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Ep 21 - Don't Tell My Wizard What To Do

This week I mess with Lee's head and ask him to question virtual morality. We discuss cyborg arms, the best ships of Sci fi and disappointed 99th level wizards. What do you guys think? If we spent all of our time in the virtual world, would our morals cross over? Dystopia, Midtopia or Utopoia? References mentioned: Ready_Player_One - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ready_Player_One


Ep 20 - The World of Woof

This week we explore what a world would look like if dogs evolved to be all powerful. We decide if dogs have arms, how they'd wear trousers and if it would be a Mad Max dystopia or a beautiful futuristic Utopia. What do you think? Utopia, Dystopia or Midtopia? Mentions: * Isle of Dogs - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isle_of_Dogs_(film) * The Maze - Wisecrack Podcast - https://soundcloud.com/wisecrackwestworld * Bojack Horseman - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BoJack_Horseman


Ep 19 - Do Geckos Have Willies ? - A Lee Special

This week we discuss living in a world where we are forced to feel nothing. Lee is in charge and the power quickly goes to his head. We reveal childhood secrets, discuss the difference between emotions and sensations, and ask the important question...do geckos have willies? Thank you to Lee's friend and listener Dwayne for this weeks 'New World Rule'. If anyone has any burning questions or suggestions let us know and we will take your idea, ruin it and make you wish you'd never suggested it....


Ep 18 - The Implication

This week we discuss an idea Kirk and Ender had a hard time with. We talk politics, make rude sci fi puns and get interrupted by cookies. What do you think about this weeks episode? Would you want to live there because we aren't sure. Mentioned this week: * Star Trek - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Taste_of_Armageddon * Nichie - http://www.wisecrack.co/shows/wisecrackedition/the-philosophy-of-rick-and-morty/


Ep 17 - Eggsistential Crisis - The Almost Lost Episode

This week we try to salvage an episode that was two thirds deleted, we talk far too much about Kevin Bacon and discuss if having to look at yourself in the mirror determines your moral values. Things we mention: * He-man Insurance Ads https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-PgTjhx1VLw * Muppet Babies Aren't For You - Article http://www.toughpigs.com/muppet-babies-4-kids/ * Books you should all read - Rendezvous With Rama https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rendezvous_with_Rama * Hollow Man...


Ep 15 - Bionic Bigotry

This week we talk about A.I and what we should do when a computer passes the Turing Test. Will we use it for good or evil? Will it want to take over or will it become a stand up comic ? Lee brings up some interesting points and Tania drinks a lot of wine. What do you think? What will A.I be used for and will it want to destroy all humans? Dystopia, Utopia or Midtopia? You decide. Mentions: * Alan Turing - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alan_Turing * Thom Jones Twitch Channel: Cereal...


Ep 14 - Not So Bright

This week we talk about the new Netflix film 'Bright'. We were both really excited to watch this film and to see what a movie could do with the concept of 'Lord of the Rings' brought into the modern world. It's safe to say that we were disappointed. So this week we try our hands at world building. We discuss if it's racist to ride a centaur, slugs with faces and hippy elves. What did you think of the movie? Is there anything we missed or overlooked? How do you guys think this world could...


Ep 13 - The Sprout Conundrum

What if we really were all created equal? A perfect world or an excuse to get a facial tattoo? We also talk about the benefits of being a hobbit, animal side kicks and sexy ants. What do you think would happen if everyone looked the exact same? Would you like it? Who would you want the world to look like ?


Ep 12 - The Luck Paradox

This week we sneak into a world that Douglas Adams would feel very at home in. Tania becomes convinced that money can buy you happiness and that luck is real. Lee tries to talk some sense into her. We are confused , yet quite upbeat in this weeks episode. Tell us what you think. Does luck already exist in the world? Would the world be better if we could give out luck? Can you survive this podcast if you drink every time we say the word 'luck'....probably not. Utopia, midtopia or dystopia?...


Ep 11 - You'd Be The Monkey That Stood On Its Baby - With Special Guest

This week we have our first guest star. Lee's brother Alex is visiting us and helps us decide if you would want to live forever in a computer, as well as helping us decide if we are real to begin with. We also talk monkey babies, grape filters and pod people. Backtracks: . Creature Feature - Lee's monkey experiment may actually be fake monkey news. It is a widely known story but not a proven real occurrence (as far as we can tell) This is great news because it's horrid experiment. Don't...


Ep 09 - Getting Bogged Down In Candles

This week we take babble to a whole new level. We discuss names for a new world, 5 essential items to survive anything and verbal hashtag silliness.We also have a new feature this week where Lee tells us about a sci-fi worthy creature that lives in the real world . At some points during the podcast we actually discuss the new world rule. Ironically our power cut out during this podcast and kept causing the audio to drop off . That's podcast karma! So what do you think about this weeks 'New...


Ep 07 - Get Away From My Air

A heated discussion about 'Butter Beer', mouth breathing, pirate chefs and Lee's dream world. What do you think? Dystopia, Utopia or Midopia? Email us any questions, backtracks or tips on how to talk less nonsense: drinksanddystopia@hotmail.com Thanks for listening.


Ep 06 - Now Who's Redundant

This week we discuss a world with babies in bags, evil dictators and a great world for indecisive people. Mentions: * Tania mentions a short story where this is the story line... that book is Profession by Isaac Asimov * Munchkins aren't real * Running Man - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Running_Man_(1987_film) * You have to be 30 in Logan's Run to get kicked out of the world. Where in the world can you find us: Website: www,drinksanddystopia.blogspot.com Twitter: @drinks_dystopia...


Ep 05 - He'd Eat The Loch Ness Monster

This week we are thinking about the serious, deep questions. What would happen if we knew a meteor would hit the earth in ten years time? What is a meteor? Why is Mary Poppins so bad to live with and Lee's worrisome plan to keep his space discoveries to himself. What do you think ? Dystopia, Utopia or Midopia? Email us: Drinksanddystopia@hotmail.com


Ep04 - The Tears of a Generation

This week we delve in the world of Arthur C Clarke where aliens have made us feel like jerks on trains, screwed up office politics and forced us to try and remember 'The Golden Rule'. Nerd Notes: * Arthur C Clarke's 'Childhood's End' - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Childhood%27s_End Where in the world are we? * Email : Drinksanddystopia@hotmail.com * Website: www.drinksanddystopia.com * Instagram : @doodlezilla_ * Twitter: @drinks_dystopia


Ep 03 - Did The Goblins Touch You?

When you need to get dressed up into crazy costumes it surely is the best time to record a podcast? It's a bonkers episode where we discuss material politics, why Kermit is a jerk and how no should let their friend live in a trash can.


Ep 02 - You Could Wear Your Friends

This week we are talking about a world where it is always cold. What would the currency be? Would people be funnier? Did people in Iceland wear their friends leg skin after they died? (Yes , we go to some weird places in this podcast). Dystopia, Utopia or Midopia...what do you think?


Ep 01 - All Hail 'The Betters'

What would happen to the world if just one simple element of science or society was altered? Each week a 'new world rule' is imposed on the earth and these two podcasts try to figure out what it would change and would we like it (while sipping on some of earth finest/ cheapest alcoholic beverages).


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