and Day. In a surprising turn midway through, the men discuss the Pennsylvania Farm Show before transitioning into current events and the inner workings...


Drinking Partners #153 - John Fetterman

By his own calculations, Mayor John Fetterman has provided the Drinking Partners with 2% of their podcast content. To maintain this record, he returns to discuss his candidacy to become Pennsylvania’s Lieutenant Governor in a stirring and straightforward manner and stays unfazed by Ed and Day’s antics, even when they ask what exactly a Lieutenant Governor is. Without pause, he answers all of their questions and proves himself to be progressive, knowledgeable, and approachable. From the...


Drinking Partners #152 - Josh Corcoran

What started as two friends strumming guitars on the streets on a warm February night has leapt into a Pittsburgh-based web series dedicated to raising money for local charities. Spare Change TV creator Josh Corcoran brings an uplifting vibe into the studio as he describes how Spare Change began and how it continues to flourish. Inspired by the positivity and warmed with beer from Yellow Bridge Brewing, Ed pitches his own message of goodwill, “Be a good motherfucker today” and hopes that...


Drinking Partners #151 - Cat Bruno

The Drinking Partners celebrate the holidays live in the studio courtesy of a custom gift from Troeg’s Independent Brewing and welcome Pittsburgh-based author Cat Bruno. Bucket list ambitions dominate the early minutes, with several pauses, both literary and sexually suggestive, as listeners have come to expect. Ed and Day unite and vibe with a special synchronicity that leads to twice the amusement as the trio weaves the personal and professional throughout the interview. No discussion of...


Drinking Partners #150 - Khamil Scantling

Listeners will know from the start that a special Drinking Partners guest is in the studio, moreso once Ed makes her repeat her opening greeting. Khamil Scantling – the creator and sole contributor of CocoaPrenuer, a Pittsburgh-centered initiative designed to highlight and promote Black-owned businesses – joins Ed and Day to discuss her thoughts as a transplant to Pittsburgh. With a focus on Black success, Khamil speaks with an ease that comes naturally from her CocoaPrenuer passion and...


Drinking Partners #149 - Chris Togneri

Chris Togneri, one of the most well-informed and prolific beer critics in Pittsburgh, joins the Drinking Partners to discuss all things brewed and booming across Western Pennsylvania. As the beer columnist for The Incline, his Four One Brew feature highlights all the happenings in the area. Early on, he discusses his (and several unnamed brewers) hatred for pumpkin beer before transitioning into a hilarious discussion on dogs. Listeners will especially enjoy the moments when the Drinking...


Drinking Partners #148 - Four Seasons Brewing - Mark Brewer

Four Seasons Brewing doubles up with the Drinking Partners as Mark Brewer and Mark Pavlik bring beer, swag, and relaxed conversation to the studio. In the early minutes, the group discusses the local impact and support in the brewery’s Latrobe home before shifting their focus to Mr. Brewer’s label design and inspiration. Ed and Day are both grateful for the Russian Imperial Stout and the warmth it provides as they record from the chilly studio, and Ed claims the stout serves as a “bear...


Drinking Partners #147 - PGH NORML

“I think our guests are hometown heroes,” Ed opines as the latest Drinking Partners episode begins, while Day refers to the upcoming hour as “edutainment.” Patrick and Theresa Nightingale – representing Pittsburgh NORML – return to speak on the current Pennsylvania regulations, impending plans, and future goals associated with marijuana decriminalization. Few are as knowledgeable as the Nightingales, both from a legal and botanical perspective, and the early segment is filled with little...


Drinking Partners #146 - Jake Bier - War Streets Brewery

Jake Bier teaches the Drinking Partners a lesson in geography in the opening minutes while the trio sips on War Streets Brewery’s Buena Vista Brown Ale. As the owner of the new Bier’s Pub – which is War Streets Brewery’s new home – Jake shares how the brewery has finally found a permanent home. After a few Drinking Partners diversions, the men settle into beer-centric conversation and examine the North Side’s emerging importance Pittsburgh’s brewing scene. Toward the conclusion of the...


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