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Droids Canada Podcast is a geeky pop culture show based out of the Niagara Region in Ontario Canada!

Droids Canada Podcast is a geeky pop culture show based out of the Niagara Region in Ontario Canada!
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Droids Canada Podcast is a geeky pop culture show based out of the Niagara Region in Ontario Canada!






Ivy DoomKitty

Our very own Con Stranger, Dan interviews the talented Ivy DoomKitty on the floor at Fan expo! They talk about the day in the life of a cosplayer, Kitt Crusaders, supporting the growth of a cosplayer and more!


300 Rise of a Podcast Empire

300 episodes have come again for the 3rd or 4th time. The joys of moving podcast networks and not being able to port your stuff! Still recovering from Fan Expo weekend, Dan and Todd recount the highs and lows of the podcast since its inception in 2012. And also, Steven Seagal is a dick.


MountainMan vs ASS KICKIN' Gourmet Hot Sauce 12 Step Challenge

Mountainman had a dream. A dream which quickly became a nightmare. After watching a few episodes of the hit talk show "Hot Ones," Todd decided to accept Mountainman's standing gauntlet hot sauce challenge and obtained the ASS KICKIN' Gourmet Hot Sauce. Did the Mountainman survive? There weas also Ghost Pepper popcorn at the end. The play out song is by our buds, Revive the Rose! Be sure to check out their upcoming tour and get some merch! If you want to try the hot sauce challenge, hit up...


Dan never has watched Quantum Leap

The title says everything you need to know. There is no words how we are feeling right now.


The Tale of the Windy Pumpkin Spice Latte

Dan and Todd complete a Guerilla podcast, live from the luxurious Tim Hortons in Welland, Ontario, Canada. They discuss Star Trek, Wellanders, Pumpkin Spice stuff and why we didnt load this weeks studio show.


Once Upon A Time with Whale Calls

Happy Civic Day! We recently recorded a studio show! How rare! Dan and Todd discuss flat earthers, Galaxy Con Raliegh, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Whale Calls and more! FYI, Andy Dick is a dick.


Jonah Ray from MST3K, Meltdown and Nerdist Podcast

Jonah Ray is a Hawaiian born stand-up comedian, actor, director and podcast host. Ray currently stars as JONAH HESTON in the Netflix series MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER: 3000 THE RETURN. Recently, he has co-hosted a Comedy Central show THE MELTDOWN, wrote and starred in the travel parody show HIDDEN AMERICAN WITH JONAH RAY, appeared in the latest installment in the HATCHET franchise, VICTOR CROWLEY and shows up on TALKING DEAD every once in a while. Jonah also co-hosts THE NERDIST (now ID10T)...


Ladies and Gentlemen! Introducing the Chocolate Starfish and the Poop Flavored Water

Dan is still missing as he is at Disney for the 264264692 time this year. This week they discuss somsone selling bath water on Patreon, Chris Jericho, Ben Askren's recent coma, and the Area 51 raid.


Dan? We don't need no stinkin Dan.

If you guessed it, Dan has taken his 24724724720 sabbatical of the year and MountainMan had to leave the pit to fill in for him. It cost us 27 coffee's to get him on the show! Did we make fun of Dan? Yup. Do we remember what else we talked about? Nope. But I am sure it's funny.


Amanda Bearse from Married with Children

Amanda Bearse is an American actress, director and comedian best known for her role as neighbor Marcy Rhoades/D'Arcy on the Fox sitcom Married... with Children, a sitcom that aired in the United States from 1987 to 1997, and for her performance in the 1985 horror film Fright Night.


Julia Montgomery from Revenge of The Nerds

Julia Montgomery (born July 2, 1960 in Kansas City, Missouri, is an American actress, known for her appearances in television, films, and infomercials. Montgomery's first role was on the soap opera One Life to Live as Samantha Vernon from 1976–1981. Her well-known film role is in the hit comedy film Revenge of the Nerds (1984) as Betty Childs; she reprised the role in the TV films Revenge of the Nerds III: The Next Generation (1992) and Revenge of the Nerds IV: Nerds in Love (1994). She also...


Jason Faunt from Power Rangers: Time Force

Jason Faunt grew up outside of Chicago Illinois, with initial dreams to become a professional baseball player. Two weeks after graduating from college, he hung up the cleats to pursue a career in acting. After getting his start on soap operas Passions and Port Charles, Jason Faunt booked his first starring role as Wes/Alex, the Red Ranger on the international hit show Power Rangers Time Force. He went on to land a role providing the voice and motion capture for Leon Kennedy in the massively...


Investigating the Phoenix Plunder

Giving someone the keys to the car after they contributed to the first car crash is a sign of negligence, right Simon Kinberg?


David Naughton From An American Werewolf in London

David Naughton made his professional debut in the New York Shakespeare Festival’s production of “Hamlet” in Lincoln Center. But he is best known for his starring role in the groundbreaking horror classic “An American Werewolf In London.” The movie, a perfect blend of scares, gore, music and laughs, is one of those motion pictures that still stands up on every level, and looks as if it could have been made today. This was, however, only one of his many roles in horror film. His other credits...


WWE Superstars: Demolition

Ax & Smash –Bill Eadie & Barry Darsow, are the duo behind the legendary professional wrestling tag team DEMOLITION that dominated the WWF in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Clad in black leather and spikes, Ax and Smash steamrolled into WWE from Parts Unknown and made it painfully clear that they were going to demolish any team that stood in their path. In the ring, they removed their black monster movie masks to reveal painted faces that intimidated opponents before the match even started....


Bob Nash That Deniro Guy

Robert Nash presents an impersonation of Robert De Niro that stands above the rest. With his look, voice, expressions, body language, and overall demeanor. Robert Nash, who is well known for his appearances on America's Got Talent, The History Channel's "Counting Cars", ESPN'S SPORTSNATION, and as the Ambassador of The Las Vegas Mob Experience, will have the whole room in stitches and wonderment, bringing one of the world's most iconic actors to life right in front of your very eyes.


Tony Todd from Candy Man

ANTHONY TIRAN “TONY” TODD is an American actor, voice artist and film producer best known for his chilling performance in the titular role of “Candyman”, as Ben in the 1990 film Night of the Living Dead and its 2015 3D remake, as William Bludworth in the Final Destination franchise, the Fallen in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, and most recently as the voice of Zoom on CW’s The Flash.


Why does Mel Gibson like to be tortured in movies?

Another feeble attempt to discussing headlines. This week we attempt to talk about Pattison becoming the Batman but Dan decide to pick a fight with the office Google mini, then he harasses Siri and discuss different Batman voices.


Sean Patrick Flanery from Boondock Saints

Sean Patrick Flanery is an actor, author and martial artist best known for playing Connor MacManus in The Boondock Saints & its sequel The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day, Greg Stillson in the USA Network television series The Dead Zone, Jeremy “Powder” Reed in Powder, Indiana Jones in the ABC television series The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, as well as Bobby Dagen in Saw: The Final Chapter. He is also known for his role as Sam Gibson on the CBS soap opera The Young and the Restless...


Patricia Summersett(Zelda) from The Legend of Zelda

Patricia Summersett recently became the voice of Princess Zelda in Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, making her the first official voice of Zelda in the game's thirty-year franchise. Patricia has also provided full performance capture for two assassins in the Assassin’s Creed Franchise (Hope Jensen & Galina Voronina) as well as for 'Ash' in Rainbow Six: Siege. She has also appeared in films such as Mother! and The Saver and was the onset puppeteer/voice of Smurfette, Vexy...